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REEM Chapter 10: Prince and his girlfriend
Now, Nelson was working part-time at a five-and-dime, under a man named Mr. Bobby McGee. A clone of Janis Joplin was working beside him, but was criticized by Mr. McGee for being lazy and slacking off on the job.
Madonna come to visit him on the job the day after she saved Taylor and her friends. She was wearing a raspberry beret, that she had bought from the second-hand store downtown, and came in through the out-door.
“Hey there, Nelson, wanna go on a date? Just the two of us?” she asked him.
“Uhh…” said Nelson. He was so excited, yet nervous, that a beautiful princess was asking him on a date!
“Go on,” she said.
“That would be fun!” he said.
She hopped on his bike and they drove by the local farm.
“This is so much fun!” she said.
“Yeah….” he muttered.
“What’s wrong,” she asked.
“Well...I...uh…” he checked his phone. “Dad said that Justin Bieber is holding a s
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Margo and Friends Chapter 9: Margo's Issues
The first day after winter break seemed to start off well for Margo and her sisters. She, Edith and Agnes started out the day by eating eggs and bacon.
"Glad to see you girls so excited about school!" said Lucy.
Margo wanted to look pretty, so she tried out some makeup. She tried eye shadow, blush, and lipstick. The lipstick she used even happened to be Lucy's lipstick taser!
Unfortunately, it made her face look like a total mess.
"Margo, are you ok-Margo, what have you done?" asked Lucy when she saw what a mess Margo's face was.
"I wanted to look nice for school," said Margo.
"Oh there a boy you want to impress?" she asked.
"Well, um..." she thought of Antonio, her former boyfriend. She then realized she wasn't trying to impress him.
"Sweetie, you don't need all this makeup. You're already beautiful!" she told Margo.
Margo cracked a little smile, then pulled a bottle from under her seat.
"Can I at least wear perfume? I'm 14 years old, I'm old enough for makeup!"
"I guess.
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My Favorite Classic Novels
My Favorite Classic Novels
1. “Of Mice and Men”- John Steinbeck (1937)
2. “Animal Farm”- George Orwell (1945)
3. “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1892)
4. “Hamlet”- William Shakespeare (1603)
5. “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”- Robert Louis Stevenson (1886)
6. “Little Women”- Louisa May Alcott (1880)
7. “The Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh”- A.A. Milne (1926)
8. “Macbeth”- William Shakespeare (1611)
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My Favorite Rock and Roll Bands
My Favorite Rock and Roll Bands
1. The Beatles
2. The Rolling Stones
3. The Doors
4. Steve Miller Band
5. Queen
6. Journey
7. Nirvana
8. Matchbox Twenty
9. AC/DC
10. Train
11. Fall Out Boy
12. Good Charlotte
13. Green Day
14. Evanescence
15. My Chemical Romance
16. Led Zeppelin
17. Linkin Park
18. The Pretty Reckless
19. Santana
20. Sugar Ray
21. The Donnas
22. Panic! At the Disco
23. Creedence Clearwater Revival
24. The Eagles
25. Guns 'n Roses
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My Favorite TV shows
My Favorite TV Shows
1957- Zorro
1964- Underdog
1965- The Beatles cartoon
1966- Batman
1981- The New Adventures of Zorro
1983- Inspector Gadget
1987- Full House
Garfield and Friends
1989- The Simpsons
1990- Zorro
1992- Batman: The Animated Series
Sailor Moon
1993- VeggieTales
1995- Kaiketsu Zorro
1997- The Daily Show
The New Batman Adventures
1999- Batman Beyond
         Family Guy
2001- Lizzie McGuire
2002- Kim Possible
2003- Teen Titans
2005- American Dad
          The Colbert Report
How I Met Your Mother
Avatar: The Last Airbender
2006- Hannah Montana
2007- Phineas and Ferb
The Big Bang Theory
2009- Glee
The Cleveland Show
2012- The Legend of Korra
2015- The Nightly Show
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My Favorite Films- Part 2
My Favorite Movies- Part 2
1990- Edward Scissorhands
1991- Beauty and the Beast
1992- Aladdin
Batman Returns
