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Leila's POV...

“I glanced at Mark once again, almost relieved that he seemed to show signs of weariness and fatigue similar to that of what I felt.  Over the past few hours, we had encountered an incredible amount of creatures from what could only be one's worst nightmares.  My hair had long since gotten undone, and I now wore it loose.  My dress had been torn numerous times in multiple places, and I had already lost parts of different fingers on my gloves.  Mark on the other hand, seemed to have his outfit mostly intact; although there were a few scuff marks and tears on his sleeves and pants.  He had removed his jacket long ago, and one of his sleeves was torn so it reached just above his elbow.  He lost his cane somewhere in the kitchen, but I don't think he's missing it very much.  I also noticed when he removed his hat that his hair was ruined and seemed to spike up to the front for some reason.

As far as memories go, neither of us could recall anything new; but every now and again we would do or say something that we couldn't explain.  Although Mark's actions could have been due to the fact that he was slowly losing his sanity.  He seemed to have a great fondness for chairs, and was currently clutching a small box he had dubbed 'Tiny Box Tim.'”

“You making fun of Tiny Box Tim?”  Mark asked me, holding up the box he had scribbled a face onto.

“I thought you said you weren't going to listen to my monologuing.”  I countered, looking up at the door we had finally reached.  It didn't have a sign on top, but I knew that it had to be either another bedroom or a set of stairs.

“Well I thought you said—”  Mark began before he was interrupted by a strange and loud song.


“What the heck?”  I asked, trying to find the source of the noise.

“Goodness Gravy, what did you do?”  Mark queried, using one of the phrases he had recently discovered a fondness for.


“No but seriously where is that coming from?”  I grumbled, turning around repeatedly, as it seemed to be constantly emanating from my side.

“Maybe it's from that hammerspace you're supposed to have?”  Mark suggested.  I sighed, I had let him read my letter a few hours back, in the hopes that he would let me read his and/or we'd be closer to finding out more about ourselves.  No such luck, unfortunately, and he still refuses to let
me see his letter.


Finally frustrated with the noise, I imagined myself grabbing the phone as I reached towards the noise, hoping to break into my subconscious and access my hammerspace.  My hand suddenly felt very cold, and I felt something heavy in my grip.  I gasped, pulling my hand close to my body as I tightly gripped what must have been my phone.  At this point, the tune had repeated itself, so I flipped open the phone and listened for...  well, anything really.

“...........  You have to talk into it first, Leila.”  Mark said after a moment of silence.

“Well, I don't know who it is!”  I whisper-shouted back at him.

“Well how else do you expect to find out!?”  Mark called back at me, walking to the stairs beside us and taking a seat.

“Hello?”  a female voice from the other side of the phone called out.  I gulped, trying to keep my voice clear as I responded.

“H...  Hi.”  I said.

“Leila, thank goodness you're alright.”  The voice said, although I could tell that she sounded exhausted.

“Yeah...  I'm just here...  Doing...  well ya know.”  I said, not really saying anything to this person.

“Is there something wrong?”  The woman asked, her voice suddenly worried.  I hummed a little,

“Mmm, well...  This is going to sound kind of weird but...”  I sighed.  “Would...”

“Just say it for crying out loud.”  Mark called to me, laying on the staircase.  “Or we'll be here for hours.”  I huffed,

“Fine.”  I said to him before returning to the woman on the phone.  “Would you mind telling me who you are?”  The woman gasped, and there was a moment of silence on the other side.

“You...  Don't remember me?”  she asked sadly.  I sighed,

“Sorry, I'm sure it was nothing personal; but I can't really remember much of anything right
now.  This is gonna sound strange, but apparently this guy named “Mark” and I are trapped in a videogame inside a computer; and the game is called Amnesia.  We wrote out letters to ourselves, but they only had so much information.  Mine basically said: “You're in a computer videogame, you can store a bunch of stuff and can access weapons sometimes, you gotta kill this dude Alexander before you can maybe get your memories back; and oh yeah this guy Mark is important stay with him, ok?  It briefly mentioned a sister, but I haven't heard from her yet.........  Are you...  Heh.  Are you my sister?”  I asked this stranger with a hint of embarrassed laugher in my voice.  The person on the other side was silent, and I began to wonder if I had said too much of a crazy story to a random stranger.

