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Aurelio and Hasumaru flat by RoseandherThorns Aurelio and Hasumaru flat by RoseandherThorns
More personal art!! Yay~!! Okay, so these two I got from WindyAdopts a long time ago and I love them to bits. I am so sorry for not posting any art/story about them for so long! ;n; But That is changing and I will be posting/uploading more about my babies and being a better owner!
So, the dark-skinned one on the left is Aurelio (Meaning "golden one") and when I first got him he was very angry with the world and not very trusting... Can't really blame him though since he had waited so long to be adopted... When I got him, it didn't surprise me that he did not trust me at all... the first few weeks, he would often threaten to leave... He never did, thankfully, and is a bit more trusting... but not by much when it comes to others ^^; I also got his brother as well. And he is Very protective of his brother.
His brother, the light-skinned one on the right, is named Hasumaru (meaning "full lotus") and the poor baby was/is a bit emotional. When I first got him, he was afraid it was all a dream and he would wake up back in the pet store without an owner. Needless to say, the first few weeks was me constantly assuring him that he has a home and I wouldn't abandon him or his brother. He is happier now and Aurelio and I are doing our best to help him know that he is safe and loved.

These two are also examples of the flat colored option for the upcoming YCH's I plan on opening~X3 I will finish and upload the shaded version soon!

Base by: nextlvl-adopts and can be found here -> P2U Couple Base v2 [SKETCHY]
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February 22, 2017
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