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Rose’s POV…
“Hello?”  I heard Mark’s voice ask a little anxiously.
“Okay, I may have liked your videos before, enough to show my little sister, but you have changed for the worse.  If I find out that you have done anything to her—”
“I haven’t hurt her, I swear I haven’t.”  Mark told me.  “I didn’t even know she was going to be here in the first place, Creepyplier trapped her here and now we’re both stuck.”
“Okay, aren’t you Creepyplier, and what do you mean ‘here’?”  I asked.  There was some rustling and I could tell my sister had taken her phone back from Mark.
“No, he is not Creepyplier.  This is Markiplier, Mark Fischbach.  The good one.  Creepyplier came to life a year ago and took Mark’s place, trapping him in his own computer.  Mark sent out a video a little bit before his account was banned—”
“Is that what happened?”  I heard Mark ask in the background.
“Shh!”  My sister said.  “Anyway, I saw the video and I tried to show it to you but you wouldn’t listen.  So I snuck out to Ohio to help Mark, and I ended up getting trapped in his computer too.  Now we need to get his Zip file because he’s just a program at this point, his file holds his entire being.  When we get that we can get out, and we can go home.  So just take care of mom and dad, and I’ll see you home soon, alright?  Just tell them I’m helping my friend coach horse camp.”  I sighed.  That had to be the most wildest story I have ever heard.
“Well I’m afraid it’s a bit late for that.  I am coming to get you.”  There was a pause.
“What did you expect when I found out you had snuck to a potentially dangerous area?  I am heading out of the plane at this moment.”    There was a slight ruckus on the other end of the phone.
“DO NOT EXIT THAT PLANE, ROSE!”  My sister practically screamed through the speakers.  I held the phone away from my ear to try and recover.
“Are you trying to make me deaf, girl?”
“I’m trying to save your life!”  She cried desperately.
“From~ jetlag?”  I asked sarcastically.
“No, from the hundreds of invisible monsters out there!”  I rolled my eyes as I gathered my carry-ons.  “Look, I know it sounds crazy but you have to believe me.  No one else can see them; but they are there.”  I shook my head as I followed the line out the plane.
“So, how did you find out they were there and how come no one else can see them?”
“Well besides the fact that I was knocked over by a cold, invisible force when I got off the plane, I used those glasses I made a while back.  Remember the ones that I covered in black plastic from the front of a computer monitor?  Those glasses made the monsters visible.”  My sister tried to explain.  I stepped off the stairs of the plane and felt an eerie chill up my spine.
“Ok…say I believe your story.  How would I be able to see these monsters without your magic glasses?”
“I don’t know, try 3d glasses or something, anything!”  She said.  “Oh, and you may want to hurry.  There are zombies out there.”  I froze as I grabbed my other luggage.  ‘Zombies?’  I heard the faint clicking of what I recognized to be a clicker and it took everything in my power to remain calm.  I quickly dug through my purse searching for the 3d glasses I had remembered I had left over from the movie I saw last week.  I felt a bit of relief when I felt my hand clench the plastic frames.  That relief was short lived as I put them on to see the outlines of the many invisible beings around me.  “So, did you get them?  Do they work?”  I heard my sister question over the phone.
“Uh-huh…” I squeaked out.  I am deathly afraid of zombies and was very close to having a panic attack.
“And you thought I was lying.” She taunted.  My breathing got quicker as I saw some of the monsters heads turn my way.
“They’re virtual, right?  They can’t hurt me, right?”  I panted.
“Well…  I’m not going to lie, they can hurt you.  They took out some guards when I was there.  But just keep calm and follow the basic guidelines for the monsters.  Hide from the grunts, keep quiet near the clickers, and run away from the zombies and mannequins.”  My sister said calmly.  “And if you see broken wood somewhere that was me.  Ok, I can hear your squeaks of fear so I’m gonna let you go now.  Mark says he’s figured out the pattern for the rage stage in front of us.  Talk to you later, and do me a favor and don’t die.”  She then hung up and I was left to gaze upon my impending doom as some of the monsters seem to recognize my sisters voice and were heading toward me.  I couldn’t see the monsters clearly.  All I could see were their outlines.  Like when you would use the hearing in The Last of Us.  The monsters were closing in at an alarming rate so I turned tail and bolted out of the airport as fast as possible.  I weaved through the cars of the parking lot, the noise becoming loud as the monsters bumped into some of the cars, activating the alarms.  I leaped atop one of the vans and laid myself flat to hide.  The clickers had gotten confused with all of the car alarms and the zombies and grunts got lost in the maze of cars.  I was safe, for now.  Not taking any more chances, I took out my archery set and readied myself for combat.  It was the middle of the night and pitch black outside.  I needed to find shelter as soon as possible if I was to survive the night.  I carefully slid off the car and, keeping my senses open, snuck around the monsters in the parking lot and headed toward the nearest town.  As I moved through the empty streets, I noted there were still quite a few monsters around.  They were on the streets, in the stores, and roaming around backyards. Getting to a safe, monster-free, place looked close to impossible.

