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Levi X Reader: Running To You 2/2 :iconroseredflower:RoseRedFlower 8 2
Levi X Reader: Running To You Part 1/2
It was a quiet day at the Headquarters of the Survey Corps. The light from the sun radiated warmly below while white clouds rolled by. The soldiers of the Scout Legion were enjoying an exceptional day. Eren was trying to scold Mikasa for treating him like a child, Armin was concentrating on a book, Sasha scarfing down her food yet still being famished, Connie was joking with Jean and Reiner was teasing his friend Bertholdt.
Then there was you, all alone at your own table looking down at our food. You were eating it slowly and didn't look in the eyes of others. You were known as an introvert who was highly skilled in combat and a steady strength in ODM gear. However, your attitude was much like a lone rogue. People either thought you were a strange mystery or a cold hearted woman.
However, one was so curious by you and wanted to know you better. Captain Levi found himself in slight awe how you the way you were.
You were cleaning the windows with a rag and wrung it to release water from
:iconroseredflower:RoseRedFlower 11 1
Loki X Reader Mind Reader: Part 5
You walked into the cell room to see Loki with his back turned to you.
"I guess you haven't died yet." You spoke nonchalantly as you typed in the code to open the door out.
He turned to you confused at you leaving the door wide open.
Is this some elaborate scheme? Is she trying to deceive me for some unidentified purpose? Damn why is she so stoic all the time?!
"Calm down Dracula, you're allowed to have your own quarters now." You replied.
He blinked slowly, still lacking any faith to move forward.
"Unless you and Mr. Cell want to remain together. Maybe if I invite some female agents in there you can all start singing Cell Block Tango." you wondered.
"What are you spouting out now?" Loki didn't understand.
"You have five seconds to leave the cell or otherwise you're stuck here." You decided.
Without a second thought he walked out and you pressed the code again to close it.
"That was fun. Now, let me show you to your suite." You lead the way.
"Are you, always like this?" Loki as
:iconroseredflower:RoseRedFlower 19 2
Loki X Reader: Mind Reader Part 4
About two months flew by with Loki dealing with you. His usual snarky personality has been overshadowed by your intelligence. He would normally try to find some way to insult you, than try to humiliate you but then you would shut him down with your powers.
Today, you were soon going to be forced to seeing a one on one counselor that is usually assigned to agents for at least once a year. They're to examine your behavior, provide tips and make sure there are no signs of betraying S.H.E.I.L.D. or the Avengers.
You were on your computer in the living room area as Natasha came up all suited up. Her black jumpsuit, weapons and her loud mind.
Better inform (Y/N) that I'm leaving.
"It's okay." your flat voice spoke up. "I already know. You're going to Rogers Pass in Montana to work on a case with Agent Barton. I'm already aware of the situation."
"Ah, I see. Well when you see your Counselor Denise tell her I said: good luck." Natasha called out while walking off.
"Maybe I should warn
:iconroseredflower:RoseRedFlower 27 4
Loki X Reader: Mind Reader Part 3
It was late in the evening after you had just finished giving Loki some friend chicken. You walked back to your room and sighed leaning up against the door. Usually people don't get to you, however what he said made you stop and remember something.
~*~ Earlier ~*~
You walked in with a bucket of KFC fried chicken and plate as Loki glanced at you with resentment.
"What delicacy is in that tub? Could it be worse than the last meal you granted me?" Loki wondered standing up.
"Fried Chicken." you merely answered. "There's a smaller tub of mash potatoes along with a spoon."
You opened the door and slid the tray over to him.
Smells good.
"The stench is ghastly." Loki frowned.
"You're lying." you corrected.
"Use your telepathic powers elsewhere mortal! Just because you can apprehend my mind doesn't mean you're superior over me!" Loki shouted.
"I haven't once affirmed that theory." you pointed out.
"Go bother with some friends of yours!" Loki rolled his eyes and began getting his f
:iconroseredflower:RoseRedFlower 23 5
Loki X Reader: Mind Reader Part 2
Eventually you made your way to the cage where Loki will be living.
"Get him in the cage." you nodded.
Thor was about ready to lead him but Loki glared. "I'm no child."
Loki grudgingly walked in just as the cage was closed.
"You can have a proper room when time comes and you prove that you're trustworthy. Until then, this cage will be your new best friend." you explained.
"I don't require any friends." Loki snapped.
