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Fav. Color:
• red- circus floor + wp
• blue- basic boy floor + wp
• yellow- origami floor + wp
• green- jungle floor + wp
• pink- basic girl floor + wp
• purple- cave floor + wp
Fav. Hobby:
• art- artsy set; beret, paintbrush, drumsticks, painting easel
• study- smart set; big glasses, big book, calculator, microscope
• sports- sporty set; pom poms, hockey net, basketball hoop

• secret code- 90899 (Shelby Marx Boxing Outfit)
• door riddle- wooden > shuttle > rainbow🌈 > fancy💎 (1 item) > prehistoric (empty) > enter prehistoric
• the shop changes every 1-2min
• you can sell your rewards and buy them for free
• you can't sell the item finder or picture shirt👕
• on a 3DS, you can use your camera to customize picture frames/shirt👕
• you can increase someone's stars by answering their questions correctly
• Sasha and everyone in the art gallery can't have their stars raised
• the more sets and friend missions you complete, the more often unique items show up
• you'll be given food needed for the Hunger Meltdown, save in drawer
• there are 19 digging spots on the map🗺️
• when finding a buried item, all digging spots will be activated, the first one will have it
• locker glitch- there's a locker by the school back door, another locker in the front wall
• secret stash💵- you can get items from under your stairs, often in the morning
• web segments- there are 15 items you can use to unlock new segments
• organize stage- you can put all the items on the set without blocking yourself
• sleep money💵- stand by the bed until you're told to go to sleep
• claw machine🕹️- press A as soon as you start; 5-6 items a day
• skee ball- roll the ball on the light, just stay on beat; 5 shots
• vending machine- empty inventory, spend $60, sell items for $120+
• auctions💵- check in the morning, buy items at 7pm and go to bed before 9pm
• auctions💵- sell 5 expensive/unwanted items in the morning, they'll return in the mail
• school mail✉️- every Friday after school, check the mail
• chores- do chores every 3-5 days for $5-$15
• schedule- school- 8am-3pm; home- 9pm-6am; icarly- 6pm
• possible glitch- completing the bobblehead set may freeze the game during sleep

1. Freddie (arcade); Get to know Freddie- find him at the arcade, play claw machine
2. Talk to Carly and Sam to finish the tutorial
3. Spencer (groovy smoothie); Get to Know Spencer- find a gallery
4. Locked Out- use item finder to get the key
5. Carly; Evil Mail- find Nevel, ask questions
6. Mrs. Benson; Freddie's in a Ditch- find Freddie (arcade)
7. Hypo What- talk to Leslie, find Nevel (school), find Sam (groovy smoothie), find underwear, find Freddie (arcade)
8. Spencer; Sleep is for Suckers- give 3 junk items
9. Sam; Hungry- ask 5 people about Sam's sandwich
10. Gibby (art gallery); Gibby's in Trouble- give mask, get Spencer (bushwell plaza)
11. Freddie (school); Cameraman Down- ask 5 people about the cameraman
12. Carly; Freddie's Secret- talk to Freddie, get cake from Markus, give to Freddie, return to Carly
13. Sam; Prepare for the Flames- give invite to Ricky (groovy smoothie)
14. Carly; My Pal Amber- find Amber (groovy smoothie)
15. Spencer (pet store); Lost in Space- find meatball in space shuttle door, pick it up, give to Spencer
16. Freddie; Busy Busy Freddie- find Gibby (arcade), return to Freddie
17. Sam; Food Theme- put pro kitchen item on the set
18. Spencer (art gallery, far right); Spencer Sleepy- give smoothie from T-Bo
19. Freddie (school); A Pet for Freddie- give bird
20. Carly; The Pudding Problem- give pudding, find Sam (groovy smoothie)
21. Sam; Hunger Melt Down- give yogurt, bowl of fruit, grapes, carrot, 2 fat cakes
22. Spencer (art gallery, far left); Spread the Word- give flyers to 20 people
23. Sam (her house); A Bad Investment- give $500, talk to Carly, return to Sam
24. Gibby (arcade); Gibby Sale- give viking helmet
25. Freddie (art gallery)- The Juggling Door Man- talk to Lewbert, teach Carly and Sam
26. Carly (her room); Red Dress- buy dress from Leslie>Lewbert, return to Carly
27. Freddie (his room); Blue Face- give letter to Franklin, return to Freddie
28. Sam (skate park); Flyers- give flyers to 20 people, return to Sam (skate park)
29. Carly; Viral- find Freddie and bring him to Carly, find Mandy, find her computer, return to Freddie
30. Spencer (kitchen); Collection Challenge- complete the random set
31. Gibby (between school and skate park, to the left); Trading with Gibby- give popcorn machine
32. Spencer; Sick Sister- check on Carly (her room), find Sam (groovy smoothie), return to Carly, find Gibby (school), find Spencer, give tape recorder, find Ricky (arcade > school), return to Carly
33. Freddie (school); Blue Face- give mask
34. Spencer (skate park); Spencer's Segment Idea- find segment, return to Spencer, tell Carly
35. Carly; Nice Moves- find Harper (by groovy smoothie), find Yuki and Kyoko (art gallery), return to Carly
36. Freddie (pet shop); Something Special- solve door riddle; wooden > shuttle > rainbow > fancy (1 item) > prehistoric (empty) > enter prehistoric
37. Spencer; One Last Thing- complete art gallery
38. ; -
39. ; -
40. ; -

