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Rose's POV...

“****!!  You've got to be ******** kidding me!”  Yami's voice woke me up at six in the morning.  I sighed, rubbing my eyes tiredly as I forced myself to sit up.
“Could you not be a potty mouth this early in the morning?”  I asked him sleepily.  Yami let out an exasperated huff,
“Sorry Rose, but Creepyplier's banned me from the Minecraft server, I can't connect.”  He told me.
“What?  Come on, I thought we were supposed to work together on this stuff!”  I said, my eyes wide with shock as I looked over his shoulder to his computer.
“We are, but I can't even make a new character at this point.  Unless you can unban me, it looks like you will have to help them out yourself.”  'like my life wasn't complicated enough.'
“Alright, I'll try to log in now.”  I said, stifling a yawn as I booted up my laptop.  I grabbed a cup of coffee Yami made me and chugged it down, logging in as quickly as I could.
*n00by-n00b1 has entered the game*
it was late in the afternoon inside of Minecraft, and I couldn't see Mark or Leila anywhere.
“Um...  Guys?”  I called out.
'They're in a cave not too far from there.”  Yami told me, slurping some red bull.
“Alright, just um... which way?  And can you explain to me exactly how this happened?”  I asked him.  As I made my way to the cave, Yami told me that Bob and Wade had entered their session somehow; although they were more like Creepyplier than themselves.  After Yami saved them, he managed to give them creative mode for a while before Creepyplier banned him and turned it off.  By the time he was done explaining, I had found Mark and Leila sprawled out on the cave floor rather unceremoniously; both were fast asleep.  Their mouths were open, their hair was disheveled, Mark's tongue was out, and Leila kept twitching.  Chuckling quietly, I walked over and gave them a good hard kick in the side to wake them up.
“I'm innocent!”  Leila shouted.
“NO THANK YOU!”  Mark called out.
“So what did I miss?”  I asked them, still chuckling at their reactions.  Leila coughed and ran a hand over her hair in a futile attempt to fix it.
“Um...  I think we passed out after the fight.”  she said.
“You can say that again.  But my glasses are still broken.”  Mark added.
“Well I'm sure we can find you some new ones, but for now--”  my screen suddenly decided to freeze in the middle of my typing, and I saw that I had been kicked from the game.
*n00by-n00b1 has been kicked from the game on account of not being intoxicated*
The screen read.
“OH, you are kidding me!”  I shouted at the screen.
“What, what is it?”  Yami asked, running over to look at my screen with a mouth half-full with cereal.  I mumbled a quiet response as I stubbornly re-entered the game.
“Oh yeah, I guess since this is drunk Minecraft even you have to be drunk.”  Leila said.  “Too bad you don't drink, huh Rose?”
“Last I checked, neither did you.'  I told her.  Mark laughed, his hair still a mess.
“You should have seen her this morning then.  She was--”  Mark was interrupted by my sister sucker-punching him in the gut.  His health bar went down for a heart, but because he was hungry, it didn't go back up.
“What, was it like the time you had too much cough syrup?”  I asked, my avatar starting to glitch.
“Welllll onnnnly iffffff shhheeee wassss talkinnnn leikkk thithhhhhh.”  Mark said to me,  mimicking a rather clumsy and slurring drunk person.
“I wasn't that bad...”  Leila defended herself.  Mark began to laugh again before I was once again kicked out.
*n00by-n00b1 has been kicked from the game, and if she wishes to continue playing; she must be intoxicated.  Otherwise she'll be playing with the full drunk Minecraft crew.*
“You've got to be kidding me!  Creepyplier, I know you can hear me; forget about this whole drunk stuff and let me back in!”  I shouted into the microphone.
“You know, you can just get drunk.  It's not that hard, really.”  Yamimash told me.
“Let me go through the many things wrong with that sentence.”  I said to him.  “One, I've never been drunk.  I do not drink because I do not like the taste of alcohol; so I have no clue how I would act if I was intoxicated.  Two, if I were to get drunk, that would mean that my mind would not be working correctly, and I would be just fine about it because I would not be able to comprehend the danger.  And three, it's like going on seven in the morning!  Who buys alcohol at seven in the morning!?”
“People who don't want their friends to get hurt while they're trapped in a computer system.”  Yamimash told me.
“We're waiting for your answer~.”  Creepyplier cooed through the speakers.  I growled,
“FINE!”  I shouted, slamming the laptop closed.  “YAMI, WE'RE GOING OUT.”
“Yes!”  Yami cheered, also closing his laptop as he grabbed his coat.  “After all the madness with the monsters I could use a drink.”
“No, you're not drinking.  One of us needs to be able to have moderate brain functions.”  I told him.  Yami frowned as we left the building, carrying our laptops outside with us.

