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Condiment Shuffle

Guh, he's so precious, I swear! Monkey love Animated Love Monkey 
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Love I wish I could shuffle like that. Plus Manic is my favorite sonic character! So precious! Sibling Love 
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He's tied to Sonic as my favorite Sonic character ever x3 eeeeeee I love Manic so much Fangirl - Lucy Fairy Tail Fangirl Squee!!! Fangirl Melt Swoon~ 
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Yah Manic is tied with Silver for my favorite sonic character! Manic is the greatest! Righteously Harmonious! Icon HEHEHEHEHE -Jacksepticeye Free2use 
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Ah, Silvs! He's a character I like, too. He's really fascinating.

He so is, eeeeee Dance, Jack, Dance! Manic's my Senpaiiiii
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Yah! We dance together-Markiplier JacksepticeyeFree2use  What's you top 7 favorite sonic characters? Markiplier and Matthias Dancing (F2U) 
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Ooh, top 7? Hmmm... 7 is too hard to do!

1. Sonic/Manic
2. Sally/Tails
3. Void
4. Espio
5. Mighty
6. Big
7. Team Chaotix (as a whole)
8. Silver
9. Knuckles
10. Robuttnik/.EXE
11. Chaos
12. Dave the Intern/Dingo/Scratch and Grounder
13. Elise/Flying Frog/Rosy the Rascal

This list changes regularly so yeah xD
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XD nice list! Ok I'll do top 13. As well!

1. Manic
2. Silver
3. Sonic
4. Shadow
5. Sticks
6. Knuckles 
7. Jet
8. Tails
9. Scourge
10. Blaze
11. Amy
13. Wave

and more I really do like a lot of sonic characters it's really hard for me to pick plus 6 - 13 always changes so yah! 
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Thank you >3< The list is pretty near and dear to my heart o3o

MMMMManic <3 (Did you get that reference? xD)
I will never understand why Sonic isn't everyone's first favorite haha
Ehhh, Shad. At least he isn't your first, which is kinda nice x'D Too many crazy fangirls!
Ha! Good ol' Sticks.
I recently discovered I like Knux alot more than I thought :P
I don't know why, but when I saw Jet, I wanted to type "Squawk!" x'D
Tails is cute but smart ^3^
Ah, Blaze. She's pretty cool, I guess. Technically, I should like her because I love cats but I'm not sure heh
Ugh, I don't hate Amy but I do greatly dislike her.
Feel free to list more :3 Also, glad to know your list changes too xD
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