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Rose’s POV…

We continued to hide in the bakery as Creepyplier walked past, crouching behind a stale batch of cakes.  He was further into the distance now, and he continued to walk away.
“Hey Rose?  Where’s my bag?”  I heard Yami ask.  I turned to him, looking around and not finding it anywhere near him.
“You lost it didn’t you?”  I deadpanned as he started to panic.
“I need my bag!  It has my passport, my clothes, my laptop—”  Yami began to complain loudly.
“Ok, ok; calm down!”  I whispered harshly, glancing back to where Creepyplier was.  He didn’t seem to hear us, so I sighed and turned back to Yami.  “Ok, we don’t have much time.  Let’s go back and retrace our steps; it’s sure to be on the ground somewhere.”  I told him, standing up slowly.  He also stood up and nodded, following me as we snuck out of the bakery back to the bus station.
We had to avoid several creepers along the way, but we eventually found his bag a few yards away from the station.  I sighed heavily, that took longer than expected.   But at least now we could go back to the safety of my home base.  We turned around and started heading back, but we barely got ten feet before facing yet another creeper.  I knocked my bow, preparing to fight as Yami hid behind me.  Right behind the first creeper came another, however; and another, and another.  My eyes widened as several creepers began to surround us, I didn’t have enough arrows for them all.  I put away my weapon and grabbed Yami’s arm, dragging him away as the creepers exploded.  A deafening crash met my ears, and I glanced behind me to see that the entire street had been completely destroyed.  I faced forward again and kept running, dodging all obstacles in my path.  Creepers kept popping up everywhere, and I even saw a few that were glowing blue.  Eventually I found a dark cave, and I quickly ducked inside to hide from the monsters.  I pulled Yami behind a rock and hid in front of him, looking out to the entrance of the cave.
“Are you insane!?  Creepers can see in the dark!!”  Yami whisper-shouted at me.  I shushed him and hid behind a wall of rock as the creeper walked past the entrance of the cave.  I held my breath as I listened for the soft hissing to disappear.  The seconds that passed felt like hours, but it eventually left.  I heaved a sigh of relief and nodded to Yami, and we were about to walk back out when we heard heavy footsteps, and the crunching of dead leaves.  I gasped and pulled Yami back to hide behind the wall.  I heard the footsteps start to echo as they passed the stone entrance of the cave.  Yami looked like he was about to shout, so I covered his mouth with my hand as I listened intently.
“You guys can come out now.”  I heard Mark’s voice echo through the cave.  ‘No, it’s not Mark.’  I reminded myself.  ‘It’s Creepyplier using Mark’s voice to make us come out.’  “Hey guys, I’m out now; come on.  I’ll take you to Leila.”  Yami stared at me, as if asking me why I didn’t obey.  I shook my head slowly, giving him an intense stare.  That wasn’t Mark.  
“I know you’re hiding.”  The voice at the entrance of the door became deeper, and had a bit of a growl to it now.  “If you come out now, I promise not to hurt your sister like I did with that PATHETIC Mark.”  Yami’s eyes screamed for me to come out, but I continued to shake my head.  ‘How dare he threaten my sister!!’ I mentally shouted.  I did want to go and give him a nice kick in the pants, but I knew that if I did, Leila could get hurt; or worse.
“Last chance, Rose.”  Creepyplier called out.  “Or I’ll keep your sister trapped in that computer as my own personal plaything.”  He chuckled.  “I wonder how many viruses one computer can handle…”  ‘Ooh, I want to STRANGLE him!’  I mentally groaned.  I tightened my grip on Yami unconsciously, causing him to bite my hand.  I gasped silently and turned back to Yami, mouthing a ‘sorry’ and loosening my grip.  We waited like this for a few more endless minutes, but eventually Creepyplier chuckled again.  “Have it your way then.  I hope your sister enjoys being a program with that worthless wretch Mark.”  With that Creepyplier walked away, and the sound of crunching leaves faded off into the distance.  I sighed and looked around the wall, watching as Creepyplier walked away.  His hands were in his back pockets, and he looked very proud of himself.  I sighed, his pose made him seem normal; almost exactly like Mark, in fact.  No wonder he lasted so long; even if he had been a jerk for the past year to everyone who followed Mark.  I glared at him, his pose provided a perfect target for one of my arrows to hit.  I knew it would endanger Leila and Mark, but I still wanted to knock back an arrow and hit him in the backside.  I’d show him the crazed butt stabber.  I sighed though, I knew I shouldn’t.  I walked away and hoped that Creepyplier was bluffing when he said he’d do to Leila what he did to Mark.  But a small sinking feeling in my gut told me that they were definitely in danger.  We’d better find a fast way to save them.