Leila’s POV…

I hung up the phone and turned back to Mark, he was getting ready to jump.
“Please be careful, Mark.”  I mumbled as he took his first jump.  He landed a little unsteadily, but managed to stay on.  He hopped from one plank to the other, and he landed on a bouncy cube.  He rebounded high and started to fall just short of the next plank.  I gasped as he barely managed to grab on with one hand.  “Hold on, I’m coming!”  I shouted as I prepared to jump.
“No, stay back!”  Mark called back.  I didn’t listen as I jumped to the first plank.  He tried to climb up, but he couldn’t get a firm grip.  For some reason each time I jumped to the next plank, I felt a sense of weightlessness.  Like I was barely even trying.  I got closer and closer to him, and I landed on the plank he was holding onto.  I reached down and started to try and pull him up.  But as I grabbed his sleeve, it tore in my hands, sending Mark down into the abyss below.   I shouted his name after him, but was met with mere echoes of his scream.  I stayed there on the plank, crouched down in the same position for what felt like hours.  They were but minutes, but I was not paying attention to anything but the slip of clothing that was left in my hand.  I sunk out of my daze long enough to curl into a ball and start to weep.  We hadn’t even made it to the first level yet and he was gone.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I looked up to see Mark smiling down at me.
“Mark?”  I asked, trying to clear my eyes to see better.
“I told you I was a program.  I can’t die in here.”  He said, helping me stand.  I stared at him for a long while before attempting to punch him.
“You Jerk!  You couldn’t mention that before!?”  I shouted at him.  “You had me worried sick!!!”
“Hey—calm down or I’ll fall again!”  I heard him say.
“You… you…”  I sighed and sat down on the still rising and falling plank.  “Try and tell me these kinds of things before hand, alright?  Don’t freak me out like that!”  I complained.
“Sorry, it slipped my mind.”  He said.  “Come on, we need to keep moving.”  He helped me stand up once again and I followed him through the rage maze, eventually landing on the other side.  I panted heavily, that took longer than I had expected it to.  Mark opened the door for me and we entered the next room.

