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Rose's POV...

I flipped nervously through as many news stations as I could find. It seemed that the story Creepyplier concocted about us hadn't reached this state yet. Heaving a sigh of relief, I turned off the television and glanced back at Yami, who was still trying to find a way back into the server which contained Leila and Mark.

   “Any luck?” I asked him.

   “I've only been at it for a few minutes,” he reminded me, taking a sip of the tea he got from the breakfast lounge. He winced at the taste, muttering something about Americans before placing it away from him. “Give me some time Rose, it's not that simple.” I sighed, turning away from him as I pulled out my phone. My thumb hovered over the call button as I pondered whether I should contact my sister. I eventually decided against it, as Creepyplier could no doubt trace it back to us. Stuffing my phone back in my pocket, I snatched up the glasses I made in Ohio and put them on, deciding to take a stroll around the building to be sure we hadn't been followed.

   “I'll be back in a few minutes.” I told Yami. “Keep the door locked and—”

   “Don't answer for anyone, blah blah I know.” Yami interrupted me. “We're being chased by the police and video game monsters. I'm pretty sure I know what to do.” I smiled sheepishly, tossing my backpack over my shoulder.

   “Sorry; force of habit for my sister.” I admitted.

   “Your sister's a smart girl, I think she would know too.” Yami said to me. I chuckled,

   “You'd be surprised.” I told him, opening the door to leave the room.

Leila's POV...

Finally having changed into some more comfortable clothing, I finished tying my hair back and exited the room to meet with Mark at the bottom of the staircase. When I got there he was already waiting for me, his hair slicked into a sort of point in the front, his jacket long-gone with only a short-sleeved shirt remaining.

   “Ready to go?” he asked me. I shrugged, jumping down the last few steps to stand next to him.

   “Sure.” I said. “Let's go.” Mark stepped ahead and unlocked the door with the rusted key, only to have it break once he opened it. “Figures.” I mumbled before entering the room, the door slamming shut behind us.

Surrounded by darkness, I looked around almost desperately to try and discern where we were. I could barely make out Mark's silhouette beside me, and I took a hesitant step forwards.

Bad move.

We were apparently in front of a set of stairs, and I immediately began to fall down them. I whirled around to try and reach for Mark, but I ended up grabbing his shirt and pulling him down with me. Thankfully it was a short fall, but we ended up going through another doorway, evident by the sounds of another heavy door slamming behind us. I groaned, pushing myself off the floor and forcing myself to stand up. There was light now, but it came from a tall light fixture beside us. Turning around, the large door appeared to be made of steel, and had several locks around it that prevented us from turning back. The walls were made of dirty brick, and there were several wires running along the floor and pipes along the ceiling. I turned back to Mark, who had sat up by now and was looking among his surroundings with mild fear.

   “I know this place.” he told me. I slowly walked over to him,

   “You do?” I asked, reaching out a hand to help him stand. He shook his head, standing up on his own with a grim look on his face.

   “I know this place and I hate it.” he said, repeating himself a bit.

   “Well, what is this place?” I asked. He grimaced, looking away from the metal bars that stood before us. There was a hole in the side, just big enough for us to slip through.

   “I can't remember the name of it, and I can't remember why, but I know I hate this place.” he informed me. “And that we have to get out of here.”

   “Ok, well if you know it you can get us out of it, right?” I insisted.

   “That's the thing.” he said, turning to look at me. His eyes burned with a mixture of pure anger and mild fear. “I know I've seen this place before and I know there's a way to get out, but I can't remember how and it's driving me insane!” I placed a hand on his shoulder, looking up at him worriedly.

   “Calm down Mark, it's alright.” I said. Something in the back of my mind wanted me to stop touching him, but I shook the feeling away as I carefully led him to the small hole in the wall. “It's ok that you don't remember how to get out; but at least you remember something, right?” I told him. He huffed, crouching into the hole and glaring down the hallways. I followed after him, determined to keep him close as much as possible while we were down here.

We decided to go left, following an arrow we found a few feet into the caves. Mark was on edge the whole time, jumping at every strange sound that came our way before shouting angrily at it and scowling for the next ten minutes.

   “Goodness gracious Mark, you really hate this place.” I commented as he shouted at yet another broken pipe that spewed hot water in our faces.

   “You don't say?” he grumbled, finally turning away from the noise. I sighed, looking around the corner of yet another cross-section of a walkway.

