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Leila's POV...

I opened my eyes, long grass meeting my stare.  The side of my face felt like it was on something soft, and I could tell I was laying on top of something.
“Ugh, what happened?”  Mark asked, sounding to be in front of me.  I looked up at Mark, finding him facing away from me.  I glanced down to look at his feet and I shrieked in terror.
“CHEEZ-ITS AND RICE, WHAT THE HECK?!”  I shouted.  Mark had turned into a male centaur.  He tried to turn around to face me, but only his front legs moved, making him trip.  We were suddenly set back to our starting position, and I was still screaming.  
“Shut up!  You’re hurting my ears!!”  He shouted, covering his ears with his hands and stomping one of his front hooves.  I stopped screaming to take a breath, and I began to hyperventilate.
“Mark.”  I said, panting and sitting up.  “You’re a freaking centaur!”
“I am?!”  Mark only moved his upper torso this time, looking himself over.  Everything above his waistline was the same, but instead of legs he now had the lower body of a horse.  I was just thankful that he still had his shirt on.  I hid my face in my hands as I realized I was currently in the rider’s position.
“This is so wrong, this is SO WRONG.”  I repeated, shaking my head in disbelief.  Mark of course was having the time of his life, as far as I could tell.
“So what is this then?  I don’t remember a centaur game.”  He told me.  I fought the thoughts in my head and tried to think back to his games.
“Um… I think it’s CLOP.”  I replied, my voice a little shaky.
“Well, why can’t I control my back legs, then?”  He asked, looking back and kicking his front legs repeatedly.  I slowly slid my hands off my face, looking around the area.  I saw a man standing beside us, wearing a green jacket and jeans.  There was also a large tree behind us.  Yep, this was definitely CLOP.  “I think you’re the one who has to work the back legs.”  Mark told me, pulling me away from my distractions.  I turned back around to him.
“Me?”  I asked, not wanting to do anything but just get through the world with as little awkwardness as possible.
“Yeah, try something; anything.”  He insisted.  I gulped and turned around, trying to picture his back right leg moving.  Slowly, tentatively, it slid forwards.  I faced the other leg and focused on that one moving.  This one moved faster, and it jerked us forwards.  I yelped and slammed face-first into Mark’s back, my arms landing at his sides.  
“Eep!”  I gasped as I immediately pushed my face off of him, pressing my hands into his lower back to do so.
“Ooh…  Oh yeah that feels good.”  Mark said, stretching a bit.  “Yeah, that’s like a massage right there.”
“Mark, this is neither the time nor the position for such talk.  I’d greatly appreciate it if you didn’t act like this right now.”  I said, trying to hide the incredible fear and embarrassment in my voice.  He just laughed a bit and focused on the road ahead.  “Oh, ‘We should go through this door’, he says.”  I mumbled under my breath.  “‘Something tells me it’s going to be epic’, he says…”
“Let’s do this, shall we?”  He asked, taking a few steps forwards.  I sighed and followed with slow movements of his back legs, trying not to fall into his back again.  He once again stepped forwards, but with only his right foot.  He obviously wanted to try walking like a horse was supposed to walk.  I was a little slow to realize this, but when I did I urgently sent his left foot forwards.  He then stepped out with his front left, and I followed with his back right.  This was incredibly shaky, but due to pride and discomfiture, I refused to hold onto him from behind.  We sped up this process of walking for a bit, slowly starting to run; but we soon got out of rhythm.  He suddenly started having some kind of animal seizure as his legs refused to work.
“Oh my G-d, what the h*ll!?!”  Mark shouted as we somehow flipped backwards, his legs flopping over and into ways I was 700% sure they were never supposed to bend.  We ended up right back at the beginning; with no recollection of how we got there.
“Ok.  Well that didn’t work.”  I said.
“You’re swaying too much, it throws me off.”  Mark said.  “Hold onto me to keep steady.”
“Heck, no.”  I replied.  “No offence Mark, but that’s just… no.  You’ll get used to it, let’s just keep going.”  
“What’s the matter?  It’s just like riding a horse.”  Mark told me.  I sighed,
“One, I’ve never ridden a horse before.  Two, believe it or not this is the closest I’ve ever…”  I bit my lip, not wanting to get into my personal life.  “Let’s just go.”  He huffed, and I heard a hint of a whinny in his voice.  “And um… Let’s hurry before you start asking for carrots.”  I swear I saw a bit of a smirk on his face as we tried to continue walking.  I reached behind me for balance as we hit a particularly bumpy part of road.  My hands desperately seized his short and soft fur as I tried to focus on my task.  He didn’t seem to mind, choosing to ignore me for the most part as we started to try and get up the hill.  Unfortunately, we ended up flipping backwards several times.
“CHEEZ-ITS AND RICE!!”  I shouted as we teleported back to the beginning after performing practically a triple summersault.
