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Grand PriestXF!Reader Part 2 Chap 26
PLEASE inform me of any grammar/spelling errors or typos!
Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the chapter
You sat with your knees to your chest, almost as though cradling yourself from the reality that was happening, as though in a a self induced coma.
But you hated this. You hated the feeling of helplessness much that it was eating you alive. The world was falling apart, and all you could do was just sit.
Cell wold leave, for hours at a time, you didn't know what he was doing, but that was probably for the best. He wold then sit across from you, and go into almost loving detail about the chaos the world was in.
Entire regions had collapsed, cities were left without water or power, starvation in the streets, guerrilla warfare, lootings, murders, rapes, and just about every terrible thing that was going on.
It was just a reminder that you couldn't do anything to protect your people.
You felt your fist tightened, and you could see the smirk on that sadistic monster's face.
But you grasped
:iconrosemaiden92:rosemaiden92 4 1
Grand PriestXF!Reader Part 2 Chap 25
Please inform me of any grammar/spelling errors or typos
You woke up to the worse headache in your life. Grunting, you got up, only to find yourself on a cold hard stone floor.
Then it all came rushing back to you, shrieking a bit, you shakingly scrambled to your feet, just barely managing not to topple over.
Damn! That thing had kidnapped you. You had been taken hostage again! But why?
You took a deep breath. You couldn't panic now. This wasn't like when you were a kid taken by King Piccolo. You weren't a scared little girl anymore, but a full grown queen in her own right.
You made your mind up then and there that no matter what happened, you would not show fear and stand with dignity in the face of this situation. You were the queen of earth, and you wouldn't let anyone forget it.
Especially yourself.
You then gathered yourself enough to study your surroundings. You were in a small stone hut with the only light source being from high windows, that were out of your reach. T
:iconrosemaiden92:rosemaiden92 4 2
Grand PriestXF!Reader Part 2 Chap 24
Note: This isn't going to be 100 percent canon in details, but I do try to stick close to the source material as possible, but I give away if I need some details to fit my story
PLEASE inform me of any grammar/spelling errors or typos. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the chapter.
You were getting more and more reports of some sort of creature and countless deaths, as you made your way to Bulma's. You had to eventually just stop looking at them. The anxiety was getting too much. Especially when you heard reports that this creature was green skinned. Another Piccolo? Shaking your head, you pushed those thoughts away,  you had to figure out what the hell was going on, and you knew the people who have the answers.
Arriving at Bulma's, your pilot set up a com link with the residence, as you departed the ship. You weren't sure if you were surprised or not. Walking up to the residence, you waited until Bulma opened the door. Bulma looked...weary. Her makeup was old and smeared, her hai
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Grand PriestXF!Reader Part 2 Chap 23
PLEASE! Inform me of any grammar/spelling errors or typos
You had never actually done the "act" before. Even with Hiro, you weren't ready for it, and he never mentioned it. Hiro Tomoe was a man of patience, and wouldn't have risked putting you off.
You felt Yamcha stir beside you, as you felt him reach for his clothes. He didn't touch you or look at you. You laid there, still feeling the loss of your list virginity, as you felt used. He didn't even look at you.
You sat up, using the sheet to cover up your breasts. Why? There was no point in modesty now.
"Yamcha.." You whispered. That caused him to pause.
"I'm not trying to be heartless." He finally spoke. "I know I should say something to you, comfort you, and tell you that you are beautiful. But I can't."
He pulled his shirt on.
"I am a jerk now, but I used you just now. I wanted to forget Bulma, and I used you." He buried his hand in his face, as self loathing filled him
You sat up, reaching for your own clothes.
"You weren't the onl
:iconrosemaiden92:rosemaiden92 4 7
Grand PriestXF!Reader Part 2 Chap 22-She Is My Sin
Please inform me of any grammar/spelling errors or typos.
I hope you enjoy this chapter!
When you first saw the Namekians, you felt your heart lurch, but kept your diplomatic composer. They looked so much like King Piccolo. It was the thing of nightmares
Of course, they came in varieties from thin, plump, short, tall, old, and young. You bit your lip, as you walked over to the elders of the tribe.
You gathered your courage and disposition and told them, with a bow.
"I am Queen (Y/N) of this planet, and I welcome you here."
It eased your nerves greatly when you saw just how kind, open, and friendly this race was. You were soon at ease around them, and found their leaders to be welcoming and warm.
They could teach World Council something.
You discussed, along with Tierra, Anna, Bulma and Dr. Briefs, about how to house them on Earth. without the average civilians noticing. When food supplies were brought up, you were happy to learn that Namekians only drank water. So that was one worry
:iconrosemaiden92:rosemaiden92 6 10
Grand PriestXF!Reader Part 2 Chap 21
Please inform me of any grammar/spelling erorrs.
Oh, man at the drama in this chapter...
Where were you? It was as though the entire world was a fog and very cold. You felt your arms fold in an attempt to hold the chill, but looking down you saw yourself even more alien.
