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Narrator's POV...

Rose hiccuped as she closed her laptop. After trying and failing to rejoin the server, Yami had told her that it was up to Leila and Mark to defeat the dragon. She slid out of her seat, standing up a little shakily. Yami grabbed her laptop for her, paying for the drinks on his way to lead Rose to the exit. Stumbling a bit, Rose grabbed hold of the doorknob of the bar and shook it, eventually opening the door. It swung open faster than she was expecting, making her bump into a man that was standing on the other side. She slammed into him, almost making Yami drop her laptop in surprise. She huffed and looked up at the man, glaring slightly.
“Hey, watch wherrrrre you're goinnnnn!” She shouted at him, still a little tipsy. The man above her grinned, looking down at her through his glasses.
“My apologies.” Said the man, who immediately scanned her facial features and registered her as Leila's sister, Rose. Yami and Rose's eyes grew wide as they realized that they had just bumped into Creepyplier himself; and that he now knew her face. And if he knew her face,
So did all of the monsters that were outside the computer.

Leila's POV...

A brutal pounding against my skull woke me from my sleep. My eyelids were too heavy to lift, but I somehow managed to do so anyway. I pushed myself up from what was apparently Mark's bed, glancing over to see that Mark had collapsed on the floor. I sighed, sliding out of the bed and shuffling over to his side. I sat down next to him, rubbing my eyes as I tried to focus my vision.
“Mark.” I winced at the sound of my own voice, choosing to whisper rather than speak normally. “Mark, you need to get up.” I told him. He moaned tiredly, rolling over to lay face-up on the floor.
“What time is it?” he murmured. I glanced at the clock, taking a moment to comprehend what numbers were again.
“Err, about midnight.” I estimated. Mark groaned, grabbing hold of the corner of the bed to pull himself up to a sitting position. “Any idea where we're supposed to go now?” I asked him.
“Well, there's only one door left in the hallway; as far as I can remember, anyway.” he mumbled, rubbing the back of his head. “So I guess that's it.” I nodded, standing up slowly before having to stumble back onto the ground.
“Hangovers.” I grumbled. “One of the many reasons why I shall never drink when I get older.” I crawled to the wall and pulled myself up, staring down the door as I told myself that I was going to open it. Eventually I gave up, my body didn't want to move anywhere. 'Geez, what's good for hangovers?' I asked myself. “Coffee? But that's in the kitchen, and I have no idea where that is. Hmm, but what about...?' I let go of the wall and took a minute to stand up straight, adjusting my shirt before I spoke.
“Weapons shop.” I said aloud. Within seconds I was surrounded by several different kinds of weapons from around the world, only now a few of them said 'unlocked'. I gratefully grabbed my pocket knife after noticing that it was available. I must have leveled up after defeating the ender dragon. After some deeper observations, I realized that I was only up to level five. Sighing away the disappointment, I closed the weapons shop before realizing that I still hadn't solved the problem of our hangovers. I huffed, placing my hands on my hips as I tried to fight my migraine to think.
“Why not try a regular shop?” Mark asked. I looked up to find that he had made his way to the couch, and was now laying down in an effort to relax. I nodded at his suggestion, looking straight ahead again.
“Shop.” I called out. Nothing happened. I bit my lip, did I have to be more specific? “Item shop?” I declared with slightly less confidence than before. Thankfully, a new selection popped up, which contained several different choices of food, water, clothes, and other necessities. I grinned a bit, focusing my mind on trying to find what I was looking for. I tapped a list that appeared before me, and I was thrilled to find a sort of futuristic touch-screen mechanic to this new menu. Before long I was scrolling and organizing the shop to make it easier to find things in the future. Finally, I found some simple 'freshly made' black coffee. I took two cups and closed the inventory, walking over to Mark and handing him one of the cups.
“Well look at you, all futuristic with yer organizing and yer... yer scrolling and-” Mark began.
“Alright, that's enough Mark.” I interrupted, taking a gulp of my coffee. I recoiled in disgust and nearly dropped the cup, sticking my tongue out at the bitter taste. I wasn't a very big coffee drinker, and having straight-up black coffee was incredibly new for me. Mark laughed at my behavior, taking a swig of the drink himself. I huffed, picking up the coffee and reluctantly drinking some more.

It didn't take long for our hangovers to disappear thanks to videogame mechanics, and soon we were heading for the last door in the hallway. I took a deep breath as I stood before the door, closing my hand around the cold handle and slowly turning it before entering the room.

