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Windows 11 Cursors Concept HD v2

Hello everyone, after much thought I have decided to upload a premium version where I have created cursors with higher resolution for those who with the basic version is not enough, and also included more alternatives. All this has taken me a lot of work and effort of my little free time, so I think it's a good idea to offer all these advantages as a premium cursors package for a super economic amount (just a coffee ☕), which allows me to continue updating and improving the package.

You will be able to install them in every Windows version.

To install just unzip the file, right click on the install file, and click install. In windows 11, you will need to click first in "show more options" or press shift + F10.

You can download it from:
If you already purchased the v1, you should be able to download the v2 from your Ko-Fi account with no extra payment.

You also can find the free version on:…

- Change colors following Fluent Design Guidelines.
- Redesign several cursors to make them more integrated with Windows 11.
- Adjusting the border of the cursors to make it more harmonious.
- Added a Custom Beam cursor.
- Added a new variant inspired by the Squid Game Serie.

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why is there squid game

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I have to say the best mouse cursors I saw so far! Microsoft should use them as default for win11.

Thanks and great work!

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Congratulations on your work, I bought your version after testing the free version.:wave:

que? euros nada en-us ? por free ?

i can't download why

PinkAxolotl85's avatar

Very nice! thank you for making these they're well worth the price

hello! i want to ask, if on 1080p monitor is noticeable difference in resolution. Thanks

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Hi! I can not tell. I can not try in different monitors...

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Hi- I purchased the v2, I am unable to redownload it from my Ko-Fi account, its asking me to pay again

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Hi, you just have to go to shoppings historial or the email that you received when you got the v1

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Thank you. I was able to get them

you can make aero version? please, i mean like original Windows 10 cursor but with the same style

is there any other way of purchasing the pack other than using paypal or a card?

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No so far, I am sorry. I am trying to figure out a way of do referrals for all of you who are in countries with less purchasing power, but it's been hard find the platform for that. And same with cryptos.

was wondering whether u would upload the squid game themed cursors to the free version?

i really like your style but sorry i must use the free version bcuz in my country 2 euros is equals 30 liras and 30 is really big thing for a cursor i can buy 13 noodles with it

(also the colored ones are really good my fav is orange)

Hi @rosea92 Can you tell me what program you use to create your cursors?

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Real World Cursor Editor

Thanks. I'm using your Material Design cursors (light and dark) and the animated cursor file work.ani (dark version, left and right) has a jump at frame number 50 when I view it with IcoFX software. The jump can also be seen with Real World Cursor Editor, so, can you fix that cursor file please? You can see here that the cursor in frame 50 joins the frame, (it should have a space as it happens in the other frames) and the same is happening with the same animated file in the light-left version.

It only happens in frame number 50, in the other frames the animated cursor work.ani has a space between the vertical border of the cursor and the frame.

Thanks for the cursors.

Will these cursors be in a light accent?

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Does it surpport 4K, a\I have the free version and its blur on my 4K screen. Will the HD version be the same?

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the hd has more definition until 90dpi vs 32 of the free version, but I don't know in a 4k monitor how it will look, I couldn't try in one of those.

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Any way I can pay in Bitcoin? (yes this is a serious question)

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