1993- The Nightmare Before Christmas
1994-  Ed Wood
The Pagemaster
1995- Batman Forever
1996- Mary Reilly
1997- Batman and Robin
1998- The Mask of Zorro
1999- Inspector Gadget
2001- Planet of the Apes
2002- Star Wars 2: Attack of the Clones
2003- Finding Nemo
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Freaky Friday
2004- Garfield
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azakaban
Spider-Man 2
2005- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Batman Begins
The Legend of Zorro
2007-  No Reservations
The Simpsons Movie
Alvin and the Chipmunks
2008-  Quantum of Solace
The Dark Knight
2009-  Race to Witch Mountain
Sherlock Holmes
2010-   Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Despicable Me
The Social Network
Percy Jackson
2011- Rango
Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1
The Muppets
2012- The Lorax
The Hunger Games
The Artist
The Dictator
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My Favorite Films- Part 1
My Favorite Films- Classics
1932- Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
1939- The Wizard Of Oz
Of Mice and Men
1940- The Mark of Zorro
1941- Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
The Man Who Came to Dinner
1943- Cabin in the Sky
1946- Beauty and the Beast
1949- The Third Man
1954- Animal Farm
1957- Jailhouse Rock
1958- Vertigo
1959- The Mouse that Roared
1962- To Kill A Mockingbird
1964- A Hard Day's Night
1965- The Sound of Music
1965- Help!
1967- The Producers
In the Heat of the Night
You Only Live Twice
1971- A Clockwork Orange
1973- The Way We Were
1979- Moonraker
1980- Airplane!
1985- The Breakfast Club
1986- Ferris Bueller's Day Off
1987- Moonstruck
The Witches of Eastwick
1988- Beetlejuice
1989- Batman
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Margo and Friends Chapter 8: Christmas
The Big Christmas Special
Along with holding a Christmas party, Mr. Perez was also preoccupied with holding a Christmas play. He was quite busy indeed!
Auditions were Wednesday.
"Okay, who would like to be Mary?"
"Oh me! Pick me! I'm a natural actress!" said Judy.
"Now, now Judy all the girls have to audition," said Mr. Perez. Antonio wasn't there because theboys were auditioning on a different day.
Judy scowled.
"Okay, girls, to get the part, you'll have to sing a song. The part you get will be based on how you sing your part."
Margo came up to sing a song.
"Hello, my name is Margo, and I'll be singing "Deck the Halls."
"Deck the halls with bells of holly,
Fa la la la la la la la la la,
'Tis the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la la la la la,
Down we now our gay apparel
Fa la la la la la la la,
Troll the ancient Yuletide Carol
Fa la la la la la la la la!"
"Wow, Margo, that was good!" said Juan.
Margo smiled.
"Wait, wait, it's my turn!" said Judy.
Margo rolled her eyes.
Judy rushed to
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Margo and Friends Chapter 7: The upcoming party
Everything seemed to be okay with Antonio, until the night after the Friday after Thanksgiving. He had a very vivid nightmare. He was trapped in a white room and a voice was calling him.
“What is it?”
It jumped out of nowhere and screamed. “Antonio!”
“Who are you?” he asked.
“Antonio, I am Eduardo Hyde. You see, I live inside you. I am the demon you try so hard to fight.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I have been trapped inside you for so long. Now I am free!” he said, while running up a wall.
“How can you do that?”
“With these,” said Eduardo. He took off his shoes to show his handlike feet. “Feels so much better not to have my fingers not trapped in my shoes!”
“Fingers? Shoes? Oh my-” said Antonio.
“Goodness!” he said as he awoke, freaked out from his dream.
He took off his shoes to see if they were still feet. He w
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Margo and Friends Chapter 6: Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving was right around the corner for Margo and her friends. There was a "half-week" of one half-day and two days off. Margo was excited to see her grandma.
