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swinging out of my bedroom window
on a rope made of starlight
grazing the moon and letting go
drifting off with the dust and my thoughts
velvety emptiness all around
with the bright specs of homes so far away
i cannot call out in the vaccuum of midnight
they cannot signal from a distance
and if they could
they wouldn't
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I had to leave for a day
A constant thumping of the bruised speaker
Against the cold wall with a tattered poster
Creaking in time with the ticking of a clock
That forgets a few seconds, like an empty can
That rattles every morning at seven, shaking the plant
From its roots, and isn't as bothersome as a mouse
Crawling beneath my bed, a mumbling mouse
That moves when it feels the bass from my speaker
So it can't be heard, living behind an ignored plant
Till I leave, for its chance to nibble the poster
While it tracks food from an old dirty can
Across my floor, watchful of the stupid clock
So time doesn't sneak up like my buzzing clock
Allows it to often on the tumbling talkative mouse
In the middle of the night when I kick the can
Getting out of bed to flatten the worthless poster
Back against the wall away from the glib speaker
Which vibrates enough to push leaves off the plant
Even my little roommate hates the sneering plant
I received when I had shaken like a helpless mouse
Would if I caught it before stumbli
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suffocating strife
It'll all come out yet, in a fit of rage
You won't see me snap a second before I go down
These things I feel at night
The self same things that will be my ultimate demise
I sit in my hiding room
And I ruminate all the evil things I'd wanted to do
And all the evil things I did do.
These things I feel at night
Keep me from running to tell you what I feel
They would worm their way into my words
You'd see how sick I've been
How I think about people
About myself.
If it were to materialize
I'd be almost entirely submerged
Except my lips and eyes.
I taste the horror
I witness the horror
But I have no strength or function in my body
To end this painful life.
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lilting music
her first love was for classical music.
those happy staccato sections made her feet and hands light;
long graceful pieces made her short clumsy legs disappear;
and the flittering instrumentals made the room spin around her.
higher notes evoked all her anticipation and joy;
deeper melodies were untapped channels of patience;
so many still afternoons, watching snow fall
while the music played in her mind like children
chasing a lively butterfly.
many mornings spent outside in the sun
when a musician's chilling fury was revealed
behind a curtain of treble and bass.
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untitled 1243
Untitled 10-22-00
This fall plants die for the onset of winter,
The death of color, and the coming of cold.
How lucky for me to meet you at this dismal time!
So full of energy and intelligence, you outshine the gloom.
Amazing how I feel warmed by your eyes.
Wonderous what I see in your face.
You contradict the forecast, melting my fears of being alone.
If the snows don't deliquese, then you turn it to sugar.
O my sweet, I intend to keep you at my side.
Through the storms and the sunny days.
At night you won't watch the sky turn all by yourself.
Not after the happiness you've brought me.
Don't even hold back your thoughts.
And let me hold your hand when I'm crying.
This will keep the summer days inside forever.
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myself inside out
I am an exotic princess
Sitting in a palace that floats
And I am naked on a pedestal
With sex appeal oozing from every pore
I can't be touched
By anyone ever.
Please don't try,
You'll be burnt
You could not,
You cannot,
You will not.
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Near and Alone
Close to the one I loved
she held him as tightly
as possible, as though the
two would mesh, becoming
one beautiful creature.
Eyes closed, vainly she
refused to believe that
she was alone in this world.
When they parted, when they
were together, she felt
singular, unable to express
the unbounded emotions
trapped within.
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Potrait of March 20th
The last twinkling stars vanish slowly
as the blazing orange sphere begins
its journey across the misty blue sky
with renewed vigor.
The frosty earth thawing and intense
color infuses into crisp new plants
sweet smelling flowers, dazzling
faces glow with joy.
Wonder-filled spring has swept the
morning sky, mother nature shall be
born again this fragrant dawn, life
in crawling creatures, warmth penetrating
every dark crevice; all reaching for the sun.
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6 little lines
Even from the beginning of the world
It had to be you
And I could tell that you knew,
Deep down inside.
