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Leila's POV...

I flung my sword backwards, releasing the bond and freeing the swords.  Wade and Bob let go of Mark, tossing him against the cave wall and slowly approaching me.  We walked around in circles for a while, as if daring me to make the first move.  I was just trying to get around to stand in front of Mark.
               “So what’s the deal with you guys?”  I asked them.  “Creepyplier hired you?”
               “Sort of.  Bob and I went to check on Mark-ark-ark-ark after Creepyplier took over.”  Wade said, his teeth slowly sharpening.
               “But he didn’t want that.  Tried to trap us in the computer-er-er-er.”  Bob said, still using that annoyingly high voice.
               “But I’m just fine.”  I said, slowly feeling worried for myself.  “How come you’re…”
               “Like him?” Wade finished for me as I finally got in front of Mark.  “Well, let me put it this way.  You aren’t exactly born with the ability to transfer human bodies and minds into a computer.  It takes a little…”  the duo glitched, no doubt an alternative for their speech repeating, but it did well to emphasize Wade’s point.  “Practice.”
               “So you two are corrupted.”  I said, glancing back and finding that Mark had lost two hearts from the impact with the wall.  ‘They’re strong.’  I realized.
               “You could say that.”  Bob agreed.  “We’re more like Creepyplier than ourselves now.”  I huffed out a long breath.
               “Right.”  I said before bending over and lunging forwards.  I tried to dive between Wade and Bob to slice their legs,  but they stopped me with their swords.  I jumped up and backwards, surprised at how fast I had reacted.  I landed a little unsteadily on the edge of a block, but I slid down and kept my sword pointed at...  Bob?
               “Something the ma-a-a-a-atter?”  Bob asked irritatingly as I looked around.
               “Where is Wade, you SpongeBob wannabe?”  I growled, glaring at him.
               “Someone call me?”  Wade asked from above me.  I looked up just in time to see that he had started to pour a bucked of lava down to me.  Glad that lava took a while to fall in Minecraft, I jumped to the side right before it landed in the squares I was just in.  Light poured into the room as I felt my face grow hot.  Mark was luckily smart enough even in his drunken state to know that now would be a good time to panic.  He was currently charging through the hallway to the exit of the cave.  I ran after him, but I was stopped by Bob grabbing my leg.  I cried out in pain as I fell over, my sword flying forwards and hitting Mark in his back.
               “Moldy mozzarella sticks.”  I mumbled angrily as the last I saw of Mark was him falling down with a sword in his back.  I could barely make out the handle sticking out of the ground before I turned to kick Bob in the face.  He let go of my leg after a few more hits, and I quickly equipped the spare stone sword I had.  I only hoped I wouldn’t lose this one.  Wade jumped down from the ledge, easily avoiding the lava pit that was now along the ground.  As he walked to me, he let his sword drag along the ground, creating small lines where diamond his stone.  I held my sword in front of me as tightly as I could with my sweating palms; as if such an action would be enough to save my life.
               “Just leave us alone.”  I insisted to them, my voice shaking despite my best efforts.  “Whatever Mark has done to you he is sorry; aren’t you, Mark?”  I called, looking back to where I last saw him.  To my surprise, I couldn’t even see the handle of the sword anymore.  Wade stuck out an ear, his face showing that he was clearly mocking my attempts at diplomacy.
               “I don’t hear anything-ing-ing-ing.”  Wade said.  The duo stopped walking and held up their swords, letting them twirl in their hands,  the next thing I knew, they were lunging forwards at the same time, holding them out towards me.  I gasped and ducked, barely managing to keep my head and body connected.  I whirled around and sliced their backs, only creating small lines of blood through their shirts.  Unfortunately, my sword decided to slide out of my hands; no doubt a result of my nervous perspiration.  I gulped and backed up as they turned around, with Bob deciding to take the lead this time.
               “You shouldn’t have done that, Lei-ei-ei-ei-eila.”  He said.  I bent backwards as he readied his blow, reaching desperately for my sword.  I heard the whoosh of wind as the sword was swung, but to my shock; the blow was blocked by Mark.
               “Her name is Leila, you *******.”  Mark said to him, holding out the stone sword that was previously in his back.  I took a few breaths and reached for my sword, holding firmly.   Mark threw Bob’s sword out of the way, making him walk back to stand in front of Wade.  I stood to stand beside Mark, and I wielded my sword next to him.
               “Sobered up, I’m guessing?”  I asked him.