Those hands they weren't your hands, but were they? You remembered your hands differently, but at the same time you didn't. Had they always been like this? Your mind kept going between that those are what your hands always looked like or that these weren't your hands.
You took notice that the dress you were wearing was different from anything you owned. It was a dress made for a queen, but for a queen of a very different era.
It was much heavier, the material much thicker, but the style was nothing you recognized.
You walked in the mist, lifting your skirts, afraid of tripping over them. You were surrounded by hedges. Was this some sort of maze?
Then you felt someone.
You felt him.
You turned sharply, and made out a
:iconrosemaiden92:rosemaiden92 6 4
Grand PriestXF!Reader Part 2 Chap 20
PLEASE inform me of any and all grammar/spelling errors or typos.
I hope you enjoy the chapter
Once Anna told you a verse of her religion, that said that in Heaven a thousand years can seem like a day, and a day can seem like a thousand years.
Well, you suppose you were in Hell. Because it seemed like it was either an eternity or only a few moments for the year to pass. It was so hard to wear a mask of everything being fine, while you knew that slowly, but surely, hostile aliens were coming to your world with the intent to kill and conquer.
And there was nothing you could do.
It was a constant anxiety in you, and it was wearing you down, bit by bit. Sometimes you felt close to a nervous breakdown, and panic attacks were becoming more and more frequent.
Even the media was speculating. Some people were saying it was a result of post traumatic stress from Hiro Tomoe's death. Sometimes it would take time for PSTD to show up.
Some just said it was the stress of being a young woma
:iconrosemaiden92:rosemaiden92 5 4
Grand PriestXF!Reader Part 2 Chap 19
PLEASE inform me of any grammar/spelling errors or typos1
I hope you enjoy this chapter.
Five years passed uneventfully, the Earth greatly mourned for Hiro Tomoe, without any inkling of the truth, and it was probably for the best. Despite Tomoe's warning, the Earth seemed to be quite stable, so far.
You worked mainly on getting water, food, and sanitation towards more undeveloped parts of the world. It was met with some resistance, but you would eventually get your way, though sometimes with other deals and compromises thrown in.
But arguments still happened.
But in many ways, whenever there was any disagreement or argument, he was in the back of your head, telling you that it was only a matter of time. Eventually, war would break out without a common enemy, but you pushed those thoughts away, and did your best to ignore it, but sometimes...
Tierra and Anna turned to be a much valuable assets than you could have originally imagined. Between their advice, knowledge of human nature, and
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Grand PriestXF!Reader Part 2 Chap 18
PLEASE inform me of any grammar/spelling mistakes or typos.
What was happening? Was this reality? Were you still dreaming, or had fallen into another world?
But the cold precipitation on your forehead told you that this was reality. He gestured you to sit down, and so you did. You began to feel ill, and your pain didn't help matters.
"Your Majesty-" Hiro began softly. "-I don't want to hurt you or worse. I want you to just listen. There is a reason for all of this."
Reason? What reason could justify funding a terrorist army? But you didn't say a word. You just looked at him, as you waited.
"Do you remember that little squabble about the East and West at your coronation?"
Of course, you thought. They were arguing about terrorist attacks, that it turned out he had funded.
"I can read that expression. I know what you are thinking. Yes, I did fund it, but in the end that isn't the point. You see there would have always been a fight, eventually, even without my help. You see, Your Majesty
:iconrosemaiden92:rosemaiden92 5 2
Grand PriestXF!Reader Part 2 Chap 17
PLEASE inform me of any grammar/spelling errors!
Please enjoy the chapter.
The next few days were much the same. So far nothing was turning up on who was sponsoring this terrorist army, but thankfully, there had been no more terrorist attacks, but that didn't put the public at ease.
It was so heartbreaking to see news of people fleeing cities, and parents pulling their children out of schools in fear. It made you feel helpless, and you shouldn't. You were the the Queen. You were suppose to be the great protector.
And you felt there was nothing you can do. You bit your lip in frustration at times. It was the only outward sign of your agitation you could allow yourself.
One day, you were arriving at the World Council, and it seemed like business as usual. You getting out, a stream of reporters asking you questions, the body guards, and just some concerned averaged citizens.
Then it happened.
All you could remember was the ear splitting sound, the ground shaking, and the earth falling ben
:iconrosemaiden92:rosemaiden92 4 4
Grand PriestXF!Reader Part 2 Chap 16
Please inform me of any grammar/spelling errors or typos.
I hope you enjoy the chapter.
You were there-the center of attention, as you stepped before the reporters, World Council, and just very frightened average citizens.
They are all scared, and didn't know what to do. With King Piccolo still fresh in their memories, all sorts of theories and rumors were going on about Heel.
And you were there. In crisis people looked up a leader, and you were that leader.
You took a deep breathe.
"People of Earth, today destruction and tragedy has struck us in full force."
Damn, what were you saying? You had to give some sort of inspiration speech on the spot. Maybe you should have waited, but you had no doubt that would have caused riots other public chaos.
