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Default Setup:
• Name- Chris
• Partner's Name- Joshua
• Town Name- Autumn Bay
• Shop Name- Violet's Flower Shop

My Setup:
• Name- Rosemoji
• Partner's Name- Joshua
• Town Name- Autumn Bay
• Shop Name- Rose Violet Die

AR code for max cash:
62148808 00000000
B2148808 00000000
000039ac 0098967f
D2000000 00000000

⒈ Name the Town (permanent)
⒉ Choose gender (permanent)
⒊ Customize (skin+eyes are permanent)
⒋ Name your avatar (permanent)
⒌ Name your partner (permanent)
⒍ Follow game tutorials
⒎ Find loose rock at station plaza
⒏ Choose 'Right' Martin
⒐ Find a way to the island- talk to Chaz
⒑ Island Puzzle- top (⚪ ⬛), bottom (⚫ ⬜)
⒒ Diving suit- talk to Katie and Tobor; pay §2000
⒓ Frog Code- Y Y G T T G Y O R R O Y Y O O
⒔ 1st Lake Puzzle- 2, 10, ♤, 250, 1250; ♤ = 50
⒕ 2nd Lake Puzzle- top (scarecrow, 🔥); bottom (🏮, 💧)
⒖ 3rd Lake Puzzle- 🥚 ➡ 🐤 ➡ 🐔(repeat)

correct choices:
⒈ Ginny- police officer ➡ because of your uniform
⒉ Hopkins- if no one in town knows, then the thief won't know either
⒊ partner- fav. food= sweets, fav. music= hip hop, last job= pilot (Right Martin)
⒋ Michelle- thief V ➡ secret treasure ➡ I'm here to analyze you
⒌ Lyndsay- yes, I am
⒍ partner- use the key as bait
⒎ Hopkins- follow him to his hideout
⒏ partner- at the bottom of a lake

⒈ talk to Vincent and Ginny; find 2 trash piles
⒉ talk to all friends; return to Ginny
⒊ find Abel; put furniture next to his shop; get trash in the open meadow
⒋ find Katie; get clothes documents
⒌ find Gino; give 10 eels; get trash in LLL
⒍ find Ginny; go to the petting zoo

• answer my sims tv quiz
• sell unwanted items
• play fav. minigames on difficult 5×
• help people for plans + furniture
• ideal money amount- §500,000

Hopkins PW:
• HFqALaRdQG - receive Portrait of Hopkins (worth §100000)
• once sold, you can't retrieve it

• "2 silent animals watch over the map. They lack locomotion, yet live near locomotives."- the loose rock in station plaza
• "Where castles are built, people bathe without water, comb without hair"- Bayside
• "You can visit him any day for a delectable treat. Visit him where he eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner and I won't be far away. There are some who call him Tim"- LLL (other house)
• "Flowers grow by the hundreds by a bend in the bubbling brook. Follow the rising sun to turn in the tributary and mighty Martin won't be far from found"- Michelle's House

Fun Facts:
• Katie's real name is Kyouko
• Tim can sew
• Ashley likes Trevor, an actor
• Lyndsay's fav. color is red

22 Thief V Nicknames:
vegetable, volcano, vanilla, violin, vacuum, video tape, velvet, vinyl, vitamin, vocabulary, vowel*, vault, venom, vending machine, verb, voluptuous, vladypus, vroom, vermin, veterinarian, voltage, volleyball, and finally Vincent

TV Shopping (mornings): spend §12500 per week
⒈ Sun.- skis🎿 and boots (§1000)
⒉ Mon.- flower basket💐 (§500)
⒊ Tue.- inclined bench (§3000)
⒋ Wed.- 5 mixed pizzas🍕 (§1200)
⒌ Thu.- dumbbells (§1500)
⒍ Fri.- picture frame (§300)
⒎ Sat.- f-synthesis machine replica (§5000)
⒏ For Lyndsay- golden pickaxe⛏️ (§5000)

