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Rose’s POV…

I leaned back into the firm chair, sighing with comfort.  The room was a little small, sure; but it had a nice quaint feel to it which I liked.  I had located an elderly couple a few miles out of town who were kind enough to let me stay in their guest house.  They also had an independent internet connection; so Creepyplier would have a hard time tracking me here.  To my right was a very comfortable futon; which was the reason I chose this room to sleep in, I loved futons.  There was also a small trunk for my clothes, and a separate doorway leading to a private bathroom.  The rest of the building featured another bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, a pantry, and a small breakfast nook.  It was so obvious of a hiding place that it was the least place any of the monsters expected to look for me; at least as far as I could tell.  I had already set up my laptop and other supplies, and had stuffed the spare room with whatever other weapons and tools I could find; in case this room became compromised.  I had finished making two glasses while having the news playing in the background.  Apparently, the cops that were killed by the zombies had come back to life during their funeral and attacked everyone attending.  The news was all over the story and the word zombies had been said at least a dozen times.  Many thought it to be fake, like some extravagant joke.  But, I knew better.  I turned off the TV and did one last walkthrough of the house to make sure it was secure.  Satisfied, I headed off to bed.  Just as I was starting to fall asleep, I felt my phone buzz.  It was Leila.

Leila’s POV…

After reading the diary of the girl and taking the teddy bear, we went back out to the hallway to cut the limbs off.  I stared at the bear on the table for a long time.  Its face looked so sad for some reason.  I whined sadly and simply decided to close my eyes, feeling with my hands where to cut off the teddy bear’s limbs.  When I reopened them, the limbs were gone, the bear’s face was blank, and there was blood everywhere.
               “Ooooohhhhh”  Mark moaned, wincing and stepping back.  “I don’t like this game.”
               “Neither do I, Mark.”  I said quietly, holding the bear far in front of me as we walked back to the room with the other bear.  “Neither do I.”  Mark opened the doors for me, and soon I put the teddy bear that was without its limbs in with the other bear.  I had Mark save again as we walked back out the door.  But something was nagging me in the back of my mind.  Wasn’t there something else I had to do?  I put it out of my mind and exited the hall, heading back to the room where I cut off the bear’s limbs.  Mark knocked over a vase with his tail, and I jumped in surprise.  I turned around and shushed him, then turned back to take another step to the room.  To my shock and horror the door burst open, and a giant teddy bear charged at me.  Mark and I screamed at the same time, and we ran off in the opposite direction.  My fingers fumbled with the doorknob, and I found myself unable to open it due to fear.  I winced and leaned closer to Mark, bracing myself for death.  But it didn’t come.  I hesitantly peeked out of one eye and found everything to be frozen.  Not frozen as in sub-zero temperature frozen, but absolutely nothing was moving.  Not the petals being shaken by the breeze, not the flickering of the candles, and not the eyes of Mark nor the giant teddy bear.  Before I could move out of my spot, everything suddenly started to reverse.  I was forced to literally retrace my steps, watching events unfold backwards all the way until I last saved.  In the room with the teddy bears, right after I joined them in one basket.  I blinked a few times, my hand slowly easing its grip on the doorknob.
               “What just happened?”  Mark asked.
               “I um… died?”  I suggested.
               “But it stopped right before you did.”  He told me, his right ear flopping down as he thought.
               “It probably activates the save rewind when it realizes I’m going to die.”  I said.  Mark shrugged, and we heard a ring from his pocket.

