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Draw to adopt entry by RoseandherThorns Draw to adopt entry by RoseandherThorns

This is our entry for :iconkantajunks:'s Draw to Adopt/Write to Adopt: DOLLS. For #9 Voodoo doll.

Name:  Zachary

Age: He was made to be about 16

Bio:  Zachary was made when a young girl by the name of Amelia grew lonely.  Her father had kept her stifled in her room for most of her life, out of shame; for you see, she was a witch.  He never even visited her, which is why Zachary was born.  She took an old voodoo doll and fashioned clothes for it from pieces of old fabric she had around her room, adding hair and accessories to help him develop a personality.  And finally she animated him, giving him life.  Zachary is well aware that he’s a voodoo doll, but he’s ok with his life.  Amelia takes good care of him, and makes him feel like a human.  He’s good at knitting, and usually uses the two needles he came with to knit (the ones that used to prod him for voodoo).  He doesn’t know very much about life, but Amelia is slowly teaching him things like manners, how to dress, and that it’s better to use yarn that’s separate from one’s body rather than one’s own hair.  (She managed to fix it, but she ran out of black and had to use white for the rest of the way.)  He doesn’t get hurt too easily, he is a voodoo doll after all.  If one of his limbs tears off, it does hurt him, but he doesn’t bleed; he just loses some stuffing.  Luckily, Amelia’s rather good at sewing.  He’s very curious, but can get very nervous and even scared when Amelia’s not around.  He won’t admit it to her yet, but he’s fallen in love with her.  He knows he can never really be with her, but that doesn’t stop his little cloth heart from beating a little faster when she’s nearby.

I plan on using him in a steam punk kind of story sometime in the future, HE WILL BE USED, it just may take a while.  His story will probably be in the form of mini one-shot comics, or regular comics; depending on how much space is in my drawing book by the time I find a can make/find a good Amelia.

Likes:   Amelia, knitting, learning from Amelia, watching Amelia sew.

Dislikes:   Cats, Amelia’s father,  getting torn, reminders that he’s just a doll.

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November 4, 2013
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