MySims™ Quiz (Evening): earn §16072 per week
7 money prizes- 500 ➡ 750 ➡ 1125 ➡ 1687 ➡ 2530 ➡ 3795 ➡ 5692
⒈ Tim's headgear- dog
⒉ Hopkins stuffed animal- bear
⒊ Michelle lives in- east village
⒋ Chaz's sunglasses- black
⒌ DJ Candy's shop- curio shop
⒍ petting zoo lacks- hamsters
⒎ town custom themes lack- prehistoric
⒏ you can fish for objects except- plugs
⒐ Gino's fav. food- pizza
⒑ next to town hall- station plaza
⒒ Tobor's zoo - petting zoo
⒓ the most taxi stands- town hall
⒔ Ashely and Able's eyes- red
⒕ fish out of place- ocean sunfish
⒖ thief's nickname - v

27 PC HQ Missions: total- §63200
1. remove all town hall objects- §500
2. put [2 telephones] in front of Michelle's house- §700
3. put [3 flower beds] in LLL by the water railing- §1200
4. put a [sci fi star flower bed] anywhere in East Village- §1000
5. put [2 cool lamp posts] in front of DJ Candy's shop- §1000
6. put a [mailbox] next to Ginny's Police Station- §800
7. put [cool patio 1] next to the Town Hall- §700
8. put a [pinic set] to the right of the train station- §1500
9. put a [moai statue] anywhere in Town Hall Plaza- §1800
10. make Abel's shop [cool] in Town Hall Plaza- §2000
11. put a [UFO] anywhere- §1400
12. put [6 vending machines] in town hall plaza- §2000
13. put a [cool fountain] in station plaza- §1000
14. make Gino's restaurant [Sci Fi], put [4 Sci Fi objects] next to it- §2800
15. put a [slide], [swing], [cool bench] in LLL- §2500
16. make all town grounds [horror]- §3000
17. put [6 cute objects] in Station Plaza- §2500
18. put [6 horror objects] by the restaurant- §3500
19. make Ashley's house and town hall ground [lovely]- §2000
20. put [5 lamp posts] in each area except Bayside and Open Meadow- §1800
21. make LLL ground [wild]- §1500
22. put a [fire hydrant] in each area- §3000
23. put [4 patios] around the restaurant- §1500
24. put [3 stone deities] in Station Plaza- §3000
25. make Station Plaza ground [wild]- §1500
26. make every house except your own [candy]- §8000
27. make East Village [Japanese] add JP objects including a [statue]- §20000

Custom Clothes:
• front/back- 32 ×35 pixels
• sleeves- 27 × 28 pixels
• hand- 9 × 24 pixels

• extractor
• f-synthesis
• camera📷
• secret treasure map🗺️
• feed bag
• house key🔑
• cottage key🔑
• starter fishing rod🎣
• big fish rod🎣
• small fish rod🎣
• salvage rod🎣

In Drawer (optional):
• multicolored carp
• guppy
• marlin
• butterfly fish
• tathrella clam
• anchor

• Mixed Pizza🍕- can be given but not eaten
• Old Doughnut🍩- you'll instantly fall asleep until the next time change
• Strawberry Ice Cream🍦- the extractor will regain a little bit of its star energy
• Rainbow Candy🍭- if you're lucky, something good might happen to you
• Maple Biscuit🍁- you can make double items in the F-Synthesis Machine
• 3 Berry Crepe- you can collect extra essences until the next time change
• Cupcake🎂- the extractor's star energy will be completely restored
• Salisbury Steak🥩- served in Covert Customer mini game
• Cheese Omelette🍳- served in Covert Customer mini game
• Spaghetti🍝- served in Covert Customer mini game
• Soup🥣- served in Covert Customer mini game
• Salad🥗- served in Covert Customer mini game
• Bread🥖- served in Covert Customer mini game
• 🍲- served in Covert Customer mini game