"I'm overcome with emotion." your voice still sounded monotone and uncaring.
"Loki, try to get along with Agent (L/N)." Thor requested.
"I do not need your sympathy. Nor do I need her." his gaze turned directly back on you.
"Okay," you shrugged. "I guess since you're a God you don't crave for nourishment, right?"
"What?" Loki looked at you.
"I'm your sluggish caregiver. You need me by your side if you demand to depart from the cell. So since you don't need me you can stay and constipate in here, okay?" your voice sounded not the slightest bit concerned over him.
:iconroseredflower:RoseRedFlower 21 7
Loki X Reader: Mind Reader Part 1
"Must you demand me to leave to sojourn on Midgard? That atrocious realm is less than moderate for my requirements!" the dark haired prince jeered.
"This is your punishment brother-." Thor started before he was cut off with a scowl.
"I am not you brother." Loki's tone darkened.
"Regardless, I did not choose this punishment. You will be forced to stay on Midgard without your powers just as I did. Perhaps you will change, as well." Thor insisted.
"Change?" Loki scoffed almost laughing. "I think not. I shall not revision what I deem is competent. Midgard is far-removed from any other world."
With a heavy sigh Thor walked off leaving Loki alone in his cell while concluding. "Your viewpoint to father is unsound. You will depart soon."
Loki's face twisted into the face of an animal being forced into submission. There was no way that ludicrous ignoramus king Odin would ever make Loki submit. He was a monster.
Monsters can't be changed.
Your eyes were glued to the book Don Juan
:iconroseredflower:RoseRedFlower 38 2
Chase Young X Reader: Unexpected Part 7
"Come on (Name)!" Raimundo insisted.
"I'm coming."  you huffed not even bothering to put up your hair.
Master Monk Guan had just arrived from far away and came to visit the monks. Apparently, this was about some important meeting with the elder monks.
You had no idea what the meeting was about but you were curious to see the monk that Omi devotes over.
You walked out with Kimiko and Raimundo to see Omi along with Clay speaking with a man who was holding a spear.
"Master Monk Guan!" Kimiko waved her greeting.
The man turned and smiled at all of you. "Hello young ones. It's good to see you again."
"Master Monk Guan!" Omi ran up to him. "I cannot wait to show you Two Tigers Catching Snake move that I have learned!"
"The little one over here 'as been dying to show ya." Clay added.
"Than in that case I shall look forward to it." Master Monk Guan smiled.
Your head was beginning to spin and you suddenly saw flashes.
Master Monk Guan holding you.
Both of you were training.
While glari
:iconroseredflower:RoseRedFlower 78 38
Crow Hogan X Reader: More Than Enough
The weather was the warm and yet cool at the same time with a chance of rain. Your eyes were looking out the window at New Domino City.
Suddenly a familiar voice called from the door shouting. "I swear! The next time Jack buys another coffee worth thirty dollars I'll make him pay the rent for the rest of his life!"
It was the hot-headed, short and somewhat charming Crow Hogan who probably caught Jack Atlas drinking another Blue Eyes Coffee. As much as you hated to admit it, he was growing very fond of you.
However you didn't know how fond he was. He most likely sees you as a little sister since oddly you were shorter than him. The first time you met each other was when you volunteered at to work with Martha. Eventually, he offered you to live with him and his friends. Sure Jack never picks up after himself, Yusei is a loud worker and Crow has....issues but it was nice.
Crow walked inside and immediately saw you walking down the stairs.
"Hey (Name)." Crow greeted.
"Hello." you nodded yo
:iconroseredflower:RoseRedFlower 72 8
Loki X Reader: Ice Queen Part 1
"Ugh, it's so hot out..." you muttered bitterly.
"Come on (Y/N), don't be a drag!" Kasumi smiled enjoying the warmth of the sun.
You were at San Diego on the beach with your three friends (one who was your sister) Kasumi, Paige and Giselle. You were all taking a break from life and decided to go to San Diego for warmth and sunshine.
You were all dropped off at the airport and after a long ride from Chicago you made it. However you were forced to come and be on the beach to have some fun.
"Just think of this as a biiiig slumber party!" your sister Paige cheered.
"I don't think our dad would approve of all the boys though..." you pointed out at all the men both good looking and not.
"I know I do." Paige winked.
"Oooh! Lets go pick our spot out!" Giselle gleamed.
