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Potions master Remy by RoseandherThorns Potions master Remy by RoseandherThorns
*pant pant* Finally finished it!!! ;u; This is my contest entry for the :icontanuki-adopts: contest ending on te 15th~

I am so sorry it took so long to do. I really need to work on drawing without relying on bases ;u;. And practice using my new tablet more~ I actually got a new tablet recently so most of this was done on my new tablet~ ^^ I did not use a base but I did use references for the pose.

Anyways~ This is Remy Swinder. My awesome little potions master. He is working on something devious in his lab~ X3

Original design by: :icontanuki-adopts:
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Tanuki-Adopts Featured By Owner May 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ding! the contest is over and now it's time for your review~! Thanks for your patience!

There are lot of improvement in your work!, we can see lot of effort behind this! Also we take account that you submit this entry in time (before the extension) Bear Emoji-16 (Clapping Encore Applause) [V1] 

You have made the background even though it was not a requirement, we appreciate that cause this one reflects the character's personality. Only some perspective mistakes but the effort it's what we're taking into account

Also you did a good work with lights and shadows~ (but we miss some shadows on the instruments of the table!) And Remy's face looks so funny! We imagine him with a twisted mind Deadpool - OK 

Finally we're so happy to see this adoptable in such a good home. You gave him a story and a life, those things are what we wanted to see!LazyIcon I wanna use - 11 heart 
RoseandherThorns Featured By Owner May 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
:heart: Thank you so much for taking the time to review and critic :) I had a lot of fun and worked really hard on this and I will definitely take in and work on fixing up my perspectives and lighting/shadows ^^

I will constantly be working on improving my as well as drawing and showing the personalities and stories of all of my beloved characters~:heart:
Thank you again!!
Jostanuki Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2017  Hobbyist
Sorry if i do not comment this before!, we're waiting till the conest's end for do that to stay impartial. Then we'll comment the full review ^^ 
Thanks for your patience!Yato-Smileplz 
Soul-Orange-Adopts Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2017
Was it bad I faved this twice? =w=
Eh I don't care... Imma fave this twice! XD
OrangeSoulDarcy Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017
. . . ;w; 
Im so proud of you... 
I'm so fucking proud of you! 
I cant even express how proud of you I am! 

But this is really good! ;u; 
obviously, like all artists you can improve with practice. 
But, you don't do digital art much do you? I mean drawing from scratch digitally. 
Oh jeez... I remember my first digital drawing...
it was crap XD and that wasn't even on the kinda tablets you use. it was an iPad. And I think the one you use is harder to use... I think... 
But, for someone that doesn't draw like this on digital much (I think you told me you sketch tho, is it on paper? And if so I wanna see please ;u; ) and for your first time doing a piece of art like this digitally, this is fucking amazing... 
I don't know your level of skill, but, from what I have seen, this is really good!

and well done on using a reference! References are always good! And they really help to! 

Also please note, I'm going off of what little art of yours ive seen, and things I know/remembered, so if I got anything wrong I'm sorry. 

But I do think this is really good. I think you have a lot of skill, and I encourage you to practice because i feel you could become even better. 

(Also, sorry if I said anything wrong. I'm bad with words >~<) 
RoseandherThorns Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
;w; thank you! Yes, I did this all digitally as the only other sketching I have ever done is on paper (And believe me when I say that my paper sketches are so messy that it is basically a bunch of scribbles and you can hardly tell what they are supposed to be ^^; ) The refernces helped a lot though I still see a lot of mistakes ;u; Of course I know/hope I will improve with practice! And I want to be able to use my new tablet more~ And I have a lot of free art programs to play around with and see what I feel more comfortable with. Admittedly, I kinda cheated and kept going back and forth between my mouse and my tablet but that was mainly because I am more familiar with my mouse. It was Mostly done on my tablet though X3
Thank you again! I hope to post more art soon since I had a couple of different WIP's going on at once :)
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April 11, 2017
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