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Leila's POV...

After several minutes of crying, I finally managed to pull myself together. If we were ever going to make it out of there, I couldn't let myself panic. Mark led me out of the tunnels, and together we continued to walk through the passageways in silence; interrupted only occasionally by the sudden bursting of a water pipe or explosion of a light bulb. After several minutes of walking like this, we found ourselves in a round room filled with large pipes going everywhere. Mark walked off towards a faint green light, and picked up a small assembly of glowsticks. Mark stuffed most of them into his pocket, leaving one out and snapping it so it turned on.

  “Gosh dark it.” Mark groaned, holding up the faint light which barely managed to make his face tinted green. “These things are worthless!” he groaned exasperatedly, looking around the room and seeing that we had three new ways to go. “Whatever. Which way?” he asked me. I slowly walked around the room, looking down every corridor. Finding no sign of mannequins or dolls, I pointed towards the hallway in the center. Mark nodded, and we continued our treck. Sometime down the road however, we came across another mannequin. I sensed Mark hesitate, ready to take a step back. The mannequin slowly turned its head (and only its head) to face us, and Mark shuddered.

  “OOOOOOOKKKAYYYYYYY.” he said rather loudly. “HOW 'BOUT 'CHA NOT~.”

  “Mark, it'll be ok; it's just a-” I began. Suddenly the lights all snapped off, and we were left with nothing but Mark's glowstick; which also promptly faded out. We both shouted for a moment, and I heard Mark fumbling with another glowstick. I reached out and snatched it from his hands, snapping it on and shaking it quickly. We both screamed yet again when we saw that the mannequin was right in front of us, only now with several of its friends behind it. We both stepped back, but bumped into even more of them behind us. Calling out in frustration, anger, and fear, I leaned back and kicked the mannequins as hard as I could to make them fall over.

They didn't move an inch.

Now officially freaking out, we both ran around the mannequin and charged straight ahead through the hallways, barely noticing that the hallways behind us almost seemed to be changing as we left them. We soon reached a large metal gate , covering what we could tell was the exit. Mark tugged on the door almost desperately; but it wouldn't budge, it was locked. Calling out in frustration, he kicked the door a few times before I held him back.

  “Da** it, Leila; I'm not going back there to search for the keys!” he kept shouting at me. “No! I am not- NO, I'm not doing it!” I sighed,

  “Gun.” I told him, reminding him of the weapon we found in his coat pocket the previous day. He seemed a bit surprised, no doubt shocked that he had forgotten it; but he made up for it by swiftly taking it out and shooting the lock on the door until it opened. Nodding with approval, we charged inside and climbed the ladders to a large room.

Mark sealed the ladder's opening with a large metal cover he found nearby; and I began making my way to the nearest wall to look for an exit. The room was a perfect dome, and besides the way we came in; there was no visible exit. Above us hung a large crystal chandelier, and at even intervals around the room stood small torch posts on shelves embedded into the walls. Inbetween each set of torches also sat a simple wooden chair; why they were there I wasn't sure, but hey, at least we didn't have to sit on the ground while we figured stuff out.

  “Anything?” Mark asked. I shook my head,

  “Nothing.” I answered. “No doors, no windows; nothing.” I sat down atop one of the many chairs and hid my face in my hands, trying to understand what we were supposed to do.

  “............ Something isn't right.” Mark said after a long while. I looked up and saw him sitting down in the middle of the floor.

  “Well yeah, nothing's been happening to us for like, hours.” I told him.

  “No, it's something else.” He said, slowly standing up. I hesitated a moment, but soon also stood up and walked to him.

  “What is it?” I asked. Mark walked up to a single chandelier, examining it closely. After a few moments of studying it, he walked around the whole room, looking on every single chandelier before finally returning to the first one. He then pointed to an indentation it had on the front of it; a faintly detectable red 'W.'

  “None of the others have this.” he said, “They're all...” It took a moment, but he managed to turn the 'W' upside-down to make it an 'M.' “An M.” My vision went blurry for a second, and I think I heard something click.

  “Well it's about ti-yaAAAAAA WHAT THE **** IS THAT?” Mark shouted, looking behind us and jumping back. I whipped around and also called out; some sort of creature I could only describe as a mole-man now stood before us. Towering at incredible heights, it shrieked in our faces and lunged towards me. I dodged and rolled to the side, grabbing my pocketknife and pulling it out. Walking backwards, I realized that such a small weapon would do me no good; so I put it back and looked around for something else I could use. I glanced towards Mark, who had grabbed one of the many chairs around us and was currently holding it the way one might hold it while taming a lion. Figuring that it was pretty much the only thing around us that could serve as a weapon, I reached behind me and grabbed a chair of my own. The creature lunged towards Mark this time, who thrust his chair towards the monster. Shrieking again, the creature ducked back to avoid the weapon.

  “What do we do?” I shouted to Mark.

  “DOES IT LOOK LIKE I KNOW?!” He shouted back. I huffed and grabbed a second chair, glancing up above the creature's head. Sure enough, there was a large health bar above its head that followed it when it moved. I took another look at Mark; he didn't seem to be held back from the monster.

  “Guess this is a two-player battle, huh?” I called to him, walking towards one end of the room. He walked around to stand beside me as the monster stood in the center.

  “Guess so.” Mark replied. The monster let out one final shriek, and I knew that the next boss battle had begun.

End Chapter 26~! ^.^
Rose:iconsaysplz:OH.  MAH.  GAHSH.  ANOTHER CHAPTER!!!!!   

It's about freaking time...

Sorry about the long wait guys!  I realized halfway through writing this chapter that I had no idea where I was going with this!  I realize this is a short one, but I just wanted to have something to try and get us back in the groove of things.  Hope it's alright, you guys!!

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Sorry for not commenting on your works but I was away for quite some time. It's good to be back and read 3 chapters in a row tho :D Ah... its so interesting! Damn you! You're too good with your skills :D
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Rose:iconsaysplz:I have to do Vanish, because Vanish. XD  Thanks for sticking around and reading more!

See, the thing about doing new games is that this story began before Mark ever mentioned he would move, and since the computer's in Ohio in the story, it takes place before the move.  That's why I've been trying to stick to stories from before the move.

Although now that I think about it, since Creepyplier's been around for about (and probably over) a year before the page would be taken down, the games from today might still have been played by Creepyplier...  Then he'd put them in the game and only Leila would know what's going on....  :iconwhutplz:

New.  Ideas.  Emerging...

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