*timeskip to bar with wi-fi*

At the bar (which thankfully had wi-fi), Yami and I sat at a table in the back and set up our computers.
“So you mean you've never been drunk before, at all?”  Yami asked, the surprise in his voice quite clear.
“How is that surprising?”  I asked.
“Well you're at least, what...  25?”  he said.
“I'm 22.”  I said calmly.  “And I just never felt the need to drink.”
“Well do you even know what kind of drink you are going to get?”
“Um...  I don't suppose they have mimosa's here...?  I had a sip of that once and it was ok...”  I mumbled.  Yami sighed and face-palmed, laughing a bit.
“You'd have to drink at least five of those before you get so much as a buzz.”  he told me.  He shook his head and turned to the bartender.  “Get her a margarita.”  he called, pointing to me.  The bartender nodded and began mixing the drink.  I sighed and leaned back in the chair; Creepyplier wouldn't let me into the game until I had at least started drinking.  I put on the special glasses and looked around the room, trying to count exactly how many monsters there were.
“Yami.  I need you to put on your glasses and look behind me.”  I whispered to him.  “I don't want to turn around and attract attention.”  Yami huffed but nodded, sliding his on as well.  He glanced around, and eventually looked at me.  I saw his eyes trail up towards the roof, slowly dilating.  He gulped, and he took off the glasses.  “Well?”  I asked.
“Heh, nope!  You're all good!”  he mumbled.  “Just uh...  Don't... Move too quickly.”
“Well that sure is comforting...” I mumbled sarcastically. “How long do you think before the major creep himself comes here?”

New POV...

Not long, Rose.  Not long at all. I thought with a grin.

Narrator's POV...

A few drinks later, Yamimash discovered exactly how much of a lightweight Rose was.  Not only had she never been intoxicated before, she had rarely if ever had any kind of alcohol, so the experience was quite new to her.
“You knows, once i'mmm pasth the whole alchoahal tasthe, thish ish pretty yummy~ hehe.” She said with a slight hum in her speech pattern.
“I think you're more than drunk enough to play the game now, Rose.” Yamimash said with a sigh. He received a sharp blow to the head.
“Mawy name ish not Rose! It's Reyna! I am a Queeen!” She half-yelled glaring at him as best as she could.
“Okay, your majesty, are you going to help your sister or not?” He received yet another blow to the head.
“You are a dummy-head.” She then grabbed his shirt and pulled him close.  “Creepy doeshn't know mawy face. So stahp saying mawy name!” her drunken face still held a bit of seriousness despite all outward appearances.
“Huh... I guess there is still some hope for our survival yet.” Yamimash said with a small smile. Rose rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.
“Whatevers. Jusht pull up ze game, pwease.” she raised her glass in the air. “YO bartenders! Another!”

Leila's POV...

As I picked up the last pumpkin from the batch that we would need, a sudden chill went down my spine.
“What's wrong?”  Mark asked, his hair still unfixed.  I would have mentioned it to him, but it looked cute that way.  Not that I'd tell him that, but whatever.
“I felt a disturbance in the force.”  I said.
Sorry for the chapter being so short.  We've been distracted for a while and are now trying to get our groove back.

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