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Leila’s POV…

“Mark, this is my sister Rose; well, her avatar at least.”  I introduced.  
“Hello Ba~—” Mark began.
“No.”  I interjected, stepping in front of him.  “It’s my sister for crying out loud, man!”  Mark sighed dramatically,
“Alright, sorry.  Force of habit.”  He said, giving me a look before shaking hands with Rose.  “It’s nice to meet you, Rose.”  He said.  “How did you get in here?”
“Well, I just logged into the Wi-Fi in this coffee shop, and I tracked Leila’s phone to this server.  Then I just sent my avatar here and waited. Lucky for me, Creepyplier didn’t do anything to try and block the connection; yet.  I’ve already saved the link to your server, so hopefully I won’t have any problems logging in later.”
“Did the zombies give you a hard time?”  I asked her, sitting next to her avatar.  She laughed a bit,
“No; I just had to ignore them and I was fine.  How’d it go with you?”  She replied.
“Well the rage stages were annoying.”  Mark said.  “And that horror house was pretty freaky.”
“And I actually had to take Mark’s place in the surgeon simulator before he killed the patient.”  I said with a laugh.
“Hey, I would have gotten it!”  Mark said defensively.
“Anyway~.”  Rose interrupted.  “I just wanted to check up on you and I’m glad you’re alright.  I found out that we can be killed by the virtual monsters.  Those police that you mentioned were attacked yesterday were confirmed dead this morning on the news.  I’ll probably come back later, once I’ve found a safe place to stay that has good internet connection.”
“Be careful out there, sis.”  I said.  My sister’s avatar nodded before disappearing in a haze of code.
“Well then, that’s one outside helper.”  Mark said.  “It should be easier doing this now.”
“I hope so, we have to face Jeff now.”  I said.  Mark sighed and nodded, grabbing a few loads of extra bullets and leading the way to the doorway that had blood on it.  We stared at the door for a good five minutes; neither of us wanted to open it.
“Know what? S***w it, let’s just get this over with.”  He said, kicking the door down.  I followed him inside and we immediately found ourselves in a large lawn.  An eerie looking house stood before us; old, rotting, and abandoned.  The door closed behind us, becoming invisible as we made our way to the front door of the house.  Before we reached there though, a low and airy chuckle met our ears.
“Wh…  What the h*ll?”  Mark mumbled, stepping back.  I heard something laugh and run across my  field of vision, so I also stepped backwards.  Mark and I stood back-to-back and moved in a circle, searching for any sign of Jeff.
“I don’t like this…”  I murmured.
“And you think I do!?”  Mark asked in reply, his fear evident.  “I mean surgeon simulator was fun and all, but this…”  he trailed off.
“YoU wAnT tO hAvE fUn, Do YoU?”  Jeff asked in his scratchy voice, I couldn’t pin-point where he was.  Mark and I gasped in fear.
“NOPE!!”  Mark said.  “NOPE, Nope, nope!!! You-You just go to hell; and you die, ok?”
“BuT tHaT wOuLdN’t Be MuCh FuN ThEn, WoUlD iT?”  Jeff asked.
“Heck yeah, it would!”  I said before seeing Jeff right in front of  my face like this morning.
“DoN’t LiE.”  He whispered.  I screamed and punched him, getting him away from me.
“Oh boy, here we go.”  Mark said, looking up at the sky.  I followed his gaze and found a small health bar floating above Jeff, following him when he swayed.  I raised my bat, Mark checked his gun and prepared an extra round in his pocket; while Jeff simply raised his knife.  
“OnLy HeR.”  Jeff said after a moment, pointing to me.
“What’s the matter, too afraid of the pro that is Markiplier?” Mark taunted.
“ShE iS tHe PlAyEr.  ShE mUsT bE tHe OnE tO fIgHt.”  Jeff said.  “So SaYs ThE mAsTeR.”  Mark suddenly disappeared from my side and reappeared on the sidelines, halfway into the start of the woods.
“Mark!”  I called after him.  He seemed to be trying to break through an invisible barrier.
“I can’t get out!”  He shouted.  I felt Jeff staring at me, and I forced myself to turn back to him.
“ShAlL wE tHeN?”  Jeff asked me.  I raised the bat high once more, and we both waited a few seconds.  Then, as if on a timer, we lunged towards each other for an attack.  