You all began unpacking your things out of your bag when a guy with dark brown hair with was slightly tanned looked at Giselle and asked. "Need help unpacking?"
"Sure!" she grinned as he helped her lay out her towel.
You s
:iconroseredflower:RoseRedFlower 39 25
Yusei Fudo X Reader: Would You Rather?
You wake up with Yusei nuzzling against your neck and squeezing you in his strong arms. Memories of last night come flooding him which make you blush immensely.
Usually he was quiet yet confident but whenever he was alone with you he would soften up. He loved everything that you the person you are and never stopped caring.
"Morning." You say huskily.
His only response is to tangle himself into your limbs even more, if that's even possible. "Come on, I have to get up and go to work."
"No. Call in sick." Yusei insisted nuzzling closer to you.
He was making it hard to go to work today which was his goal.
"Yusei, I-." you began.
Yusei sits up and looks at you. "You have half your sick days left and it's the end if the year, you won't need them. Come on."
You shake your head. "As compelling of an argument you just put together, I can't. There's this important meeting and..." Yusei is giving you his 'I call bull shit' look. "What?! Yusei, sometimes I swear you are still a child."
"Alright, w
:iconroseredflower:RoseRedFlower 185 9
Chase Young X Reader: Awkward Date Part 6
Awkwardly and timidly you walked over to Chase whose eyes were searching up and down your body. It almost seemed like he was...admiring you.
It was silent for a moment before you finally spoke up. "Sooo....I made it."
Still he remained quiet so you tired a different approach.
"Thanks for letting my friends go." you tried to sound as friendly as you could in the company of a lunatic.
Once again he wasn't speaking and that made you glare at him. "Look, I didn't come out all this way here to play the quiet game. Now is there a reason you want to meet me or not?"
Finally he smirked. "I was starting to wonder where your attitude went."
"That's what you wanted? A bit of fire from a womans tongue? If that's you wanted you should have bargained with Kimiko which you shouldn't do." you added firmly.
"Trust me, your spirit makes me want you more." Chase chuckled.
With a shocked expression on your face you backed up waving your hands frantically. "Wait, wait, wait, stop doing that!"
:iconroseredflower:RoseRedFlower 57 17
Quattro X Reader: Jealous Charm
"Thhhhhoooommmas! I'm sooo bored." You whine from your position sprawled against the sofa. The fabric sticks to your skin and it feels like you're about to drown in a pool of sweat.
"Sounds like your problem." Quattro says as he rounds the corner shirtless, sweat making his chest glisten.
You and Quattro had been friends since grade schools and you called him by his really name whenever you were really annoyed. It didn't help that today was over ninety degrees. Plus, try as you might you were falling for the attractive male.
However with his fame and flirtatious attitude you tried to avoid falling for him but it was like trying to defy gravity....impossible.
"I hate you." You say half kindheartedly, more in reference to his state of hotness despite the sweat and heat, than actually in response to what he said.
"What's that?" He gives you his best puppy dog eyes, and lets face it, even his worst attempt at them would still have you melting. (No pun intended.)
"You heard me."
"Well we'll
:iconroseredflower:RoseRedFlower 91 16
Jaden Yuki X Reader: Trapped But In Love
Great....just great!
You were going to be late for another class with Dr. Crowler because your stupid alarm clock ran out of batteries! You were a Ra Yellow student for crying out loud! You should know better!
Sleeping in good was because of your night training at night time. Your parents for as long as you can remember have always wanted you to be the best you can be and become a great duelist. Too bad they pressured you too much and you felt like you had to do better or else you let them down.
You were trying your hardest to join Obelisk Blue and you would have made it if it weren't for being tardy one time to class. Curse your teachers for always being strict!
Then you noticed someone by the elevator. Your good old friend Jaden Yuki! Even though he's a Slifer you really liked him and became impressed by his extraordinary dueling skills.
"Long time no see (Y/N)!" he greeted.
"At least I won't be the only one late." you sighed in relief.
"I'm always late!" Jaden shrugged.
"Yeah, no ki
:iconroseredflower:RoseRedFlower 150 19
Mature content
Loki X Reader Oneshot: Teasing :iconroseredflower:RoseRedFlower 55 10
Vampire Love With You
Darker than sin the night seemed. I was on my home alone after a party with friends. Yet even there I always felt watched when looking out in the dark. The moon was a black hole in the blaze of night as I arrived home.
