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Leila's POV...

As sunlight poured through the window, a signal in the back of my brain told me that I needed to wake up.  I moaned sleepily, not wanting to listen as I snuggled my face into my pillow.  I had one hand around the back of my pillow, and one on top next to my face.  My mind insisted that I awaken, and I heard the sounds of zombies and skeletons dying in the rays of the sun.  I pouted and gripped the cover of the pillow tightly; trying to keep my eyes shut as I curled my toes and began to pull my knees in close.  But as I moved, I became aware of a strange weight on my back.  As my body slowly came to recognize the foreign item, I realized that it stretched from on top of my left shoulder down and over my body to end in front of my stomach.  I took a deep breath and opened my eyes, suddenly feeling very woozy as I did so.  The hand at the end of what I finally recognized to be an arm started to move; and I realized that this whole time I must have been resting my head on Mark’s chest.  I called out in a way that was rather un-ladylike, and I tried to sit up as quickly as I could.  As I turned to look, I saw that it was indeed Mark that I was laying on; and that he was fast asleep still.  I quickly let go of his shirt, which I had mistaken for a pillow cover, and I began to try and heave myself out of the bed.

Much to my dismay however, I realized that I had forgotten that I was lined up with the wall.  I hit my head on the wooden planks that made up the wall, and I then ended up flipping backwards over the bed and leaning halfway over the side, hitting my head again on the floor.
“What happened?”  Mark asked, suddenly sitting up.  …  He looked really weird upside-down.  At least, I thought so at the time.  I can’t remember what happened very well, I was laughing too hard.


Mark looked down at Leila as she giggled her way to becoming red in the face, wondering what had happened yesterday.  He couldn’t remember a thing, but something kept telling him that he owed her an apology.  He knew that she had fallen asleep on top of him, as he hadn’t actually fallen asleep himself yet when she laid her head on his chest.  He was surprised at her actions, and was about to ask about it when he heard her begin to softly snore.   At the time, he had chuckled at how quickly she had passed out; and he hadn’t bothered to shove her off of him as she seemed to be comfortable, as was he.  
And despite Leila’s lingering idea that Mark might try to connect with her romantically or intimately; Mark did care about Leila, and saw her as a close friend; nothing more.  Sure it was fun to tease her sometimes, and to watch her reactions when he tried to hug her or something like that; but when push came to shove he knew to respect her boundaries.  He just wished he could help her be more open and carefree.
But this was not what he was expecting when he woke up that morning.  From what he could tell, it seemed that Leila had somehow become drunk overnight, while he himself had somehow recovered.  He didn’t have a hangover, miraculously; although he knew that he was very hungry.
Leila, meanwhile, had finally gotten all the way out of bed, but was having trouble standing up at the moment.  She was still giggling, and was having fun trying to steady herself as quickly as the room was moving.  She ended up tripping literally over her own feet, and she then went into a new fit of giggling.
“Leila, come on, stand up.”  Mark said to Leila, getting out of bed to try and help her stand.  She stopped giggling very suddenly and looked up at him, a curious gaze turning into a wobbly glare.
“Youuuu half no wright to tellll me what to do, mittthhhhhter.”  She slurred, standing up slowly with her knees shaking.  She pointed to him with two fingers, wondering why the room hadn’t stopped spinning.  “You  thhhhir, didddnnnnnt even think to gimme yuuur pillow.”
“That’s because I thought you were going to use your backpack again.”  Mark told her, still ready to catch her if and when she fell.  Her arm bend a bit as her face turned into one of confusion; as though the thought didn’t even occur to her.
“Wellll yuuuu’rrr ttthhhtill nawwtt the bawss of meh.”  She said to him.  Mark sighed, placing his hands on his hips.
“Fine then, stay on the floor.  I’ll just have to go find food without you.”  He said to her, walking over to a chest to search for a sword.  He didn’t find any weapons, but he decided to use a shovel instead.
“Wooowwzie.”  Leila said, slowly sitting up and leaning against the wall.  “You’vvve managed to thpeak five thenthhh…. Sententh…. Fer a lawt of tiem without curthing.”  Mark suddenly dropped the lid of the chest in surprise, making it close with a loud bang.  He turned around and stared at her as she hiccupped.
“What are you talking about?”  He asked.  Leila hiccupped again, slowly managing to look up at him.
“Youuuu werrr drunk yethterday.”  She told him.  “Youuuu werrr curthin up a *hic* thtorm.”  She pointed at him with three fingers.  “Nottt to menthion all the *hic* innnyer….  Inn… innnnn…”
“Innuendoes?”  Mark asked.  Leila nodded.
“Yeah, innuenders.”  She said, “And YOU THIRRR *hic* Owe meh a *hic* apaulogy.  Yewwww wouuundet meh, thir.”    She slapped her chest with the side of her hand before flopping it back down onto the ground.  Mark sighed, rubbing the back of his neck as he sat back down on his bed.  So that was what was eating at the back of his mind.  It was true that his mental filter did usually get turned off while he was drunk; but he didn’t think he was that bad.  At least, not as bad as Creepyplier was when he started making videos in Mark’s place.  He wondered how Leila managed to remain his fan then, when even this affected her and made her angry.
Leila meanwhile, was wondering why her tongue couldn’t reach her elbow when her eyes clearly told her it could.  She looked back at Mark, and noticed that he was staring at her.  Leaving her tongue out, she slowly stood up and leaned heavily on the wall.
“WHaaat’re Youuuu lookin attt?”  She slurred.  “AN WHY DOESS THIS ROOM KEEP MOOOOVINNN?!”  Mark chuckled a bit, standing up and walking to Leila.
“I’m sorry for whatever I did yesterday.”  He said to her.  “Whatever it was, I didn’t mean it; ok?”  Leila stared at him, struggling to keep her grip on the wall.
“Alright, fine.  *hic* I ferrrgivvv you.”  She said.
“Good.  Now while I have your attention, I’d like to ask you something.”  Mark said, carefully grabbing her arm to lead her back to the bed.  Leila didn’t protest, as she had refocused on her task of making her tongue reach her elbow.
“What izzz it?”  She murmured.
“You got really mad at me yesterday, right?”  He asked.
“Uh huh.”
“Well, I know that Creepyplier acted a lot worse than that for the past year.”
“So, if the kind of stuff from yesterday alone was enough to get to you…”  Mark let her sit down on the bed, and went to sit next to her.  “How did you manage to stay a fan for so long?”  Leila let her arm drop and put her tongue back in her mouth, turning to face Mark.
“Becauth aftrrrr my thistr told me how bad Youuuu got, I dethided I woudnnnnt wattch anyyy new videoth.  I only watchtt the newetht one becausss it thaid ‘halp’, and it lookttt short.”  She said to him.  “Now go get meh thum food.  I’mmmm hungreh.”  Mark stared at her for a minute, but chuckled and stood up, heading to the door.
“Now stay here, ok?  I’ll be right back.”  He called as he ran down the steps to the ground.  Leila didn’t respond, as she had fallen asleep.

