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Say Something
    "Say something!" Quentin's words broke the lapse of silence enveloping them. He stared expectantly across the counter at the dark haired, brown eyed woman perched on the breakfast bar stool. The ceiling fan above the kitchen hung lifelessly in the chill midwinter air. The heater was thrumming away in the background but it hadn't been running long enough to warm the apartment. He noticed the slight flutter of black lashes against her pale skin and knew she had her eyes open. She sat with a fixed blank gaze looking down at a stain on the white counter top. Even though he couldn't see it, he knew her mouth was set into a hard line and a crease between her eyebrows. It's the expression she wore when she retreated into that place where she just didn't care anymore.
            After a moment Quentin stood up abruptly, his stool nearly tipping over and crashing down with a clatter. Turning to face the stove a
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'13 NaNoWriMo Project: Summer of Demons and Dreams
This is just some of the basic info for my 2013 NaNoWriMo Project
Gwyneth Anderson has had her share of one night stands. With college, family problems, and career goals to think about it was easier than trying to deal with a relationship. However, this particular one seems to have overshot it's twenty-four hour expiration date. She is invited to what she thinks is a scholarship interview and is instead surprised to find him there answering the front door. Overnight she goes from being a normal college junior to a mystical witchy reincarnation called the Medium whose purpose is to assist witches. She's lucky school has just let out for the summer because this new world of witches, warlocks, and vampires doesn't fit in-between Physics and Sociology.
Little Into Lines of the Four Main Characters
Gwyneth Anderson hated parties. They were good for nothing but procrastinating her assignments and the occasional one night stand. If only she knew how much she would regre
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Wet Eyes And A Tired Soul
Gwyen Anderson looked down at her phone for what seemed like the millionth time that night. Each time her stomach had dropped just a little more. By now it was a gnarled, uneasy pit in her gut. There wasn't anything she could do but sit, wait, look every so often at her phone and try not to let her welling anxiety get the better of her.
Where in God's name is he?
She should have been expecting this. This wasn't the first time Uziel had done this to her. He would suddenly disappear without warning and then come back a few days later without any explanation of where he'd been. Now she should have done what any rational woman would have done and dumped him. A man you couldn't rely on isn't one you should ever be in a relationship with. She herself had preached those very words before. However, Uziel wasn't her boyfriend. No, her real boyfriend Viiro was back at the house with only a hastily scribbled note that told him she had to run, not to worry, and there was plenty of frozen di
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The One That Got Away
Attention: If you haven't read Heartbeats are Deadly some of the content and characters may be a bit confusing since I allude to it quite a bit. Visit the link the description otherwise please proceed.
Roxanne didn't know where she was. There was a slight ringing in her ears that told her she might have been knocked unconscious. However, her head didn't hurt in the right place and after experiencing the sensation multiple times before she knew that it wasn't the case this time. Everything around her was dark. She sat up and pulled herself into a sitting position. A quick examination of her person she found no weapons on her, not even in the expertly concealed pockets she found in the familiar clothing. Suddenly she froze. A purple flash of something caught her eye and made her instantly scan for it again. When nothing appeared she slowed relaxed a bit again. When she leaned forward ready to stand she gasped. The earlier flash was her own glowing purple eyes re
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Take A Deep Breath
I sat up straight grasping the air where seconds ago there was a phantom image of some personified horror. My bed’s old hinges squeak in protest at the sudden jerky movement. The slightly torn My Chemical Romance poster across the room displays the grayscale image of the band in their black parade getup. My faded blue and grey comforter is tangled around my legs. I gasp and rip it from me, tossing it to the floor. I pull up my legs and tuck them beneath my chin despite the discomfort it imposes on my stomach fat.
Rationally I know my blanket was just there to keep me warm in the autumn crisp air flowing in the open window and that my rapid breath is only the result of another nightmare. However the visions of what I had just seen are still to vivid for rationality to even get its foot in the door to my consciousness. I can feel my body shaking and hear pitiful whimpers above the low music that always plays from my stereo when I sleep.
Out of the corner of my eye a green blinking
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Deviant ID 2 by Rose-vi-Britannia Deviant ID 2 :iconrose-vi-britannia:Rose-vi-Britannia 0 0
I Knew You'd Come Back For Me
A slight ring reverberated in Tyren’s ears as he staggered to his feet. The blast of explosive energy missed him by a good twenty yards and he was thankful that the enemies ship's cannons were launching their ammunition at random and not really picking and choosing targets.
The battle for Claw Island waged full force and the undead abominations were still swarming in from the sea. These undead zombie soldiers or Risen as people called them, were corpses animated by the dragon’s power and posed a great threat to all the citizens of Lion’s Arch. If they weren't stopped here they would overrun the city and only increase in size by adding the fallen to their numbers.
Getting a better grip on his sword Tyren resumed his flight back towards the stronghold’s main gate and away from the beaches. He had to warn the rest of the company that the risen had broken through the line and would be up the beach within minutes. Forcing himself to run even faster he made headed up
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Cover: Heartbeats are Deadly by Rose-vi-Britannia Cover: Heartbeats are Deadly :iconrose-vi-britannia:Rose-vi-Britannia 0 1 Cover: Always on this Carousel by Rose-vi-Britannia Cover: Always on this Carousel :iconrose-vi-britannia:Rose-vi-Britannia 0 0
Follow Your Instinct
“Stop, no I don’t want to do this anymore,” I backed away hurriedly. The intense smell in the air was making me feel weak and dizzy. My throat was constricting painfully and it felt as if there was a slow flame working its way down to the pit of my stomach.
“Do you want to die?”
I looked at Rieria who was looking at me expectantly. Her was question simple and pointed and I could tell impatience was getting the better of her. She had one hand on her hip and another holding aside the head of a man propped up in a chair. He was no more than twenty-five and I couldn’t help but be hyperaware of the streams of blood flowing from the bite on his neck.
“No this isn’t right!”
Rieria sighed, “You can’t live off of blood bags forever. It’s been two weeks already and it’s high time you grow a pair and stop acting like you were still human. You’re a vampire now, get over it.”
I took another step back and shook
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rawkninja's Christmas Fluff Commish
Midna and Zack's Christmas Eve
Zack had been acting weirdly all night. More weirdly than usual I should say. We were all at my best friend's house for the traditional, well not traditional since it was the first year our group of friends has done this but I had the feeling it was going to end up being tradition, Christmas Eve party. All of us were having a good time. Sarah's parents were out at their Christmas Eve party and were kind enough (brave enough) to turn over the house to a bunch of broke college kids with nowhere else to go. The dorms didn't really offer much of a party atmosphere.
Come to think of it, all the guys in general were acting a bit weird; like they were trying so hard to hide something. However since even I can sense something, they were completely failing at it. Something was defiantly up.
I turned off the faucet and wiped my hands on the towel before walking out of the bathroom. As I made my way back up the hall my brows knitted in concern. The
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Sun Valley Beach
When I was a kid I was invincible. There was nothing that could scare me aside from snakes, spiders and the unwanted creepy crawly bug. But invincibility is only a cheat code for gamers and something I no longer delude myself into thinking I possess.
I'm getting ahead of myself. Sun Valley Beach isn't actually a beach. It was more of an oversized swimming pool that called itself a beach to attract the landlocked people of metro-Atlanta, Georgia. This "beach" had various sorts of water slides and little kiddy areas. They couldn't call it a water park because, as my best friend Larissa used to say, "Water parks have enough rides to go on all day. This is just a YMCA with extra whistles." She was right about the water park part but I'd say it was more like a lake whose owner tried to turn it into a water park and got bored half way through.
As usual every year my family bought season passes for the summer along with several other of our friends. Almost every weekday we pulled into the par
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Break the Cycle
I sat at the table trying not to look too excited. In a few minutes a loud buzzer would sound and my mother would be coming in. I could see her on the other side of the glass being routinely checked out by the guards so she was clear to come in. My foot was tapping, I was twirling my long black hair aroid my finger, and I couldn't sit still. I kept trying to get a glimpse of the little mop of black hair but the counters were too tall.
The heavy metal door swing open and my mom walked through. Confusion rang through me. "Mom, where's Quinn?"
She sat down across from me and smiled apologetically, "He wanted, well kicked and screamed, to be able to go to school today. They had show and tell and he didn't want to miss it."
My face must have fallen because she continued on trying to cheer me up.
"There's another visiting day next Sunday and by that time Quinn will have finished his solar system project. I know he wanted to show it to you."
"I see . . . well tell him I l
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Touko Cosplay Hat and Bag by Rose-vi-Britannia Touko Cosplay Hat and Bag :iconrose-vi-britannia:Rose-vi-Britannia 17 20
Rumplestiltskin Can Paint
I jerked away from the feeling of teeth on my neck. "Ivan!"
His grip didn't loosen. "What? I thought you were into the whole dangerous vampire thing," he said nuzzling my neck.
I squirmed in his arms trying to get away from oddly ticklish nose. "First of all, you're not a vampire. Second of all, you can exactly pull off the whole 'dangerous' look. Third, even teen novel vampires are scarier than you."
"Ouch," he replied with mock hurt but it was true. I wasn't just his light curly hair, wide green eyes and olive bronze skin that made him so look so nonthreatening; he just had this aura of childish peace around him. Not even the crabbiest old lady on the street mistrusted him.
I tried to squirm away again but he ignored me. "Come on, I've gotta go. My mom's going to pester me with questions again."
He sighed but didn't let me go; rather he pulled me closer into his chest and rested his head on my shoulder from behind. "I still say you should come and live with me. Charlotte Marino sound
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A Long Road Ahead by Rose-vi-Britannia A Long Road Ahead :iconrose-vi-britannia:Rose-vi-Britannia 1 0