You had to wing it.
"Heel is a cowardly army, they wish to go after me and the Council, but instead they strike complete innocents:men, women, and children, were killed alike. People from every social circle, who were simply trying to survive. T
:iconrosemaiden92:rosemaiden92 4 5
Grand PriestXF!Reader Part 2 Chap 15
PLEASE inform me of any and all grammar/spelling errors or typos you find. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the chapter
It was the next morning, and you were up bright and early. While you had been out late last night, due to the coronation and other reasons, you were still expected to show up on time everyday.
But despite it, you weren't tired. No, you had so much energy, as you thought about the kiss last night. You stayed the night with Hiro, as you sat with him, just enjoying him just holding you.  It was a wonderful feeling, and you still felt a tingling sensation whenever you thought back to the kiss.
That night you had both agreed that it was best to keep your relationship secret. Could you even imagine the media sensation this would make? Not to mention the political ethics of such an arrangement.
So for the foreseeable future, you would have to keep your relationship on the down low. But it didn't make you feel bad or guilty, if anything it made you feel thrilled. There wa
:iconrosemaiden92:rosemaiden92 5 2
Grand PriestXF!Reader Part 2 Chap 14
PLEASE inform me of ANY grammar/spelling errors or typos you see. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the chapter.
Two years had passed, since the incident with King Piccolo-two very busy years. Reconstruction of the palace and other destroyed landmarks, along with healing the psychological wounds of the public in the aftermath.
Things didn't just end with the hero winning and the villain defeated. Most humans now had a sense of fear and vulnerability that hadn't been felt since the Collapse. Few realized how secure they were until the nightmare had happened.
And what made it worse that no one knew what exactly Piccolo was. Bulma had told you he was a demon of some sort, but you and Hiro both decided it wasn't best for the public to know that demons actually existed. You didn't want to think of the panic this could cause, also cult leaders and religious fanatics using this to upset public order.
No, you had to feigned ignorance. There was rampant speculation in the media, the internet, d
:iconrosemaiden92:rosemaiden92 4 8
Grand PriestXF!Reader Part 2 Chap 13
NOTE: Please inform me of any spelling/grammar errors or typos. Thank you
The world was abuzz. As you walked through the crowd, with police escort, you could hear the screams and cries directed at you. It was ironic, an hour ago you would have thought that it was hard to not cry in front of King Piccolo, but now it was your own people.
"My son died in that castle!"
"You, bitch!"
"You failed us all!"
"Why did you let that monster declare himself king?"
"Why didn't you do anything?"
When disaster came, people needed someone to blame. King Piccolo was dead, and the only one left was you.
You were so thankful once you were inside the limo, alone. Then you finally let the tears flow. The stress, anger, and despair of the whole day was released, as you curled your legs into a fetal position and just wept.
You wished greatly you had a mother, father, grandparent, or even an aunt to confront you. But there were none. That wasn't in the cards for the Queen of Earth, and anyone who could comfo
:iconrosemaiden92:rosemaiden92 5 6
Grand PriestXF!Reader Part 2 Chap 12
NOTE: Please inform me of any grammar/spelling errors or typos. Thank you!
Your tears were now flowing freely. You had known so many in the palace, your home, and now they  were now lost forever. You had known many since as long as you could remember. Now not only you would never see them again, but so would their friends and families.
You were like the other fighters: A failed savior. The tears mixed with the soot on your face, creating an uncomfortable stinging sensation, but you didn't care now. Now you truly wanted to die.
"Kill me! Just kill me!"
You felt a sharp pang on your left cheek, causing you to fall into the rubble, cutting and bruising you, but not enough to kill you.
"No, I think not." He grabbed you by the back of the neck, you shrieked, as you were pulled to your feet.
"You really love them don't you?" His voice was almost gentle. His large hands caressed your face in an act of mock tenderness. "Your people-you truly care about them, don't you? It isn't just power
:iconrosemaiden92:rosemaiden92 5 5
Grand PriestXF!Reader Part2 Chap 11
NOTE: PLEASE tell me any grammar errors/typos/misspellings, or any other mistakes you find. Thank you.
You waited stoically, as you approached the Palace. It was once known as King's Castle during the reign of the Canine Dynasty, but since you because queen, it was simply called the Palace now.
But the name wouldn't matter much longer. Not if what you planned worked out.
It had to work out. All the other saviors had failed you. It was now up to you.
The emperor dude and his minions had been long thrown out, and now only the demon king's children were around.
Finally, you had arrived.
You landed, and were 'escorted' out by King Piccolo's children, as the King himself walked proudly ahead.
"Release her Majesty at once!"
Out of the castle poured out soldiers brandishing guns and weapons. Your heart sank! No, please!
You closed your eyes, fighting the tears. If you cried, it would just make it worse. King Piccolo would only enjoy it.
You felt the heat of the blasts and the final screams of
:iconrosemaiden92:rosemaiden92 5 4


