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Juliane by Rosefeather333 Juliane :iconrosefeather333:Rosefeather333 1 0 Windmill by Rosefeather333 Windmill :iconrosefeather333:Rosefeather333 3 0 Departure by Rosefeather333 Departure :iconrosefeather333:Rosefeather333 0 0 Pink and Blue by Rosefeather333 Pink and Blue :iconrosefeather333:Rosefeather333 2 0 Reflection by Rosefeather333 Reflection :iconrosefeather333:Rosefeather333 2 0 Legs by Rosefeather333 Legs :iconrosefeather333:Rosefeather333 0 0
Childhood - Something Extraordinary
Ever since he can remember, David was always the popular boy. His blond hair and green eyes made him an aspiration for the boys and a fantasy for the girls. Far from humble and an extrovert in his own right, he constantly had a band of carefully selected children surrounding him, dying to hear the latest developments of David-Land. David chose the people in his little group himself; people he knew would have too little self-esteem to do nothing else but put him on a pedestal and worship him as if he were an idol. The teachers didn't even know what to make of it: an 8 year old with a herd of school children following him around the playground, hanging on every word he spoke. Yes, this was how David lived his life, one of extravagance and luxury, in which he was the only person that mattered and no one ever disagreed with him. That is, until one chilly Autumn day, when a new kid showed up in David's class.
The child looked like the product of a science experiment gone wrong. In all likel
:iconrosefeather333:Rosefeather333 1 7
Misfortune - Unknown
I met you by chance
The meeting completely unplanned
You told me to trust you
And you took me by the hand
You were kind and patient
You taught me how to feel alive
I learned quickly
And your teachings made me thrive
One day, I came to you
Seeking more
You refused, saying I wasn't ready
That you couldn't teach me anymore
I didn't believe you
I asked you why
"I've found a new student,"
You solemnly replied
You were cruel
And you left me alone
Now I have no teacher
I am completely unknown
:iconrosefeather333:Rosefeather333 4 7
No Time - Rescue
Cut and run
Luxury in the details
Picture perfect
For dark dreams have arrived
Trust in a ritual
The pure legends of the future
Rescue first, think later
Live in the thrill
Dying in the art
Because you wish for tear drops
Epic madness turns on you
:iconrosefeather333:Rosefeather333 2 3
New Dev ID by Rosefeather333 New Dev ID :iconrosefeather333:Rosefeather333 1 0
Memory - Will You?
Look around
Look at the faces of your friends
Their tears, their smiles
Come tomorrow or the next day
Will you remember?
In a week from now, a month, a year
Will you remember this moment, right now?
This single moment, will you be able to recall it?
What will you remember?
The candles flickering on the floor?
The notes of the guitar and how they resonate within these walls?
What will you remember, when we've all gone our separate way?
What will you remember, when we're all grown?
Will you remember?
Can you remember?
:iconrosefeather333:Rosefeather333 1 22
Sorrow - Can't Lose You
Your side of the bed remains, untouched
It still smells of you, lavender and honeysuckle.
I sleep in the bed sometimes, just to smell it
But the more I do that, the more it smells like me
All your paints are still lined up in the study
Just the way you always liked them
They all just sit there
Waiting for a chance that will never come
Your mug still sits on the counter top
The coffee it holds vile and spoiled
But it waits
As if its drinker will come back at any moment
The dirt from your grave is still in my shoes
Dried and cracked, but it's there
I don't want to wash off my shoes
For fear of losing you forever
:iconrosefeather333:Rosefeather333 1 4
Tears - The Funeral
At Brian's funeral his parents came up to me. They told me about how sorry they were, that I was there to watch him die. They said if they could turn back time, they would have stopped him from going to Jennette's party. They would have made sure he didn't drink. They wouldn't have let him get in the car. But, they tell me, they couldn't have done that, because they weren't there, not like I was. His mother looks at me with a passive-aggressive stare as if to say, 'You could have saved him. You could have insisted you drive instead of him. If it weren't for you, he'd still be alive.' I know, or at least I hope, she doesn't really mean it. It's the grief and sorrow talking. She did loose her only son. Brian's father has continued speaking, saying that if I need any grief or trauma consoling, that he'd be happy to pay for it. I nod and mumble a 'thank you'. I tried to walk up to his casket, to try to pray, even if I don't really believe in god. It would make everyone happy, I think, to s
:iconrosefeather333:Rosefeather333 1 50
Innocence - Little Girls
A little girl stands before her mother's bedroom door. Her hands are behind her back and she's bouncing back and forth from her toes to her heals, waiting for her mother to get off the telephone so she can show her what she made in class today.
'Yes.' The girl hears her mother say, 'It's true. There was an explosion. Yes. Yes, on the field.' The mother's voice falters and continues speaking. 'They're sending the ashes over soon. God, I can't believe it. I've tried telling Suzie, but I can't bring myself to do it.' At the mention of her name, Suzie perks up but it then disappointed when she hears only 'grown-up talk'. 'I'm not sure what to say. I don't even think she has any idea what dying even means. All right. Okay. You too. And thank you. Bye Lynette.' Suzie hears her mother hang up the phone and immediately rushes into the room screaming in her high little voice, 'Look! Look what I made in school today!' She waves the crudely drawn picture in her mother's face. Suzie jumps up on th
:iconrosefeather333:Rosefeather333 3 4
Silence - Keep Quiet
You must keep quiet
For the monsters are coming out
They will hear your screams
For your mother and for light
And they will find you
They will hear your pleas
For mercy and grace
And they will come to get you
But no one else will
:iconrosefeather333:Rosefeather333 1 51
Moving On
I am finally moving on. Almost.
:iconrosefeather333:Rosefeather333 1 2
Literature, a bit of traditional art, and some photography.

