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?08 The Royal Standard. by RoseOaks


?08 Rio by badazal1.0

The Great Candy Cane RevealFrom 1st-24th December, we posted candy canes around the group and admin pages for you to find. This blog tells you where they all were, to whom they were dedicated, and then there's a beautiful list at the end - in alphabetical order - to say how much kaaring each person who commented has received.
I would personally like to thank the Nordanner admin team in general for their suggestions/nominations for candy cane recipients, and also an enormous thanks to Cloudrunner64 and Cariannarz who took over this event when I became unwell, and without whom this would not have been possible :heart:
Also a huge thanks to all our magical participants!
So! Each candy cane was dedicated to someone within the community, earning them +3 kaaring to the Nordanner of their choice, and also each candy cane that you - yes, you, right there - commented on, earned you +0.5 kaaring. If you commented on all 24, you earned +12 kaaring to add to the Nordanner of your choice; if you commented on 9 candy
Alerian Arena - The ResultsFirstly, I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who was involved in this - entering, supporting, judging, playing the games in the market - thank you all so much. I'd also like to give a special shout out to EsaArts and omgitsacat for providing the artwork and journal skin design/coding for this event.
This is quite a long blog, so I have split it into the following sections:
How To Claim your Prizes
Event 1 - The Obstacle CourseCommunity EntriesAdmin EntriesEvent 2 - Release The DragonMarket Place - The Arrival - Tombola & 'Riddle Me This' Game PrizesBonus: Entered Both Rounds - Names List
So, without further ado, let's talk about those prizes!
How To Claim Your Prizes
To claim your prizes, please send a note to Nordanner titled "Alerian Arena Prizes" or, if you prefer, "omg I won!" - either is absolutely fine ^^ I'll reply to your note to confirm all your prizes and let you know if there's anything else you need to do!
For kaaring & breeding pri
:star: 15.5/15

Mutation Contest - Winners! -Judging this was not fun at all :stare: I have a serious case of the GRABBYHANDS. You guys are all so talented! Thanks to everybody who posted an idea. We appreciate that you made our lives very difficult. Tears were shed. Coffee was guzzled. Okay, maybe the tears were from all the coffee, but that's beside the point. Since literally picking everything wasn't on the agenda, I did have to winnow down a list. Choices were based on what's currently in the breed, community feedback, the rule-set the mutation would require, etc. Please note, most, if not all of these mutations will have rules changed from their original suggestions. This is due to where they fall in the dominance list among other, equally fun factors. Choosing 1-3 was helped decided by RNG because it was coming down to throwing tomatoes at one another. So, without further ado...
:trophy: First Place: XxTheShadowGirlxX  with: Henna
:star::star: 30.5/30

2: Find Me Lucky Charms!Message from the Queen: 
It's March, so perhaps we should've been expecting this, but...there's been an abundance of rainbows streaking their way across Aleria, and someone started a rumor about a pot of gold...well, no way to know if we don't take a look, so let's have at it!
Draw your horse chasing a rainbow--or multiple rainbows. Eyes Who knows what you may find? Locating the leprechaun himself may prove a challenge, and do take care! His wares may not all be as they seem. The weather is fantastic. Almost too good to be true, in fact...
Quest Ended: March 24th - Hard deadline.
Will you find the gold, or won't you? Only RNG may tell!
First Place: horsefreek151

Well? Did you find it? ap
Rio Liberty by badazal 4.0
Riodoodle1 by badazal 3.5
:star::star::star: 48/45
?08 The Royal Standard. by RoseOaks 1.0
Rose and Oak's Relations Tree. by RoseOaks 0.5
Halter. by RoseOaks3.5
Liberty. by RoseOaks3.5
Dressage. by RoseOaks 3.5
:star::star::star::star: 60/60 (unclaimed)
Nordanner RNG mini show results - halter bonus 5.0
Nordanner RNG mini show results - liberty bonus 5.0
Nordanner RNG mini show results - dressage bonus 5.0
:star::star::star::star::star: 75/75 (unclaimed)
Power walk. by RoseOaks 10.0
Should have been a circus pony. by RoseOaks 10.0
Halter and a butterfly. by RoseOaks 10.0
Sleep Time. by RoseOaks 10.0
Grumpy mare. by RoseOaks7.5
Catching the Rain. by RoseOaks 7.5
:heart: 130/125 (unclaimed)
Dress to Impress. by RoseOaks10.5
What's this! by RoseOaks7.5
Stranger Danger?? by RoseOaks 3.0
Come With Me. by RoseOaks 3.0
Will you Stay? by RoseOaks 3.0
Nordanner RNG mini show results Week 1-9 results here 
Welcome to the results blog! 
Format: Newest on top, Oldest on bottom.
Remember to note the group to claim prizes and to keep track of your Kaaring rewards.
Week 16: Ending  7th oct

Theme Class: Playin' in the pumpkin patch!
First place:
Bullet; Orange +20 Kaaring/STP to Nordanner Pictured
Bullet; Orange 500 AG
Bullet; Orange 500 Gems
Bullet; Orange RNG trait (  no twins / mimicry / pkn / nog)
rng roll
Halter class
First Place: @alicorn
Bullet; Orange +20 Kaaring/STP to Nordanner Pictured
Bullet; Orange 500 AG
Bullet; Orange 500 Gems
:heart::heart: 177/170 (unclaimed)


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