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As we waited for Rose to come online, we decided to divvy up the supplies into three different chests, so we could just grab and go. We each had plenty of food, Rose could use the Arrows while Mark and I used the swords. The only problem was the armor. Although it was all diamond, we only had two full sets of armor. The last one was missing the chest piece. I shrugged and made one of iron, putting it in the chest with Rose’s supplies. If she died in hardcore she would still be alright; but there would be no telling what would happen to Mark and myself. I closed the final chest and held up the remaining pieces of steak, glancing at Mark. While it was nice that he was sober; we both needed to be at full health if we wanted to defeat the dragon. I sighed, walking over and tossing him the cooked steak.

“Here, eat.” I said with a small smile, walking out to wait for my sister. I closed the door behind me and braced myself for the oncoming chaos that was drunken Mark. The door opened and I could sense him standing behind me.

“For the record, I am sorry for whatever I do or say while I’m drunk.” He told me. I shrugged,

“It’s who you are.” I said, lightly hitting his leg. “Now come on, my sister should be here soon. At least one of us has to be sane when you’re both drunk.” Mark chuckled,

“You call yourself sane?” He asked, ruffling my hair. I huffed, whacking the air above me in an attempt to swat his hands away.

“More than you are.” I told him. He laughed and went back inside, I could tell that he was eating the steak now.

*n00by-n00b1 has entered the game*

I stood up as the door creaked closed behind me, and I watched as my sister came back from the cave a little clumsily.

“Yesh!” I heard her shout in a tone I had never before heard nor ever expected to hear from her. “I’mmmm in the gammme!” ‘Oh, great Nintendo 64, what has happened to my sister?’

“Hey, Rose!” I called down to my sister, waving my arms about. “Come up here, we need to give you your supplies before we find the temple!”

“Coming!!!!” She called. “As soon as I figureouthowtowalk—Yami! How do I walk again~?” I sighed, shaking my head.

“She doesn’t know how to walk??” Mark shout-asked from inside. “What is she, two?”

“Don’t insult my sister, Mark. If you have full health that means I can hit you now.” I threatened.

“I heard that Mmmmark! I put an arrrrow in creepy, I cannn put an arrrrow in you! And I’llll laugh about it too…” My sister called as her character slowly made her way to the treehouse. I chuckled and went back inside, brushing aside Mark to open the chest. Although we had not yet found a temple, I had a feeling that it was close. While Rose and Yami left to find alcohol, Mark and I killed some Enderman and used what little blaze powder Mark had gotten to make ender eyes; which would lead us to the temple. We had seven extras, provided that we needed to fill all of the slots in the portal; which I could only hope would be enough. I gathered the items and placed them appropriately in my inventory, motioning for Mark to do the same. Meanwhile, Rose finally made it up the steps, and had entered the treehouse.

“Welcome to the *innuendo* of *innuendo*~!” Mark greeted. I raised my sword and hit him with the flat end of it, pretending that it was an accident as I walked to my sister.

“Hey Rose; your items are in the chest. Go ahead and equip them.” I told her.

“Okey-doke sis.” She replied with a nod. She walked over to her chest and looked in.

“Now what you want to do is—” Came the muffled voice of Yamimash before he was interrupted.

“I got thish. Mawy voice mmay be shlurred but I’mmm not hopelessh.” Rose said a little annoyed. She equipped her stuff pretty quickly and turned back to us. “So…which way?”

“Outside, preferably somewhere high.” I said, pointing upwards. “And do me a favor you two, please? Don’t fall down.” They both saluted goofily, and I sighed as I led them onto the roof and over to a nearby treetop. I took the first of the seven ender eyes, and I raised it up high. “Are we ready?” I asked them.

“Readys~.” My sister said.

“Prepared to kick some a**.” Mark reported. I smiled a bit and turned my attention back to the ender eye. It felt so strange in my hand, like a gooey ball of sludge with a hard center. I felt that for sure, by now it should have fallen into gooey bits on the floor; but it had not. It seemed to be constantly melting; yet had a strange aura in the center that was almost hypnotic. I curled my arm inwards, summoning as much strength as I could before I tossed it like a Frisbee into the skies. Like a rocket, it soared out of my hands, leaving a purple mist behind it that let us know where it was going. Eastward it went, showing exactly where we needed to head to find the temple. It stayed in the air for several minutes, and I thought for sure that it would explode, but thankfully it simply dropped to the ground, its power fading for a minute before it slowly recovered.

“Well then; you saw the eye.” I said to the duo behind me. “Let’s go find the temple.”

For the next few hours (minecraft life) we traveled far across the land; enduring blistering cold and violent drunk outbursts that lasted a long time. But finally, at the break of the next dawn, we reached the temple portal. Thankfully, Mark was smart enough to dig a stairway leading away from the portal so that Rose would not walk into the lava below. Over the course of the trip we had used more ender eyes than I had hoped; but thankfully a few of the slots were already filled in, and we were left with just a little over the necessary amount to open the portal.

“Wow~.” My sister said in awe. “I’d whistle if my mouht was workinnnn… is anyonnnnne else feelinnnnn sleepy?” I sighed, watching as Mark closed up the hole above us so we wouldn’t be disturbed by falling monsters.

“Alright; fine. Drunk people can sleep, I’ll stay awake in case any monsters come up.” I said.

“I’mmmm not about to fall asleep nowwww; we gotta finishhh thissss.” My sister said.

“But you just said you were sleepy.” I told her.

“Well I don’t wanna wake up with a hangover!” she said. I sighed,

“I meant go to sleep in minecraft.” I told her.

“That won’t help me out here!” She said.