Witch Pasta by Naschi Witch Pasta :iconnaschi:Naschi 1,207 47 Skulls spirits by Daisy-Flauriossa Skulls spirits :icondaisy-flauriossa:Daisy-Flauriossa 152 12
Rotten Apples (Sakyo x Shizuru)
“This guy looks like he’s loaded.”
The man was not wrong in some regards. The man who had been cornered in an alley by three young men had on him a full suit, under which he had a dress shirt from which hung a blue tie. From any normal person’s perspective, he would appear well-off if not upper class.
Being loaded required a certain perspective though. And for Sakyo, he was not loaded. He was dirt poor in a certain way.
Sakyo held his hands up to signal he had no intention of making this mugging difficult for them. He had not come back from Hell to just be killed by some random muggers on the streets of Japan. Demons couldn’t take his life, so why would he give these humans the pleasure?
Sakyo smiled to them and closed his eyes. These men had no idea who they were dealing with, though without a bodyguard like Toguro there was not much Sakyo could do at the moment.
Lucky for these cretins.
“Seeing as how my dice are not, I am neither.”
Betting o
:iconthundercracker417:Thundercracker417 4 1
Aurora - Sleeping beauty by Daisy-Flauriossa Aurora - Sleeping beauty :icondaisy-flauriossa:Daisy-Flauriossa 329 18 Rapunzel by Daisy-Flauriossa Rapunzel :icondaisy-flauriossa:Daisy-Flauriossa 242 15 Belle by Daisy-Flauriossa Belle :icondaisy-flauriossa:Daisy-Flauriossa 357 20 Ariel by Daisy-Flauriossa Ariel :icondaisy-flauriossa:Daisy-Flauriossa 273 18 Jasmine by Daisy-Flauriossa Jasmine :icondaisy-flauriossa:Daisy-Flauriossa 314 20 Snow white by Daisy-Flauriossa Snow white :icondaisy-flauriossa:Daisy-Flauriossa 312 17 Cinderella - Contest Entry by SvetlankaArt Cinderella - Contest Entry :iconsvetlankaart:SvetlankaArt 128 31 Snowhite by RaRo81 Snowhite :iconraro81:RaRo81 370 22 The Moon Princess of Chosun by kgfantasy The Moon Princess of Chosun :iconkgfantasy:kgfantasy 684 69 Frost Rose Princess by Firefly-Path Frost Rose Princess :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 595 16 Sailor Neptune by Daisy-Flauriossa Sailor Neptune :icondaisy-flauriossa:Daisy-Flauriossa 285 25 1/7 Kai Navirm by Kate-FoX 1/7 Kai Navirm :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 4,360 47 Jerez by Unmei-no-kaioshin Jerez :iconunmei-no-kaioshin:Unmei-no-kaioshin 36 24