unlock/save for-
• strawberry yogurt from Chuck (Hunger Meltdown)
• bowl of fruit from Wendy (Hunger Meltdown)
• grapes🍇 from Franklin (Hunger Meltdown)
• carrot🥕 from Trudy (Hunger Meltdown)
• fat cake🍰 from T Bo (Hunger Meltdown)
• fat cake🍰 from Shelby (Hunger Meltdown)
• tape recorder from Ricky (Sick Sister)
• shuttle door from Malika (Lost in Space)
• magic meatball from helping Spencer (stage)
• 10 pack of pudding from Tasha (Pudding Problem)
• birthday cake when helping Freddie
• cool power generator from Spencer
• hamburger bed when helping Sam
• alien santa when trading with Gibby
• juggling set from Lewbert (stage)
• old pak rat machine after helping Josh (Collection Challenge)
• giant pants from Gibby (art gallery)
• good/evil cheerleader outfits when helping Spencer (stage/wendy)
• sock cake after completing cake set
• mini golf course after completing mini golf set (art gallery)
• squirrel camera after completing park set (art gallery)
• giant set of teeth after completing spencer's workshop set (art gallery)
• giant A of A's after completing the classroom set (art gallery)
• butter sculpture after completing the pro kitchen set (art gallery)
• piñata after helping Lewbert (stage)
• soup kettle from Mrs. Benson
• bowl of soup from Missy (stage)
• pie tree from Mr. Henning (Trudy)
• pie from Trudy
• guitar when helping Jake

Unique Items:
• Spencer's keys
• hypohydrallic underwear (boy boxing outfit)
• smoothie (strawberry yogurt)
• red dresses (wardrobe of red dresses)
• Mandy's laptop
• cheerleading skit (a sheet of paper)
• Bobby the blowfish (bean bag T Bo)
• Henning Squid (bean bag Mrs. Briggs)
• Mandy the duck (bean bag Mandy)

Art Gallery:
Far Left Room-
• fish feeder 1
• fish feeder 2
• fish feeder 3
• giant newton balls
• giant set of teeth
Left Room-
• abstract representation of over-mechanization of modern society
• giant jack o lantern
• hammer fan
• iCarly award
• night jogging helmet
• sniffmas tree
• sock cake
Front Room-
• butter sculpture
• crushed mental cube
• green bottle robot
• labradoodle sculpture
• splatter man
• the elephant cycle
• the giant A of A's
Right Room-
• clay animation movie set
• giant coffee cup
• pencil sculpture
• squirrel camera
• supertastic sculpture of stuff
• yo yo tree
Far Right Room-
• giantic pants
• magnet tree
• mini Golf course

Drawer: (optional)
⒈ blue- head wear
⒉ purple- clothes
⒊ pink- hand accessories
⒋ red- rare items
⒌ yellow- items
⒍ green- floor/wall

iCarly Props:
⒈ bowl of soup
⒉ chemistry set
⒊ disco ball
⒋ drumset
⒌ giant tub of popcorn
⒍ haunted bra
⒎ hawaiian grass skirt outfit
⒏ icarly car front
⒐ inflatable villain
⒑ magic meatball
⒒ microscope
⒓ piñata
⒔ sword in stone
⒕ trampoline
⒖ trombone

iCarly Show:
⒈ Vs. Exercise Rocks- 10000 viewers
⒉ Vs. Kyoko and Yuki- 20000 viewers
⒊ Vs. Henri P'twa and Oompe- 30000 viewers
⒋ Vs. The Valerie Show - 40000 viewers
⒌ Vs. Nevelocity - 50000 viewers

