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The old daysIt was a lovely day in the land of minecraftia. The cube shaped sun shone brightly in the pure blue sky, animals roamed freely among the many hills that jutted out of the land and the clouds flouted lazily on the slow streams of wind that blew in the valley. It was on this gorgeous day that a  boy, no older than 17, decided that it would be nice to venturer into the forest that covered most of the valley, to find a peaceful place to read a book that he had gotten from his mother as a present.
His hair was pitch black, reached just below his neck and partiality covered his left eye which, for some reason, got him the nickname 'emo' whatever that meant and his eyes where a brilliant blue, like the sea. The boys choice of clothing made it incredibly easy to spot him in a crowd but, that meant that should he get lost in the forest he was currently in, then it would be very easy to find him. The boy wore a blue T-shirt and black baggy trousers that reached just below his ankles. His shoes w

Don't Starve PrologeWe all know Wilson don't we? You don't? You know, from the little indie game called 'Don't Starve'? No? Well then, let me tell those of you reading this who don't know about Wilson, who he is. If you do know who Wilson is, then you can just skip my explanation if you want. It'll probably only be a paragraph long.
So Wilson, as I said just a few seconds ago, is a character from a little indie game called 'Don't Starve' and in said game you have to try and survive for as long as you can whilst trying to; build a base, find food, fight monsters and eventually find a way to get off of the island that you are currently trapped on. Wilson isn't the only person you can play as but, he is the only one who you have unlocked when you first play the game. Ha! See? It WAS only a paragraph long! Nailed it!
Ahem, I'll probably do that a lot while writing this story. Now, Wilson himself isn't a born survivor, let me tell you that much, but he is a born genius. Most people who know him would call him

Don't Starve Chapter 1- The flowerWilson was 15 and Adam was 11 when it all started. It was just another normal day in the Higgsbury house hold and Wilson's father was getting ready for yet another day at the University. It was barely 8 o'clock but everyone in the house was up and ready with their own plans for the day: Wilson was obviously going to go and continue some research that he had started the previous day, Alicia wanted to tidy up the house, even though it was going to get messy again before she had even finished and Adam wanted to go outside and catch some bugs and give them to Wilson to study. He was always trying to help his older brother even though he himself didn't like science that much.
“All right everyone, here are the ground rules” boomed Wilson's father. This was a usual thing that he did, telling everyone what not to do just before he left for work but, most of the time, the rules would end up being broken in a matter of minutes anyway. “Wilson, no blowing up the house, I want to


Ps. I have no idea how to do anything more than copying the link.

Yay! I figured it out :).

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zeldatime6 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013
Cheesecake! Do I win?=3
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Only if you do the same thing on your journal, putting me in the first spot.  Or I might take your good stories off of this one ;P
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