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Shimmering Trail
Rider: Mikayla Turner | 34 | Tazzmaran Stables |AUS
Class: Cross Country
Extra Images: n/a yet

Mikayla tightened the straps to Fire's tack one final time, checking each buckle and each strap for any signs of wear or tear, or any discomfort to the silver bay mare. It was the first time she'd taken the young mare out of Australia for a more enduring event than their normal dressage routines. It was also the first time Firestorm would be wearing her recently ordered 'official' eventing tack. Mikayla had come to the realization that despite all the competitions she entered with her horses, she hadn't quite gotten her stable's colors set up. The design was relatively simple, but simple is nice. You didn't need fancy gradation or designs to stand out in a crowd or support your stable, and you certainly didn't need to go with black and white to be classic.
    The silver bay mare looked good in green, just like her sire. What the roan mare didn't seem too fond of was the weather and the intense humidity that came with the snowy atmosphere. The mare dragged her feet across the half frozen grass, gladly stomping down with each step just to hear the it crunch beneath her hooves. It wasn't like the mare wasn't accustomed to snow, it just felt different to the both of them. It was quite a bit after sunset when their ride began. They were one of the first few riders to go as the green lights shot across the sky, casting an emerald hue on the already blue dark landscape.
  Mikayla mounted up, waited for the announcement, before Firestorm jettisoned down the trail, the copper lanterns revealing the way. They weren't too far apart from each other, but as the night would wear on, Mikayla knew it would only get darker and colder as they raced across the fields and down to the edge of the forest. The first jump was a cornerstone right near the edge of the forest. Firestorm tossed her head right before she hit the air, dark hooves crunching down onto the trail as they made a sharp right turn into the woods.  Rushing water and another jump signified that they were close to the river, right before they splashed through a nearby stream, and raced along the grassy side of the crystalline waters. Firestorm snorted, tossing her head- not quite a refusal, but Mikayla slowed her down a little bit in response. It was still unfamiliar territory. They hadn't had much chance to practice when they had gotten there, and at night everything seemed more obscure. Mikayla knew there weren't any dingos or crocs near the river, but the silver bay mare knew no such thing. The river lead into the marshland, in which Mikayla was glad she'd actually shoed the mare for this event, as several patches of the wetland were slick with ice and slush. By now the mare's pristine coat was covered in mud and spittle. Several more jumps, splashed the muck even on Mikayla's protective gear. It was a bit of relief when they broke through the marshland, downhill back through the river, washing away some of the much from the mare's coat. The water was freezing cold, and Mikayla knew she'd had to be very meticulous in cooling Firestorm off and rubbing her down. She couldn't risk the roan mare's life, wouldn't entrust anyone to look after her like this. Down the hills, they headed to the side of the lake, dark and smooth as glass. It was like looking into a mirror of the sky, with very few ripples to disturb the water's surface. Mikayla could see the castle from there, relieved that the cross country race was almost over. Sensing her desire to just finish this, Firestorm nickered loudly into the air and picked up the pace, taking a jump at full speed, despite Mikayla pulling back on the reins. It was luck that the mare didn't slip after the jump, luck that Mikayla managed to stay on and keep her form. It was also luck, and perhaps a bit of western training that the mare slid to a hard stop a little ways after the finish line, listening to the announcer call out their time and the cheers of the people around them.

"You.. might just be the death of me, Stormy." The roan mare snorted in response, as Mikayla nudged her to the warm-up ring where she could cool down and calm both of their adrenaline-filled hearts.

Word Count: 742

Tools: Paint Tool SAI 1.0  + Adobe PS Elements 14
Time: Est. 9 hours.

Spring in an Australian's Step
Rider: Mikayla Turner | 34
Class: Dressage |  Towards the Sun - Rihanna
Results: N/A

If there was one guilty pleasure Mikayla was willing to admit to anyone, was spending the time to groom and prepare her horses for their competitions. Whenever she had the chance to do it, instead of letting Sophie prep her horse, she would wake up an extra hour early to get to work on her mount. The horse of today was Firestorm. The waler was a wonderfully willing subject when it came to being groomed for showing. The mare would lightly doze as Mikayla and sometimes Mark, worked on her grooming and prepping for the shows.

    This particular morning, she had a little helper. Mark was wide awake by the time he heard his mother's light click on. It wasn't often he was allowed to go to the shows, only the ones that were close enough to home, and when he did, he was always excited to help his mom out right before the show. There was something magical to the young boy, following his mother in the early dark of the morning into the stable where sleepy horses waiting for their riders or handlers to prepare them for the event. Something special, hearing the birds begin the morning song even before light had risen over the horizon. Even better, was when his mom let him help braid the mare's flowing mane, let him do the buckles on the mare's black bridle. His mother was always serious on mornings like this, but never unkind, just very focused on all that had to be done. It was moments like these that little Mark would always remember, sitting up on the roan mare's back while his mother led them outside just as the sun lit up the sky, rays breaking through the clouds.

    Mark would stand by the fence, Rodney by his side. The golden Australian Shepherd would sleep in a kennel in Mik's room, though the door was always open in case of an emergency, and when it came to warmup and competition, the dog kept 'guard' of Mark. Aunt D was normally with him as well, though she kept back in her own chair, letting him get close without getting in the way or in trouble.

Firestorm looked amazing today. The mare was extra eager to please and perform. Mikayla was sure it was due to the increase in training and shows that the little mare was thriving under. The silver bay roan loved showing, loved the pressure, dancing to the chosen music, going through the paces, getting all glamoured up to dazzle and audience. The light slipping in through the windows, mixed with the sand and dust floating around, made it seem like fairy dust was glistening in the air.

Word Count: 451

Slowly getting Firestorm out and about, mostly in dressage it seems but I'll eventually find more XC/Endurance classes for her, maybe even a bit of SJ.
I'm honestly not too big of a fan of indoor dressage competitions, just because buildings and interiors are rather difficult for me. It's just something I need to improve on personally.

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