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A new year begins, blank pages to be written with new experiences and learning!
More pages will be illustrated superbly by these great artists!
Here we go!

Dance Rhythm by ucurmi Dance Rhythm by ucurmi Dance Rhythm by ucurmi

"Art exists because life is not enough!"

-Ferreira Goullar-

Dance Rhythm by ucurmi Dance Rhythm by ucurmi Dance Rhythm by ucurmi
Battle For Humanity by 3mmI Call Of The Nereids by 3mmI L'Explorateur by 3mmI
Immortal by A7md3mad Schizophrenia by A7md3mad THE DELIVERANCE by A7md3mad
Dark Angel by AAlsina -- Red Queen -- by AAlsina CD Design and artwork Cover for Suddenlash by AAlsina

Mature Content

War Pestilence Death 2013 by AbbeyMarie
Mind On Fire by AbbeyMarie Angel by AbbeyMarie
Old Collage Piece by AbsurdWordPreferred Castle revised by AbsurdWordPreferred Two sides of the same coin by AbsurdWordPreferred
All that I'm Living For by Aeirmid Aeirmid - Foggy Beach 4 by Aeirmid Lanny by Aeirmid
:thumb421177244: The NightBringer by Aelathen Free Golden Sunset Stock by Aelathen
Dead Swamp... by Consuelo-Parra Forgotten by Consuelo-Parra The final battle by Consuelo-Parra
Gemini of Emreiana by AF-studios False Bliss by AF-studios Streets of Payne by AF-studios
Amethyste by AlexandraVBach Dominant Succubus Althea by AlexandraVBach Hades and Persephone by AlexandraVBach
The End by AlexandriaDior Burn by AlexandriaDior Division Zero 2: Lex De Mortuis by AlexandriaDior

"Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced."


bw by alexciel:thumb396247793: With you in my head by alexciel
Queen by alexnoreaga Two Sins by alexnoreaga Red by alexnoreaga
Stone Church by ALfannan8w Frozen 8 by ALfannan8w Frozen 6 by ALfannan8w
Mystery Dance by AliaChek Autumn Rain by AliaChek Winter Fairy by AliaChek
Ligeia by Alicelefay Heart of Fae by Alicelefay A Dark Fly by Alicelefay
Gadget Hackwrench by AllaD8 Viburnum by AllaD8 Mermaids by AllaD8
The Morrigan by alnour ALPHA by alnour Winter Whisper by alnour
Rising force by Altair-E Just a play (with my little dragon) by Altair-E The danger is not where you expect by Altair-E
Romantic Kaos by Amanda-Diaz Wonderland by Amanda-Diaz Geisha by Amanda-Diaz
Simbiosis lll by AmandineVanRay Heroes of some tales - Gnome,Troll and the Sorcere by AmandineVanRay The soul frame by AmandineVanRay
The Forest Bull by Ameliethe Handmaiden's Fury by Ameliethe The Enforcer by Ameliethe

"Art is a dream like no other"

- Alexander Anderson-

Dance Rhythm by ucurmi Dance Rhythm by ucurmi Dance Rhythm by ucurmi

:thumb479146591::thumb482026473: Roseflower by Amiltarea
Alone With My Darker Site by Amliel My Lover what have you become? (Big Bad Wolf) by Amliel Widow's Walk by Amliel
Season is Coming by christoskarapanos Zincochar by christoskarapanos Drezna by christoskarapanos
Wolf painting by artistamroashry Adriana Lima by artistamroashry Everything Has Changed by artistamroashry
- Commission - Richard and Eleia - by Anathematixs - Fornicus - by Anathematixs - Nemesia - by Anathematixs
round creation with stripe forms by Andrea1981G bluesilver metallic bulb by Andrea1981G shiny flower by Andrea1981G
Water and Rain Effects - Photoshop tutorial by Andrei-Oprinca The Fallen Angel - Free manipulation Tutorial by Andrei-Oprinca Movie Poster Tutorial by Andrei-Oprinca
Vanity by AndyGarcia666 Steampunk Anthology by AndyGarcia666 Sins by AndyGarcia666
King's Landing by anyasamhain Queen of Darkness by anyasamhain Morticia Addams by anyasamhain
~~ The  Lighthouse  Regatta ____ by ANGELICA-LILY Blue sky , aqua  waves ,  surfer boys  and  Rubys by ANGELICA-LILY \' Spirit Pelican \' by ANGELICA-LILY

"Art is skill, that is the first meaning of the word."

  -Eric Gill-

Dance Rhythm by ucurmi Dance Rhythm by ucurmi Dance Rhythm by ucurmi