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Fanart Doodles~ by RoseandherThorns Fanart Doodles~ by RoseandherThorns
:iconmikuplz::iconsaysplz:  Behold, Wilford Warfstache/Dr. Iplier doodles!  These guys are unbelievably fun to draw! (Although I think I'll leave them in Chibi form for the time being.  1, it's easier, and 2 i don't have to worry about too much detail XD)

I also have some basic ideas as to their individual personalities. For instance:

Wilford Warfstache:

He grew the family pink mustache at an early age, giving him the praise of his father and most of the family's money.  But the honor went to his head, and he rode his fame to adulthood without accomplishing anything.  Jobless, and having lost his father's trust, he was sent to live with his brother.

A few days later, he met up with Markiplier, the famous Youtuber (Who bears a striking resemblance to him and his brother Iplier), and the duo became fast friends.  Wilford has done a few episodes as Markiplier's 'Alter Ego', and Markiplier helped him get motivation to earn his job as head reporter for the AFC news.

He likes wearing his glasses,
He is frenemies with Slenderman,
His father once told him: "Warfstaches don't take S*** from nobody!" He took these words to heart.

Dr. Mark (Iplier) Warfstache:

He is the younger brother of Wilford, and he grew up in admiration of his father's talents as a surgeon.  But with the disappointment of Wilford, his father didn't expect Mark to amount to anything. Distressed, he flew to Nicaragua and insisted to the townsfolk that he would earn a medical license there.  Eventually the medical board gave up; giving him his license so he would leave.

Upon his return to America, he got a job at Barnardshire general hospital at their head surgeon; where he was stunned to find that his first patient was his childhood friend Bob.  Unfortunately, having never really learned anything from Nicaragua, he failed to save his friend; resulting in minor insanity.  He manages to keep it together most of the time, keeping his job (for the most part).

His parents told him to take in Wilford until he makes something useful of himself, and the two live in an apartment close to the top floor.

He doesn't like to wear his glasses.
He dislikes nurses; no one knows why.
He and Wilford constantly argue about which of them 'Knows what is best.'

Totally not planning a chibi-styled sitcom with these two despite my overwhelming homework.
Anyone got any episode ideas???
RyLL00 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is hilarious!
RoseandherThorns Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you :)
RyLL00 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome!
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