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• the app version doesn't save data once you uninstall
• you can play the mobile app without wifi
• you can avoid ads if you turn off your wifi
• you get coins from watching ads
• s= silver coins, g= gold coins (rare)
• work at BurgerFace to raise money quickly (20-80c)
• work at Burger Face then return to the Market
• at Mister Miyoda's, score 10+ in mini-games
• pepper chop (1= 10c), carrot chop (1= 5c)
• do achievements and save gold coins
• save money for the Chef Contests
• hot food- leave out one ingredient of each meal before you finish
• rare food- take the food off the stove ASAP
• well done- cook until it's almost burned
• vegify- vegify every step that handles meat
• a perfect YARP score at any restaurant is 100pts and a gold star
• how high can you get your total YARP score, check your stats to see how you're doing
• look for achievements, can you impress a table of 4 or impress the health inspector
• check all of the tables, if any guests are unhappy they might walk out
• look for yellow order bubbles, these are special guests that like spices
• tap a special guest's picture in the order ticket to get a spice hint from them
• on the left side of the kitchen, spice menu shows you exactly what is needed when spicing a daily special item
• if you give special a spice that they hate, they might walk out
• read the comment cards at the end of every day for hints about what your special guests like
• Count Steakula likes meat prepared very raw, so barely cook it
• Dusty Keister likes his meat prepare very well done, so practically burn it
• Russel Sprouts won't eat any meat, make sure to use the vegify spice on all his meat items
• to slice a whole ingredient perfectly, every slice must be perfect
• daily specials earn big money, so stock those plates if you land one
• if you're out of a certain item, guests will change their order to something cheap
• the food critic comes every time you unlock the last recipe in a row on the menu and he pays big
• press pause at any time in a restaurant to see the number of guests left for the day
• you can end your day at the restaurant at any time in the pause menu
• check the newspaper for helpful items like faster equipment and cleaning services
• check the newspaper to have your restaurant cleaned, the dirtier it is, the better your chances of getting rats

33 Gold Coins:
• Like them on Facebook
• Follow them on Twitter
• Visit
• Perfect 4- score 4 perfect grades for a party of 4
• Patron Pleaser- get a spice bonus from any special guest
• Impressive Indeed- serve all perfect food for the food critic
• Fire Fighter- put out a kitchen fire
• Pest Patrol- fight off a rat invasion
• Squeaky Clean- please the health inspector with clean dishes
• Spice Merchant- purchase a spice from any 3 restaurants
• Piggy Bank- earn 10,000 silver coins
• Money Bags- earn 100,000 silver coins
• Full Menu- unlock all recipes on any menu board
• Gold Star- earn a gold star at any restaurant
• Empire- purchase any single restaurant
• Grease Jockey- serve all 12 items on Burger Face's menu
• On a Roll- serve hot and perfect food to 5 consecutive tables
• Spotless- perfect YARP Cleanliness rating for 20 straight days
• Dusty's Burnt Bonus- earn Dusty Keister's Bonus
• Steakula's Rare Fare- earn Count Steakula's Bonus
• Special Treatment- unlock all Chef's Specials on any menu
• Making the Grade- impress the food critic at any 3 restaurants
• Spice Master- purchase at least 1 of every spice in the market
• Fast Food Friend- cook alongside Crispin in Burger Face
• Grabbing Headlines- save 50 of Nugget's newspapers
• Hired Help- hire any Assistant Chef
• Monkey Business- use Jinkies to cook 150 ingredients
• Dirty Dozen- use all 12 Assistant Chefs
• Special Ingredient- use one of Ned's ingredient of the day
• Pepper Chop Master- master the Pepper Chop mini game
• Carrot Chop Master- master the Carrot Chop mini game
• Chef de Cuisine- Chef de Cuisine
• Exceptional Cusine- Exceptional Cuisine

⒈ Crispin Brown- perfect frying, good w/ everything else; 0c
⒉ Larry Chezzler- cannot cook well, patrons stay happier; 50s
⒊ Randle McDandle- increase chef special orders; 25s
⒋ Hashi Ichiro- diced, carved, chopped, sliced, seafood and leafed food are perfect; 25s/1g
⒌ Lunk Mandood- perfect grilling, food stays hot; 1g
⒍ The Santos- add spices to special orders; 2g
⒎ Cecil Sostraight- all food is perfect but takes twice as long; 50s/1g
⒏ Doughboy- all food except baked is good/ok; 50s/1g
⒐ "Gung" Hobart- if paired w/ another assistant, they work twice as fast; 100s/2g
⒑ Dash McCrackin- works twice as fast but all food is good; 50s/1g
⒒ Elita Von Snoot- food prepared w/ knife/stove is perfect, all other food good, takes tips; 2g
⒓ Mr. Jinkies- all food good, makes restaurant dirty; 2g

⒈ Burger Face-
• Bacon Facewich🍔
• Choking Hazard Combo🍗
• Double Facewich🍔
• Facewich🍔
• Filet-o-Face🍔
• Fry'd Steak🥩
• Girth Burger🍔
• McMouthwich🥞
• Saladface🥗
• Sliders🍔
• Quench Buster🥤