   “You know, I really don't think this place is a part of Amnesia.” I mused as we took a right turn. “It looks a lot different, and we haven't come across any—” I was interrupted by Mark, who held his arm out in front of me. I looked up to see a large, white plastic figurine standing right in the middle of the hall. It was shaped like a person, and was facing away from us.

   “Leila, when I say 'go,' turn around and run.” Mark murmured to me.

   “Mark, it's just a mannequin.” I told him. He looked down at me, his extended hand slowly clenching into a fist.

   “Don't. Argue.” he growled. I silently gasped, looking up at him, Mark was afraid. I was about to say something when I heard a low creak echo through the hallway. I gulped nervously, glancing back towards the mannequin to see that its head had rotated to face us; but only its head.

   “Mark, don't look at the mannequin, alright? Let's just back away and take the other direction.” I said, backing up and tugging on his shirt to pull him with me. Despite me warning, or perhaps because I warned him, he turned to look at the mannequin and called out in surprise.

   “Holy B****!!” he shouted, actually jumping a foot or two into the air before he ran in the opposite direction. I rushed after him, trying to remain staring at the mannequin for as long as possible before giving up and facing the direction we were running. As we ran, I could hear the occasional creaking sound of plastic, which let us know we were still being followed. We ran past a large dug-out hole in the wall, but I stopped and turned back to look inside.

   “What are you doing!?” Mark called back to me, standing a few feet away and jumping occasionally.

   “I think we can escape through here, it might not be able to fit!” I called back to him, beginning to crawl into the hole. A few moments later, the tunnel became slightly darker, and I looked back to see that Mark had followed me into the tunnel. Thankful that there was plenty of room to crouch comfortably, we spent the next few minutes trying to navigate the maze of tunnels.

As I took a turn into a particularly dark area of the miniature cave, I heard the sound of a music box playing a slow tune. I knew it was an old box, as I could hear the creaking of rusted gears as the tune played. I felt a chill run down my spine, my palms getting sweaty but my blood feeling ice-cold.

   “Leila? You alright over there?” I barely registered Mark's voice behind me, the music seemed to surround me from all over. I sensed more than saw small figures below me, and it took all of my will power to force myself to look.

Below me was an assortment of small figurines, all neatly lined up around the circular room. On the right of the room sat the figurines made of stretched leather, and they all had mis-matching button eyes. On the left lay delicate figures of porcelain, and there were only empty holes where their eyes should have been. Each one had a smile on their face, and in each of their hands was a miniature weapon. No two were the same, but all were covered in blood. In the center of the room lay the corpse of a small animal; completely unidentifiable due to its horrific state. I fought the urge to cry from fear as I tried to back away. The music slowed to a stop, and as it did each of the dolls slowly turned to me, their smiles seeming to grow wider. A high-pitched giggle ran through the assembly, and it was then that I reached my breaking point.

I screamed higher than I thought was possible, trying to back away but failing with Mark in the way. Even though the music had stopped, the tune continued to echo in my ears, along with the giggle of the dolls. I turned around and pushed past Mark, heading in a random direction, as long as it was away from the figurines. After a few feet of scrambling to get away, Mark pulled on my arm to get me to stop, and a burst into a fit of ugly sobbing.

   “What happened?” Mark asked me, pulling me close and petting my head rather awkwardly.

   “Could you not see?” I cried, whacking his arm in frustration. “With the musicbox and thedollsand thedeadanimalthathadtheboxinthemiddleofitand—” My words merged together amidst my tears, and I curled myself into a ball, trying to calm myself down. Mark sat down next to me, sighing a bit.

   “No Leila, I couldn't see. As far as I saw, you looked into a dark room and freaked.” he told me. I hiccuped, covering my face.

   “You can't tell me I didn't see that.” I replied, shaking my head furiously. “You can't.”

End Chapter 25~! ^.^

Rose:iconsaysplz: Hi all~!!  I know, I know; it's been a long time since the last update; but I've had some new things developing in real life so it's taking up a good chunk of my free time.  But I think I'm finally getting back into the groove for this story so look forwards to that!

Yeah...  about this part...  I've been meaning to bring in Mark and Leila's "worst fears" into the story for some time now.  Leila actually shares my worst fear because I can relate to it and hence describe it more accurately.  She has Pediophobia:…; also knows an the fear of dolls.  Most specifically, dolls with button eyes and dolls made from porcelain.

The song I had in mind for the doll scene can be found here:…

Can any of you guess what game they are in now?

Next: Digital Nightmare Ch. 26
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Chapter 25: Fear Factor
I'm just gonna name all the chapters from now on. ^-^
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