I ducked low and slid under Jeff as he swung his knife at me, turning around and hitting his legs.  He seemed to be unfazed by this, and simply turned around and charged after me again.
“Hit his head!  Hit his head!”  Mark hollered.  I kicked against a tree and raised myself high, now jumping over Jeff to hit his head.  His health bar went down like, two percent.
“That’s not working!!”  I shouted at Mark as I ran from Jeff.  I decided to try and climb the house, but as I ran for it Jeff grabbed my leg and sliced at my ankle.  I shouted out in pain and kicked him, running to the wall and climbing my way up to the balcony.  Jeff tugged at my shoe, so I stood up and stayed in the center, where he’d be least likely to get to me.  I swung at his hands every time he tried to climb up, but it was doing very little damage.
“Ok, I could really use some tips here!”  I said, still hitting Jeff and hoping I’d find a weak spot.
“Try and find a spot his skin doesn’t cover, like his mouth or something!”  Mark shouted at me.  Jeff was grinning widely, but his hands were covering the lower part of his face as he continued to try and climb.  My eyes glazed over him, searching for a weak point.  Eventually I caught sight of his eyes; the eyelids for which he had burnt off.  I nodded and turned my bat around so the handle faced him.  I let him climb up a bit, and the second I saw his pupils I pushed the bat forward into his eye.  He grabbed his face and screeched from shock and pain; falling backwards off the balcony.  I also saw his health bar go down halfway.
“Yes!!”  I cheered, jumping down from the balcony and readying myself for another attack.  Jeff let go of his face and turned back to me, a large bleeding hole where his eye once was.  I gulped, the image in front of me was freaking me out.  Jeff raised his hand once again and lunged for me, slashing my arm.  I cried out in pain, holding my arm tight to try and hold back the blood.  Jeff was definitely faster now.  I turned around, expecting him to be standing there waiting for me; but he was nowhere to be seen.  I gasped, spinning repeatedly in my search for him.  I glanced at Mark, he couldn’t see Jeff either.  I raised my bat nonetheless, and readied myself to swing it at any moment.  But I then felt something sharp go across my stomach, and I fell forwards; doubling over in pain.  I curled into a ball on the ground, clutching my stomach as I let my bat fall. Jeff had sliced me again, and I didn’t even see him.  My bat landed on the bottom of my shoe, hanging on by the little slip hole Mark had made when carrying me through the Super Pig rage stage.
“Leila!”  Mark shouted, banging a  fist against the invisible barrier.  I saw Jeff standing in front of me, and he crept down into a kneeling position, raising my head with his leathery hand.
“gO tO sLeEp...”  He whispered.  I shouted in his face and quickly ducked low, kicking the bat over my head.  I smiled as I heard Jeff scream again, the whine of the falling health bar was music to my ears.  As I watched Jeff fall backwards, defeated; I realized that I would have missed if not for the small curve on his face that led it from the side of his nose to his eye.  Mark was released from the barrier as Jeff exploded, coding falling everywhere before disappearing altogether.  Mark grabbed my arm and slung it over his shoulder, helping me stand despite my injuries as the scenery started to fade away.  The outline of a doorway shone in the distance, and right before us popped up a small chocolate bar.
“Aww, how nice.”  Mark said, picking up the chocolate.  He handed it to me, and I opened it with my teeth to split it in two.  But the second the wrapping was torn away, the whole thing disappeared; and I suddenly felt strange.  It was as if a large wave of heat just passed over me, and I might have fallen if not for the fact that Mark was holding my arm still.  I heard him laugh for a moment, pointing above me.  I looked up to see the words ‘Level 2’ shine above my head before disappearing with a flash.  I also started to laugh, but stopped as my body was still hurting.
“I’m finally at level two… yaaaay…”  I said half-heartedly as even breathing was starting to hurt.
“Come on, Leila.  Let’s get you back to my room, huh?”  Mark said to me, still holding my arm to help me walk.

When we finally exited the level, the door behind us disappeared, and a large sign saying ‘completed’ covered the space where it once was.  Mark led me back to his room and set me down on his bed; taking my backpack off me and setting it aside.  I drank a few gulps of water, but found myself unable to do much else; I was exhausted and in extreme pain.
“Let me get you a few bottles of ladaunadum.”  Mark said, still pronouncing it wrong.  “If this is realm is like home base or something, it must regenerate items to a point so we can heal.”  Mark left the room, and I just laid there for a while, thinking about how I wouldn’t want to use the bat again; seeing as how it now had Jeff’s eye juice on it.

