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Sprout x sunny

Took two hours to make but it’s actually kinda really cute - no this ship is not a otp for me tbh I’m shipping a lot of them with various ones atm, just depends on how I feel I guess, 😝 but the bad guy and good good thing going one with this ship so so so 🤪 but it’s still cute♥️, I’m gonna keep trying different couple ships out for this so more soon! 💙♥️, if you thought of this ship kudos🙌. #shipart #keepshippin #ship #mlp #mlpg5 #mylittlepony #mylittleponyanewgeneration #sprout #mlpsprout #sunnystarscout #sunny #mlpsunny #mlpsunnystarscout #mlpship #nohate #rosekim #rosekimart #angeclx #angeclxart #sproutxsunny #sunnyxsprout

Please do not copy, trace, remake, or steal my art in any way thank you also trigger warning because I don’t want anyone getting mad over ship art - for me I’m just having fun and you should too and be sure to check out my deviantart…
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No gonna lie. I’m actually digging this idea for a ship. The eternal optimist and rekindler of Harmony, would try to redeem her first, albeit misguided, ‘villain’ and how nice for it to turn into a tale of enemies to lovers! Eventually uniting Mareitime Bay!

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That’s cute

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