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Rose’s POV…

I huffed as I glanced at my watch, Yamimash should have been here by now.  As I sat on the cold metal bench by the bus stop, I could hear rain in the distance fast approaching.  A gray bus passed, then a blue one… a red one.  All of them turned the corner and left; none had Yami riding it. I was about to go back to my ‘base’ when finally green bus arrived. A shivering Yamimash emerged from the bus, a messily stuffed suitcase trailing behind him.  Whether he was shivering from the chilly breeze or from fear, I didn’t know.  But I do know that when he spotted me, he charged forwards and nearly knocked me over.
               “OH, thank G-d; I half expected you not to be here!”  He said, his British accent prominent through his shivering.  “Your sister said you can save me from those creatures, right?”
               “Only if you promise not to have me do all the work.” I told him.  “And you help me get my sister and Mark out of the computer.”  I glanced behind him and saw a strange figure through the mist of the cold night air.  Its head was square shaped, and its skin was green with white pixel-shaped dots.  I gulped, I didn’t know very much about these monsters, and I never really paid attention when my sister told me about them; so I wasn’t sure what this one was.  ‘It’s green, and kind of square-ish.’ I thought.  ‘That was one of the really bad ones, I remember that.  But what was it?’
               “Hey, why are you staring at me like that?”  Yami asked.  I turned back to him, ‘Just keep calm.  Don’t get Yami scared, he may be your only chance to get Leila and Mark out of there before they’re killed.’ I told myself.
               “Oh, it’s nothing really.”  I lied.  “But, you know, for future safety; you may want to put this on.”  I handed him a pair of glasses like the ones I had on at the moment, with the lenses made from computer screens.  He snatched the glasses from my hands and pressed them against his head, putting them on a little lopsidedly.  He breathed a sigh of relief after looking everywhere but behind him.
               “Whew, good.  No monsters here.”  He said.  I stepped back a bit, watching as the creature started to turn towards us.