I hope I can get GP written despite to father's day weekend (In the USA) my house is pretty crowded. (I didn't think of that when I said that. It is just I don't like working when there are a lot of people around. 

So I am sorry if it is not written, but I CAN promise that will DEFINITELY be the next writing project I work on. I feel really guilty for not updating it in so long. I've just been working on my own original projects.
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I am sorry I haven't been updating my GP story. You see I have been writing, but I've been focusing on my original work instead.

I will try to update this weekend! But thank you for your patience, and know that I have NOT given up on this story. I am in far too deep to quit;) 
  • Reading: MiddleMarch
  • Watching: Yu Yu Hakusho
  • Playing: Myths Of The World: Black Rose
Okay, I lost 6 or 7 lbs (Depending on the scale) and since last year I've gone from a 40 band size in bras to a 38 band size.

I went to get to a lower band size, but the problem is that I can't find any resources for what a healthy band size is...
  • Reading: Twilight (Yes, I know, but I promised a friend
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(Not made by me)

Real Self Love is calling yourself out on your own shit in order to grow.
  • Reading: Twilight (Yes, I know, but I promised a friend
  • Watching: Yu Yu Hakusho
One of my favorite animes ever is Glass Mask (2005) version on Crunchyroll, I found it and binged watched it for escapism while my dad was in and out of the hospital last year.

It is a series about a girl trying to become an actress, and all the juicy drama that entails.

The manga/anime is actually VERY old it started in 1976 and is still going on, though the creator says she intends to end it soon. And it is responsible for a lot of tropes we see in modern shoujo anime and manga. A lot of people who didn't know the background of the anime accused it of being cliche. But man was it SO good.

But sadly there has never been an official English release of the manga. I know there is an Italian one. 

The creator has spoken badly about people pirating the manga in English, but English speakers really don't have a choice because the there is no official release of it in English, and there is actually no regular updates for fan translations, so even the English fans didn't get far.

I hope one day it is licensed, but one thing about the series is that it is old, and the 70's style art just might not appeal to modern audiences at all, and it is a long series that isn't well known.

So if a manga company were to make an English translation they could be taking a HUGE risk because the art is old, and the relative obscurity of the manga in the West, plus just how long it is (Over 40 volumes) might just be too much a risk for an English release.

So it might never happen, but I could hope...

Once I get done with my rewatch of YYH, I am going to get caught up on Fruit Baskets, and I might do a rewatch of Glass Mask
  • Reading: MiddleMarch
  • Watching: Yu Yu Hakusho
  • Playing: Myths Of The World: Black Rose
I am sorry I haven't been updating my GP story. You see I have been writing, but I've been focusing on my original work instead.

I will try to update this weekend! But thank you for your patience, and know that I have NOT given up on this story. I am in far too deep to quit;) 


rosemaiden92's Profile Picture
United States
Hey! I live in the South, have autism, and work as a custodian

I enjoy writing stories for fun. I'm not looking for becoming a published author. I just like writing my silly fangirl stories for myself and anyone who happens to enjoy them.

I am also a beginning artist. I would enjoy critique and advice on how to improve…

My goodreads


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