“Yes, I am your sister.  You...  You don't even recognize my voice?”  the woman said to me, the sadness in her speech quite evident.

“Nope, sorry.”  I said with a light shrug, although she could not see.  “Although I was wondering how you knew my name.”

“How are you so calm about all of this?”  My sister asked me.

“Well it's been quite a few hours since we found this out, to be honest, so I got used to it, in a way.”  I told her.  “In fact it's almost time for bed here; I'd worry that we'd have to sleep on the floor but there's actually a surprising amount of bedrooms here.”  I was about to hang up when I remembered that she called me.  “Oh, was there something you wanted to talk about?”  there was silence on the phone again, although I could hear the occasional hiccup of sadness on the other side.  I began to feel sorry; after all it was apparently my sister.

“Hey um...  I may not remember much about you right now...  But please don't be sad.  I'm gonna get my memories back once i'm out of this game, ok?”  I said into the phone.  “Please stop crying.”

“How could you take this so calmly, La-La!?”  my sister shouted to me on the phone.  I jumped in surprise, my sister had suddenly burst into a fit of anger.  “How can you just stand there all calmly when you can't remember anything before you woke up in that mansion!?”

“Whoa, calm down—”  I tried.

“Don't tell me to be calm when my own sister can't remember my voice!”

“Rose, you're not helping anyone by acting this way, and we have to go—”  a man's voice said from Rose's side of the phone, just barely audible.

“And you shut up, Yami!”  Rose continued shouting.  “Or Aaron, or whatever you call yourself!  My sister is still trapped in the computer with her favorite youtuber, I have no way to get her out because we've been practically kicked out of Ohio; and now we're wanted by the police for killing someone that Creepyplier's videogame monsters killed!”

“What?”  I asked, a wrenching fear pulling at my gut.

“Oh, now you finally get it!”  My sister mocked; clearly she had been hiding this anger for a while.  “Now that we could die at any time from getting shot or torn apart by an amnesia grunt, or a mannequin, or zombie or...  OR WHATEVER!”

“Ok please don't be upset but you're scaring me right now so i'm going to hang up, ok ok goodbye.”  I said quickly into the phone before I hung up.  I sighed and looked back at Mark, who was now standing on the stairs and looking at me with concern.

“We gotta get out of here.”  I told him, putting my phone back in my hammerspace as he nodded in agreement.
Rose:iconsaysplz:  Ayy!  Another chapter!!!  We're soooo sorry it's taking us so long for this part!  Neither of us have any experience playing Amnesia, and we've been trying to make a sort of custom story for it to make up for the fact that we haven't played it. I've been delaying this question for some time because I really wanted this story to be special to my sister and myself; but since she seems to have lost interest in the story it's up to me to write it out.  I'm still as determined as ever to finish this story; but with Schoolwork and chores and soooo much other stuff going on in our lives right now; it's really hard to find time to come up with ideas for a game that neither of us have ever played.

So the question I have for you guys is:

What should happen in the next chapter?
What monsters and challenges will they face?
How would Mark act without most of his memories?
I'd rather not have them get their memories completely back before the end of the game, but if they do get some of them back, which ones?
Do you want to know what Mark wrote in his letter to himself, or should I keep it a mystery until later on in the story (after Amnesia)?

Some things to remember:

This is not a love story, so no extreme drama and/or romance please!
In case you didn't notice, Mark and Leila are slowly reverting back to their old appearances: "Mark's hair spiked in the front," "My hair was down and my gloves are becoming fingerless" etc.
I want the ending to remain as similar to the original as possible, as in they're still going to kill Alexander somehow.
Creepyplier has to be involved in some sort of change in the story/environment.

Please give us your ideas and input!  The next chapter may still be a while before it comes out, but with your support and help it may come sooner than you think!

Thank you so much~!!!

ApocalypticHunter Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Oh! I have another idea! If you ever do Outlast, make Leila wake up as Miles Upshur and Mark as Waylon Park! Have them meet up at one point, and since Mark's a program he could sacrifice himself and be killed by the Walrider so he can kill the crazy boss to allow Leila to go on to the next game, with Mark waking up and barely remembering anything! :D
ApocalypticHunter Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Mark should go totally bat-s*** insane (or at least that's how Leila sees him) and start having a conversation with Tiny Box Tim.
Oh, and poofers.
Falljoydelux Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh dear, poor Rose
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