Mini Games:
• Radar Run- Train Station/SPA HQ
• Covert Customer🍕- Chef Gino
• Montage👕- Ginny
• Gem-Mining💎- Lyndsay
• Fireworks🎇- Violet (Night)
• DJ Challenge🎵- DJ Candy (Night)
• Capture Duel- Tobor's Cabin
• Kite Surfing🌊- Chaz
• Maze- Tiayrret Island (Bayside)

Towns people:
• Sad😞- give hug🤗
• Mad😤- give flower emblem🌸
• Hungry- give food🍕

Store Breaks:
• Morning☀️- Abel, DJ Candy, Gino, Tim, Violet
• Afternoon🔆- Abel
• Evening☀- N/A
• Night🌜- DJ Candy, Katie, Tim

• Blue Diamond💎- train station, town hall, tailor shop, your house
• Red Moon🌜- police station, furn. shop, curio shop, houses
• Yellow Flower🏵- restaurant, flower shop, friend's houses
• White Cube⬜- lamp Posts, fences
• Light-Blue Ring💍- fountains, corner fences
• Yellow Double Ring- telephones, gates
• Green Plant🌱- flower beds, trees
• Pink Heart❤- benches, tables
• Gray Box🗑️- mailbox, trash can
• Purple UFO🛸- objects

• Basic💎= 1 blue base
• Cute🌺= 1 yellow base
• Cool🕶️= 1 red base
• Wild🐴= 2 blue base
• Candy🍬= 2 yellow base
• Horror🦇= 2 red base
• Sci-Fi🚀= 1 blue base+ 1 yellow base
• JP⛩️= 1 blue base+ 1 red base
• Lovely❤= 1 yellow base+ 1 red base

Houses (Objects):
• Your Home ×2
• Friend's Home ×5
• Houses ×6
• Other ×1

Town Objects (Optional):
• Trees🌳 ×14
• Flowers🌼 ×7-21
• Fountains⛲ ×9
• Lamp Posts💡 ×12-26
• Telephones📞 ×4
• Vending Machines ×6
• Illuminations ×12
• Benches💺 ×14
• Patios ×5
• Dustins🗑️ ×5
• Mailboxes📪 ×5
• Objects ×6
• Errie Objects ×32
• Fence Corners ×6
• Fences ×12
• Gates ×2
• Arches⛩️ ×10
• Topiary ×5
• Flower Cart💐 ×7

Animal Feed:
• Alligator🐊- meat🍖
• Dog🐶- any🐟🍖🥕
• Giraffe- vegetables🥕
• Hippo- vegetables🥕
• Panda🐼- vegetables🥕
• Penguin🐧- fish🐟
• Pig🐷- meat🍖
• Rabbit🐰- vegetables🥕

Petting Zoo: 3 per day
⒈ Sun.- giraffe, panda🐼, pig🐷
⒉ Mon.- alligator🐊, giraffe, panda🐼
⒊ Tue.- dog🐶, rabbit🐰, penguin🐧
⒋ Wed.- alligator🐊, panda🐼, pig🐷
⒌ Thu.- dog🐶, hippo, penguin🐧
⒍ Fri.- alligator🐊, giraffe, panda🐼
⒎ Sat.- dog🐶, hippo, rabbit🐰

Where to find Tim:
⒈ Sun.- Station Plaza
⒉ Mon.- Town Hall
⒊ Tue.- Little Lea Lake
⒋ Wed.- Station Plaza
⒌ Thu.- Town Hall
⒍ Fri.- Little Lea Lake
⒎ Sat.- Station Plaza

Where to find Michelle:
⒈ Sun.- East Village (her house)
⒉ Mon.- East Village
⒊ Tue.- Bayside
⒋ Wed.- Little Lea Lake
⒌ Thu.- East Village
⒍ Fri.- Bayside
⒎ Sat.- Little Lea Lake

Where to find Joseph:
⒈ Sun.- Little Lea Lake
⒉ Mon.- Bayside
⒊ Tue.- Open Meadow
⒋ Wed.- Bayside
⒌ Thu.- Crystal Falls
⒍ Fri.- Bayside
⒎ Sat.- East Village

