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Leila’s POV…

Mark returned a few moments later, a few bottles of laudanum in his arms.  He stuffed some in the side of my bag and opened one of the bottles for me.  Grabbing a pillow from the couch, he elevated my head a bit as he helped me drink the laudanum.  We both looked down when I managed to finish the bottle, expecting me to heal at least a bit immediately.  But the most that happened was the blood flow slowed down.
“But… it worked on you.”  I said, my voice low.
“It must work differently for you.”  Mark said.  “Ok, so Ladaunadum for healing you is out; we need to find an alternate healing source.  In the meantime…”  Mark threw away the bottle and looked around his room, opening his closet and taking out one of his shirts.  Before I could say anything, he tore it in half, turning it into a long and thick strip of material.  He then grabbed a different shirt and cut off the bottom half of it.  He now had two ‘strips’ of material in his hands.  He walked back to me and helped me sit up a bit, placing a pillow behind me.  Taking hold of the smaller strip first, he took my arm and poured a bit of water on the corner of the material, wiping away the blood.  It wasn’t too painful, but it still hurt very much.  He wrapped it up with the smaller strip of shirt, and then reached over and cleaned up my ankle.  It wasn’t damaged as bad as the arm; just a large scratch.  It would be alright soon, so Mark left that one uncovered.  He then turned to me and stared me in the eye.
“I’m gonna have to lift your shirt just a bit, ok?”  Mark explained, holding up the torn shirt.  I bit my lip for a minute; but I sighed and nodded, clutching the pillow behind me as I closed my eyes.  I felt his fingers grab the shirt, and he lifted it just enough so only my stomach was visible; my chest was still covered.  I heard water pour out of one of the bottles, and I held my breath; wincing as he wiped clean the wound.  “It’s alright, you’re ok.”  He mumbled.  “I’m almost done.”  He spoke in low, comforting tones that helped to calm me down.  I then sighed with relief as he eventually stopped wiping the wound.  I inhaled sharply however, when he pressed the torn shirt to my stomach, wrapping it around twice.  I squeezed my eyes tightly, grasping the pillow harder as he tied a knot to hold the shirt in place.  He lowered my shirt again and leaned back.
“All done.”  He said, grabbing my healthy arm.  “You can let go now, Miss Paranoia.”  I opened my eyes, and he let go.  I relaxed a bit, sighing.
“Guess you’re not the crazy doctor from Nicaragua after all.”  I said with a small smile as my hand grazed over where he put the shirt.  He chuckled, rubbing the back of his head.
“Believe it or not, my mom actually is a—”
“Nurse.”  I finished.  “I know, you mentioned it in one of your Oni videos.  My mom’s a nurse too.”
“See, that’s why I could have saved that patient.”  He said to me.
“If you started to focus on the task at hand instead of thinking about the fact that it’s surgeon simulator, I bet you could have.”  I told him.  He smiled a bit and shrugged.
“Guess it’s my fault then.”  He said.  He then stood up, turning around to kneel at the foot of the bed and look underneath.  “You play chess?”
“Uh, kinda?”  I replied.  “I’m afraid I’m not very good at it.”
“How about poker then?”  Mark suggested, taking out a small box from beneath the bed.  He walked to me and opened the box, revealing several stacks of cards, poker chips, and a few other things.  “This little box here is one of the few things that helped me keep my sanity for the past however long I’ve been here.”  He explained, walking around to sit on the bed, facing me.
“Ok, let’s play poker then.”  I said.

We spent the next hour playing simple board and card games, and I felt myself slowly healing.  It is a strange sensation, to feel your own skin reform and cease shedding blood, but I still slowly felt better as time passed.  By the time the hour was up, I had healed completely; and I was currently beating Mark in a game of twenty questions.
“Is it… a piece of coal?”  He asked.
“Nope.”  I replied; I was thinking of a game boy system.
“Is it… a chair?”
“Uh…  A lamp?!”
“Aw, gawrsh dern it!”  He said, hitting his leg in play-anger.