When I got home the suspicious feeling of me being watched never left. Even at the party it felt like two beady ruby eyes were watching me but I had assumed it was nothing. A trick that the darkness would play to scare those who were too curious.
Although my conscious was suspicious I thought nothing of it and thought to go to bed. I got dressed in my white night gown as Nana would say made me look like an angel. My room was clean and in the middle was my great big bed. I had laid down on the bed sleeping or at least trying to.
My paranoid senses were starting to emerge and it kept feeling like I was being watched by something...or perhaps someone rather. A scratching noise arose my fear as I whipped around to see my window had its curtains pulled back. The moon was show
:iconroseredflower:RoseRedFlower 2 3


Jealous Or Nah (LeviXReader)
Warning: Vulgar language. Like, hella.
Progress seemed slow today for the Scouting Legion. They had just finished the 58th expedition and everyone was recuperating for the moment. It seems that the Corps had suffered more than enough casualties on the last journey. This ultimately lead to where the Lance Corporal, Levi, was.
In his office.
Writing up reports and filling out papers, documenting every little thing that happened throughout the expedition.
A painfully, exaggerated sigh was heard not too far from him. From the couch to be exact.
Out of reflex, a thin brow of his twitched.
Another sigh. This time, it lasted longer.
Finally, the ravenette looked up. His face remaining stoic and annoyed.
"(Y/N). If you have time to sit around and sigh like an idiot all day, I have plenty of chores to keep you busy with."
The female only pouted and faced her boyfriend (and superior), "I just want to spend time with you, Levi! But you're so busy."
Unsatisfied with the an
:iconget-with-it-fam:get-with-it-fam 263 75
More than a colleague -- {Levi/F.Reader} request
You sat on your usual wooden uncomfortable chair in the meeting room, one oil lamp on the table of the same material illuminating the papers and books in front of you. It was another autumn night you spent on planning expeditions and dealing with the small budget you had for it. Reports and papers about the last area you explored sprawled before your eyes as you tried to draw a map of the known outside the walls area.
Your job was simple in words. Put together all the information the Scouting Legion gathered on the area outside the walls and draw maps of it. The first draft of the maps was usually done while on the field, as you drew some details of the vegetation and took notice of new plants or animals, if you discovered any. The actual work began once you returned at the base.
The second part of your job was to guess at best the conformation of the next area you had to explore from only the information you had gathered and some old books you found in the library. A big part of the p
:iconizahi:izahi 281 24
Modern AU: Unconditional Love (Levi x Reader) RQ
Levi’s POV
The life of an idol sucks. Many might think that I’m living a fancy life but in reality it really sucks. I’m always busy and have no time for myself. Schedules are always full and every time I’m finished with an appointment, there goes another one. It’s like a non-stop cycle. The only time I can rest is when I sleep or eat.
Aughh, finally I could lie down.”  I let myself fall onto my comfy couch and take some time to rest after a tiring event. I stretch my body and move into a more suitable position. Sigh, it’s always like this every day. It makes me want to quit this job and move to a far far away place with no people ever knowing me or “Rivaille” but unfortunately for me I’m still here. Damn myself for not quitting before.
“Levi, you know that you still have an appointment next in the music studious. You better prepare now or you’ll be late.” Hanji s
:iconriasora27:RiaSora27 202 101
Reset - [Yandere!Levi x Amnesiac!Reader] - Part 4
[once again, WARNINGS for creepiness, violence, TRIGGERS for abusive/obsessive relationships, language, and yandere-ness]
"Cadet [First] is unwell again?" Hanji inquired, gently blowing on her cup of tea. "How very strange! I was so certain that her condition had improved. She looked quite healthy when I last spoke with her."
Levi propped up an elbow against the armchair, and stared into the fireplace. His own cup of tea remained untouched on the table.
"She is in a… precarious state right now," he said, not meeting Hanji's eyes. "I still intend to keep her in my care, no matter how long it takes for her to recover."
Hanji smiled and took a delicate sip. "Yes, well… I'm sure she trusts you very much, Levi.   She and I were just talking about you earlier."
Pitch black eyes flickered in the firelight.   "Meaning…?"
The bespectacled woman let out a burst of laughter.   "Don't look at me like that, Levi.   Only good things, naturally. Your dedicati
:iconcherrypikkins:cherrypikkins 296 237
Unexpected Mate (Levi X Reader: Soulmate AU)
This is my first Soulmate AU. I have been reading a lot of them lately, so I decided to give it a try. I hope everyone likes my twist on it! Also, there is some strong language (obviously because it is a Levi fic) and some talk of sex (it is discussed to the point where you know it happened, but not smut or lemon). Please enjoy!
