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16 Spring Fairy sculpture ooak, 1 inch head

By Rosen-Garden
I missed good lighting yesterday and I wasn't satisfied with close-up photos. I need a good camera...

Spring Fairy, hand made, polymer clay, hand painted.
She is 15 cm with the base (5,9 inches).

Her auction: [link]


Thank you for so many comments! You should know, that I'm very happy and I send a BIG thank you to all of you!

I have read all of them but it will be hard to answer you all... I will start with questions but it's going to take some time. I hope you do not mind the slowness...
Once again, thank you so much!
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Mar 5, 2012, 12:12:59 PM
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verkaufst du solch schönes auch?

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Very nice    and
Very expressive
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Holy shit. I thought she was photoshopped. Excellent work!
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Incredible! So tiny...
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Simply incredibly awesome! Very nice!
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Ur very welcome.
stunning sculpt, but how in the world do you get the paintjob so perfect....her face has so much texture its wait i mean very real LOL
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Absolutely stunning, I wish I could have it next to me. She wouldn't be far from me while I'm working and whenever I'd feel down, I would just look at her eyes and think "awe, all right you had me once again, I guess I can keep working a little more".
Anyway ... This is brilliant, Congrats.
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Wow! This is proving to be much more difficult than I thought!! It's just the lips! I have tried 2 different ways but both didnt look right! I'm doing fairly well on the nose and eyes and face shape! I know practise makes perfect but this so hard!! I've got stuff from 'ooak artist emporium' for hair and wings but I'm not going to get to use them anytime soon! I used the website you sent me to do lips but still proving hard! I know you made many heads before you got them good l, but when you first started, did they look bad? How long did it take you to make your whole first fairy? X
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Hi again Rosen garden!😄 I don't suppose you found a video?? X
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I've sent you a private message
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No thank you for sharing these AMAZING pieces with us!! And I can't wait, hope you still have a video!! X
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Ok I just read that you have stopped making these dolls so you can't do a tutorial unless one day you decide to do another one. Would you at least be able to give me some tips on sculpting the face please? I have been trying really hard and just can't get the face shape right!? It would be much appreciated! Thank you x
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I'll look for my old face tutorial when I'll be back home. I think that I might still have one : ) Thank you so much for your kind words!
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Hi again Rosen garden!😄 I don't suppose you found a video?? X
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I've sent you a private message
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LOVE you work!!! Would really like it if you could do a tutorial please!? Or just take a picture at each stage of making one!? at least just the face? Much appreciated thank you! X
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I understand that maybe you'll never probably answer me but just in case..can you tell me...
how long have you been doing this and how much time does it take to become that good at sculpting???...
I mean you are really REALLY GOOD AT THIS :wow:
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Thank you so much for your kind words! :D

I think I made about 20 heads before I was satisfied with their looks ^ ^' The body was much easier. I had it easier too, because I used to draw and I liked portraits the best.

But, there was a time when I abandoned sculpting for almost a year.

And then I tried again and surprisingly once again I fell in love with miniatures : )

I'm not working on fairies anymore though. Now my new love are ball jointed dolls. I mean... their construction, this feeling when you work on each piece separately and then you string the doll and you see all of a sudden a person you created : D  Haha I might have became even more strange, have to go out of my "cave" more often but I still love sculpting : )

If you love something too, never give up. Make yourself holidays if tired but still, do your best and you will be happy too : )

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