56 acts, 7 choices
• camera face
• balloon bust (inflatable villain)
• mini golf
• backflip
• weight lifting
• kung fu
• boxing
• sword duel (sword in stone)
• magic trick
• high five
• play drums (drumset)
• cartwheel
• play trombone (trombone)
• chemistry fail (chemistry set)
• hula hula (hawaiian grass skirt outfit)
• piñata (piñata)
• jungle livin'
• 3 legged race
• floating
• rib pops
• ghost story (haunted bra)
• invisible bike
• shark attack
• house dancing
• meatball madness (magic meatball)
• pie face
• eating cake
• cabbage patch
• popcorn diving (giant tub of popcorn)
• pump up da fruit
• monster attack
• soup monster (bowl of soup)
• rockin' out
• trampoline (trampoline)
• raise the roof
• leap frog
• body wave
• piggyback
• give me an ow
• spencer joke
• microscope (microscope)
• handstand
• do the caveman
• running man
• juggling
• water polo
• arm wrestling
• pie eating contest
• driving (icarly car front)
• raining raisins
• wheelbarrow
• disco (disco ball)
• the twist
• the robot
• spooked
• laser sword duel (sword in stone)

82 Sets and Rewards:
• artsy🎨 (9)- drum set
• baby chick🐣 (7)- nest chair
• basic boy👦 (7)- smelly fish
• basic girl👩 (7)- smelly cheese
• blockbuster movie🎬 (13)- mini limo
• boy fashion (15)- cabbage rain maker
• cake🎂 (9)- sock cake
• carly's bedroom (14)-
• carly's living room (12)- iCarly game machine
• carly puzzle cubes (9)- carly mask
• caverman (14)-
• christmas🎄 (10)-
• circus🎪 (8)- circus elephant
• classic toy (8)- video game console
• classroom (8)- giant A of A's
• clock (10)-
• comic book (6)- hero signal
• dinosaur (8)- Zeebo costume
• disco (4)- white disco outfit
• excalibur (11)- suit of armor
• flat cast (14)- person press
• Freddie puzzle cubes (9)- Freddie mask
• frozen (8)- giant sundae
• funny hat (20)-
• galaxy wars (11)- alien mask
• giant chess (13)- shrinkomiter
• giant food w/ feet (8)- ice cream sandwich bed with feet
• girl fashion (15)- magno-static multi-pulse flux generator
• great white north (11)- mini igloo
• halfer transport (16)- car rear
• halloween (11)-
• hockey (6)-
• icarly (20)-
• icarly stage (13)-
• igo to japan🗾 (9)-
• isaw him first💋 (4)- apple rain maker
• jungle (11)- atmosphereomizer
• junkyard (14)-
• Lebert's apartment (10)- exploding muffin basket
• little birdie buddy (16)- jet pack penguin
• lunar (8)- alien transducer
• master of disguise (8)- school mask
• mini golf (7)- mini golf course
• monster (10)-
• new years resolution (14)-
• origami (13)- origami bobble head
• other random (14)- magic carpet
• park (9)- squirrel camera
• pee wee babies (20)- bean bag Carly and Sam costumes
• penny tees (11)- peanut butter love shirt
• pharaoh (14)- mummy costume
• picture frame (11)- stand-up poster
• playground (7)- merry go round
• secret code (1)- ifight Shelby Marx outfit
• poodle (12)-
• princess👸 (14)- princess costume
• professional kitchen (9)- butter sculpture
• random (10)- the gift that keeps on giving
• rec room (9)- giant 8 ball
• robo (11)- robot mask
• root and berry retreat (12)-
• sam's dream🍔 (15)-
• sam puzzle cubes (9)- sam mask
• secret door (5)- downsideupatron
• smart (6)- chemistry set
• sound bite (11)- walk track
• spelling block (26)- spelling bee
• spencer puzzle cubes (9)- spencer mask
• spencer (24)-
• spencer's workshop (13)- giant set of teeth
• sporty (10)-
• street sign (8)-
• stylin' fashion (10)- groovy hat
• sushi🍣 (10)- giant fish tank
• tree🌳 (11)- ostrich egg
• water park (10)- water wings
• weeble wooble bobble head (24)-
• weird fashion (7)- scottish cap