"So, what are you doing for Thanksgiving?" asked the teacher.
"I'm going on vacation in Venice!" bragged Judy.
Margo rolled her eyes. How could she be such a stuck-up snob like that? She thought. She thinks she's a princess.
"OMGIcantwaitforThanksgiving!ImgoingtoseemyfamilyandeatturkeyyayyayYAY!" said Miranda.
Woah, thought Margo. That's a lot of energy for her!
"Well, my big sister is baking a special turkey dinner for me. I have food allergies and can't eat certain foods. So she's baking me a special stuffing and all that." said Amelia.
"That's cool," said Margo. She wanted to ask why, but felt like she couldn't. After all, why ask personal questions like that?
Margo was also inspired to make a Thanksgiving dinner for her family. She already was good at making cranberry sauce, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. However, one major
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Margo and Friends Chapter 5: Margo at School
The next day was Margo's first day at her new classroom. She was excited, because she would be meeting lots of new kids.
Basically, the new classroom was for "special" kids. Three were three other girls in the class, Amelia, Miranda, and Judy.
Amelia was a nerdy, somewhat shy girl with red hair and glasses.
Miranda was a bubbly, outgoing girl with blonde hair.
Then there was Judy.
"Hi, my name is Amelia, what's yours?" Amelia told Margo.
"OMG I can't believe we have a new friend here! Hey there!" Miranda told Margo.
"Oh great, another girl here," said Judy.
Well, this would be a pretty interesting class…thought Margo. She also noticed Antonio was there. She just glared at him.
The teacher introduced herself:
"Hello, I'm Mrs. Burton, and I'm positive we'll have a wonderful time together!"
Do all teachers introduce themselves the same way? thought Margo.
She passed out notebooks:
"Now students, every morning we will write a journal entry in our notebooks, based on what is written o
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Margo and Friends Chap. 4: APerez and Eduardo Hyde
The next morning, while Michael and Juan were having breakfast, Antonio ran downstairs to tell both of them about the creature.
"Oh my goodness! You wouldn't believe what happened!" he told his uncle.
"What is it?" he said while munching on his French toast.
"I…uh…" he stuttered. He was very nervous about how both men would take it. Meanwhile, both men were acting like the events of the previous night never happened.
"Go on," said Michael.
Better blurt it out before I get too nervous…He thought.
"I have an evil alter-ego!" he blurted out.
"Now, Antonio, there's no way that that monster and you could have been the same person," said Michael.
"I think we should believe Antonio," said Juan.
Suddenly, a faucet dripped near the sink.
Antonio felt himself transform, then fell to the ground, rolling around.
"The mirror…" he whispered.
"What?" said Juan.
"The mirror!" he screamed.
Juan gave him a hand mirror.
"AH ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha!" he laughed maniacally. He noticed
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Margo and Friends Chapter 3: The Great Search
The next day, Juan and Michael decided to solve the mystery. Both were very curious who this creature was. Especially Michael.
"So according to the newspaper, the creature calls himself "Eduardo Hyde." Well, if he's Eduardo Hyde, then that makes me…Michael Seek."
Juan just stared at him with a "how-stupid-can-you-get" look.
"Okayy"….he said.
"Juan, I know finding out about the whereabouts of "Eduardo Hyde" won't be easy. But one thing's for sure- we'll find out who he is. And I'm taking a cue from one of the most famous detectives of all time- Sherlock Holmes."
"I really should be Sherlock. You can be Watson," said Juan. He knew Michael was smart, but not the smartest knife in the drawer.
"Okay then," said Michael.
Juan went to go get his deerskin cap and coat.
"Shall we go?" he asked.
"Sure," said Michael.
The two men left the house, looking for Eduardo.
"Doesn't Eduardo only come out at night?" asked Michael.
"Yes, but it's 8:00," said Juan.
"Okay," said Michael.
The two
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Margo and Friends Chapter 2: Liar Liar
The next day a school, a gangly, dark-haired boy walked in, thinking to himself.