“Cheez-its and…?”  Mark mumbled, repeating me.  “That’s the second time I’ve heard you say that; what is that?”  I sighed, trying to focus on getting us moving forwards.
“I don’t curse, ok?”  I told him. “That’s just one of the things I say sometimes when I’m frustrated or in shock.” He laughed,
“I figured from the way you said it but…  Cheese-its and rice!?”  Mark laughed.
“Look, can we just move forward please?”  I asked, almost making us fall over again.  He shook his head, still chuckling, but we continued to reach the top of the hill without much further difficulty.
“Oh, great.  Now I’m craving Cheese-its…”  I heard him mumble as we jumped over a rock.  I smiled a bit and tried to make his legs move forwards so we could jump.  But I couldn’t move them for some reason.  I looked back at his side, trying to make at least one leg move.  It didn’t so much as flinch.
“Hey Mark?” I asked.  “I can’t move your legs anymore.”  I told him.  He turned a bit to look, and I heard a noise above us.  I looked up to read ‘Trust mode unlocked’ in bright green letters.  I looked back down when I heard a hoof stomp, and I found that Mark was now able to control his back legs.
“Alright!”  He cheered, rearing up so he was only standing on his hind legs.  This was not a good situation for me, as I immediately started to fall.  My hands reached out, barely managing to catch the bottom of his shirt.  I held on with a death grip as he slowly descended, dragging myself back to my original position.
“Don’t.  Do that.  Again.”  I said,  leaning to his side and turning his head to face me.
“I told you to grab hold of me to keep steady.”  He said, turning back to the road.  “I suggest you do it now before I start running.”
“OH no, you are not running anywhere.”  I told him.
“With the newly-gained speed of a horse I’m not gonna run?”  He asked.  “Guess again.”  He readied himself for an all-out sprint, and I had no choice but to grab him in a tight bear hug from behind as he charged.
“MARK I’M GONNA KILL YOU WHEN WE GET BACK!!!”  I shouted in his ear, my hair flying behind me as we zoomed through the level.
“GO AHEAD, I’LL JUST RESPAWN!!”  He yelled back.  I glared at him as he laughed, running and jumping straight over the cliff that was near the end of the course.  We landed with a thump, but Mark was unfazed as he kept running.  We rushed past the scenery; I could barely make out the bricks of buildings in the distance.  Mark skidded to a halt when we reached the back door, it was locked.  “Did we miss something?”  He asked, turning around in a circle.
“I didn’t see anything.”  I said, relaxing my hold on him for a moment.  We heard a neigh from above us, and we looked up to see the original unicorn from the game, falling to the ground.  It landed with a thud, and it was clear that it was angry.  Smoke came from its nostrils as it breathed, slowly raising its neck to glare at us.  Then, right before our eyes, it began to transform.  Metal armor covered its fur, and its mane turned into fire.
“Hey!  That’s the horse from Robot Unicorn Attack!”  Mark announced, pointing at it.  The horse whinnied and reared up as if in response.
“Ok…  This doesn’t look good.”  I said as it got back down and pawed the ground, getting ready to charge us.  “I sure wish we had a lance!”
“Can you access the weapons shop?”  Mark asked.
“Let’s find out.  Weapons shop!”  I called out, hoping for something to happen.  I heard a blink to my right, and found that a level two lance was floating next to us.  “Well that worked.”  I said, reaching out for it.  It wasn’t as sturdy as I had always thought they were, and it waved terribly when I tried to get it to fit.
“You got it?”  Mark asked.
“Almost.”  I said.  I held onto him with my left arm, and I used my right arm to hold the lance.  “Ok, got it.”  Mark turned back to the metal horse and held my arm in place for me.
“Charge!”  Mark shouted as he ran towards the horse.  The horse also began to race towards us, some kind of flame aimed at me from his mouth.  I bit my lip and lowered my head as we neared each other, and I felt my lance miss.
“Gosh darn it!”  I said as Mark turned around.  “Go again.”  Mark took a few breaths before once again running to the metal equine.  The heavy panting of the horse couldn’t drown out the sound of my heartbeat in my ears as adrenaline rushed through me.   I gripped Mark tightly, readying the lance that was aimed to the horse’s head.  The animal readied its attack as it neared us, but Mark put on a burst of speed and I shoved the lance through the creature’s open mouth, making it disintegrate instantly along with my weapon.  
“Well that worked!”  I said.
“Yeah, and now I’m getting tired.”  Mark told me, panting heavily.
“You did great, Mark.  Let’s get back to your room and you can rest there.”  I told him, patting him on the shoulder.  He walked to the doorway, and I looked back to watch the world disappear.  “One more thing, Mark.”  I added as we walked through the door.
“What is it?”  He asked.
“Please promise me that we will never speak of this again.”  I said, once again looking down and remembering the fact that I was currently on top of Mark’s back.
“Agreed.”  He said as he closed the door behind us.