Rose’s POV…

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…. *sleeping*

Narrator’s POV again!!! *yaay*

Mark re-entered the house, his inventory full of raw beef and apples.
“Leila, I’m back.”  He said, looking around the corner and expecting to find her still on the bed.  To his surprise however; he found her leaning out the window, her lower half still inside the building.
“Maaaaaark~!”  Leila called.  Mark ran over to her and grabbed her legs, trying to pull her inside.
“Leila, what are you doing?”  He asked her.
“Maaaark!”  She said.  “I want the roooose!”  Mark let go of her legs in surprise and looked over her through the window.  Sure enough, far below on the ground, there was a single rose blooming.
“Alright, I’ll get you the rose, just stay inside, ok?”  He said, walking to the oven and putting in the raw beef as she pulled herself inside.
“Uuuuuuugh.”  She sounded.  “Fiiiine.”  She flopped on the bed, turned towards the oven so she could tell when it was done.  Mark left her to grab the rose and keep her quiet.  As Mark went down the stairs, Leila eventually managed to eat a few pieces of steak despite her drunken state.  As she did so, her health bar slowly went back up; having depleted during the night due to her exhaustion.  Her head became clearer the more her health raised, and by the time it had completely replenished, she was no longer drunk.

Mark meanwhile, had just picked up the rose and began to wonder why they were in an earlier version of Minecraft.  He had long since updated to the latest version; which had gotten rid of Roses.  He walked back up the stairs and was relieved to see Leila looking far less drunk.