The creak of a hollow floorboard echoed into my ears.  Darkness surrounded us, and I fumbled in the gloom for a light switch.  My fingers grazed something somewhat smooth, and I pressed it into the wall, activating a small, dimly light bulb that hung low from the ceiling.
“Um… Mark?”  I called, my fear evident in my voice.  “Whi… which game is this?”
“I think it’s either House one or House two.”  He replied.  We were in the living room of an old abandoned house.  I reached for a piece of paper on a chair, and the second I touched it a scream shot through the house.  I called out in surprise and crouched down, trying to block out the sound by covering my ears.  It wouldn’t go away, so I just grabbed the paper and started to run back to the door.  I couldn’t open it, but the screaming suddenly stopped.
“I don’t think that door’s going to open until we finish this.”  Mark told me.  I sighed and nodded, looking at the paper.  I remembered Mark’s House videos, but this was different.  It was the same and yet it had changed, if you can understand that.  Like it had the same basic layout, but the individual items had changed.  The paper read ‘Die’ in big bold bloody letters, that were still dripping down the page.
“Now that’s not very nice.”  I mumbled, tossing aside the page.  Mark poked the vent in the wall, and it immediately started spouting out blood.  He stepped away from it and back around to me.
“Yeah, this is definitely House two.”  He said.  I sighed,
“We don’t have time for jumpscares, we need to go upstairs.  Do you still remember the kid’s birthdate?”  I asked.
“Birthdate?”  He repeated.
“Yes, it’s the code to open the safe which has the monster inside, remember?”  I blinked.  “Ok on second thought let’s just toss the safe outside.”
“Good idea.”   Mark agreed as we headed upstairs.  We avoided the bathroom and bedrooms, heading up to the attic.  Screams behind us only urged us forwards.
“Well, at least it’s not really that scary…”  I whispered to Mark.  I felt something cold run across my hand and I stepped a bit closer to Mark, holding my bat tighter.
“Be careful what you wish for.”  A cold, echoing woman’s voice whispered in my ear.  I could feel the moisture of her breath brush against my ear, sharp claws starting to poke at my neck.  I shrieked and swung the bat towards the sound, but there was nothing there.  Instead the bat continued to whip around from the force I put behind it and it hit Mark in the back.  
“Hey, watch where you’re swinging that thing!”  He said, rubbing his back.  Thankfully, the brunt of the force was gone from missing my intended target, but it still had some kick to it.  I bit my lip.
“Sorry, I thought I heard something.”  I said.
“Not really that scary, huh?”  He mocked as we walked up the steps.  I ignored him and decided to sit back and watch as Mark looked around the attic.  He stared at the painting for a long time, and I saw the eyes move towards him.  He seemed to have forgotten that it did that, and he grew fearful again, stepping back and landing into the chair.  I fought a laugh as I came up to take down the painting for him.  I took it down and reached for the gun, surprised that I was able to grab it.  I checked inside, there were no bullets.  I huffed, ‘figures’ I thought.
“Leila.”  Mark called, still sitting in the chair.  I turned around, holding up the gun and staring at it with a sigh.
“It’s empty.”  I said.
“Leila, I can’t move.”  Mark said.  I looked up and found him squirming in the chair, held down by an invisible force.  I dropped the gun and walked up to him, feeling around the back of the chair for ropes or metal or something that held him in place.
“Is something grabbing you?”  I asked.
“I can’t tell, I can’t feel anything.”  He responded.  I walked back around to the front, looking him up and down.
“I don’t know what’s wrong.”  I said.  I couldn’t see any particular changes in his clothing that might indicate something restricting him.  I grabbed his hand and confirmed that he could move that, and I slowly felt up his arm, stopping when I reached his elbow.  There were fingers there, with a tight grip on him.  “Bingo.”  I said, raising my bat.
“Leila, be careful with that!”  Mark shouted as I swung it down.  I hit something hard, and the monster came into view, revealing that it was about to have bitten Mark’s head off.  It was the original one from the house two game, only now it was obviously more vicious.  It released its hold on  Mark, and he slid his way around it, grabbing his gun.
“Thanks.”  He said.
“No problem; Got ammo?”  I replied.  He nodded,
“Refilled it before we left, got a few extras too.”  He confirmed.  The monster turned around and screamed at us, preparing itself for a fight.
“Save them.  I have the feeling this won’t be too hard of a fight.”  I said.  The monster shouted again, and I jumped up and swung the bat at its head, hearing a clang as I hit it.  The monster fell to the side and I landed on the floor.  Mark shot two bullets into the monster, striding towards me.  It disappeared from where we saw it, and I could feel it behind me.  I ducked and flipped around, hitting the side of the monster.  Mark put away his gun and jumped, kicking the monster through the window.  I could hear the monster scream as it fell, and I looked over the edge to see it splatter on the concrete.  We weren’t even in Mark’s home anymore.   It seems each doorway in the hall led to a different game, not just a different room that looks like a game.  I helped Mark stand and he dusted himself off.
“I didn’t know you could do that.”  I said.
“I didn’t either.”  He replied.  “I guess even I do not know the full extent of my pro-ness.”  I giggled a bit in spite of myself and we made our way out of the house; thankfully we didn’t have to go through the rage stage again.  We entered Mark’s bedroom again, the clock showing that it was well into two in the morning.  I yawned and looked around.
“Question.”  I said.
“Can we get some sleep at all?”
“Oh yeah sure.  Go ahead.”  Mark replied.  I took off my backpack and rummaged for a blanket or something, but to my disappointment I found I had forgotten about it.
“Here”  Mark said behind me.  I turned around to see he had made his bed, and had put a few pillows and blankets on a couch which he had apparently dragged into his room at one point.  “You can take my bed, I’ll stay on the couch.”  He said.  I smiled and stood up.
“Thank you Mark, but I’d feel bad if I took your bed.  I’ll take the couch.”
“Are you sure?”  Mark asked.  I nodded.
“Yes, I’ll be alright.”  I said.
“Are you positive?  I am completely ok with taking the couch.”  He insisted.
“Really Mark, it’s ok.”  I said.
“Alright, alright.”  He said, sitting down on his bed.  I sighed, walking over to the couch and also taking a seat.
“Well, before I forget to say it at all, even though we’re in mortal danger; or I am at least, and even though my parents are going to kill me when they find out about this… I just want you to know that it’s an honor to finally meet you, Mark.  The real you.”  I said.  He smiled a bit.
“Glad you think so.  I thought after Creepyplier ruined my reputation I’d lost everyone.”  He said.  “Nice to know I still have at least one loyal fan.”  I also smiled a bit, laying back onto the couch.
“There’s always some of us still around, Mark.  I’m just the one that was crazy enough to actually come here and track you down.”  I said.
“I’m sorry you’re stuck here.” I heard him lay down on his bed.
“Well, at least I know I’m not crazy.  And besides, I get to play games with Markiplier.  I think that kind of balances everything out.”  I laughed a bit.  There was a small pause as the lights grew dim.
“Goodnight, Leila.”
“Goodnight, Mark.”
:iconmikula-plz::iconsaysplz:We decided to be nice to you all and submit the second half of chapter two today instead of tomorrow!... Don't expect a double submission like this again anytime soon. :icondragondepressedplz: The picture we have is one I made while still contemplating whether or not to make the story. We decided to put this up there until we have some better pictures to put there instead.

For those of you who are upset as to why Rose is being so accusing of Mark, if you recall YouTube *banned* his account because Creepyplier ruined his reputation by becoming more vulgar and inappropriate. She wasn't aware of his video, so she still believed he was bad.


*Edit* New title idea provided by :iconfalljoydelux:.
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