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NaNoWriMo Is Almost Upon Me!

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 26, 2013, 2:06 PM

So I have decided to be stupid productive and participate in this year's NaNoWriMo :worry: This is my first time and I'm worried I don't have it in me especially with plunging into the end of the quarter where my life in school is also due. I'm going to try my hardest though.... 50k words seems like allot especially since Heartbeats are Deadly is only about 23k words atm (and its taken me way to long to get even that)


Well, this will be an experience to say the least. Currently I have my four main characters quite fleshed out in my head and a VERY basic plot worked out. It's set in Southern California with mostly college age characters so I don't have to kill myself with much research. I figured it would best to write what I know for this endeavor and not make it any harder on myself than it needs to be. I'm already in love my my characters which I think is a good sign. Especially my three boys :giggle: They are an angsty witch with expectation issues, a sweet vampire who hates how much he enjoys blood, and a cynical warlock that just wants someone to love.
Now that I think about it i feel rather sorry for my one female protagonist.... she is going to have to deal with these three on top of all her school and family issues.

Oh well, I love manipulating playing with my characters. 
I may or may not post some of this material... I'm thinking of posting maybe the first two chapters when they are finished and then posting the rest when it is polished over. Who knows

If you've actually read this far I commend you for getting through my ramblings and Hope you have a great day~


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