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artsy: (drumset)
• beret, drafting table, drumsticks, guitar, microphone, paintboard, paintbrush, painting easel, trombone
baby chick: (nest chair)
• benedict, huevo, incubator, omlete, poachy, shelly, yoko
basic boy: (smelly fish)
• bed, desk, desk chair, dresser, floor lamp, nightstand, table lamp
basic girl: (smelly cheese)
• bed, desk, desk chair, dresser, floor lamp, nightstand, table lamp
blockbuster: (mini limo)
• action slate, box of candy, movie reels, projection screen, sticky floors, theater walls, action movie poster, giant fountain pop drink, giant popcorn, theater seating, sammy, projector, exploding car
boy fashion: (cabbage rain maker)
• boxing outfit, torn jeans, red hoodie jacket, navy hoodie jacket, #02 jersey, dress pants, grunge shorts, ridgeway varsity jacket, shirt+tie, orange collared shirt, sweater vest, ridgeway bulldog hoodie, cargo pants, khaki pants, fedora
cake set: (sock cake)
• birthday, chocolate, fruit, haunted, chair, old, tall, wedding, crooked
carly's bedroom: ()
• cupcake table, desk chair, dresser, end table, flowers, , wall, ice cream sandwich sofa, bedroom coffee table, butterfly chair, futon, shelves, bed, desk
carly living room: (icarly game machine)
• apartment end table, coffee table, couch, recliner, shelf of phones, tv, ziggurat lamp, floor, gummy bears, old radio, wall, yellow chair
carly puzzle cubes: (carly mask)
• 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
caveman: ()
• outfit, sculpture, tv, wall, chair, , floor lamp, stereo, , fire, floor, mini racer, car back, car front
christmas: ()
• , wall, egg nog, candy cane, tree, north pole sign post, elf, fire place, snow man, santa
circus: (circus elephant)
• tent, wall, clown costume, flaming ring, juggling set, popcorn machine, ringleader boy, ringleader girl
classic toys: (video game console)
• wagon, rocking horse, spring thing, robot, face phone, spin+talk, jack in the box, monkey musician
classroom: ()
• class desk, floor, plant, wall, class chair, whiteboard, teacher desk,
clock: ()
• broken, bunny, cardboard, classic, future, upsidedown, grandfather, haunted, prehistoric, skinny
comic: (hero signal)
• bin, action figure, disguise, inflatable villain, cape, cut out
dino: (zeebo costume)
• ankylosaurus, apatosaurus, pterodactyl, triceratops, wolly mammoth, saber-toothed tiger, stegosaurus, t rex
disco: (white disco outfit)
• ball, floor, record player, wall
excalibur: (suit of armor)
• throne, desk, dresser, nightstand, castle bed, castle floor, castle wall, floor torch, table torch, treasure chest, sword in stone
flat cast: (person press)
• gibby, griffin, mandy, mrs. benson, miss briggs, rodney, t bo, wendy, lewbert, nevel, freddie, sam, spencer, carly
freddie puzzle: (freddie mask)
• 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
frozen: (giant sundae)
• desk, desk chair, wall, bed, chair, dresser, floor, lamp
funny hat: ()
• dunce cap, graduation, propeller, puritan, rainbow bike helmet, safari, snorkel, tuque, viking, fishing, masonic, pirate, pompom waving, raccoon, top hat, umbrella, , cowboy, mandy fan hat, sombrero
galaxy wars: (alien mask)
• alien pod, hand laser, transporter, tv, , , UFO, chair, desk, table lamp,
giant chess: (shrinkometer)
• B/W- pawn, bishop, knight, rook, king, queen, checkered floor
giant food w/ feet: (ice cream sandwich bed w/ feet)
• ice cream cone, ice cream, pizza, fries, burger, hotdog, pineapple, sushi
girl fashion: (magno-static multi-pulse flux generator)
• fruity shirt, shorts w/ pink shoes, denim skirt, black skirt, pink pleated skirt, checker tights, red dress, denim vest, red sweater, ridgeway varsity jacket, sporty t shirt, cute skull shirt, jeans and boots, fancy tank top, hair bow
great white north: (mini igloo)
• floor, wall, walrus, dog sled, iceberg, penguin, polar bear, seal, breached sub, fishing hole, igloo
halfer: (car rear)
• front/back- racer, gyrocopter, boat, sub, hot air balloon, camel, dd bus, steam engine
halloween: ()
• candy, wall, , scarecrow, skull, haunted house, skeleton, tomb, bats, coffin, ghost
hockey: ()
• board corner, board middle, wall, zamboni, floor
iCarly: ()
• balloon thing, beanbag chair, chair 1, chair 2, chest, dachshund, stuffed puppy, trunk, freddie's camera, gumball machine, dachshund sign, flame table, floor, mini racer, wall, seal, vending machine, freddie work station, car front,
iCarly stage: ()
• boom mic, , water cooler, craft table, film crew camera 1, studio audience seats, wardrobe, directors chair, film crew camera 2, makeup table, standing lights, stars trailer, viewing tv
iGo to japan: ()
• , , random sign, , swedish learning wizard, evil cheerleading outfit, good cheerleading outfit, japanese learning wizard, iweb award
iSaw him first: (apple rain maker)
• kissing booth, disco outfit, grass skirt
jungle: ()
• rock, bush, floor, ruin 2, tree 1, tree 2, wall, ruin 1, ruin 3, waterfall, crashed plane
junkyard: ()
• shopping cart, pile, barrel, , wall, tires, bathtub, sink, toilet, engine block, floor, car back, car front, junkyard mech
lewbert's apartment: (exploding muffin basket)
• coffee table, desk, table lamp, couch, fridge, lizard tank, water heater, CB radio, picture frame, shower
little birds: (jet pack penguin)