    “How? It has to be expensive, and the court proceedings will take too long. And I don’t want you spending more money on those crazy street guys, they may not be legit. Besides, I still love you, (F/n), I do, I swear.” He paused in his ramblings, his green-blue eyes looking to the ground frantically. “I-I just don’t know what to do. I never thought I would have two Soulmates...” He sighed and put his arms down at his sides, exposing the words on each arm. The right side had the first words I ever said to him.
    My eyes are up here.
    I practically laughed at the memory of the
:iconhalice042:Halice042 511 42
Final Dance - PromAU(LevixReader)
Read the Intro first~

You were content with sitting at the table and watching your friends pair up with each other until someone tapped your shoulder and cleared their throat. You turned your head, your (e/c) eyes wide in surprise and saw....
Levi Ackerman, looking bored as ever but incredibly charming in his all black suit and tie. His black hair was slicked into place and his silver eyes studied you as an expectant hand was held out. He quirked an eyebrow and frowned, "Are you going to just sit there and stare or are you going to dance with me?"
You hurriedly rose from your seat, placing your hand in his, "S-Sorry. I just... Wasn't expecting you to want to dance." Indeed, this was a surprise. Though there were a few people that he associated with in school, he wasn't a very friendly or welcoming guy. He wasn't active in sports, considering he wasn't exact
:iconkrebony:krebony 400 87
[Wolf!Levi x Wolf!Reader] One-Shot.
You had just finished school. You were knackered from exams, and your body had been covered in bruises once again from bullies that take advantage of your petite figure. But you honestly didn't mind it, not at all.
You were currently strolling your way through (street name), heading on home. Lazily walking on the footpath, taking your sweet time getting home. You saw a grey blur figure dashing into the bushes.
For an odd reason, you became curious after seeing this grey blur, because you could smell its scent no matter how far it was. You changed your walking pace into a faster one and approached the same bush the blur dashed into.
You poked your head through and met eyes with grey orbs of an animal, almost stunning you.
"Eek!" You squeaked in slight surprise.
Instinctly, you jerked back as the animal poked its own head out of the bush. You got on one knee and examined the animals face.
"A dog?" You wandered as it came out of the bush and revealed its whole figure.
"No... not a dog" yo
:icontheonlymaori:theonlymaori 384 92
Love Lessons ChildLevi! X ChildReader AU

Love Lessons ChildLevi! X ChildReader AU

It was another normal school day for you, walking into the classroom squeezing your mother’s hand. The same routine every day, you would get to class and be too afraid to let go of your mother’s warmth and comfort.
Using her hand she urged you into the classroom, telling you to have a nice day. Your mother finally releasing your tight grip on her, starts walking away, waving to you goodbye. Shifting your eyes around the room, you see little Hanji and Erwin playing their favorite games. A part of you was scared of Hanji, because the games she played always involved experimenting on you in some way, and Erwin was always bossy.  
You keep gazing into the distance, until the same boy catches your eyes. It was Levi, sitting in the corner alone like usual, playing with his favorite toy. Levi didn’t speak much, but you remember the day Hanji tried to take Levi’s toy car. She
:iconakaluv:akaluv 494 141
The Captain and the Lake (Levi x Reader)
    You turned your head in his direction, a blush so deep rising to your cheeks you were thankful that he wasn't looking at you – or you’d never hear the end of it from him. But how could you not blush?! His white button-up shirt was soaked to the bone and sticking to his skin, the material now see-through and allowing his heavenly muscles to pop through. Oh god, how did you end up here?
    “Oi, brat! What are you looking at?” Captain Levi suddenly called, making you jump with fright. You dared to meet his gaze, and were nearly shocked to see a smirk on his face.
    “Sorry Captain! Uh, nothing Captain!” You poorly excused as you did your best to salute him.
    “Tch.” Was his only response and he ran his fingers through his raven locks, tousling the wet strands of hair. He began walking towards you, undoing the lower buttons on his shirt, his toned
:iconthe-elemental-writer:the-elemental-writer 135 36
Amnesia Pain (Levi X Reader)
    You swung out of the way of the Titan's hand the best you could, but knew that you would not go unscathed. All of a sudden something thumped into your back and sent you flying to the safety of trees. You landed with some effort before you turned to find your...boyfriend?... Lance Corporal Levi Ackerman glaring into your (e/c) eyes. "What the hell were you doing?" He demanded to know before glancing at the Titan.
