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Rose Immortal
United States
Favourite genre of music: Prog metal / Prog rock / Classical
Wallpaper of choice: Symphony X--V

NEW: I saw this, and it points out yet another reason I can no longer post my art here. blacklightbombshell.deviantart… would this sort of DD be ethically permissible?

This account has been shut down unless/until dA is restored to its rightful owner and the mess cleaned up.  Sad, but necessary.

If you would like me to stay in contact with you and continue watching your art, YOU must take the time to track me down.  I am here:…;You must take the time to contact me, not the other way around!!!  I was disappointed--but somehow not surprised at all--that very few people bothered to read and contact me.  So, I guess this means that the people I stay in touch with will pretty much be the ones who really mattered in the end.

Further reason to have no faith in the motives of dA administration--this new, gaudy icon in the top menu is an example of their blatantly commercial focus.  What's really hilarious is that they still masquerade under this whole idea of being "deviant" from the norm when in fact what they have become is corporateART.  

Furthermore--I love how this makes dA look like they're being charitable somehow:…

Uh-huh.  Riiiiiiiight.  Remember that dA gets its cut, too.  And you know that's what REALLY matters.

Chances of restoring my gallery = minimal at this point.

In light of this...I am pulling down my last non-dA related art.  Those wishing to view my tribute to the victims of Katrina may go to the following best wishes to them continue regardless:

Please see this deviation demonstrating where the new icon is:…

And this one, when I moused over it and revealed dA's true colors:…

Also, check out this by Channel Cat at SheezyArt...even if you don't agree with any of what I'm saying--I'm just amazed they pulled off the "Imperial March" from Star Wars a cappella:

Unfortunately, we've had a delay in the Submission Agreement process...we shall see if they pick it up again or not.  Also, I have strong concerns about this new moderation wide-spanning will their powers be??  And how fair can they be if they follow spyed's example?

I would also like to add here that before a new agreement is put into effect, my hope is that we will see a good, frank discussion where administration is willing to listen beforehand to concerns that may be raised about the new language.  This will be an important test of credibility in this initiative.

Read this informative journal for an explanation of what's wrong with the current agreement--includes expert legal opinion by a lawyer whose full name is given here:…

I received this information from a friend of mine, and it seems to check out.  I am withholding their name to protect them.

"You know, I find it interesting that the whole time people were complaining about those Suicide Girls ads that they (DA admin) acted like nothing was wrong with them. Then they go on about Indie Click being lord god bufu of targeting marketing and "We'll have better ads with them" blah-blah-blah. Guess what... they BUILT the SG website. Yeah... such better ads..."

Proving his insincerity in granting jark founder status, Angelo here shows he's trying to manipulate history.… pathetic.

Angelo and others on staff have tried to make the above deviation a scrap on two separate occasions, to try and hide what has been going on!  Now the same back-room tactics Angelo used on Wikipedia have come back once again to deviantART.  I have lost all trust in Angelo WHATSOEVER.  I feel confirmed--no, vindicated in my decision to withdraw my gallery, despite criticisms.  This is not a community whose administration I wish to help in any way, shape, or form.  I ethically CANNOT do it.

Those of you paying attention to my signature will notice that I refer to my gallery has been "held hostage."  I don't know how many of my watchers are old enough to remember the Iran Hostage Crisis, but this is a reference to TV journalist Ted Koppel's Nightline.  Every night before he concluded his show, he would show how many days the crisis had been going on: AMERICA HELD HOSTAGE--DAY ___.  While I do not intend to diminish the Iran Hostage Crisis in any way, my point is simply that the good people of deviantART are in effect being held hostage by an amoral top management in the throes of extreme, zealous worship of Mammon--that is, the Almighty Dollar.  All ethical principles have been subsumed behind this singular goal...utterly disregarding the business FACT that the best guarantee of long-run success is a commitment to ethics.  

That is the fundamental problem with a utilitarian, "ends-justify-the-means" philosophy.  That is not a philosophy I can get on board with.  I remain here to inform and to communicate with my friends...but all other participation is OVER.

Read this journal entry by jark for more:…

Please spread the word.  Already one of my friends has taken a stand and left dA entirely.  I call on others to do SOMETHING</i>.  You decide what the appropriate action is for you--but spread the word and take a stand, be it removing your gallery, posting a deviation, posting a journal, or whatever you do.  Show them that the only way this will "blow over" is with severe losses to all parties.

I found out that friend of mine at SA was harassed by dA staff members as well.  Her name here is SpiritYouko.  Her art, which involves making custom dolls out of Bratz, was scrapped by staff members in the same way that jark's work was scrapped.  These dolls were then posed in realistic poses and settings.  Before you make any comments about the nature of her art, let me make it very clear--I have VERY great respect for the coordination and patience it takes to make something with your hands like that.  In such tiny spaces, that is demanding labor.  The attention to detail in the "photo shoots" is also very admirable.  Those of you who take photo portraits of people should well understand this.  Anyway, my friend objected to her art's being scrapped, and also objected to the DD policies), and was eventually banned indefinitely from deviantART--all for using the freedom of expression that deviantART is supposed to be out.

