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Leila's POV...

I woke up only a few hours later, something compelled me to.  I kept my eyes mostly shut as I glanced around the room; yep, I was still trapped in Mark’s computer.  I sighed and turned a bit, glancing at Mark.  He looked to be sound asleep, and a pale face with black, burnt skin encircling his eyes stared at him from behind the desk.  I started to close my eyes, but they shot open as I realized what I just saw.  A PALE FACE WITH BLACK, BURNT SKIN ENCIRCLING HIS EYES.  I sat straight up in bed and screamed, successfully waking up Mark.  Jeff was startled for but a second, and I suddenly saw him standing in front of me with his terribly large grin.
“Go to sleep…”  he whispered, his voice raspy.  I tried to shove him away, but he was stronger than I was.  He slowly raised his knife, and I heard a bang from behind him.  Jeff turned around and I saw Mark holding up my baseball bat.  He tore Jeff off of me and continued to hit him with the bat.  I grabbed Mark’s gun and tossed it to him, trading weapons so we could get Jeff out of the room.  By the time we managed to get him out, we were both very sure he wouldn’t return any time soon; but neither of us wanted to sleep after that.  Not that we could if we tried, our adrenaline was rushing.
“What time is it?”  I asked, taking a gulp of water.
“Seven in the morning.”  Mark replied.  “We may as well stay up and get through some more rooms.”  I nodded and tossed an energy bar to Mark, eating another one myself.  I had packed plenty, so I didn’t have to worry about running out anytime soon.  We finished eating and grabbed our weapons, heading out to the hallway.  

Two more doors had been unlocked, as evident by the green lights shining above them.  The only question now was, which door do we go through?  I glanced around and looked between the two doors to try and distinguish the differences, if there were any.
“I can’t tell if they’re different or not.”  I said sadly, reaching for a doorknob.  Mark grabbed my arm before I touched it though, staring at the door.
“Not this one.”  He said.
“What’s wrong?”  I asked as he let go of my hand.  He leaned in close and motioned for me to do the same.  He then pointed to a small line of blood that was on the doorknob.  We both realized that this was probably the door that Jeff went through.  I stood up and slowly inched my way to the other door, opening that one instead.  But as we opened the door I found that neither of us could see a thing.  I squinted in the darkness, waving my hands around to try and find something.  My fingers found the wall, but as I moved my hand up I scraped it against something sharp.  I winced, pulling my hand back and inhaled sharply.
“What happened?”  Mark asked from next to me.  I turned towards his general direction and looked up into what I guessed were his eyes.
“These walls have spikes on them.”  I said, holding up my hand… which had suddenly become visible.  I mean, not the entire hand, just the part that was bleeding.  I turned back to the wall and looked at the blood dripping from the spike.
“Aww, man!”  Mark complained.  “It’s Super pig!”  My eyes opened wide in shock.
“Um… you mean we have to…?”  I started, not entirely wanting to go through with killing myself repeatedly; I might not even survive one time.
“Nope, you leave that part to me.  You just go around the spikes.”  Mark said, charging forward with a yell.  “LEEEROOO—”  His shout of ‘Leroy Jenkins’ was cut short by his sudden death from stepping on a spike.  I yelped in fear, turning away as ‘blood’ splattered towards my face.  I felt it land on my neck, and I shivered a bit before looking up, Mark was re-spawning.  He looked towards his ‘blood’ splatter, seemingly satisfied with how much was now visible.
“I’m just… I’m gonna look this way until you’re done, ok?”  I said, sitting down on the floor facing away from the spikes.  Mark didn’t reply, as he was in mid-air, trying to get farther for his splatter.  I heard a splat and I cringed as I listened to his ‘blood’ fall.
“Ok, this is getting tedious.”  He said sometime around the fifth or sixth time.  “Why couldn’t we both be unable to die?”
“Because Creepyplier needs you safe.  Without you there’s no point to him, so he’ll cease to—”  I shivered as Mark exploded again, waiting for him to respawn before I continued.  He popped up in a haze of programming, slowly forming his features until he was complete again.  “Exist.”  I finished.
“Makes sense.”  Mark said, jumping over the spikes and avoiding enemies, dying yet again somewhere in the distance.  When he respawned, he walked up to me and pulled me up.
“Come on, I saw the exit that time.”  He said.  He walked up to the spikes and looked like he was getting his timing right.  “You ready?”  He asked.  I hesitantly stepped towards the spikes, my legs shaking with fear.
“Not really.”  I said truthfully.  I let out a nervous chuckle, looking out over the spikes.  “I really don’t want to try and make this jump.”  I told him.  “One slip and it’s over for me.”
“You’re right.”  Mark said with a sigh.  There was a slight pause,  I saw Mark look between me and the spikes several times.  “How much do you weigh?”  He asked.  I stared at him and stepped back a bit.
“What?”  I asked.  He didn’t respond as he suddenly lunged forward and picked me up, hefting me over his shoulder.  “What the—MARK!”  I shouted, bouncing a bit as he walked to the back of the room.
“Oh, wow.  You’re not heavy at all.”  I heard him say as I kicked the air and tried punching his back repeatedly.  "This should be easy.”
“Mark, don’t you dare.”  I threatened as he turned around to face the spikes on the floor.
“Hold still.”  He said, breaking out into a run.  I screamed as he jumped over and through the spikes, stopping just short of the ones on the opposite wall.  I felt them scrape against the sole of my shoe as he turned around.
“Sorry about this, Leila.  But if we jumped too short I could always just push you a little ahead and come back for you when I respawn.”  He said, ignoring my shouts of protest.  I growled and hit his back one last time as he continued to carry me through the maze, avoiding obstacles and dodging enemies.  He then stopped as soon as we reached the door.  He set me down with ease and I simply stood there for a few moments, making several gestures to show how angry I was without shouting.  Eventually I ended up just flailing my arms about wildly while making strange animal noises.
“I take it you want me to ask first next time?”  Mark asked, trying to hold back a laugh.  I let out a loud groan and sighed.
“At least.”  I mumbled angrily, stomping to the doorway.  I heard him chuckle as we entered the room.  

