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Dampened Spirits -Cazal- by RoseSagae Dampened Spirits -Cazal- by RoseSagae
Originally Uploaded 5/26/05 to =PurplePadfoot

Yes, again with the lame titles... some day I'm going to run out of them, I swear! D:

ANYWAYS, this is Cazal's much-needed new picture replacing the shudder-worthy other one. *shudders* He'll be getting a new petpage Layout here in a few minutes.

I tried to make his hair look all wavy and flowy like hair gets when its underwater. Cazal has such gorgeous hair *pets him and makes little braids* Also tried a new trick on the hair... not sure how it worked, but I'll keep experimenting.

I know his right hoof should probably be seen behind the other, but... meh oh well. I noticed it too late. And I'm still only improving at equine faces or legs... so this is pretty good for me xD

Cheaptastic background because I didn't feel like anything else. Besides, I can re-use these backgrounds for quick AG pictures or something xD

"Dampened Spirits" because Cazal's pretty much lost all hope about ever being cured of his dastardly (*cheers at using such a cool word*) curse - though he'll never give up searching for the mermaid that gave it to him...

Cazal: Will you write my story already?
Rose: I'm working on it! *shifty eyes*
Cazal: *desperately needs for Rose to focus on him as much as she does her Draiks*

Special shoutout to ~trepidation for her help with horse anatomy! :hugs:

Image, Cazalcido RoseSagae/PurplePadfoot/RoseofHyrule
Sharkify53 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2006   Traditional Artist
Really, really pretty. ^________^
I've seen Cazalcido around on Neopets a lot. I love his petpage, and I think I'll make fanart of him
'cause I love his design. SHarks = love. Horses= love. He's like a mix of both. o_O -envy-
RoseSagae Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks!! His design's really simple, though x)
Sharkify53 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2006   Traditional Artist
Heh, you're welcome. ^^; He's adorable. ;3
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November 14, 2005
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