“That’s twenty questions, Mark.”  I said.  “You lose; it was a game boy!”  I laughed as he let out a mini-rage tantrum; all the while I was messing with the corner of the blanket that was in my hands.  I began to think back to his videos, remembering all of the comments and advice I wanted to give him for his Let’s Plays.  Of course, I started watching him before I had a YouTube account; so I never got to do so.  I sighed, thinking of one suggestion I had that I was particularly fond of.
“Everything ok?”  Mark asked me, having stopped his rage tantrum.
“Yeah, I’m good.”  I said.  “Just thinking about all the times I shouted tips at you while watching your videos.”  He chuckled, scooting a bit closer to me.
“Like…?”  He hinted for me to continue.  I shrugged,
“Oh you know, the usual ‘You were supposed to go that way!’ or, ‘Mark, that’s the wrong item!  Use the wooden thingy!’.  Stuff like that.”  I said as he laughed.  “Of course, then there was that other thing…”  I whispered quietly, turning away from him.
“What?”  He asked.  I shook my head.
“Nope, not telling!”  I said.
“Aww come on!  I won’t tell anyone!”  He said.  I turned back to him.
“Alright.”  I said, clearing my throat.  “I always thought it would be cool if you winked at the camera before you ended your videos.”  I mumbled.
“What?”  Mark insisted, leaning a bit closer to me.  I sighed.
“I always thought it would be cool if you winked at the camera before you ended your videos.”  I said, clear this time.  He stared at me and raised his eyebrows.
“Wha—What?”  He asked, surprised.  I fought back an embarrassed grin as I nodded.
“You know like:  ‘And I will see you’ *wink* ‘in the next video; bye-bye!’”  I said, mimicking how he usually ended his videos.  He laughed for a while, and I slowly sunk back in the bed; nervous about what I had just done.
“That’s brilliant!” He declared once he stopped laughing.  He put his hand on top of mine and wiped a tear from his eye.  “Tell you what, when this is all over; if I’m ever allowed to post videos again, I’ll do that just for you.”  My eyes lit up in surprise as I looked at Mark.
“Really?”  I asked.
“Sure!  Just you wait and see.  I’ll do it.”  He laughed again.  “Because that is just too dang funny!”  He continued to laugh for a while longer, eventually calming down again.  He took a few deep breaths and sighed, reaching for my shirt again.  “Alright, let’s check your wounds.”  I stopped his hands before they reached me, lifting my shirt myself a bit to remove the ‘bandage’.  It was slightly bloody, but nothing exceedingly serious.  And underneath it was plain to see that I was fully healed.  “Well then.”  Mark said.  “Time for the next game?”  I nodded, getting out of Mark’s bed and looking around.
“Weapons shop.”  I called out, still getting a little excited when the holograms popped up.  Several of the weapons there had little orange lines at the top right corners that said ‘New!’.  I looked amongst them all, trying to decide which one I wanted most.
“Ok, you got a stick thing from —”
“That’s a Tonfa.”  I interrupted.  “And I want a sharp weapon.”
“Ok, how about these daggers?”  Mark asked.  I quickly whipped around at the mention of one of my favorite weapons.  I practically swan-dived when I caught sight of them, grabbing them and collapsing to the ground.  I pulled myself up and watched as the daggers materialized.
“Aw, Heck to the yessss!!!”  I cheered, spinning around as the weapons shop disappeared.
“Guess your pocket knife is more advanced than daggers.”  Mark contemplated as I threw the door open.
“Come on; let’s go!”  I called to him, excited.  He ran after me and I looked down the hallway, spotting three new opened rooms.  “Which one should we go in?”  I asked him.  He turned around in the hallway, looking at each opened room.  After a few moments of thought, he pointed to the one at the far end of the hall.
“We should go through that one.  Something tells me that one’s gonna be epic.”  He said.  I nodded and marched to the door, opening it and following him inside.

As we entered the room, I suddenly felt extremely hot; as if there was lava surrounding me.  The mist around us disappeared, and I discovered that there was indeed lava everywhere around us.  It was another one with rising and falling platforms and bouncing boxes.
