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“What.  Just...  What the what!?”  I called out in confusion, re-reading my letter a few times before giving up and looking back at “Mark.”  He seemed to be equally if not more confused that I was at what he was reading.  I flipped the page back and forth with confusion in my hands, as though it would provide more answers than it already did.
“Wow.  Didn't know I could know so much and so little at the same time.”  Mark said with disgust, stuffing the papers back into his pocket.  “I mean really, what the heck is a 'Youtuber' supposed to be?”
“Psh, you think that's confusing?”  I countered.  “Mine has like, next to no information on who I am.  My name's Leila, I have a sister, and I'm gonna be seventeen in two days.  That's all I got.”
“Well it's what we have to work with.”  Mark said, grabbing his hat and putting it on.  He then grabbed his cane and stood up, walking to the wall and grabbing a torch.  “You coming or what?”  he said, turning back around to face me.  I sighed as I stood up and walked to him, taking the torch from his hand and nodding.

Rose's POV...

I could hear my heartbeat pounding in my ears, adrenaline never ceasing to course through my veins as I ran to the safe house.  I risked a look to my right; Yami was running right beside me, and it was he who looked back.  He made a fearful face, looking to where he was running once again with a small burst of speed.  I didn't need to look behind us to know that we were now being chased by zombies, amnesia grunts, and all other sorts of videogame monsters.  Ahead of us I could see the door to safety, and I turned to Yami again, nodding towards the door.  He nodded back, running a little ahead of me to open the door.  I charged inside, finally turning around as Yami entered the house.  I panted for a moment, glancing towards the house where the elderly couple lived.  I hiccupped, my nausea rising as the room seemed to be spinning around me.  I mentally cursed Creepyplier for making it so I had to be intoxicated to play, and began to try to barricade the door.
“Yami.”  I called.  “Get the weapons.”
“We can't fight them all off.”  he told me.  “You know that—”
“Just get them!”  I shouted, not in the mood for his worrisome demeanor as I grabbed a spare pair of glasses from the table, putting them on as quickly as I could.  I heard doors opening and slamming shut behind me, and it was then that I heard the first slam against the door.  I pushed myself against the wood, glancing back every so often to see Yami run around the house, gathering things and putting them into bags.
“What are you doing?”  I asked him.  “I just said 'get the weapons.'”
“You and I both know that we won't be able to fight them all off.”  he insisted, letting the last bag drop on the ground.  “I've packed up everything we need.  Food, water, all the weapons, our clothes, and our computers and/or laptops.”
“Yami—”  I was interrupted by another bang against the door.  I huffed, glaring towards him.  I was too nauseous to try and argue with him now.  “Fine.  Give me the crowbar, I'll see if I can't keep this door shut by—”
“Rose?”  called the elderly lady who owned the house; her name was Evangeline.  “Is everything alright, dear?”  I felt my heart drop as the monsters slowly quieted down.
“We saw you run up here all frightened.”  added the elderly man, who was named Earnest.  “Are you and your friend ok?”  Yami ran to the window from the side of our safe house.
“They're about fourteen feet away and coming closer quick.”  he reported, turning back to face me.  “Rose.  The monsters are walking to them.”  I ran to the window, looking out to find a couple zombies circling them and examining them closely.  The poor elderly couple had no clue of the danger they were in.
“Evangeline!  Earnest!”  I called out.  “Run!  Run now, please!”  the couple stopped in their tracks, looking towards the window in confusion.  The zombies looked towards me, then back to the couples; reaching out for them.
“Rose?”  Earnest called.  “What's—?”
“Earnest, please!”  I begged.  But it was too late, the creatures stormed around them.  I was frozen in place with horror as screams broke out from the middle of the horde.  “Earnest!”  I shouted, pulled back and away from the window.
“Rose, we have to leave!”  Yami shouted from directly behind me.
“NO!”  I shouted back.  “We have to help th—!”
“We can't, Rose!”  Yami insisted.  “We have to leave!”  I tore away from his grasp, turning to face him in anger.
“We can't just leave them there!”  I shouted up at him.  He slammed his hands on my shoulders, I could see there were bags lined up on his arms.
“We have to, Rose.”  he told me.  “I know you don't want to, but our best chance to leave is now!”  I shoved him away from me, turning back to the window and running to them.  I was stopped in my tracks by the sounds of bones cracking and wails of pain growing louder.  I didn't dare remove my glasses, but the blood was spilling across the ground anyway, staining the grass a deep red.  I was frozen in place; never before had my heart pounded so terribly against my chest and yet felt so still at the same time.

Yami hooked bag loops around my arms, pulling me back once more, only this time towards the back door.  He turned me around to face him, trying to shake me out of my daze.
“Rose, there's nothing we can do anymore.  We have to go, and now is our best chance.”  he insisted.  I nodded, still feeling lightheaded as I took the last of the bags and ran out of the house.
Finally another chapter!!

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That was awful, uh.... Not story of course. This scene I mean. My godness... poor couple :(
So... you take them all their memories, huh? That's tricky. Good luck with that :D
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