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HMC: Calcifer



..."But she was sidetracked a little by imagining a face in
the flames. "It would be a thin blue face," she murmured, "very long and thin, with a thin blue nose. But
those curly green flames on top are most definitely your hair. Suppose I didn't go until Howl gets back?
Wizards can lift spells, I suppose. And those purple flames near the bottom make the mouth- you have
savage teeth, my friend. You have two green tufts of flame for eyebrows..." Curiously enough, the only
orange flames in the fire were under the green eyebrow flames, just like eyes, and they each had a little
purple glint in the middle that Sophie could almost imagine was looking at her, like the pupil of an eye."...

-"Howl's Moving Castle", Chapter 3 by Diana Wynne Jones

This is my interpretation of Calcifer from Diana Wynne Jones' book "Howl's Moving Castle"

Tool: pastel crayons

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Hope you like it!

:rose: RoseLuna

Calcifer belongs to Diana Wynne Jones
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