“Yami, you have a one-time-only offer to wake my sister up in whatever way is necessary.” I said while pulling mark away from the lava so he wouldn’t let it spread everywhere. “Usually I would do it but I’m not there right now. One time offer, take it or leave it.”

“You dzooo I’ll killllll you. Letttt’s just continnnnue with the dummmmb game.” Rose said. I nodded,

“Alrighty then, you go first.” I said, shoving my sister’s avatar into the portal. Mark jumped in behind her, and I nose-dived after them.

“Whoooooooah. I cannn’t see the bottommmm!” I heard my sister say, her character crouching while looking over the edge. I gasped and pulled her back towards the center of the obsidian platform we were on, looking up to see the ender dragon looming overhead. I gulped, pulling Mark to me as well to form a makeshift huddle.

“Do you all have your pumpkin heads?” I asked.

“You’ve asked us that a hundred times.” Mark told me, holding his. I nodded,

“Well put them on, it’s your only safeguard against the Enderman.” I said.

“I know that, *curse* I know what’s best!” Mark shouted. I sighed,

“That was mostly for my sister’s benefit, Mark.” I said, putting my own helmet on.

“So after we put on these rediculoush pumpkinsh what happens then?” My sister asked.

“We make a walkway to the land of the end, where you try and hit those shiny things on top of those tall pillars.” I explained, hoping that even though my sister was drunk and playing a videogame; she would still be a good shot. “Make sure you this them all, ok? In the meantime, Mark and I will try to lure the Dragon away from you. After you destroy all of the healing statues, that’s when Mark and I can attack.”

“Sounds simple enough.” My sister. “Hold on for one second whillle I finish my last… margarita…” a pause as she was no doubt downing the drink. “Alrighty! Ready to *hic* go!” I glanced at Mark, who had just finished making the strangest walkway I had ever seen.

“I have a sick drunkard and a violent drunkard on my team to fight the Ender dragon; something that I have only been able to do in creative mode.” I mumbled. “What can go wrong?”

Narrator’s POV…

“This is harder than it looks!..... thearrowwon’tgofarenough…. Toohigh… AAH! YOUGUYSARESUPPOSEDTOKEEPTHATTHINGAWAYFROMMEH!... pumpkinheads….” Rose was spouting nonsense as she mashed buttons on the keyboard, her gaze somewhere between drunk and focused. Yami could only watch as she freaked out nearly everyone else in the shop, making most people who turned to look leave; even if she was mostly quiet, she still had her share of outbursts. Mark and Leila meanwhile, were trying to climb atop the pillars in a rather unique way. Instead of using ladders, as one would usually try; because their version of minecraft was different, they were allowed to actually climb each other to reach the top. Something that was actually simpler than it sounded. Neither one was very comfortable with it; but it was better than being knocked down from missing ladders. Eventually reaching the top, Mark and Leila prepared themselves to hit the dragon as Rose eliminated all but two of the healing crystals; having been able to use a good amount of them to deal damage to the dragon. Leila was in awe as the creature passed by them. She could see each individual scale, glistening even without any significant light source. Mark on the other hand just wanted to see it explode.

Despite Mark and Leila’s best efforts, the dragon still attacked Rose on occasion, and her character was almost dead. She had tried eating food to regain her health faster; but she was full, and the dragon just kept on attacking her. With only a few arrows left in her bag, she finally managed to hit the last one. The dragon roared as it its health bar was now halfway low; and it began to head straight for Rose.

“All yourssss guys!” Rose called before the dragon headbutted her.

*n00by-noob1 fell out of the world.*

Leila grimaced, glaring at the dragon as it roared. She flipped the sword in her hands as she readied herself to attack it. The dragon turned around to fly towards them, and she backed away to the very edge of the pillar.

“Leila?” Mark asked.

“Don’t wait up.” She told him, running across the pillar to jump on top of the dragon, slamming her sword between the scales on its forehead. The dragon roared, swinging its head to and fro in an attempt to jostle her off of it; but she held firm to my sword, digging it deeper and deeper into its skull and watching as it continued to lose health. Mark grinned, shouting a fighting/gleeful cry as he too jumped on top of the dragon; only he landed on its back. The dragon began to spin out of control as its health dropped lower and lower. Its screech nearly deafened Leila, but she didn’t care as she lifted her sword out of its head. Mark, sitting behind her, saw her do this; and he did the same with his sword. Looking up, the duo saw that it only had a few hit points left. Leila then grinned, standing up and letting herself fall backwards.

She quickly turned around and grabbed hold of Mark, pulling him off the Dragon so they fell to the ground. Leila let go of Mark temporarily and turned around, throwing her sword towards the dragon's sleek underbelly. She then flipped back around and reached for Mark, barely managing to grab hold of him before they both slammed onto the rock below. The sword, meanwhile, found its target and successfully depleted the dragon's remaining health, sending it up into the sky as it exploded. In a downpour of glittering experience points, the portal appeared on the ground, surrounding a single ender dragon egg.

Mark shook his head, trying to fight off the headache as he glanced at Leila's and his health meters. Leila, who was knocked out, had half of a heart left, and he had one full heart. Sighing, he slid out of Leila's grasp and carefully picked her up, carrying her to the portal and hence the experience points. The points added up to land Leila at level 5, and Mark gently tossed her inside the portal first before jumping inside himself.

Head pounding, muscles aching, Mark tiredly carried Leila into his bedroom; slamming the door shut behind him before immediately regretting that decision. His ears now ringing painfully, he dropped her onto his bed and began to drag his feet to the couch when he fell to the ground; fast asleep. His last fleeting thought before passing out was of the hangovers that would no doubt appear the next morning.

End Chapter 18~! ^.^
So sorry for the long wait!!! Please enjoy the chapter ^_^

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