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Rose’s POV…

“Well, why don’t we start heading back to the base?  It’s a good few hours from here, after all.”  I said, leading him away from the approaching monster.  Yamimash seemed to be enthusiastic at the thought of a safe place, and nodded; following me down the road.  Besides, I bet he was tired after waiting for his flight which was delayed; as he had said over the phone.  Yet another reason I didn’t want to scare him, then he REALLY wouldn’t be able to focus.  “Now I must warn you, we are probably going to meet up with quite a few monsters on the way back; after all it is night time.  Not to mention who knows who’s going to happen with all this rain.  So just stay close.”  I say, giving a nervous glance back to the creature that was slowly following us.
               “You don’t have to tell me twice.”  Yami said.
               “Well, you’re supposed to be an expert in horror games, right?”  I asked him.  “So you should know a whole lot of monsters, right?”
               “I know a good many.”  He replied.  “Why do you ask?”
               “Well, I haven’t really played as many games as I have watched, so some of these I will not be familiar with.  So knowledge is power; as they say.  How about we go through some of the monsters I’ve seen; and see if you can name them, tell me why they’re dangerous, and a way to hide and or defeat them.”  Yami shrugged,
               “Alright.”  He agreed.  “Where do you want to start?”  I paused a bit to pretend I was thinking up one.
               “Alright.  This monster is square-ish, and green.  Seems to walk on four square feet, and has a face like a jack-o-lantern.”  I described plainly.
               “Ooh, that’s a creeper, that is.”  Yami said, shaking his head.  “Those are some of the worst.”
               “Ok, so.  Why are they the worst?  How do they attack?”  I say, trying to drag him a little faster as the creeper started closing in.
               “Well, they’re kind of like suicide bombers.”  Yami began.  “Once they see you, they run up to you and explode; not only killing you, but also destroying a part of whatever building you’ve got near you.”
               “Do they have a warning sign?”  I asked, noticing the creeper was only a few feet away from us now.
               “Yes, it sounds kind of like—”  Yami started to explain before a light hissing noise sounded off behind him.  “Yes! Like tha—”  Yami turned around to point at the noise, then began screaming bloody murder as he saw the creeper.  I grabbed his hand quickly, sprinting to try and drag him away.
               “Time to go!!”  I shouted.
               “HOLY **** WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY SOMETHING!?”  Yami yelled.
               “I DIDN’T WANT YOU TO PANIC!  NOW HOW DO WE HIDE FROM IT!?”  I shouted in reply.  Yami began hyperventilating, trying to think back to the game.
               “Building made of glass, building made of glass…”  I mumbled repeatedly, looking around the shopping district that was mostly clothing stores.  “If we could just get into one of these buildings…”  I saw a bakery shop that had a small window open just enough for someone to squeeze through.  “We have to climb to get to it, but it’s better than standing around here.  This way!”  I declared, dragging Yamimash over to the window.  He followed without complaint, and I let him try to get inside first.  I turned around and docked my bow and arrow, letting one fly towards the creeper.  