⒉ Gravy Chug-
• Mac + Cheese🧀
• Pancakes🥞
• Hamburger🍔 + Fries🍟
• Ham + Cheese Omelet🍳- 150s/3g
• Fish + Chips- 225s/4g
• Chili con Crane- s/g
• Cold Sandwich🥪- s/g
• French Onion Soup- s/g
• Fried Chicken🍗- s/g
• Steak🥩 + Eggs🍳- s/g
• Country Fried Steak🥩- s/g
• Roast Chicken🍗- s/g
• B.B.Q Burger🍔 + Fries🍟- 300s/5g
• Onion Burger🍔 + Fries🍟- 300s/5g
• Jalapeño Burger🍔 + Fries🍟-
• Spicy Mac + Cheese🧀- 300s/5g
• Tex Mex Omelet🍳
• Cinnamon Pancakes🥞
• 5-Alarm Chili
• Black Pepper Chicken🍗
• Hootenanny Pete- aromatic (onion powder), not gravy
• Jimbo Jambo- gravy, not salty
• Salty Sam- salt, not spicy
• Sweet Tooth- sweet (brown sugar), not sour
• Tex Porterhouse- barbecue, not vegify

⒊ El Fuego- 2700s, 25g
• Huevos Rancheros
• Guacamole
• Burritos🌯
• Nachos- s/g
• Chili Relleno- s/g
• Chimichangas- s/g
• Tortilla Soup- s/g
• Tacos🌮- s/g
• Enchiladas- s/g
• Tamale- s/g
• Fajitas- s/g
• Carne Asada- s/g
• Garlic Tacos🌮
• Carne Encebollada
• Burrito Sonora🌯
• Chimichangas con Chile
• Mediterranean Nachos
• Fajitas sin Carne
• Enchiladas Aromatico
• Sweet Tamale
• Dusty Keister- well done, not rare
• Hootenanny Pete- aromatic (onion powder), not gravy
• Maria Papita Rosita- spicy (black pepper), not sweet
• Sweet Tooth- sweet (brown sugar), not sour
• Tex Porterhouse- barbecue, not vegify

⒋ Stuffolini's- 5250s, 50g
• Bruschetta
• Spaghetti🍝 + Meatballs
• Roast Chicken
• Gnocchi- s/g
• Antipasto- s/g
• Ravioli- s/g
• Pizza🍕- s/g
• Wedding Soup- s/g
• Risotto- s/g
• Chicken Parmesan- s/g
• Calamari- s/g
• Pasta Carbonara- s/g
• Spaghetti Pomadoro🍝- s/g
• Ravioli with Basil- s/g
• Zuppa Italiana- s/g
• Carbonara Yeehaw!
• Herbal Chicken
• Calamari di Port Abello
• Sweet Gnocchi
• Spaghetti and Veggie Balls
• Count Steakula- rare meat, not garlic
• Dusty Keister- well done, not rare
• Hootenanny Pete- aromatic (onion powder), not gravy
• Maria Papita Rosita- spicy (black pepper), not sweet
• Sally Bitters- sour (malt vinegar), not sweet

⒌ Kung Fusion- 9000s, 100g
• Chicken Stir-fry
• Vegetable Tempura
• Spicy Tuna Roll
• Pho- s/g
• Salmon Steak- s/g
• Dumplings🥟- s/g
• Tofu Fried Rice- s/g
• Lettuce Wraps- s/g
• Pork Katsu- s/g
• Egg Rolls- s/g
• Orange Chicken- s/g
• Fortune Cookies🥠- s/g
• Roundhouse Chicken- s/g
• What The Pho- s/g
• Salmon Zap- s/g
• Karate Chicken
• Candied Tofu
• Texas Wraps
• Spring Rolls
• Misfortune Cookies
• Count Steakula- rare meat, not garlic
• Russel Sprouts- vegify, not non-vegify
• Salty Sam- salt, not spicy

⒍ Chez Haute- 13500s, 150g
• Ceviche Tivives
• Veal Stew
• Roast Duck
• Filet Mignon- s/g
• Beef Stroganoff- s/g
• Shrimp Tempura- s/g
• Swordfish- s/g
• Chicken Liver Mousse- s/g
• Lamb Kabobs- s/g
• Albacore- s/g
• Prime Rib- s/g
• Surf + Turf- s/g
• Aromatic Beef- s/g
• Volcanic Island- s/g
• Peking Duck- s/g
• Herb-crusted Prime Rib
• Floral Pate
• Beef + Caper Stroganoff
• Veal Brassica
• Herb Swordfish
• Count Steakula- rare meat, not garlic
• Hootenanny Pete- aromatic (onion powder), not gravy
• Russel Sprouts- vegify, not non-vegify
• Sally Bitters- sour (malt vinegar), not sweet

⒎ Fortified Chef- 1500s, 5g (YARP! 100)
Released: 1/19/12
Playing since: 8/5/16
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