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When the door closed behind us, we found ourselves  at some kind of starting point.  Before us were several modes of transportation, from bikes to wheelchairs to lawn mowers; and even a Santa sled.
“Aw, fudge nutters.  It’s happy wheels.”  Mark grumbled.  I gulped and looked amongst all the transportation vehicles.
“One of the most brutal games out there, with plenty of gore and bloodshed.”  I said.  “Which ride do you think is the safest?”
“In this game?  None.”  Mark said.  “Well, maybe Santa’s position in his sled, but sometimes random c*** flies everywhere and hits him.
“Well that’s when I’ll duck.”  I said, climbing into the seat and taking hold of the reins.  In an instant Mark teleported to the sled right next to me, and we were each in our own Santa outfit.
“Now this is more like it.”  Mark said, watching as random npc elves took their places at the reins in place of reindeers.  “I may not have to die this time.”  I sighed with relief.
“Good.  It’s already gone past the horrifying and devastating mode and gone into nauseating when you die.”  I said honestly.  Mark nodded in agreement, and he grabbed the right half of the reins.  They had been split in two and organized so he controlled the right, and I the left.  We nodded to each other and sent the elves off at the same time, watching the environment to avoid obstacles.
“Hey Mark?”  I called after a few minutes of dodging and listening to him make his usual snide comments in his Santa voice.  “I’m just wondering, but how many high a level do you think I need to be in order to be strong enough to face Creepyplier?”  I asked him.
“I’m not sure, but as a wild guess I’d say…”  He looked up and mumbled something, calculating my chances.  “Oh, about level fifty at least.”  I sighed and looked down, letting my upper body hang limp for a few moments.
“Great…”  I murmured.  ‘This is going to be a loooong~ adventure’ I thought, refocusing on the road ahead and sitting up straight again.
“Hey, it’s better than a hundred.”  Mark told me.  I nodded, making the vehicle turn to avoid a random passerby.  The elf in front of them all suddenly tripped on a random rock, and began to flip, making the rest of us start to collapse.  “DA** YOU KIDTH!”  Mark shouted, still using his Santa voice.  “NOW WE HAVE NO PROPULTHION!”  Blood and guts spilled everywhere, and I ducked down to avoid getting hit by a flying old man in a wheelchair.
“Who even made up this game!?”  I shouted, holding my head down as the elves continued to explode.  The sled started to spin, and I ducked beneath the front of the sled as we flipped over and over again on our side.  Mark soon crouched down next to me, and we waited in this way for the movement to stop.  By the time the sled ceased spinning, I was sure that any further movement would make me hurl.  I took deep breaths, slowly inching my way out of the sled.  I nearly tripped as I got out, so I held onto the door to keep steady.
“You alright over there?”  Mark asked.
“Uh huh.”  I sounded, trying to pull myself to the other side of the sled; the world was still spinning around me.  I shook my head and pushed myself to the door, standing upright on my own.  “I’m good.”  Mark raised an eyebrow, but shrugged and pulled the door open.

At once, a dark and gloomy mansion stood in front of us, none of its lights were on.  A cold breeze flowed behind us, almost as if it was pushing us to the doorway.  I tugged at my jacket, zipping it up to brace myself from the cold.  As we pushed through the wet grass, a cat meowed from a tree stump.  It was black, with golden eyes.  Mark pushed open the door, and we walked inside.  My shoes clicked against cold stone, and I felt my jacket fall down.  I huffed, pulling it back up; but I couldn’t grab it.  ‘Wait, my jacket was zipped.  Why did it fall in the first place?’ I wondered.  Mark closed the door, and I looked down at myself, squinting a bit in the dim light.  I was now wearing a sort of Alice in Wonderland kind of dress, and long black braids hung from both sides of my head.  I yelped, jumping a bit and finding myself now wearing short heeled shoes.
“What?!  What’s wrong what—”  Mark began before starting to laugh.  “That’s the girl’s dress from Witch’s house!”  He exclaimed.  I looked up at him to make a sarcastic remark, but I choked on my words and suddenly started hyperventilating from laughter at what was on his head.
“Ma… Ma—Mark!!”  I panted, doubling over and trying to hold my lungs in my chest.
“What?”  Mark asked, completely oblivious.
“You’ve got—you have—!!!”  I leaned against the wall and sat down, tearing up from laughing so hard.
“What!?”  Mark insisted, trying to pull me up.  I let out a loud squeal of laughter and was unable to speak.  “Tell me what it is!!”  He shouted at me, holding me half a foot in the air so I was just about as tall as he was.  I took several deep breaths and giggled like a three-year old, raising a hand to the top of his head.  He looked up a bit, and I tapped my fingers on the tips of his ears.  His CAT ears.  They twitched at my touch, and Mark dropped me in surprise.  My giggling persisted as Mark touched the sides of his head, which were now missing his regular ears.  He then slowly felt upwards until he reached his new medium sized fur-covered ears, with little tufts of fur inside of them as well.  His eyes grew wide, and he shouted in surprise while jumping up; grabbing onto a plank that went across the ceiling.  I was now able to see that he had a thin, brown-ish tail protruding from just above his hindquarters; it was currently fluffed out.  I fell on the floor in fresh bouts of laughter as Mark started to pry himself from the ceiling, his tail twitching and his ears flat against his head.
“I guess we’re even then!”  I laughed, standing back up and trying to regulate my breathing as he landed.
“I was not expecting this.”  Mark said after I had managed to stop laughing.  “I thought that was why there was a cat outside.”
“Guess not.”  I said. “And what’s the big deal?  You were fine with being a centaur earlier.”  I reminded him.
“Well yeah but…”  he had one ear down, the other up.  “This seems weirder for some reason.”
“Aww, come on.  It’s cute in a way.”  I said.  “You’re gonna have to suck it up and deal with it; you’re stuck like this until we finish the world, remember?”  He sighed, his ears going down for a few moments, along with his tail.
“Oh alright.  As long as I don’t get fleas.”  He said with a small smile, his ears and tail raising once more.  I chuckled, happy that he was getting his good humor back.