               “Yep.  Your sword sure did the trick.  I’d thank you, but that hurt!”  He said.  I couldn’t help but smile at his words.  “So.  I’ll take Bob, you get Wade?”
               “Works for me.”  I agreed.  True to our word, we swerved around each other and charged our new opponents.  Wade didn’t bother to act surprised, even yawning as I swung my sword at him.  He used his own weapon to block the attack, and the next one, and all attacks I did after that.  Never losing my determination, I tried to slice at several different points of his body, twisting and turning around several times.  Wade started out calmly, but soon found he had to focus and use both hands when fighting me.  I ran up the wall during a small space of time I had, and I tried to slice at his head.  He ducked and aimed his sword where my legs would be in a manner of seconds.  I twirled around in mid-air when I saw where he was heading, and I barely managed to save my leg; but ending up with a sliced foot.  I lost two and a half hearts, and I made a mental note to be more cautious.  I glanced at Mark on occasion, but it seemed that he and Bob were pretty evenly matched.  I eventually found myself fighting Wade in front of the lava pool.  With a grin, I realized that I would be able to push him into the lava.  I began putting more power than accuracy into my attacks, successfully pushing him closer to the pool inch by inch.  After a few more slices, I found that our swords had become caught, and we were now pushing against each other.  I struggled to get him into the pool, and for a while it seemed like we would be at an eternal standstill.
At least I thought that, until I found that Wade was flashing red.  I nearly eased up when I figured out that he was taking damage.  His health bar got lower and lower, and I began to think that I had won.
*LordMinion777 has set his gamemode to creative*
I gasped as his health bar disappeared, leaving a grinning Wade.  I gulped and jumped back as Wade began to fly.
*Yamimash has set LordMinion777’s gamemode to survival*
The look on Wade’s face was priceless as he plummeted to the ground, landing in the lava and successfully killing him.
*LordMinion777 tried to swim in Lava*
I grinned as I glanced at Mark and Bob, who were still in the middle of a heated battle.  However, when they read what happened to Wade, Bob stopped in his tracks.
               “No, wait!”  He cried.
* Muyskerm fell out of the world.*
*Ouch, that looked like it hurt*
I laughed with relief and exhaustion as I fell back onto the stone floor.
               “Thank you, Yami.”  I said tiredly.  I crawled over to Mark and sat next to him as we both tried to calm down.
               “Well.”  He eventually said.  “This has been a fun day, wouldn’t you say?”  I laughed half-heartedly and plopped backwards.
               “Well it’s been exhausting; I’ll give it that.  But now I’m worried.  Are your friends alright?  I mean I know Yami kind of killed them in a way, but…”  I trailed off.  Mark sighed, taking off his glasses to rub his eyes.
               “I don’t know.  I guess in a way they’re gone,  but I feel like the fight ended too quickly for that to be true.”  He told me.  I nodded, too tired to move or even care when Mark laid down next to me.
*Well this will sure be a story to tell Rose when she wakes up.*
Yami’s words appeared above us,  and I read them with a grin.
               “Hey, Yami.  Thanks for saving us back there.”  I said.  “Say, what time is it over there, anyway?”
*Three in the morning.  I had a nagging feeling that something was going on; so I came over to check.*
I chuckled, glancing over to see that Mark’s glasses were slightly broken.  I frowned, maybe they were only broken because of his low health.
               “Hey Yami, do you think you can switch the gamemode to survival for us?”  I asked.
*I can do better than that.*
*Yamimash has set the gamemode to creative*
I grew excited and sat up, reaching into my pockets eagerly and focusing on weapons and armor.  I wanted to get as many of the items out as quickly I could; I couldn’t wait to get out of Minecraft.  I quickly began to throw the diamond items out of my hammerspace/inventory, where Mark quickly picked them up and organized them.
*Sheesh, calm down you guys.  You act like I’m not going to keep it like--*
*Creepyplier has set the inventory to survival*
*Yamimash was banned from the game*
I managed to get out one last enchanted bow to go with the hundreds of arrows I had flung out before the items stopped coming.  I grumbled nonsense angrily and stomped my foot on the ground, tossing Mark the last weapon.
*That was a warning.  Watch yourselves; as I AM watching.*
The words from Creepyplier only made me angrier.  I kicked the cave wall angrily before helping Mark carry the items I did manage to get out.  Yami couldn’t help us anymore, and Rose barely understood Minecraft as it is.  It was going to be incredibly hard to get out now.

End Chapter 16~! ^.^
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