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RWBY: Glatteis

By Rosenkruex
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Ruby: Weiss! I know its scary fighting something that looks and fights like you, but we're here to hel-

Weiss: It's Hideous!

Yang: Wha...

Weiss: I mean just look at that thing! The hair is a shaggy mess, those clothes are just tattered rags, and that mask is absolutely just tacky!

Blake: looks just like you...

Weiss: No, no it does not! This "thing" fails to capture my elegance and grace. I demand that this Spectre, or whatever its called, to redo it! This time with some genuine effort! Chop-chop!


Yeah, if anybody from team RWBY would go against their Shade with little to no difficulty it'd probably be Weiss. I'm not entirely sure why, but I can't shake the feeling that she'd be the one to either keep a cool head in this fight OR not get as shaken up. Probably be the first one to figure out the weaknesses of the Shades "Hey girls! They can't use Aura or Semblance or Dust, just a little F.Y.I."

Weiss's Shade is a little less (Psycho looking?) than Ruby's. Figured subtle differences would fit a copy of the "Ice Queen" better than just horror Weiss.
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*reads description*
Looks like Weiss already burnt it to death.

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You need to do one of these for all of team RWBY and maybe one for Cinder.
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-heh heh- Yeah, I've been meaning to draw up Shades for Blake and Yang for a while. But I've sort of been dragging my heels when it comes to that. Sweating a little... 
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Well hurry up or I'll make you listen to Yang make puns for 5 straight hours!
(Really thought do hurry along now) 
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Yep that pretty much sums up how she'd react to such an event. XD
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Yeah, most of the time I aim for dark a traumatic when coming up with these little things. Weiss, is the exception. ;P
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I don't suppose you'll also do one for Yang and Blake at some point?
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That's the plan. Its not a very good plan, but its a plan!
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I think it's a good plan. :)

Question about the Specter: Do you consider it to be in some sort of "alliance" with Cinder? Or is it in a fraction of it's own?
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An alliance, with a HUMAN? What sort of madness is this?

But nah, Grimm gotta side with Grimm.
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I see.

 I just keep getting this feeling that Cinder may be in leauge with someone or something more powerful.
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Then the shade runs to the corner and starts crying because no one loves it.
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Oh dear Gott, it has developed self esteem issues!

"*sob-sob* I don't understand, why does everyone hate me? *sniff* I mean, I'm actually nicer than "Ice Queen"

Weiss: Seriously? SERIOUSLY!?
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I bet the Spectres thinking: "....Huh?".
But either it's quite funny seeing a Weiss that looks like "The Thing" from marvel.^^
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