Silence. Darkness. No electronic lights, no wind noises, not even the gentle hum of a working program. Just complete and utter silence. I bit my lip with nervousness as I looked around. Judging from the tiled floors and randomly appearing blue circles, we were in the world's hardest game; but there wasn't any music at all. I looked up at Mark, who seemed equally confused on the matter.
“May- Whoa!” Mark interrupted himself when his voice echoed throughout the room at an incredibly loud volume. He covered his ears until the sound of his voice faded away, and I groaned frustratedly as I realized what had happened. We were in the World's hardest game alright; but with speech jammer.
“Yo-youuuu were say-say-sayyyingggg?” I tried to ask. Hearing your own voice echo back at you that loudly really messes up your speech pattern.
“Nevermi-min-mind!” Mark called back. Our voices grew louder as we spoke, as we were trying to overpower the echo. Unfortunately, that just made things worse. I covered my ears as my migraine threatened to return, but I then realized the easiest way to avoid the speech jammer. I tapped Mark on his shoulder to get his attention, then I simply shook my head while pointing at my mouth, signaling my message. Don't speak. Mark grinned and nodded, uncovering his ears as we walked as silently as we could to the edge of the green carpet. My head began to pound from my heartbeat; whether it was echoing or not, I couldn't tell. But I took in a huge breath as I lunged forwards and ran.