He pulled out his cellphone and smiled at it, his tail and ears raising in excitement.
               “It’s Yamimash!”  He announced, answering the call.  “Hello, Yami?  Ho—hold on a sec, I can’t hear you.”  He pressed a button on the phone, and put it on the ground.  “Hello?”
               “Hey, Mark; it’s been a while.”  Yami’s voice sounded out in the room.  “I was surprised to see that your channel was taken down; but I guess you can’t exactly complain, seeing as you’re the one who decided to go completely mad.”
               “This is going to be hard to explain.”  Mark said to me, sighing.  I nodded in agreement as we sat down, bracing ourselves for a long conversation.  “Look Yami, This may be hard to believe; but that wasn’t actually me out there.  It—”
               “Oh, that’s rich!”  Yami interrupted, laughing.  “No, of course it wasn’t you.  That must have been your evil twin then, wasn’t it?”
               “Um… actually it kind of was.”  I said.  “I know you won’t believe us; Yamimash, sir.  But please at least try to understand—”
               “Who is that?”  Yami asked.  “It sounds like a girl.”
               “He’s not going to listen to us about Creepyplier if he becomes distracted!”  Mark whisper-shouted to me.
               “Hey, don’t yell at me; I was just trying to help!”  I replied.
               “Do you have a girl with you Mark?”  Yami insisted on knowing.  Mark sighed, his ears going down.
               “Yes, but that’s not the point.”  He said.
               “Mark, are you telling me you finally got a girlfriend?”  Yami asked.  I snorted and face-palmed.
               “No, she is not my girlfriend.”  Mark told him, his tail twitching with annoyance.  “Her name is Leila and she and I are trapped in my computer.”
               “Nice try, man.  But you can’t fool me.”  Yami said.  I sighed and picked up the phone, glaring at it as though it was Yamimash.
               “Look, Yami.  Mark and I are not together in that way.  What we ARE is in trouble.  Creepyplier kidnapped Mark and trapped him in his own computer, and when I came to Ohio looking for him I ended up getting trapped too.  Now, my sister is—”
               “Hold on, hold on.”  Yami interrupted.  “You’re saying that the old creepy version of himself Mark made up a couple years ago became real?”  He laughed.  “You two are mad!”  I huffed.
               “Fine, go ahead and laugh.  But just know that now that we’ve contacted you; it’s only a matter of time until the monsters go after you next.  Call us back when you realize the truth, and I sure hope you’ve at least got a pair of 3d glasses.  You’re going to need them.”  With that I hung up the phone.  I tossed it back to Mark and sighed.
               “Well at least we have someone else to contact.”  Mark said, putting away his phone.  I shrugged.
               “Yeah, I guess.”  I said.  “I just hope he realizes the truth before it’s too late.”  I took hold of the doorknob once more, and we walked into the hallway before where the giant bear would rush at us.  “Ok, Mark.  Save.” I said.  He froze in mid-step for a second, before turning back to normal once more.  He shivered for a moment, wincing with his ears down and his tail scrunched up.
               “You have no idea how weird that feels!”  He said.  I smiled a bit,
               “Sorry.”  I told him before opening the door.

