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World of Lanheath



Not the best map ever, but I think it's good enough to show you how the world looks. :aww:
This is a fantasy world, without a set history and mostly to give ideas for your horse characters. This is why climate can change heavily sometimes, even though regions lay close to each other.

Most regions/islands are connected to each other through underwater tunnels, so characters can easily travel from one to another. click

World of Lanheath regions by Rosenhill

Brushes: by StarRaven 

West Lanheath

Xarua is a dark and haunted forest. You'll find all kinds of creatures out here: vampires, zombies, ghosts, shapeshifters, werewolves, ... in all kinds of shapes; horses, wolfs, jaguars, etc. They are mostly inspired on Supernatural's (tv show) creatures.
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The Arura fields are pretty much open grass fields, with not much more. Practically no one really lives here; there's only grass to live on and you're very exposed to weather. It's simply an area you'll have to go through if you want to reach Xarua, though some also like to go here to clear their mind. In the far northeast you'll find the Arura caves. To some it are just regular caves, others say they can feel something supernatural here. It's a pretty well known place, as several have claimed that they could speak to beloved ones that passed away. Many go here to find it out themselves whether it's true or not.
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The Alta mountains are always heavily covered in snow. The forests on both sides are also a part of the Alta mountains (often referred to as Alta forests), and covered in snow as well- even during summer, though less. In the heart of winter the snow amount can get very high, easily to knee height. Up in the mountains there's a lot of hidden caves, which you usually only see once you're right in front of it. Many characters that live here have adapted a cave to their personal home.
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Incavo is an interesting forest, rich in flora and fauna.. and a lot of forest caves. You'll find them everywhere, in all shapes and sizes!
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Lanheath's Idaho is -suprisingly- based on Idaho's nature. The rich, green colors, waterfalls and such can be found mostly in the middle and west of Idaho. The more you move to Aurantia's direction, the surroundings change to the warm, brown colors.
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Aurantia resembles the Grand Canyon a lot.
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Arfacio is one of the driest areas of this world and mostly inspired on Africa's nature. There's a fair amount of wildlife.
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Jaqua is a massive jungle with a lot of wildlife, both friendly and not as friendly. It's not necessarily a dangerous area, but you should be careful if you aren't used to it. Characters that were born or lived for a long time here, have the right instincts and generally experience Jaqua as a nice home. Only in the far northwest it gets a bit darker, with the more aggressive wildlife clans and herds.
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Atria is a big area between Jaqua and Hyacin. There are a lot of height differences and rolling mountains, and generally it has some amazing views.
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Hyacin a beautiful beach, and also includes a forest in the northwest that slowly transitions into Atria.
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East Lanheath

Anqaria is an underwater city in ruins.
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Abstantia is all rock. Not one tiny bit of green grows here, none at all. Maybe some old trees, that died off many years ago and now are just black stumps. Lava pops up here and there. The most colors you see here are black and dark purple. Only very tough characters live here- dragons and such. If you want to visit a dark place, I suggest Xarua or Xaroc. Abstantia, truly, is not for everyone at all and you won't be welcomed friendly. If you want to live here, you'll have to fight and prove yourself worthy.
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An island based off Iceland.
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Flacta is mostly open grass fields. More trees appear when you head into the direction of Sylva. At the far north of Flacta, you can look out over the sea on the cliffs.
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Sylva is your average (and huge) forest.
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When you walk out of Sylva, the forest slowly transitions into Oak's warm brown colors.
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Alitura has a very rich forest, feeling somewhat magical; on one hand this a normal forest, but on the other.. something's going on here (positively). There are many little animals (squirrels, birds, etc) and generally there's a very warm, friendly but lightly mysterious atmosphere hanging around these woods.
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Xaroc is an island of darkness. Mountains and caves rise up within the forest filled with tall trees, there's almost no green here. Everything is rock, rotten, ... you can find small animals living here, like ravens and rats. Sunlight is barely seen, and once night falls it's really dark and you better watch out for everything that moves out there.
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Dryada exists out of a very thick forest, and seems to really be an elves' island.
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Arnoxa is hard to describe, and most don't know what happens here. Mountains, forest, caves, rivers, lakes; you have everything here, and more. More different things...
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Laetus is inspired on Japan's nature.
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This island is all swamp. Be careful and keep your eyes open, this are very dangerous grounds! You might disappear forever..
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Something supernatural rests on this little island. As soon as you take your first steps into these thick woods, it's as if you were walking through a galaxy forest.
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Canitia is based off Finland's nature.
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Vacivo is an.. empty island, basically. A small area with grass and a couple trees here and there, that's it. It's mostly foggy, misty weather. Barely any forest animals live here; they prefer to live on the other islands with richer vegetation. Everything looks the same and soon you feel like you're walking around endlessly, so it's easy to get lost and not adviced to go there alone. Only characters that are here often can find their way through this area. The only landmarks are a couple small rivers (you can step over them, really small) that run through this island. Because so little lives and happens here, it's logically very quiet here. Uncomfortably quiet. You need a special personality to be able to live here, and usually it's very independent characters that prefer to stay away from anything that lives.
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UNDISCOVERED 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

These five islands haven't been discovered yet. Want to decide how their nature will look? Watch the group updates for contests where YOU can create and design them!

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