Immediately I was pummeled with the echoed sounds of footsteps, breathing, and heartbeats as I reached the first safe point. I covered my ears to blot out the chaos, but that only seemed to make it worse. Mark followed behind me, and his noises echoed too. I sighed, making a harsh wind noise blow against my ear. Even if we weren't talking, this noise was darn near close to unbearable. I made a face at Mark that said: 'this sucks'. He made a similar face in agreement. After waiting for the circles to leave, I once again charged forwards, reaching out for the golden coin that lay just inches in front of me.
A horrifyingly loud song echoed through the hallways, painfully blasting against my ears. I stopped short of the coin and felt the blue circles crash into my back. At once they reverted and I was forced backwards to where Mark was, but my phone was still ringing. I called out in pain, only adding to the noise as I desperately tried to pull out my phone.
“Make it sto-stop-stop!!” Mark shouted as I frantically answered the call.
“What?” I shouted into the receiver.
“Sorry!” My sister's voice echoed through the room; I didn't even have to hold it near me to hear her. “Did I come at a bad *gasp* time?” it sounded like she was running, so I hoped that she wouldn't talk for long.
“Spee—Speech—Speech jammer!” I told her, hoping that she would get the message and speak at least a little quieter.
“Well I guess that means you finished the dragon! Yay~! Oh, creepyplierknowsmyface,we'rerunningforourlives,andIhavenoweaponscauseIcouldn'tbringanyinthebar!” the rumble of her echoing voice drilled into my skull as I struggled to understand her words.
“That's great, now we-nowwee-now-nooowwww weeee haaaavvvvve tooooo beeeee wooorrryyyyinnnggg abouuu-about-about youuuu guyssss toooo!” I tried to speak slowly so I could hear myself, but it did little to help with the noise.
“Shaddaaaaap!!!” Mark shouted at me, covering his ears and kneeling down.
“Oh we'll be fine--” he voice cut off as I heard her fall. Growling monsters and Yami's unmistakable whine of fear replaced my sister's voice through the headphones.
“Beee carefuuullllll!” I called after her. “Sooorryyyyy, toooo louuuuuuuddd, Taaaaalkkkk laterrrrrr byeeeeeeeee!” I frantically hung up the phone and stuffed it back in my pocket, curling up in a corner until the sounds finally left. Creepyplier knew my sister's face now; they couldn't hide safely anymore. I wanted to talk to her, I wanted to be able to help her, but I couldn't. I closed my eyes tightly, scolding myself for hanging up so easily on her while she was in danger. I heard Mark walk up to me, pulling me back to the present time. I looked up to see him holding out a hand to help me stand.
“I kno-I know- I know you're worr-worry-worried, but I'm sure dab-tha-thra-” he huffed. “I'm suuuuure thaaaat youuuurrrr sissssterrrr willll beeeee allllriiiighttt.” he stuck out his tongue and panted for breath before chuckling and smiling at me. I smiled back, taking his hand and letting him lead me back to the golden coin. The sooner we defeated Creepyplier, the sooner the monsters would leave the real world and leave my sister (and Yami) alone. Mark ran forwards, stepping as lightly as he could as he approached the coin. When the blue circles passed him, he charged forwards and grabbed the coin, dodging the circles as they came back and barely reaching the next safepoint. I waited a moment and followed his lead, rushing as quickly and quietly as I could to him. I soon slid into place behind him, whipping back around in time to see him run ahead to get the next coin. I gasped, the floating circles were going to hit him before he could come back. I ran after him and dived, tackling him right as he grabbed the coin. We slid close to the green carpet, just a couple of feet away from freedom. I gasped, pulling Mark and leaning backwards as far as I could to the safety of the green carpet. Mark saw what I was doing and sat up, lunging for the green zone just before we were hit with the giant blue circles. The world disappeared around us, leaving us in darkness. All I was aware of was Mark sitting next to me.
“Well hat rage game lasted for a lot less time than I thought it would.” Mark noted.
“That's probably because besides the phone call; we knew that we didn't have to talk too much.” I reasoned. “Besides, we've leveled up after defeating that dragon; the games might not have to load up too much anymore before they're ready.”
“Still, I don't like how easy that was. It's supposed to be the world's hardest game.” Mark added, taking on a darker tone of voice.
“You complaining?” I asked.
“Not; it just seems reeeeealy fishy to me.” Mark insisted as the world around us came into view. My clothes began to feel very different, a bit heavier as well. I heard Mark stand up, his footsteps sounding a bit more solid; as if he had on a different pair of shoes than normal. I stood up a little unsteadily, and I was about to try and figure out what happened to me when I happened to glance at Mark. Instead of his usual Markiplier t-shirt and pants, he was now wearing traditional 18th century mens' clothing, complete with a walking cane and top hat.
“Whoa.” I murmured. “Mark.” he turned to face me and I saw he even had a fluffed-out ascot to match his clothing. I grinned at his appearance despite myself, he looked really cool. I then noticed that while I was admiring his clothing, Mark was looking me up and down; admiring my clothes, apparently.
“Whoa yourself.” he said suavely. I looked down to find that my clothes too, had changed into 18th century garb. Instead of pants, a t-shirt, and a jacket, I now had a long black and dark blue dress, a pair of fashionable boots, and a pair of long, black gloves made from silk. When I reached up, I found that my hair had apparently been changed as well, the curls slightly becoming more defined as it had been tied up and back, with only a single decorative comb holding it all in place. I coughed out a laugh, slowly lowering my hand and posing like a proper lady. I didn't even know it was possible to style my hair like that. Mark grinned widely as he took in his own clothing, removing his hat for a moment to bow to me. His hair was slicked back, I could see, and it gave him the appearance of a proper gentleman.
“Milady.” He greeted me. I huffed playfully at him, looking around to try and identify exactly which game we were in.
“I don't recognize anything.” I stated. “Do you?” Mark stood back up and also looked around. Below us was damp dirt that hadn't quite turned into mud yet, but still threatened to leave stains in our clothing. The grass moved in a solid motion, and the wind howled through the empty houses as though lonesome for company.
“If I have to guess, I'd say Amnesia.” Mark told me. “Probably punishment for winning so quickly at the rage game...” He mused. I nodded,
“But we're still good. You've played all the official Amnesia games, right?” I asked him. “So we're good, right?”
“Yeah, I've played the games before. I don't remember the first official one very well though. I should think you'd remember what's in it, Miss 'I downloaded all your videos before they got deleted'?” Mark queried in response. “You said you've seen my channel; I'd assume you've seen all my videos before Creepyplier, right?” I looked down and kicked a dry leaf that passed between Mark and myself.
“Not exactly.” I admitted. “When Rose first showed me your channel, she told me not to watch you when you first played Amnesia, because you apparently cursed a lot when you started out. I would have watched it later, but her words kind of stuck.” I shrugged. “I forgot about it and so never watched it. I mean, I read up on the monsters before, but I never actually watched you play the official game.” Mark huffed,
“And here I trusted you!” he said dramatically. I gave him a criticizing look before he smiled and waved a hand nonchalantly. “Ah, it's alright. I'm pretty sure I remember enough about the story to explain it to you. Now, do you at least know why it's called Amnesia?” I raised my eyebrows in surprise,
“There's a reason?” I counter-questioned. Mark sighed, covering his face with a hand.
“This may take longer than I thought.” he declared.

End chapter 19~! ^.^
Yay! Finally another chapter. We're afraid we won't be able to submit anything for a while. Our lives sort-of passed us and now we have to play catch-up. We'll still be on from time to time but things like writing and artwork are going to be a bit low on the priority lists until we get our lives straightened out. Sorry :cry:
Anyway, we hope you enjoy this chapter!

:iconmikuplz: + :iconroseandherthorns::iconsaysplz: We'll see you in the next chapter!!

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Traditional 18th century clothing? It still could be "Betrayal at House on the Hill" :D It's board game Mark played with Game Grumps.
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