There are so many people in the world, but only one me. One person amongst many. I must make my mark here. And by that...I must lie about myself.
The boy's name was Antonio Perez, and he was mostly normal, if it weren't for the fact that his father turned into a big furry purple monster and got shot by a fart gun while he was frozen. He was also frozen when this happened.
Even before the whole incident, Antonio had a habit of lying. On his first day of third grade, for example, he poured water down his pants and said he peed himself to get out of gym class. In middle school, he lied about his uncle Juan being his real dad, because he didn't want people to know that his dad had "died" flying in a volcano.
And now, he was thinking about a strange, animal-like person who only came out at night. The first night after Antonio was unfrozen, it kicked a girl to the curb. The second night, he broke all the windows
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Margo and Friends Chapter 1: Pilot
Margo and friends
"Goodbye, my lovely angel!" said Lucy to Margo when she dropped her off at school.
"Goodbye, dearest mother!" called Margo back. She was looking very elegant in her black dress, gloves, boots, and with a bun in her hair.
"Will the girls be ok?"
"Of course they will. Goodbye sweetheart!" said Lucy.
Margo kissed her sisters and mother goodbye, then went off to school.
"Yay, it's my first day of school, it's going to be awesome!" said Margo, as she run up a tree trunk as if it was a pole vault and cheered.
Then suddenly, Edith awoke her from her dream.
"Wake up Margo, it's your first day of school!" she said, dumping a bucket of water on her.
"Come on, it can't be…" she thought, then looked at the calendar beside her bed.
And lo and behold, the first day of school was circled in red magic marker, with the words "First Day of School!" written by it.
"Oh brother!" said Margo.
The morning was pretty hard for Margo. Everything reminded her of school, especially the let
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Backyard Kid Halloween Costume Ideas
Backyard Kids Halloween Costume Ideas
1. Achmed and Amir Khan- Rock stars
2. Angela Delvecchio- Avril Lavigne
3. Annie Fraizer- Hippie
4. Ashley and Sidney Webber- Tennis stars
5. Billy Jean Blackwood- Miss America
6. Dmitri Petrovich- Mad scientist
7. Ernie Steele- Basketball star
8. Gretchen Hasselhoff- Cheerleader
9. Jorge Garcia- El Zorro
10. Kimmy Eckman- Princess
11. Lisa Crockett- Witch
12. Luanne Lui- Puppy
13. Maria Luna- Butterfly
14. Pablo Sanchez- Zorro Jr.
15. Reese Worthington- Spiderman
16. Stephanie Morgan- Baseball star
17. Tony Delvecchio- Gangster
18. Vicki Kawaguchi- Schoolgirl
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It’s August 30th, a few days before school starts for me. I check my Deviantart inbox, and the nice boy who offered to read my story has just written a positive review. I’m so excited and delighted that he enjoyed my work! However, life hasn’t always been this easy. As a little girl, I didn’t have the easiest childhood. I was very socially awkward due to being autistic. I would often make stories about myself and characters from TV shows, video games, and books. Unfortunately, I was too shy to tell anyone, so my thoughts stayed in my head. I also had many problems in middle school, to the point where I had to move twice in 8th grade. Even at my 3rd school, I was getting upset a lot, and feeling hopeless. But in 9th grade, everything seemed to fall into place. I was donating to charities and having close friends. I even started writing a few stories of my own. Because I had discovered DeviantArt, I had a place to unleash my creativity. My first Deviantart story was The Secret Life of The Backyard Kids, a “spin-off” of the popular children’s video game series, Backyard Sports. I also want to write for other franchises, like Family Guy and Despicable Me.
Are you guys wondering why I haven't been posting much lately? Well, it's not that I'm lazy or anything, it's just that I'm really busy! Along with my Youtube video and fanfics, there's also this news story my family was in:…, which was a follow-up from a while back. It got over 600 social media shares as well. Oh, and I don't care that it's Justin Bieber's birthday.
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