I was ready for the bear this time, running into the next room and hiding until it left.  We then walked around and passing the limbs from the room where we cut up the bear.  We then entered the dining room, where dim lights and eerie scenery awaited us.
               “Ok, so… what was the deal with this room again?”  I asked.
               “Don’t ask me, I haven’t played this game in ages.”  Mark replied.  I sighed, ‘Great, now we’re really lost.’ I thought sadly.  I looked around at the items on the table, a bowl of green soup sitting right in front of the middle chair.  “Weren’t you supposed to drink the soup?”  Mark suggested.  I shook my head,
               “No, I… I think that resulted in death.”  I recalled slowly.  “I believe we need to leave this room for now.”
               “Oh, right!” Mark said, his ears raising excitedly.  “Because with the limbs you—you go and you give them to the cook over in the kitchen—”
               “And then he gives you a silver key which you put in the soup, which will-”  I continued.
               “Let you get to the second floor!”  We said at the same time.  We cheered for each other and high-fived, then ran back to the previous room where I stuffed the bear’s limbs in my hammerspace.  We then re-entered the dining room and practically strutted to the kitchen, giving the cook the severed limbs.  Mark took the key from him, and right as we walked back into the dining room, Mark got a call.  It was Yamimash.
Mark answered the phone, and neither of us were surprised to hear Yamimash’s scared voice at the other end.
               “Guys!?”  He whimpered into his phone.  “What the **** did you do?!?”
               “I did tell you it was real, did I not?”  I asked.
               “But you didn’t believe us.”  Mark added.
               “Ok, ok; I believe you just… make them go away!”  Yami shouted.
               “Sorry, no can do, at least not from here.”  Mark said.  “I’m afraid you’re going to have to fight them yourself, Yami.”
               “What the **** man, you’re just going to let me die out here!?”
               “Well… you COULD always just take a flight to Ohio.  My sister’s out there and I’m sure she’d be able to help you out.”  I said with quite the obvious hint.  A few beeping noises came from Yami’s side of the call.
               “But there are no more flights to Ohio, they’ve all been cancelled!”  Yami declared.
               “Things must be pretty bad out there to cancel the flights.”  Mark reasoned to me quietly.  He then turned back to the phone, “Ok, listen up, Yami, I’m gonna tell you what you need to do.”
               “Why should I listen to you?  If you hadn’t called none of this would have—”  a very loud roar was heard from Yami’s end of the call, it sounded like a horde of amnesia monsters.  “OK.  OKOKOK I’M LISTENING.”  Yami corrected himself.
               “Good.”  Mark said.  “Now, do you have a pair of 3d glasses?”
               “No.”  Yami replied.
               “Do you have an empty glasses case, like lens-less  fake ones or whatever?”  I asked.
               “No, nothing like that.”  Yami answered.
               “Do you have a camera?”  Mark asked.
               “I’ve got the one on my phone.”  Yami confirmed.
               “Ok good, great.  Take that and you should probably be able to see the monsters through it.”  Mark said.
               “It’s better than relying on sound, don’t you think?”  I said.  Yami sighed and a few more buttons were pressed.
               “Ok, done.”
               “Good.  Now I need you to book a flight to Indiana or Pennsylvania or something.”  Mark explained.  “I’ll have Leila ask her sister to meet you at the border.  She can help you fight these things off.”
               “But she can’t do all the work.  You need to hold your own, too.”  I added.
               “Well, you guys said you’re stuck in Mark’s computer, right?”  Yami asked.  “I’m good at hacking, I can try and see about getting you guys out of there; or at least get you safer from whatever monsters you’re facing.”  I smiled a bit,
               “Now that’s more like it.”  I said.  “Ok, good luck Yami, I need to call my sister now.”
               “Mark, if I die out here I’m coming back as a ghost and haunting you.”  Yami threatened.
               “Yeah, good luck with that.”  Mark said before hanging up.
               “Ok, my turn.”  I said, dialing up my sister.  The phone rang for a little bit but soon my sister’s tired voice answered.              
“Hey Leila.”  I heard her say.
               “Hey there.  You sleeping or something?”  I asked her.
               “Just about.  How’s it going with you?”  She replied.
               “Well, we’ve entered the witch’s house game, and I can tell you that it is a LOT scarier to play in first person.”  I said.
               “I believe it.”  She said.  “I’m afraid things are going to get a lot scarier on this end as well.”
               “Oh?  How so?”  I asked her.
               “The virtual can infect reality.”  She said.  I paused as my mind processed this.
               “Rose, did you get bitten by a zombie?”  I asked her worriedly.
               “No, but those cops that were attacked and confirmed dead this morning?  They came back to life during their funeral.”  She answered.  I gulped,
               “Yamimash won’t be happy to hear this…”  I mumbled to Mark.
               “Also a whole bunch of people were attacked when they came back; everyone who attended their funeral.  So we can most likely expect more.”  Rose added.
               “I sure hope you have spare weapons over there.”  I said.
               “Weapons aren’t the problem.  This is starting to get way too real.  We could have a pandemic on our hands.”  She told me.
               “Well um… you will be glad to know that we got you some help then!”  Mark said.
               “Great!  Who’d you get?  Someone who knows how to fight I hope!”  Rose asked excitedly.  I laughed nervously.
               “Yeah, um…”  I shoved the phone to Mark, signaling for him to answer her.
               “We managed to convince Yamimash to meet you at the border between Ohio and Indiana; Nya.”  He said.  I snorted out a laugh as I realized that Mark just meowed.  I heard Rose laugh.
               “Ok.  Ignoring the fact that Mark seems to have developed a new speech impediment…”  She said as I tried not to hyperventilate.  “Isn’t he a bit of a scaredy cat?”  I bit my lip, trying to focus back on the conversation.
               “Well, yeah.  I, um… Kind of told him that you’d be able to help him stay alive; but he says that he’s good at hacking, and may be able to help get Mark and me out of here.  Or at least make this place easier for us to get through.  Besides, you can knock some sense into him, right?”
               “Sure, I suppose.  Though, will he be able to make it here?”
               “Like Mark said, we’ve managed to convince him that his best chance of survival would be to fly to Indiana and meet you at the border.  We’d have said Ohio, but one; you and I know how that turned out for both of us.  And two, all flights to Ohio are cancelled anyway.”  I said.
               “Joy.  Well I’d better let you go before Creepyplier starts tracking me.”  Also, you might want to give me Yami’s phone number or something, that way I can call him and see where he is.”  Rose told me.  Mark then took the phone and read out Yami’s number, ending with a ‘nya’ like before.  I giggled and took the phone back,
               “You got it?”  I asked.
               “Yep.”  She laughed.  “I got it. *whisper* Also, is he by any chance a cat person right now?  What is going on with his speech pattern?”  She asked quietly.  I sniggered and turned away from Mark.
               “Give me a minute.”  I whispered, hanging up.  I switched the phone to camera and whipped around, taking a picture of Mark from the side.  His tail and ears were plainly visible; and I was thankful for the random spiders in the room that kept him distracted.  I quickly saved the picture and sent it to my sister, with a cat emoticon as the title.

Rose’s POV…
I heard her hang up and not a minute later my phone buzzed revealing that I got a picture message.  I opened the message and couldn’t stop the fangirl/cat-lover squeal at the adorable picture.
“I’m definitely saving this.”  I said to myself saving the pic and deleting all traces of the link.  The last thing I needed was for Creepyplier to use it to track me.

End Chapter 8~^^
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Oh Jesus just like Rose I was fangirl/cat lover squealing Markikitty is so CUTE!!!! Fangirl Squeel Emoticon :squee: Squee! 
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:XD: I love it! this is a freaking awesome story you guys, well done!

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Markikitty is sooooooooooo funny! And Yami's gonna need a baseball bat to the head to get some sense knocked into him
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