Familiar music rang in my ears, and one look at the surroundings told me exactly where we were.  Not to mention the fact that my clothes had changed.  Mark now wore surgeon scrubs, and I wore a nurse outfit.
“Oh, heck no.”  I said as Mark looked over the patient that was on the gurney below him.
“Hello, Bob.”  He said with a grin.  I sighed, we were now in Surgeon Simulator.  I was currently holding a clipboard, and when I read it I found that he was to be doing heart surgery.
“Ok, Doctor Mark.”  I said.  “Bob needs a new heart.”  I said.
“Doesn’t he always need a new heart?”  Mark asked, forgetting for a moment that he was currently stuck in a computer, and simply enjoying the experience for what it was.  “I mean seriously man, what do you keep doing to yourself?  You need to start eating some oatmeal or something, Bob; I’m getting tired of constantly having to replace your stupid heart.”
“Doctor, I think you should be focusing on helping the patient.”  I said.
“SHUT—”  Mark began as he turned to me, stopping in mid-sentence as he remembered what we were here for.  “I’m sorry, Leila, I seem to have lost myself for a second there.”  I couldn’t help but smile a bit as I watched him try to work the tools.  It was funny to see his actual reactions to the situation; he actually needed precision this time, instead of just flailing about wildly with the precision tool.  So of course, he wasn’t exactly in his element.
“He’s bleeding out, Doctor.”  I said a few moments later, watching the blood meter in the corner of the room quickly plummet.
“SHUT UP, NURSE!”  Mark just shouted before muttering nonsense under his breath.  I sighed as I grabbed the green syringe, inserting it into the patient before he bled out.  Mark stared at me in surprise, as though he had forgotten about that medicine.  I suddenly saw him in a male nurse’s outfit, and I looked down to see myself in surgeon scrubs.  I smirked and shooed Mark away, taking over replacing the patient’s heart.
“Oh, is that the vein!?”  Mark shouted, looking over my shoulder.  “I thought that was the—”  I raised a hand up and turned to him.
“Mark.”  I said.  “Stand aside for a minute please, I know what’s best.”  Mark pouted for a bit before stepping back, letting me get back to the task at hand.  Thanking my mom in my mind for being a nurse and teaching me about how a human body works, I finished the surgery successfully.  I washed my hands in a nearby sink before exiting the level with Mark.
“I could have done it.”  Mark mumbled, moping a bit.
“You would have killed the patient.  Let’s face it, gentleness is not exactly your forte when playing that game.”  I told him.  He sighed and nodded, opening the door to his room for me.

When I entered the room I immediately saw a strange figure on the bed.  But I could tell it wasn’t a monster.  It was an olive-skinned female with long black hair, and red-tipped animal ears on her head that twitched when she saw me.  Behind her were nine black tails that swayed in a smooth rhythm.  They were also red-tipped.  She had black form-fitting cargo pants, a black V-neck short sleeved shirt with red trimmings and a red paw print on the front.  She also had the traditional bow and quiver, as well as a sword that was strapped to her hip.  I smiled as I saw her, stepping aside to let Mark into the room.
“Hey there, sis.”  I said, nodding to my sister’s avatar.
“Good to see you… kinda.  I was starting to wonder if this didn’t work.”  The avatar responded, my sister’s voice coming out of a slightly muffled speaker.