It let out an angry hiss, the arrow having gotten stuck right above its eye.  It was knocked back a bit, but it still proceeded to follow us.  Yami kicked about for a bit before he finally got his legs through the window space, and I began to climb up as well.  The creeper right at my heels, I struggled to get inside the building.  The hissing grew louder, and I saw that it was making itself bigger and bigger.  I finally flopped through the window and Yami closed it.  I turned around and started to brace myself for the impact, but the hissing died down, and the creeper grew calm.
               “Why… in the world… does glass… stop them?”  I asked, panting.
               “They can’t register you as a threat through glass.”  Yami told me.  “I’m just glad that mechanic still works here.”
               “Well then.”  I said with a small laugh.  “Welcome to America, Yami!”  We flopped down on the floor, keeping a close eye on the creeper as it was still looking through the glass.  Puddles of water were forming around us from how thoroughly soaked we got during the run.  “My arrow didn’t kill him.  Why is that?”  I asked tiredly.
               “Uh…  Was it fully knocked back?”  Yami asked me.
               “Yes, I was.”  I confirmed.  Yami nodded,
               “Even fully knocked back; it would take at least three hits to kill a creeper.”  He explained.
               “Sturdy little things, aren’t they?”  I said, getting another arrow and trying to find a crevice to shoot it from.  Yami chuckled,
               “We’re just lucky it wasn’t an Enderman.”  He told me.
               “Those are like, minecraft versions of slenderman, right?”  I asked, positioning myself a little bit over the window so I could just barely creak it open.
               “Sort of.  If you look away from them, they’ll teleport behind you and kill you in two hits, unless you have armor.  You’d have to be wearing a pumpkin on your head to avoid triggering him.”  Yami said.
               “Well there is a bit of game logic I will never understand.”  I said, quickly shooting two arrows into the creeper.  Yami looked around the corner as I saw some kind of powder appear next to the creeper’s body.  The body then disappeared, but left strange flying orbs of light.  I was going to ask Yamimash about it, but he was leaning close to the window.
               “Hey… uh…  What was your name again?”  Yami asked me.
               “Rose.”  I answered.
               “Well, you may want to take a look at this, Rose.”  He called, motioning for me to come to where he was.  I walked up to him, trying to look around him to see what he was seeing.  He stepped aside for a minute to let me get closer, and I saw a figure in the distance.  It was hard to tell who it was, as the rain was still pouring down; but from his body movements he seemed to be searching for something.
               “What do you suppose he’s looking for?”  I asked Yami.
               “Not sure; but take a closer look at his face.”  He replied, pointing to the figure.  “If I didn’t know better; I’d say that’s Mark.”  I got closer to the window, squinting against the rain.  A flash of lightning let off enough light for me to get a good view of the side of his face.  I quickly ducked down before he turned completely to us, dragging Yami down with me.
               “You’re right; that does look like Mark.  But I’ve got a bad feeling about it.”  I told him.  “Keep an eye on him, but don’t let him see you.”  I quickly speed-dialed my sister, wanting to confirm my suspicions.