    Once the Titan had been killed by Mikasa he turned his gaze back onto you. "I was assisting my friends in killing that Titan." You responded as you began to check your equipment for any damage.
    "I told you to stay out of trouble." He snapped in a cold tone.
    "Kinda hard to do when we are on an expedition where Titans roam about gaily." You retorted as you finished checking over the 3DMG.
    "Would you stop being so carefree about this? You could have been hurt." He narrowed his eyes at you even more. Suppressing
:iconhalice042:Halice042 333 22
Levi x Reader: Closest Friends
    Warning: Mild language used throughout story.

     "Eren Jaegar, what the hell do you think you're doing?" You yelled at the young soldier, failing epically at washing the linen. You could still see stains of tea and muddy footprints on some of the sheets and blankets already hung up on the drying rack. Whacking him on the head, you pulled up a chair right next to him and showed Eren how it was done. You explained how to get the stains out by rubbing the soap in, then rinsing it, and doing the entire process over until you could no longer see the stain. Finally getting the hang out if, he looked back at you.
    "_______, sorry," Eren mumbled. His face flushed a little with embarrassment. Trying to keep a straight face you patted his head in a motherly way.
    "Ah, you've got it Eren. It's just a little linen that needs washing. Now hurry up before Levi sees you slacking off." You winked before hearing th
:iconladywillowen:LadyWillowen 243 25
Mature content
You Are Mine (Yandere!Levi x Reader) Part 1 :iconriasora27:RiaSora27 340 119
Why? [Levi x Shy!Reader]
(A/N: According to Wikia, he is actually older than 30. But for the sake of this story, I'm making him around his late 20's! Really hope you enjoy this one shot. I made it up real fast.) 
It hadn’t been long since you were placed under Levi’s squad. To you, mostly, it was a little strange as you thought you were originally going to be placed under Hanji, whom you were more interested in with her experiments than anything else… However, Levi had volunteered to take you in. And you didn’t know why. You like the idea of being hand-picked by him, to be part of his special operation squad next to Eren, Mikasa, and Armin. But you had a knack of intelligence when science and experiments are involved, so it would make sense if you had joined Hanji’s side.
You also didn’t quite get to interact with the corporal, but judging by his venomous personality and temperament that you witnessed as he presented in in court during Eren's trial, you could say
:iconryuuichisan:Ryuuichisan 460 30
Daddy!Levi x Mommy!reader: A brat of our own
Levi always had a habit of playing with his wedding ring when he was thinking but it never failed to make his mind wonder, he'd been married to his wife for three years now and it was - as cliche as it was going to sound - the best three years of his life. (First) was the woman that he was proud to call his wife, they'd been together for four years before he'd worked up the balls to get down on one knee and pop the question. To this day he could still remember the shocked expression that quickly melted its way into a beaming smile before you launched yourself into his arms, the word 'Yes' pouring out of your mouth like a prayer - Six months later you was walking down the aisle looking like a goddess.
Now three years later they'd moved into a bigger house and now all that was left was the prospects of children, now Levi wouldn't admit it but he loved the idea of having a smaller version of himself or his wife running around the house but he didn't know how you felt about the idea,
:iconispiritual:iSpiritual 359 32
Miscalculation [Levi|F!Reader] Highschool AU
Note:Foul Language.
It wasn't uncommon for you to be the last person in the school library, nor was it a rare occasion you had to be practically shaken out of your concentration and told to leave. You happened to be aiming for valedictorian status but god damn were you horrible at anything relating to the English language. You'd rather have your tongue split with a hot butter knife over writing a short story, no matter how hard you poured your heart and soul into character development and plot lines you always ended up with a big red C at the top of your papers. It was dragging your GPA down hard, and lord knows you needed to get a scholarship or you could kiss college goodbye.
Pressing your thumb against your hollowed cheek you flipped your phone open and checked the time. The old digital crap wad was just one of the many reasons bullies targeted you, it was no secret you didn't come from money but nobody actually cared enough to ask how deep that problem went. Not y
:iconpetitegalaxy:PetiteGalaxy 342 45



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