10 ocean fish -
(Small) eel, carp, catfish, black bass, rainbow trout, brook trout, sweetfish, pike
(Big) alligator, king salmon
8 stream fish-
(Small) horse mackerel, sea bream, sardine, pacific saury, barracuda
(Big) sea bass, marlin, anomalocarid,
4 others- crayfish, tathrella clam, jellyfish, starfish

Fishing Guide:
Key- morn (M), afternoon (A☀️), evening (E), night (N🌙), crystal falls (CF), east village (EV), bayside (B), open meadow (OM), little lea lake (LLL)

Ocean Fish (All in B):
⒈ Horse Mackerel- B (A, E, N)
⒉ Sea Bream- B (M, A, E)
⒊ Sea Bass- B (M, N)
⒋ Sardine- B (A, E)
⒌ Pacific Saury- B (M, N)
⒍ Barracuda- B (M, A)
⒎ Mahi-Mahi- B (M, A)
⒏ Sawshark- B (A, N)
⒐ Sea Robin- B (M, A)
⒑ Butterflyfish- B (A)
⒒ Marlin- BS (M, A)
⒓ Anomalocarid- B (N)
⒔ Ocean Sunfish- B (E)
⒕ Flying Fish- B (M, A)

Stream Fish:
⒈ Eel- EV (M)(E)(N), LLL (M, E, N), OM (E, N)
⒉ Carp- LLL (M, A, E, N), OM (M, E)
⒊ Catfish- EV (E, N), LLL (M, A, E), OM (M, A, E, N)
⒋ Black Bass- LLL (M, A)
⒌ Rainbow Trout- CF (M, A, E, N)
⒍ Brook Trout- EV (M, A, E, N), CF (M, A, E, N)
⒎ Sweetfish- CF (M, A, E, N)
⒏ Pike- CF (M, A, E, N), EV (A, E)
⒐ Snake-Head Mullet- OM (M, A, E, N), EV (M, N)
⒑ Piranha- CF (M, E, N), LLL (M, E, N)
⒒ Pond Smelt- LLL (M, A, N), OM (M, A, E)
⒓ Multi-Colored Carp- OM (M, A, E)
⒔ King Salmon- CF (M, A, E, N), EV (N)
⒕ Arapaima- EV (E, N)
⒖ Guppy- LLL (M, A, E, N), OM (M, A, E)
⒗ Arowana- CF (M, E, N)

Other Fish:
⒈ Crayfish- EV (M, A, E, N)
⒉ Tathrella Clam- B (M, E)
⒊ Jellyfish- B (M, A, E, N)
⒋ Starfish- B (M, A, E)

Joseph Fishing Tips:
• So you want some fishing tips, listen carefully.
• Barracuda can be caught in the sea area tide pools at night, quickly move the lure in diff. directions to get their attention so you can hook them.
• The Open Meadow in the morning is a good place to catch snakehead mullets, quickly move the lure in a straight line to get their attention so you can hook them.
• Marlins can be caught out in the ocean in the morning, quickly move the lure in a straight line to get their attention so you can hook them.
• The Open Meadow at noon is a good place to catch multi-colored carps, quickly move the lure in diff. directions to get their attention so you can hook them.
• The Open Meadow at noon is a good place to catch pond smelt, quickly move the lure in diff. directions to get their attention so you can hook them.
• There is a rare fish called an anomalocarid, supposedly you can catch it out in the ocean at night, but I've never seen one. I'd be darn well surprised if you caught one.
• I hope you can catch a big one.
• Write it down so you don't forget.
• Well, there's nothing much else I can teach you, good fishing!
• Fishing sure is fun, you agree, right?