I'd unearthed the apparent emotion
Weren't we happy?
But I crept back into the dark ground
Ashamed, to cry.
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Blue Misty Morning
Waltzing through a sunlit forest I came upon truth;
It was resting its golden wings on a large warm rock.
I marvelled at its wonder, and its tiny size for such strength.
Beauty streamed through the trees to protect it.
I slowly walked up behind it, hoping to get a better look,
When it was startled by me, and flew away
Like a butterfly suprised by the wind.
I watched it fly into the blue misty morning,
And knew I would not happen upon it again.
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Up there
Starting up in the frigid, misty clouds, the ice vapor deliquesces as it descends back to earth.
In the streets, and on the housetops, the rain patters, and lulls people to sleep with its steady rhythm.
As I sit outside, the sky starts to rain with more fury and drenches me, cleaning and purifying.
I like to have the rain wash my face, rather than my tears; the rain has come to rinse the despondency away.
But the relentless battering of the rain doesn't always help.
I now find myself crying again, and the rain mixing with tears.
People can be so callous, creating mayhem in my mind.
You're the only consistently charitable, compassionate, charismatic, and cuddly person I've ever met.
Everyone has told me to be careful, and to listen to my heart, and so far mine has spoke faintly.
After meeting you and the time we've spent together, my heart sings with all its vigor.
Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart.
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the here and now
all this nothingness is suffocating me
like a mother's protective arms
unable to escape as the grip tightens
crying and slashing at my opresser's strength
i desire fresh air away from these doldrums
to soar above these cruel sights and sounds
my mind in delirium dreaming of far away places
and the metals bars are pressing against my back
when reality comes screaming back into my head
and i slump down on the gray floor
see the walls closing in
for i cannot leave.
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Your beauty shone and has blinded me.
I am satisfied with what I've seen.
To die after hearing you voice but once,
Would be to die happily and at peace.
If I never were able to touch after
Only brushing your hand, it'd be okay.
I desire only to drink of your lips but one time,
And my thirst would be quenched.
Come close so that I might breathe the delicate air that carries your scent.
But alas, I know not your name, so I can't call it for your lyrical response.
I know not your face, so that I might gaze upon its beauty hour after hour.
I am unable to experience the softness of your skin and the lines about your hands.
I have never gotten close enough to catch a breeze of the scent I so desire.
For all I know, my lips and skin will never deliquesce at the brush of your mouth over mine.
But to see you once . . . .
:iconrosecoal:rosecoal 1 2
To feel now is to hurt.
To stay cold is to be cruel.
It's my pain, or selfishness.
And both will result in pain.
I'll risk being compassionate.
The guilt of being closed off is unbearable.
I don't like staying shelled.
It's not fun. Pain hurts.
That's why it's pain.
I will always live with it.
No one can escape its long sticky fingers.
Even though everyone wants to.
It will pull you down.
It will pull life from your heart, for it has none.
You will writhe and scream in terror and not have the power to stop it.
Watch as your state deteriorates, as your friends go on, but you fall hard.
They'll laugh at you too, but only to blind them from the tears that seep from your eyes.
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now she's crawling
now she's down
now she's falling
striped of her crown.
eating her pride
eating the dirt
hardened and dried
drowning in hurt.
no one cares
and no one cries
silently tears
alone she dies.
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The Room
As I walk into this room, so shall I leave.
No head turn to see my entrance,
No friendly calls, no smiles.
Taking a few delicate steps,
And moving along the walls.
I saw people on the floor, and
They pulled me down with them.
Tainting my chastity with sex
Appeal and lust flourishing around me.
My disgust with this scene wasn't shown,
But later I did shake with repulsion.
These crawlers used me up
With no other purpose than to drain my heart.
No other hurt could have been greater.
Someone saved me after for too long.
I was brought back up,
But far too ashamed of my impurity
And no one offered kindness,
So moving along the walls,
With no smiles, no friendly call,
No heads turning to see my exit.
I left that room, just as I entered.
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