Is it not indicative of deviantART's new culture that this occurred in September, after the explosion of deviantGATE?

I have chosen, with great pain, to store The Way of the Shadow Blade. What does this mean for you?  In order to see it, or any of my works, you will NEED to go over to my gallery at SheezyArt.

My SheezyArt mirror gallery is complete now, and has almost everything that's in this one.  If you came here looking for a stored item, check here and you will probably find it.  Just be prepared to surf back in my gallery a little bit, because things are posted in a different order at SA than they were here.

Be aware that server response times may be extremely slow at SA right now.  So, if it seems to hang, let it sit--perhaps even for a few minutes.  The page will probably load eventually.

When there are new chapters or other works, just watch me and you will be notified when I post a journal about it.

To my friends here at dA, I will still communicate with you.  But, I will not post my work here.  For that, you must go to SheezyArt.

I will continue to run Minstrel-Ayreon.  But I will no longer submit new works of mine to it.

Also, we are still waiting CLEAR steps that will prevent staff members from abusing their powers.  Without these, I will not release my gallery.

For more about the bannings, go to bookdiva's journal here:…

jark's legal battle is about to begin.  Please consider checking his journal to find where to contribute to his legal fund.

Two must-read links to see how far spyed's "rabbit hole" of dirty dealing goes:…

These come from the journal of hempingway--here we have a conversation in 2002 with spyed that certainly doesn't look good for him, and also an example of a termination letter spyed sent in 2004.  Notice that the same philosophy we have now seen in spyed's journal appears in this letter from LAST YEAR. &…

Go here for more information by

Contrary to what some people would like to claim, it is not people like me who are "destroying this site".  I have made and will continue to make every effort to be civil to other deviants.  I disapprove of spyed and of lolly for going along with him, and that won't change unless they change their behavior.  But do not accuse me of attacking fellow deviants--it's not like I'm calling people stupid for disagreeing.  If you don't like my opinion, that's your own personal issue, not mine.

Here is the biggest info site:…

To see other key info, preserved so that it cannot be deleted, check here:

Here's a petition to sign to help get Jark reinstated:

Please check out bookdiva, Jark's IRL mother.


This is the full-length fantasy work I'm writing...I hope you like it!

Please note that I will never make promises about when a chapter of Shadow Blade will be completed; my work obligations come first and therefore I need to be able to push my leisure work back at will.  Therefore, please do NOT send me notes asking when the next Shadow Blade installment will be posted; they will not be answered.

The Way of the Shadow Blade Chapters (Available at SA)

I: Order of Guardians
II: A Study in Contrast
III: Lessons
IV: Tempest Wrath
V: Guardian Rider
VI: Kestrel
VII: The Time of Discernment
VIII: The Child Beneath the Mask
IX: Provisions
X: The Passage
XI: The Calling
XII: Irrevocable Metamorphosis
XIII: Sabre Dance
XIV: A Mind Awake
XV: War Games
XVI: Terminus Luminis

Cast of Characters

Rue: A version of Ruhanna at 12 years old is available at SA--spoiler free!

If you have not read to Chapter IX yet, this future version of Rue has a big spoiler.  Anyway, this is a gorgeous piece of art I commissioned from JessicaMDouglas.  She's not taking new commissions at the moment, but feel free to give her a word of support and congratulations for her excellent work!  Anyway, if you've read Chapter IX or don't mind being spoiled, check it out:…

"Grandfather" Michael, the Elder Guardian: 2 drawings available at SA

Thorn, strategist/field commander (third by ShadowedDragon): 2 available at SA,…

Erik, marksman/combat instructor (second is a cartoon by radical jojo at SheezyArt): 1 available at SA, also

Kalle, Rue's best friend, at 14 years old (Drawn by ShadowedDragon):…

Scenes from the Story

(Spoiler warning to those interested in reading the story who have not!)

Chapter X: The Passage>…

I still can't get over this amazing piece by ShadowedDragon!  SO many parts of it fit what I see in my imagination.  THANK YOU SO MUCH! :D

Additional Materials

Voice Actor List available at SA


Please go here if you're interested in joining Minstrel-Ayreon, my group for fans of Arjen Lucassen's incredible music: :iconminstrel-ayreon:

Here are the groups I'm a member of...

:iconopethfans: :icondreamtheaterclub: :iconkse-fans: :iconguardianoftheblind: :iconproud-americans: :iconfloydians: :iconpinkfloydclub08: :icon18sfs: :iconsymphony-x-club: :iconthepencilclub: :iconminstrel-ayreon: :icondtfans: :iconsamael-fans: :iconclassicrock: :iconnightwishlovers: :iconprogrock: :iconliberatedlocks-club: :iconfantasywritersunited: :iconprismacolorists: :iconthepowerofmetal: :iconjark-art-census: :iconsavejark: :icons-p-a-c-e: :iconclub-blind-guardian: :iconmetalmusic:

If you like Symphony X, please join the club.  It's run by my friend :iconcataclysm-x:. :-)

P.S.: To any groups I've inquired about, if you're wondering why your icon isn't here yet, it's because I haven't heard from you any confirmation that I'm in.


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