Random Favourites

Gallifrey by snow-jemima Gallifrey :iconsnow-jemima:snow-jemima 288 51 London Canary Wharf by xMEGALOPOLISx London Canary Wharf :iconxmegalopolisx:xMEGALOPOLISx 2,293 144
We are ending
We are ending.
We are ending, and the night looms further.
I dip my brush into the ink and draw another line into my skin. It has been four weeks, and I am creating a masterpiece.
But the sun is still not rising. Please, why won't it rise?
I look out the withered window. Another star winks out of existence. Hurry, please. What are you waiting for?
We are dying.
A drop from the brush lands on my arm. I scowl, but work it into the piece. It's not the end of the world.
This is.
Am I the last one left? How many others have taken themselves away?
I don't want to stop. This next stroke requires precision. I gently tug the brush over my hip. Can it keep me here?
I want to know.
Maybe this isn't really the end after all. Maybe it's just a beginning?
The air is dry and has a funny taste to it. It tastes of darkness. No, there is no way out. Death only brings more darkness. Don't leave me.
Why ask?
Who is going to answer the eternal question of the stars? No thought will live to question.
:iconflying-katana:flying-katana 1 6
Summer Spirit Chapter 1
A girl sat in the tall grass waiting for a spark of yellow light to glow upon the long green stalks. Although the birds were chirping a merry song and the sun was warm on her back, the girl was chilled to the bone with news she had just discovered. She was wearing a cloak that fell down only to her elbows and was cut in a diagonal shape. The golden badge by her right shoulder with an engraving of a sun that held it in place glinted in the afternoon light as the sun shone down on it. Her brown leather boots were worn with use, even though the owner herself was no older than sixteen years of age. She wore pants which was uncommon for many woman of this world at this age. Her dark brown hair was braided and ran below her shoulder. It was tossed back and out of the way; while her cold blue eyes burned with a heat of flaming ice. Next to her foot was a bow, along with a quiver of arrows. The bow was a work of magic, with its dark polish and slender curves, almost seems to breathe as the sun
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Widefield Orion by insomniaworks Widefield Orion :iconinsomniaworks:insomniaworks 1,113 323
Stuff I like.

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Artist | Student
United States
they/them/theirs, American, twenty-one, avid reader

Photography, Poetry, Prose

Various fandoms, bad jokes, feminism, theatre

Enjoy or not. Your choice.
Hasn't it? Yeah, it has.

Well, I'm not dead nor have I spontaneously combusted. I'm now in my penultimate year of high school and am now very into theatre. 

I'll hopefully be updating soon with some pieces of writing I've done in my time away.

That's all for now!

~ Rose
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  • Reading: Catcher in the Rye - J. D. Salinger



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