Leila’s POV…

“Mark.  Mark.  Mark.  MARK.”  I huffed, letting my head hang dangle over the back of the seat.  “MARK!”  I shouted.
               “What?”  He eventually called back, trying to balance several of the porcelain dishes at once.
               “I told you, it was fine the way it was, now get over here.” I told him.
               “But they weren’t the same.”  Mark insisted.
               “That’s because you knocked over one of the teacups with your tail and we had to glue it back together!”  I reminded him, holding up the super glue that I had in my bag before.  Mark’s ears went down as he mumbled nonsense, his tail curling around his legs.  I turned back to Mickey, who currently sat in the chair next to me.  I adjusted the bow I had lovingly wrapped around his neck, which I had made from a part of spare ribbon from one of the glass vases; without it, the two vases were alike.
               “You’re a handsome frog, aren’t you, Mickey?”  I cooed to the frog, who was soaking up the attention like a puppy.  “Yes you are!  Yes you are!”
               “Would you stop being all lovey-dovey with the frog?”  Mark asked.  “You’re freaking me out.”  I laughed a bit, patting Mickey’s head softly before walking back to help Mark rearrange the dishes.  I ended up having to put a similar bow on the stuffed frog on the opposite end of the room, just to make them mirrored.  I refused to remove the bow from Mickey.  We ripped the note off the wall, and the door clicked to show that we had completed the puzzle.
               “Yaay!”  I say, picking up Mickey and spinning around.  “We did it, Mickey!”
               “Ahem.”  Mark interrupted.  “I believe that you meant to say: ‘we did it, MARK’.”  He stared at me pointedly.  “All that frog did was sit in the chair, Nya.”  I smiled a bit as Mark frowned, I was trying to hold back a laugh at Mark’s developing speech impediment.  He had begun saying ‘Nya’ after every few sentences, a common trait for a cat-eared person; at least as far as cartoons showed.  I halted my spinning to head into the next room, passing Mark and holding Mickey close.  “You do realize you will need to get rid of him soon, right?”  Mark asked me.  I sighed,
               “Yes, I know.  But for now I want him to be happy.”  I whispered as we entered the next room.
Mark read aloud the contents of the diary while I glanced over the note on the wall, and after I saved once more we set out into the next room.  A knife headed straight for us, and I remembered that we weren’t supposed to move.  Mark, however; did not.
               “MOVE, LEILA!”  He shouted, shoving us both out of the way of the fake dagger.  We immediately found ourselves in a small room, with dripping bloody handprints on the wall.  We were surrounded by pools of blood, and I pinched Mark’s ear.
               “Mensa!!”  I shouted in Spanish.  “We weren’t supposed to—”  I was interrupted by a giant rock landing on top of us.  Or it would have, if the save mechanic hadn’t worked.  Right as the rock was going to hit Mark’s head, it began to reverse.  We once again found ourselves right before the door that lead to the trap hallway.  “…  Move.”  I finished my sentence.  Mark’s ears went down for a minute, but I sighed.  “Well at least we know you’d save me.”  I said with a smile.  His ears slowly raise back up, but one tilted sideways as I re-opened the door.  
               “You speak Spanish?”  He asked me.  “I mean, I’m guessing that was Spanish by the way you said it, Nya.”  Mark stuck his tongue out, gibbering nonsense to try and make himself stop saying ‘Nya’ when he spoke.  I laughed as we sprinted forward, ignoring all else in the room until we reached the other side.  I slammed the door behind us and nodded,
               “Yeah I speak Spanish; I’m Latina.” I told him, motioning to my tan skin and black curls.  “What’d you think I was, Russian?”
               “Well I…”  Mark made a confused noise and shrugged as I looked around the small room.  I noticed a large metal door with a small window over by the wall on my right, and I leaned against the opposite wall as I realized what room we were in.  Mark picked up a piece paper that was on the floor and held it up.
               “He’s hungry.”  He read before turning to me.  I gulped, looking at Mickey; who was currently fast asleep and snuggling close to me in my dress pocket.  “Come on, Leila.  You know it has to be done.”  I huffed, turning away from him.
               “I know, I know; give me a minute.”  I told him.  I gently took out Mickey from my pocket, trying to be as gentle as possible so he wouldn’t wake up.  I rubbed the top of his head, delaying his demise for a few seconds longer.
               “Wow, those scales look huge, Nya!”  Mark noted, looking through the open window on the door.
               “Not helping!”  I whisper-shouted.  Mickey started to stir, and I bit my lip, not wanting to go through with it.  I let out a huff of a whine, and closed my eyes as I ran to the door, shoving Mickey in the window before he woke up.  I closed the window quickly and turned around, my back to the door as the snake made a meal of Mickey.  With a crack of flesh and bones, the noises began to stop.  Mark stepped forward to take a look inside the room.
               “…  The snake is gone.”  He said.  I sighed, wiping away a tear that was slowly forming.  He opened the door for me and I slowly stepped inside.  There was dripping blood everywhere, who knew that a frog could bleed this much?  Mark put a hand on my shoulder and held up a small ribbon; the one I had put on Mickey.  I sniffed as I took it from him, wiping away the blood and snake saliva from it.  I put it in my pocket as we walked to the door.  But then I remembered; the ghost of the frog in the game popped up right as you left the room!  I gasped and started to turn around, but Mark closed the door before I had a chance to see it properly.  The most I saw were big, empty, sad eyes.  I felt a pang of guilt for what I did to Mickey, but I knew I had to push through it.  I heaved a sigh and turned around, walking slowly to the next room.
               “You alright?”  Mark asked me.
               “Yeah…  I just… Shouldn’t have bonded so much.”  I replied.  I pulled out Mickey’s ribbon out of my pocket and considered putting it on myself, just to remember him.  I shook my head, it was just a frog, nothing special.  Still, I put the ribbon away in my pocket; I’d make a little toy frog when this was all over or something.
               “Well that’s your own fault.  I told you not to bond with it.”  Mark said before turning to me.  “You want to take a break?  It’s like, nighttime in real life by now I bet.”  He said.  I blinked in surprise, I had completely forgotten about sleeping.  Now that I was thinking about it, I realized I was in fact very sleepy.  I nodded to Mark, and we laid down on the cold stone floor of the mansion.  I put aside my backpack and opened it to find my regular clothes, all in a square bundle and neatly folded.  I attempted to separate them, but found myself unable to.  I shrugged and moved the bag aside, using my clothes as a makeshift pillow.
               “Remind me to pack some spare blankets and pillows next time.”  I mumbled to Mark, who was trying to curl into a ball.  He chuckled in response, and I watched him wrap his tail around the front of his body.  I tried to get warm on the cold ground, man, this house was freezing.  I shivered and wished I had a warm pillow to snuggle with.  I was a big hugger when it came to sleeping patterns.  After several more minutes of tossing and turning, I found myself thinking about all the possible games that Mark and I might have to enter in the future.  But then a rather worrying thought occurred to me.  I bit my lip and turned to Mark, who was staring at me because of all the sound I was making.
               “What’s wrong?”  He asked.  I sighed,
               “Well, this is all Creepyplier’s fault, right?”  I asked.  “You getting trapped, the monsters coming to life, then me getting stuck here as well.  Not to mention merging all your past videogames into this one world.”
               “Yeah.  What’s your point, Nya?”  Mark questioned.
               “If he’s so keen on trying to kill us, or keep us contained, or whatever…”  I said.  “Then why hasn’t he shown up yet?  Where is he?”

End Chapter 10~! ^.^
:icondragonweepplz: OH MICKEY, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE!!?!?!……
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