• swan, blue heron, cockatoo, crow, eagle, duck, origami, owl, parrot, pelican, flamingo, stork, snow owl, sparrow, seagull, pterodactyl
lunar: (alien transducer)
• astroid, moon floor, space wall, flag, satellite, shuttle bed, astronaut costume, lunar lander
master of disguise: (school mask)
• hockey goalie, paper bag, clown, crow, mandy's duck, monster, monkey, mandy's improved duck,
mini golf: (mini golf course)
• golf club, cart, floor, hole w/ flag, wall, single mini golf course, windmill
monster: ()
• floor, wall, chair, couch, end table, floor lamp, table lamp, coffee table, sculpture, tv
new years: ()
• carrot, fruit, grapes, bike, medicine ball, yogurt, weight rack, bow tone, stair leader, , bench press, home gym, treadmill, punching bag
origami: (origami bobble head)
• chair, desk, end table, floor, table lamp, tv, wall, bed, coffee table, couch, floor lamp, sculpture, piano
other random: (magic carpet)
• monkey game, fencing trophy, hotdog dog, toothbrushes, blue bear, dice end table, giant lollipop, little car, diapers, fortune telling booth, bag pipes, pudding, tape recorder, haunted bra
park: (squirrel camera)
• bush, drinking fountain, flower patch, kite, bench, statue, tire swing tree, water fountain, pond
pee wee babies: (bean bag carly/sam costumes)
• jeremy, gibby, mario, miss briggs, franklin, t bo, cave freddie, harper, lewbert, mandy, rodney, cave sam, freddie, griffin, nevel, sam, spencer, carly, cave carly, zeebo
penny tees: (peanutbutter love shirt)
• coffee noodles, mushroom room, parole baby, south frogspit, cookie mischief, mister sandwich, pudding patrol, quirky chowder, special ham, pumpup da fruit, random dancing
pharaoh: (mummy costume)
• cat statue, vase, pyramid, statue 1, egyptian pillar, mummy, pharaoh statue, pharaoh throne, sphinx, tomb floor, statue 2, hieroglyph wall, headdress, sarcophagus
picture frame: (stand-up poster)
• 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, picture shirt
playground: (merry go round)
• wood chip floor, monkey bars, obstacle ramp, seesaw, slide, swing, tire swing
poodle: ()
• desk, , dresser, floor lamp, nightstand, mirror, table lamp, poodle, floor, wall, bed, vanity
princess: (princess costume)
• dresser, nightstand, mirror, standing candelabra, table candelabra, canopy bed, desk, desk chair, floor, vanity, wall, music box, merry go round horse, mini castle
pro kitchen: ()
• , blender, countertop+sink, prep station, fridge, microwave, toaster, dishwasher, gas stove
random: (the gift that keeps on giving)
• fat cakes, pie, cool power generator, pak-rat machine, pinata, trampoline, raspberry table, soup kettle, magic meatball, bowl of soup
rec room: (giant 8 ball)
• mini fridge, pop machine, air hockey table, foosball, hockey table, ping pong, poker, pool, shuffleboard
robo: (robot mask)
• bed, desk, dresser, floor, floor lamp, table lamp, wall, laptop, tv, jukebox, chair
root+berry: ()
• axe, binoculars, cooler, flashlight, lantern, shovel, sleeping bag, water jug, foldout chair, hibachi, tent, canoe
sam's dream: ()
• brownie dresser, cupcake nightstand, , , french fry tv, burger stool, lemon meringue vanity, sausage recliner, bacon floor, bacon floor lamp, chocolate bar desk, hotdog couch, meatball lamp, burger bed
sam puzzle: (sam mask)
• 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
secret door: (downsideupatron)
• fancy, shuttle, prehistoric, rainbow, wooden
smart: (chemistry set)
• ant farm, book, glasses, calculator, microscope, telescope
sound bite: (walk track)
• laughing, moo, nay, oink, barking, burping, clucking, la la, get away, pudding, yee haw
spelling blocks: (spelling bee)
• A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
spencer puzzle: (spencer mask)
• 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
spencer: ()

spencer's workshop: (giant set of teeth)
• hammer, power dill, saw, saw horse, sledge hammer, tool box, floor, belt sander, drill press, lathe, table saw, work bench, wall
sporty: ()
• baseball glove, , bike helmet, football, face guard, hockey net, MVP trophy, pom poms, tennis racquet, volleyball
street signs: ()
• no parking, , speed limit 60, stop, crosswalk, dead end, one way, train track
stylin fashion: (groovy hat)
• black sweater, blue ballcap, blue jeans, brown shorts, flannel shirt, khaki shorts, orange ballcap, sporty shorts, tie dye shirt, plain shirt
sushi: (giant fish tank)
• hand roll lamp, inari lamp, JP floor, maki coffee table, maki stool, roe chair, JP wall, Cal roll end table, salmon nigiri couch, tempra tv
tree: (ostrich egg)
• palm tree, paper, purple, dead, light, money, block, pie, raining, rubber, upsidedown
water park: (water wings)
• beach ball, sky wall, rubber duck, sand floor, umbrella set, diving board, radio, sand castle, pool, shark
weeble wobble bobble heads: ()
• 2 peg leg pirate, bobble feet, dash the dachshund, gnome buddy, gangster pooch, polly wanna bobble, bottle robot, bunny snow man, cute bunny, daisy head face, devil dog, disco duck, firefighter frog, mexican donkey, punk penguin, scholar monkey, top hat skeleton, umbrella cat, oompe, zombie dog, dragon, pink ninja, alien santa, baby zeebo
weird fashion: (scottish cap)
• bowtie shirt, fencing outfit, polar bear sweater, scottish kilt, shirt+suspenders, stripes shorts, tartan pants
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