“Ok, I’m going to go through this again; and try not to freak out this time.”  Mark said.  I rolled my eyes a bit and nodded, letting him get through it.  He hesitated for a moment, analyzing the pattern as much as he could; and then beginning his trek through the level.  He jumped and bounced and dodged, and I began to think he might make it on the first try.  My hopes were short lived however, as he fell through the disappearing plank and fell into the lava.  I cringed and watched as he regenerated.
“Ow!”  He said when he had finished being compiled, biting his lip and rubbing his hands over his arms.  “That was hot!”  He groaned and walked around, trying to shake the feeling of the lava from his body.  “Oh, I can still feel it!”  He let out a loud breath and shook his head, turning back to the level.  “Ok, I got this.”  He said, charging and leaping for the platform.  Unfortunately, he ended up doing this several more times; as he couldn’t seem to make it past the level.  He groaned around the twentieth time he regenerated, obviously tired of doing the same thing over and over with the same results.
“You tired yet?”  I asked.
“This is hard!!” He shouted, stomping his foot.
“Well, where do you keep messing up?”  I asked.
“I’m not the one that messes up.  It’s this stupid stage that kills me for no reason!”  Mark declared.
“Ok, where does the stage keep killing you?”  I questioned.  Mark sighed and led me to the edge of the walkway, pointing down the long way of the stage.
“See that spot right between the bouncy box and the ghost box?”  He asked.  “I either die right there, or I die trying to make it to that little square where that giant spiky ball is tied from.  It’s just too far for me to jump!”
“And you can’t get a running start, either; can you?”  I asked.  He shook his head and threw his hands in the air.
“Why did I ever choose this door?!”  He shouted.  I thought about the distance for a moment, realizing that it was only a few yards away from the exit.
“Hey Mark.”  I called.  “How short of the jump were you?”
“I need something between there to even try and make it.”  He said.  “It’s like the size of two people!”
“Two people you say?”  I asked, standing up and dragging him to the start.
“Oh no, don’t even think about it.”  Mark said as I let go of him.  “One slip up and it’s over for you.”
“Well that’s when you push me.”  I said.  “Come on, we need to get over there.”  Mark stood back, crossing his arms and refusing to move.  “Alright; I guess I have to go through this myself, then.”  I turned around and took a deep breath, trying not to think about the possibility of death by lava.  I jumped forward and grabbed onto the platform, hoisting myself up.
“Leila, come back!”  Mark suddenly shouted, turning around and reaching for me  as the platform raised.  He grabbed my arm and pulled me down, taking my other arm when it was within reaching distance.  But the platform kept rising, and he was quickly loosing contact with the ground.
“Hold on, Mark!”  I said, grunting with effort as I tried to swing him upwards towards me.  To my surprise, he actually ended up flying above me, landing on the place that I was supposed to jump to next, our hands still grasping each other’s.  We both stared at each other as the land slowly started to even out again.  We let out surprised laughs as we realized what happened.  All of a sudden, the space between the surfaces started to rumble.  Acting quickly, Mark pulled me in turn and ended up throwing me to the next spot right as a spout of fire came from the lava pit.
“That was close!”  Mark said, looking back at the fire as it descended.
“Really close.”  I agreed.  We  took a moment to think about our situation, and we came up with the same solution at about the same time.  Nodding to each other, we proceeded to get through the level by pulling each other over platforms.  He pulled me away when I was in danger, and I dragged him along for that extra push to get to the next section.  While we did start to fall a few times, he always got me steady and slowly made his way back to where I was; although after we managed to pass the place where he needed another person, he luckily didn’t die again.  We finally reached the exit, and I started to get some newfound confidence for myself.  We let ourselves calm down a bit, and soon we entered the doorway to the next game.  But when we stepped through the door, the ground below us suddenly gave way, making us tumble into the darkness.
:iconmikula-plz::iconsaysplz: Yaay~!! Chapter 5 is in da house! Just some bonding and rage here, hope you enjoy! *Fanart is always loved and appreciated!*

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