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RWBY: Kuro Neko

By Rosenkruex
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A twisted doppelganger formed in the likeness of Blake Belladonna, with speed and agility to put it on par with its base. Spectre somehow possesses knowledge of Blake's connections with the White Fang, and as such is followed by fellow Shades in the form of White Fang soldiers. While like other Shades it recklessly charges into battle with no fear or hesitation, it is this quality of the her copy that unsettles Blake the most...
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"The white fang is evil!.....I totally called it!....they sent a ninja....and I'm getting your daughter back!"

or something along those lines XD

Cheers~rwby Gif - Sun 5 
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The concept of the specter copying other hunters to create copies was pretty original idea in of itself.
And these copies sure as heck can be unsettling.
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I like the idea that the specter made the white fang shades have the grimm masks.

"If they want to where the faces of monsters, they shouldn't just stop at the face"
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Well all Shades have Grimm like masks (minus the markings). But when it comes to members of the White Fang, there is a certain level of irony from Spectre, humans (as Spectre, and I imagine most Grimm, don't see the Faunas as a different species) pretending to be monsters killed by monsters that look human.