I hit my head on the top of the doorway as we exited the room.  I looked down and found myself riding piggy-back on Mark, who had changed back to normal.  I laughed as I ducked down.
“That hurt.”  I murmured as he set me down.  We closed the door and entered Mark’s room yet again, and decided to take a small break from the adventure.  I thought back to Rose, I hadn’t really talked to her in a while; I still hadn’t told her that I was Level 2!  I sat down on Mark’s couch and pulled out my phone, speed-dialing her number and waiting for a response.
“I’m a little bit—bhi—busy at the moment!”  Rose panted through the speaker.
“Oh man, you alright?”  I asked.
“Well besides being chased by… a horde of monsters; YEAH, PERFECTLY FINE.”  She said in an angry and sarcastic tone.
“Well then.  Um, I just wanted to say that we’ve gone through some more levels, I killed Jeff the Killer, and I’m now level two!”  I said quickly.
“Yaay.  Good for you.  Hold on for just a second.”  She said.  I heard a clatter and the sound of shoes skidding against concrete, followed by a bunch of static which I guessed was a tumble of a landing.  “Glad things are working out for you!”
“You sound like you need a partner out there.”  Mark said; I currently had her on a speakerphone, so he could hear what she was saying.
“Well, when you can find someone who’s crazy enough to believe all this, and able enough to help me out; let me know!”  Rose said.  I heard a yelp and more static as the phone fell.
“Ok, we’ll get on that; we’re taking a break right now.”  I told her when I heard her pick up the phone again.  “In the meantime, PLEASE STAY ALIVE.”
“Trying here, hold on!”  She said.  I heard the phone drop and a muffled ‘Die-you-evil-freaks!’.  I then heard the cries of multiple monsters before it went a little quiet.
“Um… you alright over there?”  I called out to her.  I heard her pick up the phone with a laugh.
“Who needs a gun when I got my arrows?”  She asked with pride.  “They probably wish they’d stayed in the game.”
“Ok, then.  I guess I’ll let you go now.  Good luck out there, sis. Bye-bye.”  I said as I hung up the phone.  “Well then, is there anyone out there you can contact from here to help her?”  I asked Mark, readying our weapons for the next world.
“I would say Wade or Bob, but I haven’t been able to contact them.”  Mark replied, “I think the other me has been keeping close tabs on them since taking over.”
“Ok, um…”  I tossed him his refilled gun, then leaned back against the desk with a sigh.  “What about Yamimash?”  Mark shrugged, rubbing his chin in thought.
“I’m not sure.  I tried a while back but I’m not sure if I was actually able to patch through.”  He told me.  “I could try again; but I doubt he’d believe me, much less want to travel to Ohio and help out your sister.”
“I’m sure we could persuade him somehow.”  I said, flipping my dagger into its holster on my hip.  “Give him a call real quick.”  Mark nodded and pulled out his phone, speed-dialing Yamimash.  The phone rang five times, then went to voice mail.
“Great.”  I grumbled.  “Of all the times for him to be recording a video, he had to choose now.”
“Shh, I’m gonna leave a message.”  Mark shushed me.  “Hello, Yami?  Mark here.  I really need to talk to you as soon as possible, so call me back as soon as you get this, ok?  It’s very important.  Ok, thanks bye.”  Mark hung up the phone.
“You sure he’ll call back?”  I asked.  “For all we know Creepyplier’s ruined your reputation with him too.”
“He’ll call back.”  Mark responded.  “I mean, even if the other me did do something to him, chances are he’ll want to rage at me and call anyway.”  I shrugged and nodded.
“Ok then, all that’s left to do is wait then.”  I said.
“While we’re waiting, why don’t we take a look at the next world?”  Mark suggested.  “It’ll kill some time.”  I smiled and opened the door in response, leading the way into another doorway.

End Chapter 6~! ^.^
:iconmikula-plz::iconsaysplz: We are so sorry for the delay, folks! Unfortunately for us, life has been pretty busy; and it is going to be busy for a while. But we will press on and will be writing this up as much as we can! Thanks so much for continuing to read!

Markicentaur... :icondragonmanplz: what on earth was I thinking?

:iconroseandherthorns: + :iconmikula-plz::iconsaysplz:And we'll see YOU in the next chapter. Buh-bye!

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