Rose’s POV…

I sighed as I closed my laptop.  It was a surprise and relief for me that I had been able to contact my sister so easily.  I wasn’t able to do more than communicate at the moment; but, at least it was better than nothing.  I scanned the café again and noticed a monster in the corner that wasn’t there before.  I couldn’t see much of it; there weren’t any distinct shapes on its body to help me identify what it could be.  ‘Just ignore it and it will be fine.’  I thought turning away and packing up my laptop.  I looked back up and saw it had gotten closer.  ‘Don’t panic.  He’s not there, remember?’  I kept him in the corner of my eye as I made my way to the exit.  I saw his head turn to follow me and felt a sense of dread.  ‘I wonder if Creepyplier is able to sense if someone has contacted Mark.’  I exited the café and noticed there were more monsters in the area than when I went in.  All looked like they were on the lookout and they kept getting into everyone’s personal space.  They paid especially close attention to those on electronics.  I was slightly envious that the humans seemed to not be able to sense the monsters around them.  However, it wasn’t the time to be envious.  I was uneasy to be around such attentive monsters.  ‘I think Creepyplier sensed a disturbance in the force.  I better get out of here.’  I hummed a tune as I slowly made my way away from the crowd.  Once I was a few blocks away, the crowd became thinner and more bearable.
“Well that was stressful.  Now, to business.  Where can I find the materials to make special glasses?”  ‘And maybe a good melee weapon?’  The answer…
~Time skip~
“The junkyard!  Where old monitors and excess materials are abandoned.”  I said excitedly as I spotted the junkyard after a couple hours of walking.  I saw humans and monsters look at me strangely but ignored it for the most part.  After all, I suppose a five foot tall Latin woman carrying a large hiking/traveling bag and a messenger bag style purse in the middle of a city, would look kinda weird.  I am the kind of person that prepares for everything that may come up.  If there was a hurricane spotted close by, I would be hauled up in the basement closet with my purse, a flashlight, glow-sticks, blankets, a first aid kit, towels, a bag full of clothes, my mp3 player, extra food and water, and still be wondering if I should’ve grabbed my favorite book and the wad of cash I had in my mattress.  Over paranoid?  Yes, but that’s the way I am.  Anyway, the plan was to get at least two computer screens, so that I could make 1 pair of glasses, a spare, and extra to give to whomever would be crazy enough to help.  I also planned to get a couple of melee weapons for some extra protection.  The junkyard seemed to be separated into piles and I could see misshapen monsters roaming the area.  I would have to be cautious.  First on the agenda, the computer screens.  I found a pile that was mainly electronics, and searched for a non-cracked computer screen I could cut out with something sharp.  Cutting one out with a pair of scissors, and wrapping it in one of my older shirts; I placed it into my bag and did the same with the second one.  So far so good.  Now for a melee weapon, I thought as I looked to a different pile.  I was about to head towards it when I spotted a digital camera in the electronics part.  Curiosity gaining the better of me, I picked it up and looked it over.  It didn’t seem damaged in any way, and looking inside, I found that everything seemed to be perfectly intact. It even had an old eight gig memory card.  The only things missing were batteries.  ‘I wonder’ I thought as I reached into my backpack.  I fished out a flashlight and used its batteries on the camera to see if it worked.  A wide smile spread across my face when it turned on.
“I can’t believe someone threw out a perfectly good camera.”  I murmured.  “It’s mine now!  Let’s see how good the picture would be.”  I decided as I took a picture in a random direction.  With a click and a flash the picture was taken, and I wanted a few seconds for the camera to read what it took.  I felt my stomach do a flip-flop as I saw a hideously transfigured girl.  Her eyes were gone, and she was partially hunched over with spikes for arms.  A blood-spattered pink tutu adorned her tiny body, and I saw in the picture that she was somewhere in the distance, although it was clear she was searching for something out of the ordinary.  
“Ok… works well… moving on……”  I mumbled nervously, slipping the camera into my purse.  Now onto getting melee weapons.  I first found a metal bat, slightly bent but still in good condition.  I strapped that onto my pack.  Looking around and digging through the pile, I randomly tossed aside weapons I thought were unworthy, mumbling to myself.  “Let’s see.  Wood plank, too rotted.  Two-by-four, splinter city…  rusty pipe, break in an instant.  Ooh, this looks good!...  but way too heavy.  Next.”  I spotted what looked to be the perfect lead pipe a little higher up on the pile.  Climbing up carefully, I grasped the pipe and gave it a subtle tug.  It barely budged, but if I could just get it out!  Getting a little higher to where I could get my stance proper, I started pulling harder, again mumbling to myself.
“Ok, come on!  Come to mama~.  Almost got it…!  and…”  it came out with a clang, and I did a small whoop in victory.  At least, until I felt the pile shift.  The pile started sliding down, and I lost my footing; tumbling to the bottom.  “Ow!”  needless to say, a lot of noise was made from that pile.  I could hear the distance calls and screams from multiple monsters, all indicating that I had been spotted.  But where were my glasses?  I looked around for my 3d glasses, but they had apparently flown off of my face during the fall; and were now nowhere to be found.  I was completely blind, not being able to see the monsters.  I gulped and reached into my purse, snatching the camera and taking a quick picture of the land in front of me.  Monsters of all kinds were approaching fast.  I yelped and climbed on top of one of the piles of garbage, reaching into my purse and grabbing the shirt that held the monitor cover as quick as I could.  I pulled one lens out of the shirt and stuffed the other back into my bag.  I raised the lens to my eye and was amazed for a split second from the clarity with which I could now see the monsters.  ‘Forget the clarity, focus on the running!’ I told myself as I rushed down the pile, jumping at the last second to avoid a small group of monsters and running off.

End Chapter 4~! ^.^
:iconmikula-plz::iconsaysplz: Chapter 4 is ready to go! Thank you all so much for continuing to read! Please leave comments and faves, we live off them. And any and all fanart is welcomed with open arms, applauded, and geeked out over.

:iconroseandherthorns::iconsaysplz: We hope to continue to type. And we hope you all continue to enjoy our work :).

:iconmikula-plz: + :iconroseandherthorns::iconsaysplz: We'll see you in the next chapter!!

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