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Tyson by RoseandherThorns Tyson by RoseandherThorns
Rose:iconsaysplz: BEHOLD.  I--Er.....  Uh....  Yeah.  This is a... uh... moped-guy... taur... thingy.

Tyson:iconsaysplz: I'm not a thingy.

Rose:iconsaysplz: Shh, don't interrupt!
As I was saying, I adopted this guy from :iconodahviing: a few days ago and... well...  I don't even know what I'm doing.:icontongueblush:

Tyson:iconsaysplz: Aww come on.  You know you love me. :iconthefonzplz:

Rose:iconsaysplz: :iconeheheplz: Ehehe... :iconmeowfaceplz: Yes. Yes I do.

Anyway, I had an idea for a comic/story/story-comic for this guy, but I'm still trying to decide whether or not to do it considering how many other projects I plan to do and still have not done.  But either way I know for sure that I am going to have a comic about our (RoseandherThorns) personas (see here:, and that Tyson will be one of the OC's hanging around Rose a lot.  In fact he might be the one who hangs around her the most (it depends on how good I am at drawing him at the time XD).

So even if I don't write/draw down his own story/comic, He's still gonna be in the one for our personas!

Tyson:iconsaysplz: You still need to get my personality down though...

Rose:iconsaysplz: Yeah, I'm still working on that.

Tyson:iconsaysplz: Also you can't draw vehicles yet.

Rose:iconsaysplz: :iconsadfaceplz: Butbutbut...  I worked so hard on the picture above!

Tyson:iconsaysplz: Yeah, you copied the pose from the original picture.  The only difference is that my hands are crossed-

Rose:iconsaysplz: :icontearfulplz: Give me a break!  I haven't ridden or even seen a moped in real life!  :iconOhokthenplz: Besides, I drew a chibi form of you from the side...  I just haven't made it digital yet...

Tyson:iconsaysplz: Hey now, It's alright.  You just need some references to work with, that's all.  :icongrin--plz:  come on, cheer up. :iconikissitplz: *le kisses forehead*

Rose:iconsaysplz: :iconforeheadkissplz: Ok.  I'm all good now.

AAAAAAaaaaanyway, I hope you like the picture! :iconblush--plz:

Original design by :iconodahviing:
Character belongs to :iconroseandherthorns:


Tyson:iconsaysplz:............  So what's with all the smiley icons?

Rose:iconsaysplz: It adds emotion to our speech. :iconbadassplz:

Tyson:iconsaysplz: Aaaand the cigar?

Rose:iconsaysplz: *le rips off fake beard*  It's a metaphor.

Tyson:iconsaysplz: What?

Rose:iconsaysplz: I'll explain later.
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ApocalypticHunter Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014  Student Digital Artist
This reminds me of those weird kids from those "Respect the Pouch" commercials from CapriSun.
Odahviing Featured By Owner May 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So aaawwwesome! c: Really happy you like him, cool name too :D

Hi Tyson! *smiles and waves*
RoseandherThorns Featured By Owner May 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Tyson:iconsaysplz: Hi there, Creator. *waves with awkward smile* So this is the guy that made me a moped?
Rose:iconsaysplz: Yes, and he's a very nice person. *smile*
Tyson:iconsaysplz: See, why can't you draw me like he did?
Rose:iconsaysplz: Still working on it!

Hey if you ever do cheap commissions I might end up making you draw him for me... ^.^; I know nothing about mopeds...
Odahviing Featured By Owner May 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hush! I think you do great *nods* You make a fine vehicle, dude.

Maybe I will someday! c: I don't know a whole lot about them either XD I'd just suggest lots of references
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May 14, 2014
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