Rose’s POV…

I woke up around 9 in the morning.  I didn’t know when I fell asleep.  Looking around I found I had stationed myself on the bed.  My bow still clutched tightly in my left hand and the blankets and my bags formed a protective circle around me.  I realized I didn’t have my 3d glasses on and panicked since I knew I did not remove them.  I gave a sigh of relief when I spotted them on the pillow next to me.  I vaguely heard a small creepy giggle coming from somewhere in the room and quickly grabbed the glasses and slipped them on.  I scanned the room, looking for any sign of an outline.  I couldn’t see anything.
“Did I imagine it?”  I whispered to myself as I gathered my belongings.  And then I spotted it.  There, right at the edge of the bed, was the outline of a small body.  It could have been anything from a small ghost/zombie baby to a creepy doll.  I had mixed feelings about not being able to see the details of the monsters.  One the one hand, they’re not so creepy as outlines.  One the other hand, there is the dreaded fear of the unknown.  I continued to gather my things, ignoring the monster but still keeping it in my line of sight.  ‘If I ignore it, if I pretend it doesn’t exist, maybe it will go away.  Or, at least, leave me alone.’  So far, it had not moved.  Even when I got up from the bed and headed to the bathroom, it stayed where it was.  Lucky for me, the bathroom was clear.  I went through my morning routine, keeping a sharp lookout for anything and everything.  Once I exited the bathroom I saw that the monster was still there and hadn’t moved.  ‘So far so good.’  I exited my room and locked the door behind me.  I turned to go down the hall and stopped in my tracks, nearly fainting.  All down the hall were outlines of monsters.  Upon seeing them twitch and hearing the subtle grunts, I guessed they were zombies.  I saw a couple leave their room a few doors down and the zombies let them pass without a problem.  The couple was completely oblivious to the danger around them.  I had an idea and, humming random songs to keep my nerves in check, started walking straight down the hall.  I was also let through, much to my relief.  I entered the elevator with the couple and stood in the corner shaking like a leaf in the wind as the elevator started its journey to the main floor.  The couple looked at me worriedly.
“Are you alright?  You’re look like you’ve seen a ghost.”  The woman asked kindly.  I forced out a chuckle and tried to keep still.
“Sorry to worry you.  I kinda did a horror movie marathon last night, so I’m still a little shaken.”  I lied rubbing my neck and trying to smile.  Apparently, I’m a very good liar for they chuckled at my childishness and went about their own business.  The elevator door opened to reveal the main floor was now packed with monsters.  And like before, when they were ignored the people passed unbothered.  Even the clickers didn’t try to go after every little noise a person made.  They remained stationary, like they were sleeping through all the usual human noise.  So, all I had to do was to pretend I didn’t see them, or know that they were there and I would be able to walk out safely.  Simple, right?  I continued to hum while I checked out of the hotel.  My body refused to stop shaking as I desperately tried to remain calm.  I somehow made it out of the hotel and noticed the streets to be a lot emptier than last night.  ‘Well, this explains how Leila managed to get by so easily. Thinking of whom, I need to find a way to contact her without giving myself away like last time.  I also need to get a melee weapon and a pair of better glasses.  As much as I don’t like it, I’m going to need to see the monsters better.’  Walking further into town, I thought about finding Mark’s house so I might find a way to hook up to his computer.  I quickly dismissed the idea thinking that was what she had tried to do and now she was trapped.  I would only be repeating her mistake.  Walking past a surprisingly empty coffee shop, I had an idea on how to help them.  ‘I am going to need so much therapy when this is all over.  But first, coffee.’

End Chapter 3~ ^.^
Yay for chapter 3!!! The new name and picture were provided by the awesome :iconfalljoydelux:. Thank you so much. The reason my sister isn't typing this up is because she's still freaking out that we got fan-art.

:iconmikula-plz::iconsaysplz:AWR MAH GAWRSH I LOVE THE PICTURE ASDFJKLOIUF :iconsqueeeeplz:OAFIYUH ELKJSFOES :iconimdeadplz:

:iconroseandherthorns::iconsaysplz:*pokes sister with stick* Yeah... I think she may be broken. In other news, it seems we'll be pretty busy for the next few months so we won't be able to type/upload too often. We will try to upload once a week. Please continue to follow us. We are so happy everyone likes the story :). :iconfaveandcomment1plz::iconfaveandcomment2plz:

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