Leila’s POV…
*time skip to end of the game!*

Screaming, running, running and screaming.  These are the adventures of Mark and me; the girl known as Leila, as we tried to run away from the killer witch that was haunting the house.  No seriously, it was a heck of a lot of screaming and running, I am not even close to kidding.  My throat is hurting just thinking about it.  Anyway, we eventually managed to lock it inside the house; but we both knew that it was going to come back.  We walked away slowly, looking back with each step.  It didn’t follow.  I heaved a sigh of relief and turned to face forwards again, only to find that the monster was staring us in the face.  Panicking, I screamed and pulled out my dagger.  But Mark became a sudden bad a** and grabbed my arm, pulling me towards him and holding me close while he fired at the monster.  I paled and fought against him, but he didn’t let go until after the creature had let out its final dying cry and had stopped twitching.  I shoved myself off of Mark and turned away from him, crossing my arms as I continued walking.
“You’re welcome. Nya.”  He said dejectedly as he put his gun away.
“I could have gotten it on my own.”  I told him haughtily.
“You were screaming.  I highly doubt your fighting skills were at their highest.”  He said in his ‘I’m more pro than you’  voice.  I huffed, choosing to ignore him as we continued walking to the exit.  Mark hurried up to walk next to me, matching my pace.
“We need to work on your attitude problem if you ever want to get a guy.”  He told me.  I sighed,
“I thought I told you to get off my case about that.”  I said.  Mark raised a finger, pointing to the sky.
“Ah, but you later said that I could help you with it, Nya.  I believe your wording was: Ok, fine; whatever, go ahead.” He said.  I rolled my eyes and turned to glare at him.
“Would you believe I said that so you’d drop the subject?”  I asked him.
“Well, either way you said yes; so I’m just obeying our agreement.”  Mark insisted.  I grumbled nonsense and sped my pace.  ‘He’d better change back to normal once those cat ears are gone.’  I thought grumpily.

We exited the game, and I found myself back in my original clothes; and Mark’s cat ears and tail were gone.  I smiled a bit, FINALLY I was out of that dress.  But then I noticed our surroundings.  This wasn’t the hallway with the doors.  It was a large and empty room, with shiny metal seamlessly lining the walls.  I wandered around for a bit before I sensed another presence in the room.  I whipped around and found there were two Marks in the room.  I gasped and stepped backwards, what on earth was going on?!  One of the Marks strode over to stand beside me and stare at the other Mark.
“What are you doing here?”  He asked him.  The other mark grinned, and I could see sharp teeth in his mouth.  It was Creepyplier.  I shivered with how easily I had mixed up the two, and I hoped that in the future I’d be able to tell the difference.  Or it could mean serious consequences for us both.
“I just wanted to deliver a message.”  Creepyplier said, his voice much deeper than Mark’s, and with a low growl emanating from every syllable.  I suddenly felt very cold, and empty.  I felt like all hope was lost, and that I should just give up on life altogether.  I stumbled to the ground and clutched at my chest, my shirt wrinkling in my grip.  
“Leila, what’s wrong?”  Mark asked me hurriedly, trying to help me stand.  I heard an echoing laughter pound in my ears, and I let go of my shirt to cover them.  Mark mumbled nonsense and I felt him trying to pull me up.  “Come on, Leila; cooperate with me!”  He said.  “Come on!”  Then all at once the feeling passed, and Creepyplier appeared behind me.  I gasped for air and Mark was finally able to help me up to my feet.  I didn’t feel like moving at all, I was exhausted.  Mark took my arm and wrapped it over his shoulders, turning to face Creepyplier.  “What the **** did you do to her, you ****?”  He shouted angrily.  Creepyplier didn’t respond, and only waved as he faded away.
“Your sister says hello.”  He said before he completely disappeared.  I cringed and bit my lip, what was he planning to do to Rose?  What did he ALREADY do to Rose?  My mind screamed that I had to do something, but my energy was completely spent.  I felt like a Dementor had just sucked all the happiness from me, and I was barely hanging on by a thread.  The room disappeared, and we found ourselves in Mark’s room once again.

End Chapter 12~ ^.^
:iconmikuplz::iconsaysplz: :iconscaredtodeathplz: Oh noes! What did Creepyplier do!? Guess we'll have to find out later... Anyway, we're getting into the more creepyish stuff now, but there's likely to be more comedy in here as well. ^.^ Glad you guys still like this story, and expect more... Eventually!

Oh yes, for those of you who didn't know; this story was originally going to be a comic. I wrote it out like this because my drawing skills aren't good enough for the epic bawss that is Markiplier. Now I haven't really been practicing my drawing as of late, so I came up with an idea a while back and I want to know what you guys think. I'm thinking of starting an Ask page for Leila and Rose. We can't exactly have one for Mark and Yami because well... We can't get into the minds of the big guys. But you guys would be able to ask Rose and Leila about things and dare them to do REASONABLE things. Heck, you might even influence the story somehow! What do you think? Should we start a poll on this or something? Let us know in the comments below.

:iconroseandherthorns: + :iconmikuplz::iconsaysplz: And we'll see you, in the next chaper. Bye-bye!

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