40 Friends + Missions:
Ashley: (pet store)
• principal's pelican- give pelican to Franklin
• Harper's owl- give owl to Harper
• T-Bo's blowfish- give blowfish to T-bo
• Mr. Henning's squid- give squid to Henning
• Mandy's duck- give duck to Mandy (bushwell plaza)
Bertha: (post office)
Carly: (bushwell plaza)
Chuck: (bushwell plaza)
• give high five
• viking victory- wear viking helmet from Markus, talk to Lewbert
• help him with his homework
Harper: (random store)
• talk to him about icarly
• super claw- give robo jukebox
Franklin: (ridgeway high school)
• show him some moves
• drum roll, please- give drumsticks
• father fashion- talk to Leslie, deliver navy hoodie jacket
• give high five
Freddie: (bushwell plaza)
Germy: (post office)
• talk to him about Missy
• take me out to the ball game- give baseball glove
Gibby: (ridgeway high school)
Griffin: (behind stylin' shop)
• car trouble- give rusty engine
• tires for hire- give stack of old tires
• smooth operator- find Wendy
• sweet talk- talk to Lewbert
Gupp: (art gallery)
Jake: (next to school fountain)
• let Valerie down- talk to Valerie
• note for Nevel- give note to Nevel
• guitar gift- deliver guitar from post office
Jocelyn: (ridgeway high school)
• tell her where Freddie eats- groovy smoothie
• tell her to write a note to Freddie
• the bodyguard- ask Harper if she can be his bodyguard
• in the know- find Freddie
Jonah: (next to post office/skate park)
• show him some moves
• fat cake finder- give giant fat cakes
Josh: (arcade)
• the claw-minator- win claw machine 5 times
• pak-rat giveaway- asy Sasha about the pak rat machine
• world record- talk to Sasha (art gallery)
Kyoko: (art gallery)
Leslie: (stylin' shop)
• shipment recived- give Mrs. Benson the boy outfit
• delivery for Valerie- give denim vest to valerie
• disco delivery- give disco fro outfit to Harper
• aloha- give hawaiin grass skirt to Wendy
• funny hats- give propeller hat to Gibby
Lewbert: (bushwell plaza)
• talk to Lewbert
• scorch- talk to T-bo, get Lewbert a cool drink
Nevel: (stylin' shop)
Nora: (art gallery)
Nug Nug: (across from the gazebo)
• talk to him
• laser tag- give hand laser gun
• fan mail- deliver autograph to Lewbert
• Nug disguise- give paper bag mask
Malika: (behind art gallery, gazebo)
• let her show you some moves
• cape quest- give red cape
Mandy: (pet store)
• talk to her about random dancing
• gift for carly- give cookie mischief shirt to Mandy
• tell her Sam likes meat
• set match- show her some moves
Markus: (random store)
• delivery from Markus- give workshop wall to chuck
• delivery from Markus- give bike helmet to Germy
• delivery from Markus- give disco duck to Tasha
• delivery from Markus- give torn jeans to Missy
• delivery from Markus- give hotdog with feet to Jake
Mr. Henning: (ridgeway high school)
• becoming his helper
• sign up for root and berry retreat
• sick and tired- tell franklin that Mr. Henning has gone home sick
• help with "go green" banner slogan
• extension- tell Gibby he can have an extension
Mrs. Benson: (bushwell plaza)
• first line of defense- give binoculars from Markus
• fluffy the protector- give pee wee baby
• lost and found- find Freddie
• say cheese- give camera
• boxing day- give boy boxing outfit
Miss Briggs: (ridgeway high school)
• talk to Mrs. Briggs
• Franklin v. Briggs- find principal Franklin, ask about bagpipes
• Purrfect outfit- give her letter to the post office
Missy: (randon store)
peace note- give note to Sam
fruity friendship- give bowl of fruit from Markus
Ricky: (next to sam's house)
• flame-broiled loser- find Sam
• cake walk- bring cake
• me, oh my, I love pie- find Gibby
• great claw-spectations- win the claw machine
• run kid run- give boy boxing outfit
Rodney: (art gallery)
Sam: (bushwell plaza)
Sasha: (arcade)
Shelby: (gazebo)
• become her trainee
• weasly Nevel- give skull to Nevel
Spencer: (art gallery)
• Tasha: (next to arcade)
• Gibby's dream date- talk to Gibby
• the perfect location- talk to T-bo
• the perfect invite- give her note to Gibby
• the perfect thanks- talk to Gibby
T-Bo: (groovy smoothy)
• talk to him about smoothies
• show him some moves
• spread the word- find Leslie, Ashley, Markus, Josh, and Bertha
Trudy: (bushwell plaza)
• give her advice
• pie tree🥧🌳- give pie tree
• ultimate pie🥧- give pie to T-bo
Valerie: (between school and home)
• the eagle has landed🦅- give viking helmet
• meeting the minds- find Nevel
• equipped- give origami tv
• letter from Nevel- get letter from Nevel
• props- give 3 items
Wendy: (next to art gallery parking lot)
• show her some moves
• pom poms- give cheerleader outfit
Yuki: (art gallery)
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