Leila’s POV…

While I do not recall very much of what happened during the beginning of the morning, I do recall that Mark had brought me a rose, which I had put in a vase to finish setting the table.  Why I thought I needed the rose, I may never know.  But it did inform us of something important.
“So you had an old hacked version which was only at 1.5.2.”  Mark said.  “And you’re saying that  unless Creepyplier downgraded the game to mess with us, we might be connected to your computer instead of mine?”  I nodded as I finished making the beds, Mark was about to eat his portion of the steak he had brought.
“There’s a chance; but I guess there’s no real way to know for sure.”  I told him.  “Also, I think that our health may relate somehow to our intoxication.”  I continued, not noticing that he had started eating as my back was turned to him.  “For instance; when we both woke up this morning I was intoxicated and you were sober.  During the night our health had depleted for some reason, I blame exhaustion, but I’m not entirely sure.  Anyway, after I ate, my health went back up; and I became sober again.  I’m guessing it’s the reverse with you.”
“Aaaand I’ll take that as a confirmation of my suspicions.”  I said as I glanced at Mark.  He was leaning back in his chair, his health fully replenished; and he was once again very, very drunk.  I sighed, walking over to the stove to take the last few pieces of charcoal.  I then turned them into torches while saving some sticks for weapons and tools.
“I’m going mining, you can stay here or you can come with.  I’m willing to tolerate your words if you promise to help.”  I said flat-out.
“*curse* please, Markiplier knows how to get *curse* done.”  Mark said, grabbing some extra food and walking up to the door to follow me.  I sighed and shook my head, this was going to be a long day.

I walked a few dozen squares away from the bottom of the stairs, and it was there that I began digging.  Much to my surprise, it didn’t take long for me to find a cave.  I yelped as I fell four squares down, watching as Mark went around the gaping hole and made a staircase to me.  My health came back, and I placed two torches where the exit was.  I nodded and looked around the cave, debating whether to go left or right.  Mark on the other hand, charged blindly ahead to the right hallway.  I sighed, running after him and taking frequent breaks so I didn’t grow hungry very quickly.  I caught up to Mark and found him hitting coal ore with his bare hands.  I tossed him a pickaxe and placed a torch next to him before walking ahead a bit.  I chose a nice-looking corner and put down a spare crafting table, mixing some stone I had gotten from the dig and some sticks to make a pair of stone swords.
*LordMinion777 jOiNeD tHe GaMe*
*Muyskerm jOiNeD tHe GaMe*
I looked around in confusion as two new people supposedly joined the game.
“EY!  It’s Bob and the Fail!”  Mark cheered, holding his hands high and dropping his items.
“Wait, you mean Bob and Wade?”  I asked, looking for them curiously in the darkness.  In truth, I only half believed Mark when he said it was Bob and Wade.  The words themselves said it was them; but the way the letters in the sentence glitched on occasion before fading away completely bothered me.  Something was definitely off.  And even it if was them, why would they come here?  Had Rose and Yami recruited them as a surprise?
“Hey-y-y-y Mark!”  Said an unfamiliar voice that seemed to echo eerily through the cave.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that the voice was repeating itself rather than echoing.  “Whe-e-e-ere are you, man?”
“Over here, Bob!”  Mark called, abandoning his items completely and running towards the sounds of his friends.
“Wait Mark!”  I shouted, turning around.  About halfway down the cave, Mark now stood between two minecraft avatars.  One of them looked like Dexter from Dexter’s laboratory, and the other wore a red long-sleeved sweater with a large black ‘W’ on the front.  I gulped, these people could only be Bob and Wade.  They both had diamond swords in their hands, and they held them up to Mark’s neck, trapping him.  I held my hands behind my back as the crafting table finished making the swords.
“You must be Lei-ei-ei-eila.”  Wade said.  “Creepyplier’s told us all ab-ab-ab-about you.”
“Ok first of all my name is Leila, not Leileieila.”  I said, grabbing the swords behind me as they popped out.  I quickly hid them in my inventory and slowly walked up to them.
“Stay where you a-a-are.”  Wade threatened, holding the sword a bit closer to him.  I huffed, rolling my eyes.
“Go ahead.  It’s not like it’s—”
*LordMinion777 has set the game difficulty to hardcore*
“Permanent…”  I finished quietly.  Bob and Wade grinned as Mark began to realize that these were not his friends.
“As you wish.”  Bob said in an annoyingly high voice.  I gasped as they took hold of Mark’s arms, raising their swords high to swipe at Mark.  I gasped, lunging forwards as I brandished my sword.  There was a chink of diamond hitting stone as the three swords connected, and the eyes of Bob and Wade turned red as they glared at me.

End Chapter 15~! ^.^
Uh Oh. What happened to Bob and Wade?!

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