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Diving for Bubbles -Lani- by RoseSagae Diving for Bubbles -Lani- by RoseSagae
Originally Uploaded 5/12/05 to =PurplePadfoot

What's this o___O;;; TWO images in ONE day!!?? I guess it's because I have all of these "half-finished" images lying around... xD Aaaaanyways...

This be Lani and her petpet Meiki. Admire Meiki's adorable bikini! Also, this background is MUCH simpler than my last one... but that's okay, because simple can be really good ^^ And this is (IMHO) my best underwater piccie yet!! (it's the random coral shadow thing *nods*) And yes, I realize she has a major pinhead (like most of my drawings do)... so I'll fix that next time xD

The bubbles were a lot of fun... see, she's diving, so that causes bubbles! (thanks to ~AquillaLight for that idea!) They both just look adorable... See, Lani's a little bigger, so she can't move very fast on land... when she's swimming, though, it's like she's weightless! :) And Meiki's a Mazzew... they have sharky tails... so I figure they can swim pretty well too x3

That's it! I'll make it her new blog... next week. I'm thinking about entering her in the BC starting tomorrow, so I'll want her older blog up for a little longer... then maybe I'll enter her with this image :3 We'll see!

Thanks for lookin'!

Image, Leilanianah, Meiki RoseSagae/PurplePadfoot/RoseofHyrule
Chombies, Mazzews
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November 14, 2005
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