We entered the next room, remembering to avoid the deathtrap that awaited us in the very center of the room.  The hallways to the right and left echoed with the sounds of my shoes clicking on the ground; Marks’ footsteps had gone quiet with the stealth of a cat.  The atmosphere in the game was terrifying, but knowing it was a game and nothing more helped me to remain calm.  As we turned to go down a hall, I found that Mark was gripping his tail stiffly, shivering in fear.
“Stop holding your tail so tightly.”  I told him, pulling it out of his grasp.  “You’re going to—Man, your fur is soft.”  My mind became distracted by my inner cat lover, and I began petting Mark’s tail despite my better judgment.  My hand ran all the way to the tip of his tail, where I literally slapped myself and dropped it.
“Talk about changing the subject.”  Mark commented as I turned away from him, blushing with embarrassment.
“S… Sorry about that.”  I murmured, hiding my face in my hands.  “I just…. I like cats.”
“I noticed.”  Mark said.  I gulped and turned around to face him; he was sitting on the ground, cross-legged with his tail curled around him.  “It’s ok, I don’t mind it.”  My eyes opened wide in surprise as I hesitantly stepped a bit closer to him.
“Really?”  I asked.  “After all that ‘this seems weirder than being a centaur’ stuff?”  Mark simply shrugged, leaning back and placing his hands behind him.
“Honestly, I actually kind of like it when you act this way.”  He told me.  “It lets me know you really are a human being, with feelings and secrets and quirks; as supposed to an AI that only pretends to be real.”
“Huh.  I guess that makes sense.”  I said, kneeling next to him.  I looked once again to the top of his head; his ears were twitching, as if teasing me.  I bit my lip, all self-discipline suddenly diminishing into nothingness   “I’m sorry, but can I just…?”  I muttered quietly, slowly reaching out a hand to his head.  “I just wanna… Can I…?”  Instead of speaking, Mark simply pushed his head a little closer to my hand.  I gasped a bit in surprise, but soon lost myself in petting his head and messing with his ears.

………  I’m not entirely sure what I was thinking during that time.  I’m not even positive my mind managed to comprehend that it was Mark I was petting.  I’m pretty confident that I thought it was an actual cat.  But I do know that I stopped petting when I heard a low rumbling sound coming from Mark.  
My mind snapped back into working condition, and I looked down to see that Mark’s eyes were closed, and he kept opening and closing his hands into fists.  The rumbling continued, and seemed to be coming from his neck.
“……Mark?”  I called out.  “Are you purring?”  It took him a moment, but he opened his eyes wide and the noise stopped.
“………No~…”  he said.  We stared at each other for a few seconds, then stood up and coughed nervously.
“Um… why don’t we get back to the game?”  I asked.
“Yeah, let’s uh…”  He agreed, pointing repeatedly back to the doorway.  “Yeah.”  I grabbed the letter and stuffed it in my hammerspace, walking back around the red splotch of blood on the ground and back out the door.  The cat from outside was not next to me, but I assumed that since Mark was now the cat, he was the save point.  I stared at him for a minute, trying to figure out how to save.
“Uh…”  I crossed my arms and bit my lip.  “Save?”  Mark suddenly stiffened for a moment, and went back to normal two seconds later.
“Saved.”  He said in a monotone voice.  I huffed out a laugh.
“Ok then.  Onward!”  I said, walking to the door on the right side of the room.

End Chapter 7~! ^.^
:iconmeawplz: :iconmikula-plz::iconsaysplz: In case you all weren't able to tell... I kind of have a weakness for cats. Let me put it this way:
If ever I was faced with Jeff the killer, and he happened to have cat ears; I would do everything in my power to touch the ears before he killed me.

I am ashamed. :icondragondepressedplz:

If you want to see a Markitty drawing, look here:…. I sure hope we don't find any catnip....

:iconroseandherthorns::iconsaysplz:We had this done even before we decided to do the Markitty picture. We just needed to proofread some things before submitting the chapter.

:iconroseandherthorns: + :iconmikula-plz::iconsaysplz: We'll see you in the next chapter. Bye-bye!

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