Status Report:
• 1st Star- We have successfully made contact with Hopkins, and identified the town's threat as the infamous Thief V. He seems to be after the town's secret treasure!
• 2nd Star- Thief V has managed to steal the only map to the secret treasure. We are making contact with Lyndsay, an expert archaeologist, to aid us on this assignment.
• 3rd Star- We've managed to find the 2nd half of a stone artifact that might hint to the whereabouts of the town's secret treasure. Hopefully, Lyndsay will be able to decipher its meaning.
• 4th Star- I have managed to recover the map of the secret treasure from Thief V's hideout. The nefarious criminal is still on the loose, but our objectives are nearly in sight!
• 5th Star- Both our primary and secondary objectives are completed! The thief, Vincent Skullfinder was apprehended, and the secret treasure is safe in the hands of Mayor Hopkins.

Lyndsay's Gems: (worth §10000)
• Garnet- the highly transparent red and yellow ones are often used as jewels, in the language of stones, it means friendship and loyalty
• Diamond- most are actually colored yellow and not very transparent, but this one is truly colorless and clear. Unwavering beauty and the promise of love. It is truly the king of gems.
• Amethyst- said to have a great spiritual power. In the language of stones, they mean honesty and peace of mind. It's good to have it on you when you need some relaxation.
• Aquamarine- it means "water of the sea", it really is the color of the sea. In the language of stones, it means calmness and courage. In Europe, when setting out to sea, sailors used to carry these stones on them as good luck charms.
• Emerald- it's a symbol of happiness and you can calm your mind by concentration on it. In the language of stones, it means good fortune and fresh start. This is the perfect gem for me because I'm always looking for ancient and beautiful items.
• Pearl- it is called "dew drop of the moon" and " the tear of the mermaid". In the language of stones, it means health and longevity.
• Ruby- with its fiery red color, it is often used as a talisman. In the language of stones, it means passion and elegance.
• Peridot- it's easier to spot during the night, in dark places. In the language of stones, it means good fortune for husband and wife. Even in the darkest moments, faith in each other will lead to happiness.
• Sapphire- red ones are called rubies, but they are actually the same gem. In the language of stones, it means honesty and deep love. Gems often symbolize love.
• Opal- it's a beautiful stone that changes colors depending on how light hits it. In the language of stones, it means hope and innocence. I think those words fit this beautiful stone perfectly.
• Topaz- its yellow color seems to have symbolized as the sun. In the language of stones, it means friendship and hope.
• Turquoise- it is very sensitive to heat and sunlight, so don't leave it outside. In the language of stones, it means success and adventurous spirit. I love adventure. Setting foot on known worlds and making new discoveries is fascinating.

Favorite Quotes:
• You have the prettiest eyes! Eyes that are passionate! Eyes that seek truth and show a bold determination. You can tell a lot about a person through the passion in their eyes.
• Oh ___ why do all roses have thorns?
• You guys look like cupids!
• It's natural to want to run away when you're being chased. That's how a woman like me works!
• Love makes your handwriting more beautiful!
• I meant to write it in later with my precious Rainbow Rose Pen. It's a beautiful rose-scented pen! It comes in 7 colors of ink and rose petals as you write. I thought my feelings would be best described when written with this pen.
• Just the image of that captures my heart and I cannot go without mentioning my passion for you, my Trevor...
• If I listen carefully, I can almost hear your voice. Your beautiful voice echoes through eternity, and acts like a piecing arrow through my heart.
• I travel the world looking for ingredients for my world famous pizzas.
• I've had so many customers over the years... I've searched the world for the finest ingredients, from the exotic tomatoes to the most forbidden cheeses. All to craft the world's greatest pizza. But the best part is my customers! When I see them enjoy a nice gooey slice, it makes it all worth it!
DJ Candy-
• Just feel the beat and groove to the rhythm! Now get out there! There's no such thing as ba dancing! Well, maybe there is... but as long as you're having fun, it's all good!
Shy Kid-
• are I'm, f, fine.
• S...sorry. I usually don't talk a lot so I was nervous and couldn't say anything.
• It's, it's hard to talk to people. I was so embarrassed when Michelle spoke to me... I couldn't say a word.
• Describing the culprit. Just like in the movies!
Dr. F-
• There's no place for a slice of history in my brain
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