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As I walk into this room, so shall I leave.
No head turn to see my entrance,
No friendly calls, no smiles.
Taking a few delicate steps,
And moving along the walls.
I saw people on the floor, and
They pulled me down with them.
Tainting my chastity with sex
Appeal and lust flourishing around me.
My disgust with this scene wasn't shown,
But later I did shake with repulsion.
These crawlers used me up
With no other purpose than to drain my heart.
No other hurt could have been greater.

Someone saved me after for too long.
I was brought back up,
But far too ashamed of my impurity
And no one offered kindness,
So moving along the walls,
With no smiles, no friendly call,
No heads turning to see my exit.
I left that room, just as I entered.
something about the last few years
jsenn Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2001
This is the most difficult comment I have made. It is not enough to just say I am sorry this has happened to you. What I want to do is stand on the tallest building and scream, that we must not allow this. And even as I say that I know that in every moment, baby girls, young girls and women are being exploited, used, "pulled down with them," the crawlers, as you say in this illuminating poem.

If I could speak to others, I would say, can we even begin to see the tragedy, the awful life long suffering that sexual exploitation exacts in a life? We must see it!

Molly, I believe sex between two people who love each other is a breathtaking, magnificent gift. It is precious and perfect when it is right. I hope you know that relationship one day, and I hope you understand that I only say this because I know that relationship can happen. Please understand.

I have enormous admiration for your bravery in posting this poem. I know it is much easier to hide the memories than to risk any semblance of negative reaction from strangers. It is important for your healing. It is also important that we know, by reading your words, that this is something you will live with in varying degrees for the rest of your life. Maybe hearing your words will help protect another woman. Maybe hearing your words will help another woman who has experienced your pain. Oh, I hope we can see.

Molly, you have been given a wonderful talent. It is a talent that will help you heal and move you past these memories. You keep writing and sharing and one day you will feel more 'normal' more joyful, more whole, I pray that for you, Molly.
babyraven Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2001
This is powerful.

Rosecoal -- *very* well done. Excellent use of imagery to talk about a vairy painful topic.

She said
I know what it's like to be dead...
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February 28, 2001
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