Leila’s POV…

So soft…  So warm.  I was so happy staying exactly where I was, I didn’t want to ever move again.  Mark must have found me some blankets and pillows or something, my gosh I was comfortable.  Heck, I swear he found a vibrating pillow.  Man, this palace had it all.  I snuggled close to the soft bundle of pillow I had found in my arms.   I heard a buzz from my backpack, and I slowly let my eyes open.  My backpack was there, sure enough.  But I had thought Mark was right behind it?  I felt the blanket move in my hands, and I looked down to see… Mark’s… Tail.  I felt myself go pale as I realized why the pillow was vibrating.  I glanced down and realized my hypothesis was true.  Mark’s arms were tightly wrapped around me, and he was fast asleep; purring even.  I fought the urge to scream as I fumbled for my phone.  I moved Mark’s tail away as I answered the call.
               “He—*ahem*— Hello?”  I asked, my voice shaking a bit.
               “Hi Leila.  Hope I didn’t bother you at a bad time.”  Rose answered.  “Markiplier with you?”  I chuckled nervously as I began to try to squirm my way out of his grasp.  But the more I struggled, the tighter his grip got.
               “No no, it’s alright.  We hadn’t been asleep that long…”  I said. ‘I think…’  “But yep.  He’s right here.  Why do you ask?”  I told her.
               “Well, Yami made it to America, and we are currently hiding in a bakery after running away from a creeper.  And it’s dark and rainy outside.”  Rose said.
               “Rose?  It looks like he’s getting closer.”  I heard Yami say, his voice slightly muffled.
               “WejustsawafigureintherainthatlookslikeMarkiplier.”  She said quickly.  I simply lay there in shock for a few minutes, realizing what they were seeing.
               “Rose.  Listen to me.”  I said sternly.  “Get out of there; now.”
               “So it is who I think it is.”  Rose said.
               “Yes.  And to think I was just wondering where he was.  Go on, get out of there before he sees you!”  I told her.  I heard a pause.
               “Easier said than done.”  Rose mumbled frustratedly.  “I’m going to have to call you back; come on Yami.” I heard a bit of static before the phone hung up.  I sighed, so that was what Creepyplier was doing this whole time; searching for Rose.  I knew we shouldn’t have called each other so many times; I even sent her a picture!  How dumb was I!?  I sighed and started to try and relax again when I remembered that Mark was still holding me.  He missed the whole conversation.  I gulped, he was beyond invading personal space at this point, and his tail was starting to curl around my leg.  I shivered uncomfortably as I fought the urge to scream.  I grabbed his hands and tried to get them to let go of me, but he just let out a small ‘Nyu’ and pressed his face against my back.  This was my breaking point; I screamed.
Mark woke up with a start, shouting in surprise.  His arms released me almost instantly.  I jumped up and out of his reach as he slowly realized what had happened.  He took a few minutes to process it, but then he started laughing.
               “Not funny!!”  I shouted at him.  “Don’t you EVER do that again!!!”  Mark slowed his laughter for a minute to rub at his cat ears,
               “Why not?  You seemed to like it, Nya!”  He said, chuckling.  “Ow… That scream sure hurt though.  Right in my ear…”  I huffed,
               “Just because it was cold and you were warm did not mean I liked it.”  I told him.  “It just means I was accepting of the heat.”  He stood up and walked to the window behind me.
               “Sure, sure.”  He mumbled as he walked past me.  “Not.”  He fake-whispered.  I reached for my bag to bonk him over the head, but I decided that I was too tired to really care at the time.  Mark looked out the window and up into the sky.  Meanwhile, I sat down next to my bag, staring into the distance as I tried to shake off the feeling of being hugged from behind.  “Still nighttime.  We have time to sleep, Nya.”  He stated.
               “Yami arrived in America.”  I told him.  Mark turned around and walked back to me.
               “Really?  That’s good; when’d you hear that?”  He asked.
               “A few minutes ago, while trying to get you to let go of me.”  I said with a glare.  He chuckled,
               “Come on, body heat!  It’s freezing in here!”  He told me, laughter still in his voice.  I sighed and leaned back, looking up at the ceiling.
               “They also saw a Creeper out there.”  I declared.  “And Creepyplier.”
               “So minecraft monsters are starting to sp—did you say Creepyplier?”  Mark interrupted himself.  I looked back at him and nodded, sitting upright again.
               “Yep.  From the way Rose described it, it was during a storm; and he was looking for them.”  I told him.  “I just hope they’ll be alright.”
               “I’m sure they’ll be fine; I mean, your sister is pretty bad a**, from what you tell me of her.”  He said.  I smiled a bit and nodded.  “Yami might have some trouble, but he’ll get used to it…”  He paused.  “Or he’ll die, that might happen too, Nya.”  I started to laugh a bit, but I caught myself.  How dare Mark try to make me laugh when I was supposed to be mad at him.  I turned to glare at him, but he already knew it was coming; and made one of his best funny faces at me.  I burst out laughing and fell backwards, my arms holding my chest as I tried to hold it in.  Tearing up from laughing so hard, I slowly managed to calm down.
               “Ok fine…  You’re forgiven for holding me earlier.”  I said, wiping my tears of laughter away.  “But try not to do it again; alright?”  He grinned.
               “Alright, I’ll try.”  He said, and for a second I swear I saw a mischievous shine in his eyes.  “Though if all it takes to get out of trouble is to make you laugh—”  I grabbed my backpack and swung it at his head, successfully hitting him.
               “Don’t even think about it.”  I threatened.

End of Chapter 11~! ^.^
:iconmikuplz::iconsaysplz: Yaay! Finally a good chapter is up!! Mark’s getting a little too comfortable with closeness for Leila’s taste, and Yami and Rose are in terrible danger! What will happen next? Find out next time; wheneverwemanagetowriteupanotherchapter!

Haha, but seriously it may be a while, or it could be in a few days! Just stick with us folks; more action and adventure to come!

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